Friday, 11 June 2010

unshakeable faith ... (religiorant)

believers often claim to have unshakeable faith, well, what part of "unshakeable" allows them to get upset at anything that somehow conflicts with their faith?

for example, many christians will tout creationism and nothing else; but if they truly believe in their god making the universe, then to get upset at theories like evolution and the big bang because they somehow displace their god then their actions are merely indications that their faith is lacking..

but the thing is, it's *god*, if god was actually real, then nothing is supposedly greater, yet something that is supposedly "just a theory" is able to knock their god off its pedestal?

what's that about?

ahem, it seems to be that, just like evolution, "god" is just a theory too, because if you truly had faith in your god, nothing could possibly break this faith of yours, *ever*.

or is this god of yours, just your ego and its lack of imagination? because it seems to me that if your god can be displaced somehow, then that is because this god of yours is one that you made up, therefore, this god of yours, is only as clever as you think you are, which is also why your ego gets bruised when some mortal thing can displace a thing that was previously supposed to be the domain of your god.

if you believe in both god and accept evolution as well, then good for you I say, because if there is a god, then evolution is how we got here... if there is no god, then evolution is how we got here as well!!

ie. we shouldn't be able to tell the difference anyway

It also occurs to me that if the christian god really did make the universe 6000 years ago, then i don't *want* to believe in a being that has deliberately set up the universe such that we waste our time exploring and trying to understand all of these things that clearly show the universe to be older than 6000 years

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