Thursday, 28 April 2011

just mentioning god is idolatry ... (religiorant)

Many people claim to "know" god, or that "god is great", or that we all should "believe in Jesus because he's our saviour", but that's all bullshit, not (only) because of what is being claimed, but copious amounts of bullshit also stems from the fact that it is even mentioned in the first place!

it's god, right? if one particular god is "the" god, then that particular god is so fracking great it has no comparison, so why bother to even mention some trivial task that it supposedly did, isn't that bragging?

Q. What's a trivial task for a god? A. Everything is a trivial task for a god, otherwise, it's not god.

If someone is right about their choice of god (as they so often claim) and their god actually is "the" god, then they've won the argument without even arguing, so what's the point in arguing?

what other purpose is there in mentioning god all the time other than to reaffirm the faith of the believer?

I believe that the believers who keep mentioning god all the time, do not really believe in their god in the first place and that they keep telling us about god all the time because they need to keep reminding *themselves* in some sort of self re-affirmation that god is indeed, great!

---- MEDIUM BLOG ----

People are showing off when they claim that "god" made the entire universe (eg. creationism or "intelligent" design), or it created The Clouds, or it's responsible for a baby's laughter, or indeed it is *love*, well so what? Who gives a rat's arse what you claim god did or even what you claim god is?

If you believe in god then and you spend all your time mentioning to us about how you believe in that god, then you are not demonstrating what this god has taught you, you are not demonstrating this "love" that believing in this god has taught you. You are merely bragging, and that is all you are doing in lieu of actually being this good loving person. You are just saying that you are good person, instead of actually *being* a good person.

mere belief in some arbitrary thing, even belief in the alleged creator of the universe, does NOT automatically make you a good person.

So given this, believing in god means nothing to me, because it has an arbitrary relation to whether you are "good" or not; take paedophile priests as an example.

If you must insist on bragging that you believe in Jesus, either show us that you are a good person via your actions or your boasting means nothing, because all these things that people boast about in relation to their god, are beside the point.

For example: What does believing in creationism or intelligent design or saying that god made the clouds or whatever, what does *any* of those things have to do with being a good person?

They have nothing to do with actually being a good person, do they? So they should not even be mentioned at all in the first place.

If you boast about believing in Jesus, without doing what he taught, then you are following your own version of your Jesus-god.

eg. John 3:16, is often taken *literally*

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I believe the true spirit of that verse is such that you "believe in Jesus" by actually *doing* what he taught, and not just by merely believing in him, which seems to be exactly what a disturbingly large proportion of "christians" seem to "believe in" when it comes to their religion...

And worse still, if a person is following a god that they have made up, they have in fact, deluded themselves into following a god that is actually their *own* ego. Seriously, what god other than one you made up yourself would let you get away with all the shit you do and yet is still going to let you into heaven? Only your ego would let you get away with all your bullshit.

So you can sit there and say the gays, or the blacks, or the atheists, or whatever it was that caused god to get so angry that it decided to send a tsunami or an earthquake or a frikking asteroid, but so fucking what?

If you need to acknowledge those disasters and various other things as being done by god, then you are propping up your own beliefs, so you're not much of a believer, are you, seeing how you need an external thing to lend credence to your beliefs in god?

It's not the atheists that are actually demanding evidence for god, it's the obsessive religious people that need evidence of god with all of their looking for miracles, holy signs, Jesus returning, faces of Jesus in toast, and all other manner of things that are nothing to do with actually following their religion.


If this god that people claim to believe in actually existed, then why do they not fear this eternal punishment by not following its teachings?

For example: there is ample evidence that no-one is actually following Jesus.

Proof of this?

World poverty.

I find it impossible to believe that if two billion christians actually got together and gave to the needy, that there would be people in need any more.

Jesus said to sell your possessions and give that money to the needy, right? If there actually were two billion christians giving to the needy, then surely people in need would be a myth by now, having been eliminated by the generosity of christians, well over a thousand years ago?

---- LONG BLOG ----

In terms of religion, I only "know" christianity, and given what I know of christianity, I won't believe in Jesus, simply because, throughout history, those people calling themselves "christian" (aka "Christ-like") have demonstrated over and over again that they are not worthy of calling themselves such a thing.

In other words, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing the "christian" label, even in death, I would find it embarrassing, so why the fuck would I associate myself with them in life? That's like calling myself a Nazi or a Klu Klux Klan member, and then having the gall to be puzzled at people's negative reactions towards me because of the groups I choose to affiliate with.

The basic reason for my repulsion towards christianity, is that I believe you need to *earn* the right to call yourself christian. By my own reckoning, I believe that I have *not* earned that right, so I will not call myself christian, ever.

The history of christianity, right up to this very day, is littered with the likes of the Crusades, Inquisitions, hating on gays, hating on atheists, hating on SCIENCE (how ungrateful?), hating on who-the-fuck-ever.

Ahem! What part of "love your neighbour", aka *everyone*, don't "christians" get?

and too fucking bad if I'm generalising too, because there are not enough christians doing anything about the "christians" that I am speaking about. If they *are* actual good christians out there, then they are not speaking out loudly or often enough. OR maybe they are too scared to?

Seriously, if "good christians" are not saying anything about the trouble makers in the two billion or so alleged Christ-followers, then those "good christians" can also not say anything about the non-believers who are complaining about those "bad christians" too, especially when *we* are telling your fellow "bad" believers to pull their heads in, when it's the "good" christians that should be doing that!

In short: Either "real" christians do something about the "bad" christians, or the "real" christians will wear the actions of the "bad" believers as well, because if they don't do anything about the "bad" christians, then it makes no difference to me whether you are a "bad" *or* a "good" christian. The way I see it, is that you are both being hypocrites, as the "bad" christians are not being "good" christians, and the "good" christians are not doing anything about the "bad" christians.

That is what happens in real life when a minority goes and ruins something, then everyone else suffers because of the dickheads. "good christians" shouldn't whinge about people generalising them into the same bucket as "bad christians", they should get off their butts and get out there and start whinging at the people giving christinsanity a bad name! "good" christians are allegedly in the majority (apparently), so they have the numbers, and yet they do little to nothing about the idiotic christians?

Like it or not, the inactions of the "good christians" against "bad christians", condones the actions of the bad christians. If "good christians" don't like that, then either stop calling yourself christian or stop openly being a hypocrite and do something about *all* of the bad apples. Not just some of them - ALL OF THEM.

but regardless of what christians pretend to believe in, I can't pretend to believe in *anything*, I WONT do that, so therefore I CHOOSE to not tell LIES by calling myself a "christian".

I can not dishonour this character called "Jesus", because along with Yoda, Gandhi and Buddha, Jesus sounds like a pretty decent sort of guy regardless of the stories being real or not. If I were to just say that I "believe" in Jesus, but then I do not do the things that he taught, i would be pretending to follow him. ergo, I would be lying, I would be dishonouring the man if he ever existed! In fact, if I did lie that I was a follower of Jesus, it would be prudent to hope that there is no such thing as Jesus, because I'd be in trouble should the big-guy show up one day!

If I just said I believed, but then didn't actually act Christ-like, I would be following my own made up version of Jesus, which would be a false Jesus, which would mean that I was worshipping a false god, which means I would be committing idolatry, which means I would be breaking the first commandment by loving a god that I had made up.

That god might still be called "Jesus", but I can also stick an Armani label on my jacket and pretend that it's the real deal as well.

it'd be like saying I believe in Yoda, but being impatient with everybody; ie. Yoda taught patience, and if I wasn't patient with most people, most of the time, then I would have no right to pretend to be a Jedi. I might say that I "believe" in Yoda, but if I don't do what he taught by being patient with people, then the Yoda that I say I "believe" in, is *different* to the Yoda that we've seen in the movies.

Just look at everyone who calls themselves "christian", there in lies my extreme objection to christianity in general, because it would seem that the overwhelming majority of "christians" have not even opened their bible, and yet they make a big deal about that I should follow Jesus too?


What they are asking me to do, is follow *their* version of Jesus, not the Jesus that taught selflessness from the bible.

In other words, not only are they committing idolatry, they are asking that I commit idolatry as well, by worshipping their false god.

If you just "believe in Jesus", without doing what the guy taught, then you're only worshipping him in name, so what you actually believe in, is the *name* "Jesus", which is detached from what that Jesus guy actually stood for, right? ie. believing in the *name* "Jesus", is very much a different thing to believing in what he taught. (and don't forget that there was no-one *actually* called "Jesus" 2000 years ago, seeing how the letter "J" wasn't used until the 1500s)

In other words, if you just say that you are christian, without actually following what Jesus apparently taught, then you are making up your own version of him.

For example, say you believe in Jesus, and you follow most of his teachings, but you go around judging people all the time. If you do something like that, then you've made up you own version of Jesus, so you're worshipping a *false* Jesus.

So the way that I see it, is that pretty much every christian who has admitted that they are a christian, was pretty much making up their own version of their precious messiah, and that's a whole bunch of idolatry right there.

Summary: If you say that you are christian, but you don't follow what Jesus taught, then you're making up your own, false Jesus. This Jesus you worship might be close to the "real thing", but it's not exactly the same, so it is a *different* Jesus.

Worshipping false gods breaks the first commandment.

---- MORE LONG BLOG ----

From the sample set of people I've encountered that have claimed to be christians, maybe a thousand (definitely several hundred) of them on the internet, 99% of them ARE LIARS, they were *not* acting Christ-like, and if you aren't acting Christ-Like, then you have no right whatsoever to be calling yourself "Christian"

If these "christians" actually *were* christian, there would not be so much of this lopsided distribution of wealth in the world. ie. if christians actually followed their Jesus' teachings, there would not be such an enormous amount of poverty in the world

In three of the gospels, Jesus said to give away your money to the needy, so seeing how there are still needy people, *somebody* is lying that they are christian.

I can tell stories too, but I can not tell deliberate lies, and that's exactly what people do when they say they are christian but then have the fucking bullshit gall of then saying that their god hates fags, or god doesn't want this and Jesus wants this and blah blah fucking lbah lbah blah, when they themselves aren't even following their precious "LORD"....

shit man, the US military has this notion that to be a good soldier, you need to be a christian.

Ex-fucking-cuse me? Where in the bible does Jesus say that you can kill people under *any* circumstances?!?!?!?!


THE *CHURCH* made that bit up over a thousand years ago so they could get people to fight for them in their armies!

In fact, Jesus said that to follow "The Way", you should give away YOUR LIFE before hurting anybody in order to avoid sinning of ANY nature, so WHERE THE FUCK do people get off saying that *only* christians should be in the military?!?!


so excuse me, according to the bible, there should be NO christians that are involved in occupations where they might hurt people, therefore there should ONLY be non-believers in the military as christians have been quite clearly instructed by their messiah to NOT HURT ANYBODY.

In fact any job; police, fireman, doctors, actors, wrestlers and *EVERYONE* else that may, via their occupation, bring harm (accidentally or not) to someone should NOT be a christian, because that Jesus guy said to LOVE everyone, and that love means NOT bringing harm to ANYONE, and that means that he wanted his followers to love *everyone* and not just love the people you felt like being nice to.

Jesus said to not be concerned with people who try to kill you, as they can only kill you once, because if you retaliate and hurt them in order to protect yourself, you then give up your eternal life of living forever in peace and harmony in heaven.

READ YOUR FUCKING BIBLE, you know, instead of shoving it up your arse, because it's a lot harder to read when it's stuck up your arse, seeing how it's covered in the shit you have attributed to it.


i like to think of my approach to supernatural belief, as being a practical approach, because for me, it doesn't matter if there is a god or not ... it just doesn't

you can't give me proof of your god, and I can't disprove it, therefore; the argument is over before it began, so anybody trying to convince me there is a god, has already lost that argument with me, because seeing how there is either "no proof" or "*everything* is proof" - it makes *no* difference, and to harp over god doing little things when god supposedly made everything, well, that's idolatry, you SHOULD NOT NEED any extra little bits of proof to prop up your beliefs..

Jesus performed miracles ... bzzzzz .. idolatry...
god made the clouds .... bzzzzzzzzz... idolatry....
tides go in, tides go out. .. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .... IDOLATRY!!!!!!

your belief in god should stand by itself, if you need something else to support your beliefs, then you are not loving your god *only*, because you are *also* loving that thing that helps you love your god. That was the point of the first commandment, "love thy god before all others", it wasn't totally about not worshipping Ba'al and Krishna and what not, it was about not falling into the trap of "just believing", because "just believing" is idolatry itself...

If you "just believe" in something, but then don't follow its teachings, then it's fair to say that you don't really believe in it, right? you're just saying that you believe, therefore your belief in god has become a thing, it's become separate to actually following god.

idolatry is very easy to commit.

a true believer would not need to resort to external entities to lend credence to their supreme entity, because if you require some little thing to prop up your belief in this supreme universal being of yours, then that supreme being isn't precisely "supreme" now, is it?


actually, you can give me proof of god, and that's to act in a way that I find agreeable, and if your agreeable actions are somehow defined by the god that you boast about believing in, then that's tentative proof (or rather, "I'll take your word for it", ie. I believe that you believe) that your god exists to you.

I say this because if Jesus really existed, there would be no poverty in the world, there just wouldn't.

But that's not because Jesus would have prevented all the suffering from happening in the first place, but it is because if all the christians gave away all their money to the needy (you know, like Jesus said to in *three* of the "gospels"), the wealth of two billion christians would be evenly distributed across the world to those who need it the most, and there would be no such thing as world poverty.

But since there *is* world poverty, that is proof to me that two billion christians are not being very christ-like, therefore according to the overwhelming proof that "believers" have given me via the fact that world poverty persists (and is getting worse), then this Jesus they boast about believing in, can't possibly exist, because why would they defy the teachings of their precious Master if not following those teachings meant that they spend an eternity suffering in hell?

But if you are *actually* being christ-like, I'm not going to have a problem with it, can't think of too many christians that were christ-like... uhmmm.. Gandhi? oh wait... never mind ... oh.. what about Jesus?

"In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the cross."
--[Friedrich Nietzsche]


I might have an opinion about believing in some arbitrary deity figure, but it is just an opinion, and it's an opinion that doesn't really matter, because what ever the answer is, there's no point in fretting over whether there is a god or not.

it's not up to me to determine or lay down the law as to whether other people should believe that there is a god or not, you can believe what you want

But in saying that, I will demand that you let me do the same.

But for interest's sake, if it was up to me to impose that decision upon people, I would say, "no, don't believe in god, it's time for humans to grow up already, it's time for people to put aside at least one excuse for being crappy to other people.", because you know how when one small group of people go and do something stupid and they mess it up for everyone else?

should there be unequivocal proof of god, I would still not follow it. why would I? it's already too late, the things that have been done can't be undone, you can't *start* with a clean slate all of a sudden at some arbitrary point by deciding to believe in Jesus or whatever it is.

Don't kid yourself if you think otherwise, you may be forgiven for your sins by Jesus, but that doesn't mean shit as to whether you are going avoid punishment for those sins. (unless of course Jesus is your own ego, in which case, you can get away with anything)

People might think that they have some sort of clean slate by believing, but that's bullshit because if you *wrong* someone, it's that person that has to forgive you, you can't just believe in some dude in the sky and have that meaningless action make up for your "sins" against someone else!!

that's just the most selfish thing I can think of; you do something bad to someone, they suffer, you ask Jesus for forgiveness, and all is good again? I don't fucking thing so, because when you try and attribute those selfish actions to a "christian", you have to ask... "ahem, just which Jesus is it that you believe in?? because I never heard of a selfish Jesus"

so in essence I won't believe in Jesus because most people who claim that they do believe in him have the story utterly wrong.. eg. christians who "hate" gays, Jesus said to love everyone, so what's your fucking problem homophobic christians?

and it doesn't matter if there really was a Jesus, or whatever god it is from the over abundant supply of not only gods, but different versions of those gods as well, ie. how often do you encounter any two people that would seem to really believe in the same "Jesus" the same two ways or even agree on how to interpret half of the bible, for example.. sure people say they believe, but it's whatever they make it out to be, ie. no two people could possibly agree on every aspect of the bible... unless of course those two people didn't miss the point of the bible, that being that Jesus said to love everyone, no matter *what*.

because no matter what you can tell yourself that you believe in, it's how your actions are judged in this life that count. and according to the story book itself, the *only* way to get into the christian heaven, is to be an honourable person in this life, simple belief is not enough, if you think otherwise then you are lying to yourself in your interpretation of the bible, or someone has gone and filled your head with their incorrect notion of their belief in Jesus, and you've blindly run with that notion without questioning it, because it's exactly what you wanted to believe in. ie. everyone loves a happy ending.

---- END ----

congrats, you made it to the end

mostly written, 31st March 2011, mostly... excuse the points being repeated a few times, as this is probably long enough to be four blogs

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

it's not the non-believers that need proof of god.. (religiorant)

non-believers often ask that the believer present proof of their imaginary friend

why? it's the believers that need the proof of god way more than the non-believer...

just by even mentioning god, the believer is trying to put forward some idea about their god...

listen to them go about:

  • the multitude of miracles
  • the praying
  • the many disasters
  • their churches
  • the Jesus faces they see everywhere
  • how they say that Jesus died for their sins!
  • and how you must believe in Jesus or you're going to hell!
  • and how often do they Praise Jesus!
  • and the many many times Jesus-will-return declarations aka the Rapture aka the end of the world
  • saying that gays being an "abomination"
  • having the gall to say that atheists are beings spawned of the devil
  • saying god hates fags
  • no atheists in foxholes
  • the bible is the inerrant word of god
  • the tide goes in, the tide goes out
  • creationism
  • "intelligent" design
  • and many many many others
do you see all of these things?

they are *things* to help "prove" or lend credence to the "fact" that their god exists, these are *things* to help make their god *real*

if something is *real*, even if it's an idea, then it's of *this* world/universe/dimension ...

in other words, those things listed above, are not "godly" ..

even ideas about god, are still human ideas

if you need a thing to help make your god "real", you are breaking the first commandment, "love thy god before all others"...

and from what I've understood of religion, that's the WORST "sin" there is!!

your faith in god should stand by itself, because if you need a *thing* to help define your faith in god, aka your *love* of god, then you are placing that thing before your god, because *you* need proof, and by needing that proof, you commit idolatry, not to mention that you don't have total faith in your deity...

and the only need for proof of god in this world, is to distract you from the fact that this god of yours, has been totally made up by *you* ... non-believers do not hold a candle to believers in terms of needing proof of god....

Thursday, 7 April 2011

I could never believe in Jesus.. (religiorant)

I could never believe in Jesus, not because I think the whole bible story is full of shit, but simply because people calling themselves "christian" had (and have) Jesus' message of "love everyone", so abysmally wrong, so you know, if that whole Jesus business is true, it's far better to not be a "christian" as people who call themselves christian, for the most part, are very far removed from what JC allegedly taught and I find it unwise to associate with people who blatantly get their christinsanity wrong.

There should be a test, like a driver's exam, before you can call yourself christian, because being christian, I've always felt, is something that you should EARN the right to call yourself.

I suspect that as many as 99% of christians have their Jesus wrong, possibly more

Jesus taught some noble, but rather impractical things, ie. he was far too selfless, and in today's world where people gobble up people offering their help but never return the favour, it's very unwise (if you want to keep on eating) to actually be christ-like; but the thing is, if you're gunna call yourself christian, then you fucking better actually be christ-like, otherwise you're just a shit spinning liar.

i mean, how many christians have given away all their money to those who need it? (JC said give all your money to the needy if you want to follow him); if a christian wrongs you, do they over compensate when they are made aware of how they hurt you? (Jesus said that if someone wants your jacket as compensation for your wronging them, give them your coat as well, assumingly, to demonstrate just how sorry you are); JC also taught that he wants you to give your life rather than commit "sin"; JC also taught that if people try to kill you, *let* them; and if someone hits you, let them hit you again!; and just how many christians are actually not judgemental?

how many christians actually do these things?

proof that christians don't actually follow their precious messiah's teachings is that if they followed the whole give away all your money to the needy (probably even if they only gave a quarter of their money) there would be no such thing as world poverty

the fact that there is so much hardship in the world and the fact that christians let it happen, is all the proof I need to determine that Jesus doesn't really exist, and good thing too, otherwise all those christians would be screwed, and us heathens would have to listen to their whining for all eternity in hell about how they thought they were "good christians" who assumed that they were going to heaven

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.