Friday, 11 June 2010

unshakeable faith ... (religiorant)

believers often claim to have unshakeable faith, well, what part of "unshakeable" allows them to get upset at anything that somehow conflicts with their faith?

for example, many christians will tout creationism and nothing else; but if they truly believe in their god making the universe, then to get upset at theories like evolution and the big bang because they somehow displace their god then their actions are merely indications that their faith is lacking..

but the thing is, it's *god*, if god was actually real, then nothing is supposedly greater, yet something that is supposedly "just a theory" is able to knock their god off its pedestal?

what's that about?

ahem, it seems to be that, just like evolution, "god" is just a theory too, because if you truly had faith in your god, nothing could possibly break this faith of yours, *ever*.

or is this god of yours, just your ego and its lack of imagination? because it seems to me that if your god can be displaced somehow, then that is because this god of yours is one that you made up, therefore, this god of yours, is only as clever as you think you are, which is also why your ego gets bruised when some mortal thing can displace a thing that was previously supposed to be the domain of your god.

if you believe in both god and accept evolution as well, then good for you I say, because if there is a god, then evolution is how we got here... if there is no god, then evolution is how we got here as well!!

ie. we shouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway

It also occurs to me that if the christian god really did make the universe 6000 years ago, then i don't *want* to believe in a being that has deliberately set up the universe such that we waste our time exploring and trying to understand all of these things that clearly show the universe to be older than 6000 years

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Friday, 4 June 2010

the god argument is over... you ALL lost (religiorant)

who cares if your god exists?

anyone arguing for the existence of their god, ie. something that can't be proven either way, has already lost said argument...

people arguing against god, mostly do that for fun to pass the time, as it's a lot easier to *not* care about what you are arguing about when you do *not* believe in it, just as it is harder to *not* care when you *do* believe in something...


a lot of people like to put forward reasons as to why god might exist, eg. love, charity, the fact we are here, The Clouds (I love that band!!) and a lot of people, like me, do the same as to why god might not exist, eg. hate, war, death, the fact that we are here, The Clouds (I love that band!!), but it's an argument that could never be won, so why do people keep arguing?

Most people are too arrogant to consider that they are wrong when it comes to god, as somehow, they *know* about god. So out of all of the sentient beings in the *whole* universe, *they* know something that has never been categorically shown to exist... hmmm...

I do the god arguing thing for fun, to entertain myself, and if somebody else is entertained or even taught something useful (believer or non-believer) then that's a bonus, because i don't care which way you go, as long as you know what you are getting yourself into. As long as it does no harm, to children or puppies especially, then i've no problem with it, but if you do believe, always remember that belief is *nothing* more than a personal opinion.

So whatever you think about it, GOD can't be proven either way, so get over your self if you think you "know" there is, or isn't a god.

The most prudent thing to do in relation to god, is to shut the fuck up about it if you are expecting people to come around to your way of thinking... Me, I just don't care enough either way to argue the point with seriousness, as I just don't take it seriously.

But in saying that, I have been known to argue with someone who wants to argue, because I am the sort of person that wants to hear what the other person has to say and take them to the extreme in their explaining away their god, i can't win an argument such as this, but by asking questions about the other person's god, you can argue the other person into a position of *losing* their point, which is always funny... especially when they have a tantrum over the questions you ask...

You can't win the "is there a god?" argument, but making the other person throw tantrums means you have found a flaw in their thinking...


Assuming the neutral position is like knowing that you can't swim upstream against the current, so instead of trying, you channel your energy into something more useful, like traversing the river from side to side, and as perilous as it can be sometimes, getting to the other side without getting washed downstream is possible and is a win in my books.

People who argue for what can't be proven either way, are demanding that you accept their opinion, they have no proof, they *never* will have proof, so they demand and *expect* you to take their word for it!

screw that! I get insulted by these people when they want me to "just" convert to their lies, as their god/religion may be true enough to them in their hearts, but it doesn't make it true at all to me and people who do are arrogant and selfish to think that their opinion counts more than mine.

People that demand that you believe the same as them, are stuck in that river that you can easily cross, and the river current is sweeping them along with it because they are expending all their energy trying to swim upstream against the current.

the sad bit is that the river bed that the current is following, is being created on the fly by themselves, i doubt these people are aware of this.

And this is all well and good if you stay in the middle of the flow, and a lot of people live their whole lives without finding out that they are telling themselves lies, but every now and then, they *will* hit the sides or get caught on a rock and while they are stuck there they will notice that the whole river they've been flowing along with, is just an illusion and that reality is far worse than the little stream / river / waterfall that is their life; and that scares them, which is why they jumped into the stream in the first place... because of their FEAR of the immenseness of the universe, and that they are just specks of dust on a speck of dust, and no-one wants to feel "small", people WANT a connection to something bigger and there is nothing bigger than inventing a connection to the alleged creator of the universe.

Sad as it is, everyone does have a connection to something bigger *already*, it's called Planet Earth, and if you want to take being connected to something bigger even further, *energy* is everywhere in the universe, there is energy in your body, there is energy in space, there is energy everywhere, therefore, by *default* you *are* connected to a bigger entity. So worship the universe if you want to worship something bigger than you.

But believers, because they get accustomed to their regular comfy wet and warm ride, what happens when they hit a snag and reality comes crashing down is that they will see a great big blank desert of reality around them.. empty... but at least there are millions of stars above you to reach towards.


even if there had been a billion years of human technological advances that would see us be able to reach the very edge of the universe, even if we could coax the entire Andromeda galaxy into a path such that it won't run into us in a billion years, I still can not see how god's existence could be proven either way..

But these people, swept up and away by the religious current, take any affront to their god as upsetting because it adds extra weight to their comfy journey downstream, and too much weight, will see them sink to the bottom and every person who frets about their god existing, even slightly, is bound to have some sort of "snapping" point where something is going to confront them with something that will fulfil their worst fear that god doesn't exist, but that's okay, they can always just move the goal post back, or change the rules in some way, after a temper tantrum and some mental gymnastics, of course.

but let's just end that argument right here and now.

There is just no way *Ever* to prove or disprove god's existence - even if we could step outside our *dimension* somehow, or something as mundane as go back in time, there is still just no way the argument can be won, either in the positive or the negative!

are the god defenders worried that proof of god will be found? and that god is not quite what they imagined? or that god is dead?

maybe this is what all the religious bullshit is about, that once we stopped fretting over what doesn't really matter, we would be mature enough to leave the planet? .... *sigh*


If you went back and saw the big bang happen, if you were able to fast forward through the entire history of earth such you could *watch* the evolution of man - you would *still* have no proof of god either way, and if humans were capable of doing such incredible things, it still doesn't mean god is displaced!

How fucking stupid is that? you have a god that can do anything, and yet you have people worried that we humans are able to be do things that only god could do, I'm sorry, but if humans can outdo god, then you *REALLY* need to have a sit down and think about what your god is about because it really does sound like you did NOT think about it, you only assumed god could do the things that *You* couldn't do.



But you can always lose an argument that can't be won, in fact, technically speaking, just being *in* an argument that can't be won, means you have already lost that argument, especially when you were expecting a result in your favour!

The trick is not to take sides at all in such a pointless argument, and by not taking a side, you can *not* lose, because when the other person tries and fails to win the argument, it means that the neutral position wins, by default, at least it does in my world!

the bible/qur'an/whatever has been written, it is finished. People claim that the bible can be relevant and adapt to today's situations, bullshit, it is not scripture that adapts, it's *you* that is making it adapt.

It's *you* - it's ALL *you* - this whole time, it was all you.

Jesus / Moses / Muhammad, have all come and gone, real or not, whatever they were going to say, has been said. Jesus for instance, had a message that was fairly simple, but some christians insist on saying the bible is complicated and that you need to study it, at length, in order to "get" it...

pffft!! dumbarses!

I sometimes get the impression that bibliomaniacal persons throw such tantrums and demand such things so that they can claim exclusivity over it!!

ie. if you demand that i do something that i am not interested in, I will most likely reject it out of spite to annoy you for imposing this opinion of yours upon me that i don't even care for. This applies no *matter* what it is that you are bullshitting about.

fine, believers want us to convert, okay fine, but then when we do attempt to read their dribble to find what it is that is so fucking fantastical, and then we find holes in it, we are then told - "oh you *just* need to believe" in order to understand!!

Oh! here we go again.... *rolls*eyes*



if some remarkably brilliant lost chapter/book of the bible is found in the future (if one hasn't been found already), it would be rejected based upon its content if it were to upset the status quo ...

if this newly discovered book fitted in with the rest of the bible, it would make no difference to the overall message *anyway*, now would it? so its addition would make no difference, right!?!?! The point is, the bible won't be changed, *ever*, there is too much "vested" interest in the status quo...

therefore, the bible is over, it's not going to grow with us... people clinging to the bible remind me of Linus from Peanuts, with his dirty security blanket he takes everywhere with him... it's dirty, it's ikky, it smells, but he still takes it everywhere, because it makes him feel warm and fuzzy because that's what he is familiar with.

the same thing applies to any religion, probably more so for some.

in the amalgamated global culture we are hopefully moving towards with heaps of different people coming together from all walks of life in peace, there is no point confining your "World" view to one philosophy (eg. the bible/koran/torah/blah blah blah) any more.

how can you expect to get along with people if they don't share the same values from your "world view" most of which have nothing to do with everyday life? ... one philosophy obviously doesn't cut it - not any more - one "world" view that doesn't actually cater to the entire world, is arrogant, it's separatist, bigoted, and it is an example of closed mindedness in its most abundant...

that's like the World Series in baseball, how many countries play in that? it's like, two countries isn't it? how is that a "world" series? to call this sport a "world series" is selfish, as it's implying that the rest of the world isn't good enough to play baseball, and watch all the americans jumping up and down after reading that paragraph, that's exactly what i am talking about. SELFISHNESS

that is what religion and belief in god is all about, it's about being SELFISH in the notion that YOU are cleverer than everyone else because *YOU* have the correct belief system, and unlike a game of baseball, these religious notions of one group being better than the rest, is keeping people from different walks of life apart. Not to mention the wars fought over opinions about god.

There is no point in re-reading the word of your god over and over, because obviously if there is a god and we don't know which group has *the* religion, isn't it best to grab the best things from every religion and move on without dwelling over any of the negativity associated with these so called "moral guides" that don't fit in with a global society?

This applies to the Bible, the Qu'ran and any other fantasy fiction supernatural holy scripture story that doesn't (or can't or won't) adapt to a changing society.

so as to the argument of god existing?

there is a god? well so what? ......

there is no god? again, so what?

who cares? what difference does it make if god exists or not??

are you going to change who you are just because god exists or doesn't exist?

if you lose your faith, would you stop being a "good" person?

well.... would you?


how fucking shallow can some people be?

having a god as your moral guide-rail would seem to be a crutch, because if you suddenly lost this god and went off the track, would you then give yourself a license to run amok, seeing how god was the only thing that made you "good"???

well.... would you?

if that's you, and you claim that you would be lost with out god/Jesus/allah/etc, then please, *please*, retain your belief system, you weak minded fool, because you are so fucked in the head that the damage has been done already, and you would only make things worse by giving away your belief system, so you might as well stick to your brain washing...

Muslims stone people to death for disgracing their families in the eyes of god, eg. if a muslim woman/girl admits to being raped without having four male muslim witnesses to back up her story, *she* has committed adultery for admitting to the rape... she is then punished for her "crime" and I've read of several "mercy" killings where the daughter is killed by the father or brother in order to restore "honour" to the family, in Islamic countries, these people are given *lighter* punishments because it is somehow partially acceptable in their society to kill people if you are preserving the honour of your family....

imagine what barbarism Islame would come up with if Admiral Allah Ackbar wasn't keeping them in line? IT'S A TRAP!!!!

Imagine those christians who want to bomb Iran (ie. christians for israel), what if they suddenly stopped believing?? would they then go nuts and have whatever military machine they can round up, go and bomb the middle east back to the bronze age?

If you *need* god to be "good" yourself, then you have a really fucking pathetic idea of what is "good", meaning that the *only* rational and prudent thinking about god, is to not take any side at all, because no-one knows shit about god, so the only way to win, is to not argue at all, or to at least keep in mind that when you argue this notion that god does or doesn't exist, that "winning" is not something you should try to do, because it's never going to be possible to win that argument.

mostly written, 25th of March, 2010... mostly...

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