Friday, 20 July 2007

are we god?

are we not all gods if we attempt to manipulate our environment to make ourselves more comfortable at the expense of "lower" creatures or the environment itself?..

wouldn't the "lower" creatures look upon us with fear and/or with awe, would they not worship us, cringe away from us and consider that if we could do such a terrible things that we may - if appeased - enact an incredible feat that would bring joy instead of sorrow and pain?

is that what and why people look to gods?

that they would bring happiness to our lives if we suck up to them?

but how is this possible? we do nothing and we are brought pain.. we do good and we are still brought pain...

the only good we are given .. is the good we give unto ourselves ..

the truly good things in our lives are the things we sought after and chased, and even coveted.. love, career, friendship, family - nothing that we do is designed to deliberately bring about our own sorrow, not really... and those who do, are often mentally ill.

so i ask you - sentient creature - how can you believe in a god that brings you sorrow when everything that is good in your life is brought about by yourself?

If you pray to god and give credit to god for your own achievements then good for you - you are truly special to have that much faith, but do not be surprised if someone tells you to stay the fuck away from them if you don't want your feelings hurt because some people will have no problem telling you that you are your own god and worst enemy if you haven't realised that all the good in your life was brought to you by yourself...

and if you are a horrible person and good still comes your way, then enjoy it while it lasts, as all good things must come to an end ...

mostly written 20th July 2007 ... mostly ....

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