Thursday, 7 April 2011

I could never believe in Jesus.. (religiorant)

I could never believe in Jesus, not because I think the whole bible story is full of shit, but simply because people calling themselves "christian" had (and have) Jesus' message of "love everyone", so abysmally wrong, so you know, if that whole Jesus business is true, it's far better to not be a "christian" as people who call themselves christian, for the most part, are very far removed from what JC allegedly taught and I find it unwise to associate with people who blatantly get their christinsanity wrong.

There should be a test, like a driver's exam, before you can call yourself christian, because being christian, I've always felt, is something that you should EARN the right to call yourself.

I suspect that as many as 99% of christians have their Jesus wrong, possibly more

Jesus taught some noble, but rather impractical things, ie. he was far too selfless, and in today's world where people gobble up people offering their help but never return the favour, it's very unwise (if you want to keep on eating) to actually be christ-like; but the thing is, if you're gunna call yourself christian, then you fucking better actually be christ-like, otherwise you're just a shit spinning liar.

i mean, how many christians have given away all their money to those who need it? (JC said give all your money to the needy if you want to follow him); if a christian wrongs you, do they over compensate when they are made aware of how they hurt you? (Jesus said that if someone wants your jacket as compensation for your wronging them, give them your coat as well, assumingly, to demonstrate just how sorry you are); JC also taught that he wants you to give your life rather than commit "sin"; JC also taught that if people try to kill you, *let* them; and if someone hits you, let them hit you again!; and just how many christians are actually not judgemental?

how many christians actually do these things?

proof that christians don't actually follow their precious messiah's teachings is that if they followed the whole give away all your money to the needy (probably even if they only gave a quarter of their money) there would be no such thing as world poverty

the fact that there is so much hardship in the world and the fact that christians let it happen, is all the proof I need to determine that Jesus doesn't really exist, and good thing too, otherwise all those christians would be screwed, and us heathens would have to listen to their whining for all eternity in hell about how they thought they were "good christians" who assumed that they were going to heaven

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