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Jesus is not just a myth, it's worse than that ... (religiorant)

yes, Jesus is a myth, son of god; performed miracles; water to wine; raising the dead; curing the lepers; died on the cross; came back three days later; ascended to heaven ... blah blah blah!!

yep, that's a tall story all right, the stuff of legends, the makings of myth...

did you know that the letter "J" wasn't even used until 1500 years after JC had died? so this notion that there was someone literally called "J"esus 2000yrs ago is indeed, very, very much a myth.

but that's not the only reason why Jesus is a myth, Jesus is a myth because the majority of christians don't even follow his teachings, not strictly, in fact it would be fair to say that no "christian" actually follows Jesus' teachings properly and to the letter, except for a very small minority, and ironically, many of those people are probably Buddhists or Hindus who just happen to subscribe to the same philosophy as Christ.

So the reality is that the majority of christians are probably worshiping a Jesus that they have made up, and what is a myth, but something that we've made up?


Jesus and the flat earth myth, sounds like a bad covers bad, but it shouldn't be a particular concern to non-believers that Jesus is factually a myth.

It's worse than being a mere factual myth.

For instance, I'm not overly inclined to tell people that Jesus probably was a complete fabrication, just like telling (apparently) good kids that Santa is not real, what's the point other than to be cruel? On the other hand, with a spoilt little brat who demanded that Santa bring him some particular present, I'd be more than inclined to destroy that little Santa fantasy.

Hey, Luke! Santa's not real!

So in the spirit of how to treat a spoilt little brat, feel free to tell religionuts who've got their religion wrong, ie. practically all of them, that Jesus is a myth, because not only do they worship a myth, but it's a fair bet they've got that myth wrong. To be honest, I actually expect that christians getting their religion right, would actually be relieved to see someone pointing out to the masses who do indeed have their religion wrong that they are a bunch of cock suckers for getting it so massively wrong.

The myth of Jesus is like the flat earth myth, because the flat earth myth, is a myth itself. LOL! Bad analogy, I know.

Not since before the times of the Ancient Greeks, *at*least*, was it commonly accepted that the earth was flat, a lot of people just think that people *used* to think that the earth was flat. That myth started up about a hundred years ago.

So regardless of whether there really was a Jesus, it doesn't matter, because most people have the mythical Jesus from the bible wrong anyway because they are believing in myths about the myth. It's myth to be squared! it's a bird, it's a plane! no! it's super-myth!


Jesus' highest law was to *love* - at all costs - that's what the bible says in Matthew 16, and that's the example he set by dying on the cross, with that example being, that in spite of the extreme punishment and torture he was put through, he stood there and took it all, he did not defend his life, he *gave* it, because in order to save his life, he would have had to have sinned.

JC would have had to have become violent in order to resist the bloody Romans from trying to put him up on the cross, well, he could have cheated and made them all fall asleep or something, but JC didn't work like that, apparently. mysterious ways and such, i would imagine.

From what I understand of Jesus' teachings, if someone was beating up your grandmother, unless you can stop that from happening *peacefully*, ie. without violence, then you are sinner. and of course if you take revenge on the person who administered the beating, then you are sinning as well, Jesus didn't teach "eye for an eye" - love was the highest commandment.

This is what Jesus was teaching in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 16, with the most relevant bit being...

Matthew (16:24) Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me. (25) "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. (26) "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

See that?

"let him deny himself" means that you deny your life in this world

"take up his cross" is a metaphor saying that you bear your burden as far as it will go, even if it means you give your life doing it

"whoever desires to save his life will lose it" means even if you try to preserve your life in this world via violence, you will lose your eternal life.

"whoever loses his life for My sake will find it" - more metaphors - no wonder people don't "get" this stuff - but this is saying that if you lose your life in this world for the sake of upholding Jesus' commandment of love, you will have eternal life.

And there is the CRUX (pun intended) of the problem with christians and their christianity, they can't do that. they *wont* do that!!

christians don't willingly give away their lives because they do NOT actually have that much faith in Jesus Christ to go and do that, or does faith come in degrees? different sizes perhaps? is faith just a convenience, that you have when you want it? whip it out of your wallet like it's a gold AMEX card, or maybe even a get out of jail free card you stole from a monopoly game and somehow you think that it's valid in real life? can you get a side dish of faith with your bullshit stories of two thousand year old magic?

customer: I'll just have the supersized bullshit stories from thousands of years ago, thanks
employee: do you want faith with that?
customer: I *said* "I'll **just** have the supersized bullshit stories" thank you
employee: it'll only cost you 50 cents?
customer: okay, but I bet I'll just leave it on the bench and it gets all mouldy

Shit, they wont even give away all their stuff like they're supposed to if you want to follow Jesus..

Luk 18:22 Now when Jesus heard these things, he said unto him, Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.

but back back to Matthew 16, here's what some old dude called Matthew Henry thinks about Matthew 16:25, he says it much better than I.

Whosoever will save his life in this world, if it be by sin, he shall lose it in another; he that forsakes Christ, to preserve a temporal life and avoid a temporal death, will certainly come short of eternal life, and will be hurt of the second death, and eternally held by it. There cannot be a fairer pretence for apostasy and iniquity than saving the life by it, so cogent is the law of self-preservation; and yet even that is folly, for it will prove in the end self-destruction; the life saved is but for a moment, the death shunned is but as a sleep; but the life lost is everlasting, and the death run upon is the depth and complement of all misery, and an endless separation from all good. Now, let any rational man consider of it, take advice and speak his mind, whether there is any thing got, at long run, by apostasy, though a man save his estate, preferment, or life, by it.

Matthew Henry commentary on The Book of Matthew Chapter 16

** apostasy, is not following the teachings of Jesus


If you read the full text of Matthew 16 below at the end of this blog, Peter said to Jesus that surely Christ should not lay down his life in such a selfless manner (Mat 16:21-23), so Jesus told Peter off, "Get behind Me, Satan!" - a famous quote - but the *very* important context of that quote is that, if you don't lay down and give your life for Jesus, ie for *love*, then you are akin to an emissary of Satan himself.

This is why I find the notion of christians fighting wars particularly strange, because technically speaking, if Jesus was their highest lord and saviour master messiah dude, as some so OFTEN claim, then they should be surrendering to the enemy, and all the atheists should be doing the actual fighting .. Imagine reports from the battlefields

Atheist-Soldier: General!!! General!! Come in!!! All ten thousand of our christians soldiers have surrendered to the enemy!!!
Atheist-General: What?!?! Again!?!?! We *just* secured their release!!! Well, you have to press on any way! complete the mission soldier!!
Atheist-Soldier: But there's just *me* left sir!!!
Atheist-General: Don't worry son! The enemy have their hands full with all the complaining from the christians claiming to be persecuted, that's why the enemy sent them back last time!

and Jesus also (not so clearly) indicates that if you don't lay down your life for the sake of Jesus' teachings of love ie. "the things of god", and you instead save your own life, ie. "the things of men", then you are committing idolatry.

Saving your own life is putting the "things of men" before the "things of god" - that's what the first commandment was about, I do believe, as putting manly things before godly things is the very definition of idolatry.

because self preservation is a thing of humans, is it not? we got that from evolution, all those years being chased by sabre tooth tigers taught us to not wander into dark caves and wander off alone at night and to not stand there and be eaten to death when you can do something about it, etc...


Every time I read the bible, I have to move the goalposts even further away as to just how *wrong* christians have their religion. It's like I knew they had it wrong, but I didn't realise they had it so wrong that you could read the font from orbit.

it's like I'm the starter of a race where all the participants are bickering about where the finish line should be, 1.2 metres, 2.1 metres, 10.9 metres, a 100 metres, one guy says that just showing up means he's won the race and he won't fucking leave until you give him the god damn fucking gold medal for fucking showing up, blah lbah blah

but then every time I (stupidly) go and check the race rule book, it turns out that they're all wrong, and then I have to move the finishing line, a thousand kilometres away, and it's only a thousand kilometres away because at the time the rule book was written, there wasn't much need for numbers *that* big ("oh we'll never need a number that has more than three digits! who has that many goats any way?") and probably also because finishing the race wasn't the point of the "race" in the *first* place.

the point of the race was to let the other guy beat you, to *death* if need be, you'd think "The Passion" would have made that sink in, but alas, maybe it was too complicated to have to actually fucking read the subtitles of the Aramaic dialect? or maybe I underestimate how compelling watching blood and gore is amongst those who think they have a free pass to heaven?? We're a brutal society, most of us just tell ourselves that we are not...

"oh Jesus died on the fucking cross for me, so *I* don't fucking need to god damn fucking DO ANY FUCKING THING!"

sorry to generalise, but if the majority can not be bothered to do anything about their extremist minority, ("OH! they're not *REAL* christians!") then that majority can also not be bothered to complain when somebody points out the stray sheep in their flock, or indeed, that the whole flock is grazing in the wrong field, and are chewing on grass that has lots of fats and sugars with little to no nutritional value...

so "FUCKING YES!! Jesus is a myth", because the vast majority of christians are not even worshipping the Jesus from the bible, they're worshipping some version of him that's been made up along the way, because what christian would actually lay down their life to avoid sinning when they or their family or friends are attacked, let alone be prepared to lay down their life when some complete *stranger* was being attacked?

If you won't lay down your life for a stranger and you worship Jesus, then the Jesus from the bible is not the one you're worshipping, and when you worship a Jesus that's not from the bible, you are worshipping a FALSE Jesus, and when you worship a false Jesus, you are committing idolatry, and when you commit idolatry, you are breaking the first commandment and you are going to hell and all those nasty things ... idolatry is also an unforgivable sin, if I remember correctly.

just because you think you've got the right religion, it doesn't mean that you've got your religion right.

christians laying down their lives to save others, how often do you see stories like that? stories like that, are few and far between, and they are the stuff that legends are born from, and a myth is usually just a legend that's been told so often that the original facts have been completely lost.

If a truly christian nation were to "invade" another, then they would walk into the country unarmed, handing out food, medicines and other supplies, to win the hearts of the nation they were "invading", and anybody who was killed in the process, would be on an express ride to meet and greet with Jesus in the afterlife...

is that the mythical dude called Jesus that you are worshipping, or are you worshipping a myth based on the Jesus myth, that just happens to be called Jesus as well?


the rest of the blog, is that bible story chapter Matthew Chapter 16, in full... it's interesting to read it all in context.... if you're as bored as I was to write this....

(note: "Leaven" is the yeast, or the *ingredients* of the bread, it's what it's made up of, and in terms of faith, it's a metaphor for the teachings of that doctrine, it's the *ingredients* of the faith)

The Pharisees and Sadducees Seek a Sign

Mat 16:1 Then the Pharisees and Sadducees came, and testing Him asked that He would show them a sign from heaven.
Mat 16:2 He answered and said to them, "When it is evening you say, 'It will be fair weather, for the sky is red';
Mat 16:3 "and in the morning, 'It will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening.' Hypocrites! You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times.
Mat 16:4 "A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign shall be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah." And He left them and departed.

The Leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees

Mat 16:5 Now when His disciples had come to the other side, they had forgotten to take bread.
Mat 16:6 Then Jesus said to them, "Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Sadducees."
Mat 16:7 And they reasoned among themselves, saying, "It is because we have taken no bread."
Mat 16:8 But Jesus, being aware of it, said to them, "O you of little faith, why do you reason among yourselves because you have brought no bread?
Mat 16:9 "Do you not yet understand, or remember the five loaves of the five thousand and how many baskets you took up?
Mat 16:10 "Nor the seven loaves of the four thousand and how many large baskets you took up?
Mat 16:11 "How is it you do not understand that I did not speak to you concerning bread? — but to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees."
Mat 16:12 Then they understood that He did not tell them to beware of the leaven of bread, but of the doctrine of the Pharisees and Sadducees.

Peter Confesses Jesus as the Christ

Mat 16:13 When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, "Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?"
Mat 16:14 So they said, "Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets."
Mat 16:15 He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?"
Mat 16:16 Simon Peter answered and said, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."
Mat 16:17 Jesus answered and said to him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah, for flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but My Father who is in heaven.
Mat 16:18 "And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.
Mat 16:19 "And I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."
Mat 16:20 Then He commanded His disciples that they should tell no one that He was Jesus the Christ.

Jesus Predicts His Death and Resurrection

Mat 16:21 From that time Jesus began to show to His disciples that He must go to Jerusalem, and suffer many things from the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised the third day.
Mat 16:22 Then Peter took Him aside and began to rebuke Him, saying, "Far be it from You, Lord; this shall not happen to You!"
Mat 16:23 But He turned and said to Peter, "Get behind Me, Satan! You are an offense to Me, for you are not mindful of the things of God, but the things of men."

Take Up the Cross and Follow Him

Mat 16:24 Then Jesus said to His disciples, "If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me.
Mat 16:25 "For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it.
Mat 16:26 "For what profit is it to a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?
Mat 16:27 "For the Son of Man will come in the glory of His Father with His angels, and then He will reward each according to his works.

Jesus Transfigured on the Mount

Mat 16:28 "Assuredly, I say to you, there are some standing here who shall not taste death till they see the Son of Man coming in His kingdom."

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

at least polytheism was healthier than monotheism .. (religiorant)

polytheism, the belief in multiple gods, should provide a healthier moral guidance than monotheism does, shouldn't it?

polytheism means that you have a wider set of "sources" for your moral guidance, but most importantly, it teaches that multiple points of view should be taken into account.

eg) imagine a belief system with multiple gods; would that not inherently promote a society where multiple points of view are valid?

For example: there are times when there is a legitimate need for war, so the god of war may teach that you crush your enemies, but the god of love, may teach that you have compassion for them, and the goddess of wisdom might teach you how to avoid that war in the first place via peaceful negotiations, so the reality of the situation, is that a combined approach is often what has the best results.

EG: At first you might negotiate with your enemy for a peaceful outcome (as taught by the goddess of wisdom), if that doesn't work, kick their arses (as taught by the god of war) and once you've defeated them, show them compassion (as taught by the god of love), and *not* wipe them off the planet.

isn't *that* what we do in REAL LIFE anyway? we live our lives with a multi-tiered approach. we go through multiple "degrees" of how we respond to *every* situation in life.

Point is that the multiple points of view should in fact teach the follower to apply many different 'doctrines' to a situation, because not all situations are black and white, because multiple points of view will more often yield a better result than one point of view.


It's quite possible, i've not researched it, but that the entire notion of democracy that the ancients came up with, could have been born from the example set by having many gods, with their multiple points of view to consider.

but with monotheism, you have only one source for your guidance, and while it may just happen to teach you to be good, at some point you need to respond to someone who just doesn't conform to what you've been taught, so using multiple points of view will help to allow you to handle unique and new situations better.

eg. Jesus teaches that you "turn the other cheek" when someone hits you.

That is to say that, Jesus taught that if someone slaps you on one side of the face, then you are to turn the other side of your face to your assailant as if to offer them a free hit on your other cheek.

Mat 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Jesus also teaches that if someone steals your cloak, that you give that person your jacket as well. ...

Luk 6:29 And unto him that smiteth thee on the [one] cheek offer also the other; and him that taketh away thy cloke forbid not [to take thy] coat also.

but that's not the reality of the situation, IS IT?? because who the fuck actually follows those teachings?

do you lay there and let someone beat the crap out of you? do you let somebody walk up to you and take your jacket off your back? someone steals your wallet, do you then give them the keys to your apartment as well?

Jesus teaches one thing, but people go and do the opposite and seek justice/revenge anyway.

Point being, with a monotheistic god, it's a lot easier to go against what your supreme being teaches you in certain situations. And it's also a lot easier to go and do the wrong thing in the name of your god when that's not what your god teaches at all. It's a lot easier to be a hypocrite with one god and it's a lot easier to find yourself in a situation where you feel guilty for not following your god's teachings.

in polytheism, many points of view are potentially valid because arguments can be argued with statements like "but the god of x-y-z says that we should do a-b-c when d-e-f happens", so multiple "godly" points of view can be said to be valid under polytheism

but with monotheism, confusion and inherent in-fighting can be created when the holy texts teach one thing but also say another thing as well, or worse still, when there is no direct reference to a particular issue in the holy texts so one is often *guessed*. ie. Jesus says nothing directly about gays, so a lot of christians think that gives them a license to latch onto what is said about homosexuality in other parts of the bible...

But I guess that they forgot that Jesus *did* say something about homosexuals, *indirectly*, because he said to love everyone!!!


and who knows what the gods want anyway? so if you're going to guess at what they want anyway, then multiple points of view are a better foundation for achieving an educated guess!!

This guessing at what "the" monotheistic god wants, creates the dilemma of what should be done in cases where it's not quite a black and white situation, what would god want me to do in this situation, this or that? black or white? Point being is that there is less guidance for how to think in unique situations.

polytheism teaches that you apply two (or more) points of view with the justification for your views being what multiple gods have taught you to do, monotheism encourages choosing one way or the other with the actual justification for doing such a thing in the name of your god is up for debate. ie. one group of monotheists might say god wants *this*, but then another monotheist group might say that the same god wants *that*... and that's a conflict.. and in terms of christianity, about 30 million people were killed in the 1500s due to the spat between catholics and protestants.

with monotheism there is an inherent inability to follow your religion properly, eg. who lets themselves be punched a second time after being punched the first time? if you catch someone stealing your DVD player, you don't also let them take your TV as well, do you? heaps of christians are extremely judgemental, and what christian gives away all their stuff to follow Jesus?

so people don't *seriously* follow Jesus anyway. It's totally hypocritical.

Polytheism sees that their is an inherent need for you to figure out what's best and that you go with what you can glean from the teachings of all the gods, from *multiple* points of view. multiple gods also teach that we should get along, like the gods do, well, at least they get along some of time, don't they? the universe is still here so one can assume the gods have not had an all out war and destroyed the universe.

Monotheism often sees the 'user' create their own version of their god, but in reality "god" is just their ego, which then justifies whatever bullshit that they can come up with.

fucking hilarious

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all religion is idolatry... (religiorant)

I'm a religious extremist, because I think that religion, and I mean all of it, every single bit of it, it is all idolatry, at the very least, on some level...

what I am saying is that the religious can have their religion, but they can keep it to themselves, because not only does religious paraphernalia and rhetoric annoy the fuck out of me, but by not keeping their religion to themselves, it's a good chance that the religious are getting their religion wrong, so by keeping it to themselves they are doing themselves a favour, because if religion is kept private, there's a good chance the believer will avoid committing idolatry.

so if the religious would completely refrain from bragging about their beliefs, then they would have a much better chance of not committing idiotry idolatry - thereby avoiding that hell-fire and brimstone lake thing i heard about once that happens if you break the first commandment.

so, because non-believers have no actual beliefs about god, they can *not* commit idolatry, therefore a non-believer can not break the first commandment.

So stop trying to combat religion with your own "arsenal" of logic and science, hi-jack the launch codes of their own "arsenal" and use their own religion back at them.


so forget about logical proofs, for *or* against god, forget any evidence for or against religion *whatsoever* - and that includes the bible itself, god, Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, forget your clever logic, forget you're debunking of stupid stories that even eight year old kids can see as being stupid, forget the pope being a cock head saying that atheism is the bane of society, forget about whether christmas and easter are pagan rituals that the christians hi-jacked and now the christians think it's theirs .... ra ra ra .. forget it all

so, forget about any argument *for* or *against* religion, because all religious things are idolatry, because the only thing that matters when it comes to people and their precious religion, is the meaning of what that religion has supposedly taught... anything else, is beside the point....

the entire point of christianity is to follow the TWO commandments of Jesus.... not the *TEN* COMMANDMENTS of *Moses* - the TWO commandments of Jesus *outrank* and *supersede* the ten, and unless you're pretty stupid, you'd know that... so for those who are stupid and didn't know that fact, and *yes* there are people who are THAT stupid. Some stupid cunt once told me that my silly notions of Jesus teaching TWO commandments were some kind of Jedi mind trick I was trying to play on him.

Let me say this again: I got into an argument with a CHRISTIAN, who DEMANDED that I not make up stories about Jesus teaching TWO COMMANDMENTS and that I should keep my JEDI MIND TRICKS to myself.

I'm sorry, but if that person is not a stupid cunt, then the word "cunt" should never be used again to describe stupid people.

So to reiterate; these are not Jedi Mind Tricks, they are the two commandments that Jesus taught::

"love thy god before all others" and "love thy neighbour as you would have them love you"

So that whole dying on the cross thing, was a metaphor for making the ultimate sacrifice, the ultimate way to show that you "love thy neighbour"! right?

and by following the second commandment, you are inherently following the first, because the highest law in the bible that christians are COMMANDED to follow, is "love". don't believe me? then maybe it's *you* that needs to read the bible?!

Romans 13:9 For the commandments, "You shall not commit adultery," "You shall not murder," "You shall not steal," "You shall not bear false witness," "You shall not covet," and if there is any other commandment, are all summed up in this saying, namely, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself."

Romans 13:10 Love does no harm to a neighbor; therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.

so anything else apart from showing love/respect/honour/tolerance towards your fellow humans, is beside the point, right? what's the point of calling yourself a christian if that simple notion of treating others well, is not put first in your life?

if you can't "love thy neighbour" then you are bullshitting the world by telling us that you are a christian.

so with that being said, in terms of christianity: christmas is beside the point, and Easter too, the ten commandments have been superseded, even the bible itself is beside the point, Jesus, Satan and god itself, Job, Moses, St Peter, St Paul - whatever it is - it's all beside the point... "Do unto others" should be a simple enough notion such that it could be passed on by verbal traditions - so what was the frikking point in muddying the waters with all of that whole religion bullshit thing wrapped around it?

none of these things are anything to do with following what Jesus taught, these are all ICONS representing christianity... eg. how is saying "Praise Jesus" *actually* "loving thy neighbour"?? saying "Praise Jesus" is NOTHING to do with showing love for others.

if you don't get that, then christianity is a big fail for you.

Even "Jesus" himself is an idolatrous representation of this alleged direct descendant of god. There was no person called "Jesus" 2000 years ago, the letter "J" wasn't even part of our alphabet 500 years ago, so how the fuck could there have been someone called "J"esus in biblical times?

even having an innocent image of god in your head is idolatry on some vague level if you're a believer, because how could you possibly know what god looks like? so any idea you have about god, is pure guess-work, so if you *do* guess as to some aspect about the nature of god, then you have at least partially *made*up* an image of god in your head.., therefore it's IDOLATRY..

and i don't care if it's in your imagination, talk to the hand, it's still idolatry... it's not golden calf level idolatry, but it's still idolatrous nonetheless...


even the Muslims getting fucked off about those drawings of Muhammad are committing idolatry, and committing idolatry is the *very* fucking thing that they are getting fucked off about in the first place!

to show what I mean as an example: think about this dot -> .

see that dot? that's Muhammad, *the* prophet of Islam...

but that's not idolatry to me, not in the least, I don't believe in Muhammad's teachings, *whatever* they are, I was barely even aware that Islam even existed ten years ago, so I've got no idea about the teachings of Muhammad - and that's the point, isn't it?

I don't know crap about Muhammad, I've not read the Koran or Hadiths and I've no intention of doing so either!! so how can I even know what's blasphemous and what's not? how can *I* commit idolatry and have that actually mean something. Don't *I* need to be a Muslim to commit idolatry towards Islam?

and seriously, you can get fucked if you think you're going to ask me to "learn" about Islam, let alone convert and make tolerance concessions for things like "Sharia Law" - where a woman can be convicted of adultery for admitting to getting *raped* - Sharia "law" is a system where eyewitness testimony is held in higher regard than any evidence. Look it up.

but back to the dot that is Muhammad, if a Muslim were to look at that dot and then recognise that dot as Muhammad, simply because my infidel arse has gone and said that it's Muhammad, then that Muslim would then be committing idolatry because they are acknowledging that that representation of Muhammad *IS* a representation of Muhammad. Because if it wasn't a valid or accurate representation of Muhammad, then why get upset?

so, some Muslim sees Muhammad drawn as a dog getting fucked by a pig and they get upset? well, it's *only* idolatry *when* that Muslim takes offence because they are recognising that representation as being a valid one of Muhammad. so by getting upset, they are indeed admitting that Muhammad is a dog that gets fucked by pigs.

That's what a Muslim is saying when they get fucked off about Muhammad pictures, they are admitting that these "alleged" drawings of Muhammad, are no longer *alleged*, but in fact they *are* valid icons representing Muhammad.

too tricky for them?? yeah, I thought so.... and I know it's not cool to make fun of people, but, well, when you claim your religion is one of peace and then go and make death threats - you're asking to be mocked. You're forfeiting your right to complain if you make DEATH THREATS over FUCKING DRAWINGS.

It may be uncool to draw pictures of Muhammad, but it's a BILLION TIMES more uncool to make death threats and act violently because of said DRAWINGS.

So for *any* representation that is supposedly of Muhammad, a Muslim should look at it and say something like, "That's not Muhammad (PBUH), because how do *you* know what he looks like? Silly Infidel!! may Allah not smite you *too* much for being so bold!" ... LOL!

So in the case of the Muhammad "." (dot) above, for a Muslim to get all pissed off about that, they are actually acknowledging that that "." (dot) is *indeed* the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)! and a "." is a thing, and when a "thing" represents your religion, that's idolatry, is it not?

and seriously, it's a DOT ... if I showed you a DOT like it was meant to offend you, would I not look extremely stupid for somehow thinking that a DOT could somehow offend someone? yes sir, it's an extreme example, but aren't all drawings just heaps of dots all joined together?

dots are things, drawings are things, statues are things... what they mean is up to the person that sees them.

so the only way that that thing can represent your religion, is if the *believer* accepts that thing as being a valid representation of their faith. ERGO it's IDOLATRY on the part of the believer, because remember from the start of this rant, non-believers can't commit idolatry.


but back to christianity: the point of what Jesus taught was that JC said to '"do" unto others as you would have them "do" unto you', and "do" is an action, which is unlike many of the ten commandments, which say to "not" do particular things... and "not" doing something is pretty fucking easy...

don't lie.... i can't lie very well *anyway*...

don't steal... no problem...

don't commit adultery... pfft!...

don't murder... easy...

don't work on the sabbath and keep it sacred.. no worries!! I want to have *every* day as that sabbath-sacred-have-a-day-off thing...

don't covet... urrr...

well, a couple of the commandments are easy, and i bet a lot of people "think" that if they aren't breaking *all* the ten commandments, then they'll at least get into the cheap seats in heaven...

I bet there are even people who by just saying "I believe in Jesus", think that it means they will be getting into heaven... lip service much? just because you give Jesus a blow-job, it doesn't mean you're going to heaven when you die!!

but in terms of what Jesus taught, ie. "*do* unto others" aka "*love* thy neighbour" aka "The Golden Rule", any amount of words, images, ideas, verses, none of it matters.... it's all idolatry

sure, the preachers, the bibles and other "things" in a religion may teach the very foundations of that religion, *but* all that is too much for an apathetic "western" society that wants an instant fix of feeling "good". which is stupid because the entire basis of what Jesus taught can be summarised as "be nice to other people if you want them to be nice to you" or even mowed down to one or two words - "be nice!" "show respect!" ... "*patience*" .. if christians can't remember that much, then it's time to give it the fuck away.

so instead of the little mantras like "Praise Jesus", "I love god", "I believe in Jesus", "Allah Ackbah" and other catchy but meaningless phrases that religious people often use, they should say things like "Do unto others!" ... stupid idea, hey? would we rather the annoying christians go around saying "Praise Jesus!" or would it better if they said "Be nice!" ??

surely people are not that fucking stupid that they need to have an *entire* religion wrapped around the "Golden Rule" concept? is that why a lot of people can't follow christianity properly? they are still wading through all the bullshit nonsense stories of that religion and have not got to the actual meaning behind the religion yet? like someone who fills up on the appetisers before they get to the main meal... I told you not to eat lollies before having dinner, didn't I?!?!?!


in western society, it's clear that there are too many i-believe-in-jesus-so-i-go-to-heaven-when-i-die-regardless-of-what-I-do type of christians out there... I have a sneaking suspicion that they are the majority... and i'm pretty sure this "rule" applies to other religions, especially the monotheistic ones that say "don't commit idolatry" as part of their commandments....

it seems to me that many people are just too lazy to think enough to be able to give away their religion, but, it may be all they have, as some people clearly just *need* to believe, they *need* moral guidance, and even getting their religion grossly wrong, may just be a better thing than them having no religion at all... so if you want to keep Jesus in your heart, that's just fine by me. do it! I envy the feeling it must give you, but it's attachment, it's idolatry, it's not the point of your belief system...

i think that the true point of belief results from being selfless and the pure enjoyment you get out of helping someone out for the sake of helping them out, with no thought of reward. You wouldn't even be minimally selfish enough to even notice that you were being helpful... you would be helpful as a reflex action... like with breathing: how often do you think, "oh shit man! I'm breathing!"!!

but regardless, any thing to do with a religion is beside the point; christmas, easter, chocolate, easter bunnies, chocolate easter bunnies, christmas chocolate easter bunnies, santa claus, the "holy" land, holy months, meccas, maccas, 1500 year old ruined buildings where some prophet's horse took a piss, vaticans, popes, crucifixes, churches, synagogues, mosques, cartoons of your favourite prophet, communions, inquisitions, crusades, jihads, fatwas, temples on the mount, sacred ground, blah de fucking blah blah blah ....

in the example of christianity, all those things mean nothing compared to actually *doing* unto others (aka, treating people with respect, because you want to be treated with respect), so all of those "things" are just icons or idols representing christianity, even images of Jesus and god in your *head* are beside the point, because they are *not* actions, you are supposed to convey the message of christianity via your actions, and actions do not include going around telling people to just arbitrarily believe in Jesus....


if all those "things" actually clearly conveyed the notion of "love thy neighbour", then that's a different story, but i've not seen anyone "being" christian for over a decade, and no amount of words can convey love anyway, it's your actions that ACTUALLY matter when it comes to love. You may say you're my friend, or that you love me, or that you respect me, but unless your words actually mesh with the things you *do*, then your words mean nothing...

so saying "Praise Jesus", "I love god", "just read the bible", "Evolution is a lie", or making some bible quote, or any other random phrase that identifies your self as a christian without actually showing that you are *being* christian or that you are showing an *understanding* of what Jesus has taught, then it's all beside the point.

In fact, some christians have their religion so wrong, that they are completely OFFENSIVE towards the teachings of Jesus in their blatant ability to get their own alleged religion, WRONG..

people can keep their religions, as long as they keep it them to themselves, because every thing else apart from what you keep to your self, is idolatry...

you are supposed to teach and share your religion by acting in the manner it says you should act, if you don't act like your religion tells you to, then you are a hypocrite

it's what you do that matters, so keep your offensive ideas of morality to yourself, it may work for you, and that's good, but you're just killing your religion by trying to tell other people that your religion is better, and just announcing that you're a follower of some particular religion like it was meant to mean something, even that is idolatry... so yes, even simply listing your religion on your online profile - even that is a mild form of idolatry...

eg. so what if you're christian? so frikking what? unless you act christ-like, you're just bragging that you're something that you're not.

maybe that's the problem with religion? believers in a western society have been so pumped up on happy endings in their sitcoms, novels, reality tv shows, movies, and gossip shows, that everyone automatically thinks that believing in Jesus, gets you that happy ending with a free ticket to heaven? yes, that's idolatry too..

like being part of the "in-crowd" because you went and saw some movie, but didn't "get" what the movie was about, but that's okay, you've seen the movie, so you're "in" - it didn't matter that you didn't understand the movie. .... .... . .. *WRONG* .. it makes you a PRETENDER


and to reiterate what I said at the start, non-believers, by not believing that any particular image of god, is *actually* "god", even in their brains, are incapable of breaking the first commandment... they can't commit idolatry....

god is an unknown, right? so to *not* form any image of god avoids creating an incorrect image of god, therefore non-believers have a superior ability in not committing idolatry, and are avoiding breaking the first commandment.

which is worse? following the wrong religion? following no religion at all? or following the "correct" religion, but then getting it wrong? which group do you think god is going to be the most pissed at? If you're going to do something, do it well.

"do what you do do well, boy, do what you do do well, give your love and all of your heart, and do what you do do, well"

so do you like that implication?

by *not* believing in any image of anything "godly", even if that image is in your brain, you avoid breaking the first commandment, you don't make the *wrong* choice for your god because you have chosen none at all.

and I know it says something like "love thy god before all others" .. but it's not about loving god, not directly, it's more about *not* forming some random idea of god; it's about *not* assuming anything about god; it's all about avoiding the line of thought that somehow just believing is all you need to do; it's about *not* forming the idea that god just happens to want the exact same thing that you just happen to want... *rolls*eyes*

because if you form *any* idea of god, you are making an assumption about god, and to make an assumption about something that you emotionally believe in, well, that's a recursive loop, possibly the one that sustains the beliefs of many people.

Belief is an addiction, and it's recursive because you get emotional reward from believing, but your beliefs require that you make assumptions, so you need to make bigger and bigger assumptions to get your "religious fix" until you've told yourself assumptions that are so big that your head is so far up your arse that nothing else can contradict that lump of crap that is jammed up there that you just can't quite shit out...

and making assumptions about god also instantly demotes it from being a god anyway, because as soon as you have some idea of what you think god wants or is or whatever, you are putting a mortal limit on god.... making mortal representations of god means you are putting mortal limits on god. and putting a limit on god, renders that "god" status null and void.

god is an unknown, so please just fucking leave it at that and get on with your life and you won't be committing idolatry...

mostly written on 12/12/10.... mostly.. and i *swear* it was only a short blog at first ... oh well...

Monday, 6 December 2010

christians are going BAT SHIT CRAZY with idolatry... (religiorant)

you prolly heard about the creation "museum" on planet America, if you haven't, some "christians" got the idea to build a "museum" that would depict things from the book of genesis, with things like ancient man, co-habiting with dinosaurs.... *facepalm* ... wonder where they got that idea, perhaps, from a place called Bedrock?

but a crucial thing was missing in this whole genesis theme park genre, that being, Noah's ark... well... miss it no more dear "museum" mariners from light years away.....

great it makes jobs and stuff, that's awesome... but ..... christians have missed the point of their religion!!

is this why non-believers understand religion better than most other people?

that being that non-believers do not get caught up in trying to get more and more meaning from the same source of information, therefore they don't end up seeing what they want to see, and when you see what you want to see when it comes to your god, you're not worshipping this "god" somebody told you about any more, no, what you're now worshipping, is a *copy* of that god in your frakking head, that your ego is free to bend to its own will, often without the believer even noticing. You can have your own personal caring Jesus, forgiving everything you do, answering all your prayers...

Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who cares
Your own personal Jesus
Someone to hear your prayers
Someone who's there

--[Depeche Mode]

so of course Jesus will forgive you, Jesus is *your* ego, and over time it will let you off the hook for just about anything you've ever done.... no wonder your prayers to be forgiven are answered, who else would let you off the hook for your constant deluge of "sins" but your own ego?....

just because you didn't physically build a golden calf, you can *still* commit idolatry, you can commit idolatry right there *in* your head very easily.

a simple example: you can quite easily commit a phrase from the bible to memory, but then forget that phrase's meaning...

but what's the point of memorising any lines from some holy book? just because you know the words, it doesn't mean you understand them...

*actors* can read from scripts and memorise those words too, parrots can do similar and copy the things they hear and repeat simple phrases as well, a parrot quoting the bible doesn't actually understand those words (or maybe they *do* understand it better than some? ;), and an actor doesn't necessarily agree with the actions of the character they are portraying, actors can play the role of any number of characters; rapists, murderers, Hitler, even Jesus himself.... it doesn't make them those characters....

and saying something over and over doesn't make it so either, but it does water down the meaning of whatever it is you say... you're not supposed to *remember* verses from the bible, you're supposed to remember what you *learnt* and *live* life with what you have learnt from those holy books...

a stupid example: E = mc2 ... if you went around saying that famous equation as if you believed you were some sort of scientist, but then someone asked you to explain what E = mc2 is all about, and you couldn't, that would be idolatry, of a weird kind, as you are taking that 'icon' of science and you are pretending to be a scientist by talking about it like you know what it's about, when the reality is that you know nothing about what E=mc2 means... which is similar to people who go around saying "Praise Jesus", and then when they are asked about what Jesus actually taught, and they can't answer, well, that's idolatry.

when you worship your Jesus like all of the time, that's idolatraaaay...

(sing it in your head to the tune of "When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, That's amore....")

Jesus, for many people, is just a super hero, like Spider-man or Superman...

so the bigger the deal you make out of things in your faith, the greater the idolatry you commit, idolatry leads to you to be missing the point of what your beliefs are about, and as soon as you commit the smallest bit of idolatry toward your god, you are now believing in some bastardised copied version of god you've made up by yourself in your head...

and if you are familiar with the teachings of the Jedi, you will be able to see how "idolatry" is very similar to the concept of "attachment" - except for the Jedi *any* attachment is idolatry, attachment is all about "things"

"Attachment leads to jealousy"

fanaticism, hero worship, idolatry, attachment; all variants of the same thing; all are things that lead you to missing the point.

things are not important, it's the meaning behind those things that are important, in fact, the meaning is so much more important than the thing, that the thing and even the thing that made it, whatever it is, becomes irrelevant. eg. it doesn't matter if Jesus exists or not, it does not matter if god exists or not, doesn't matter how god made the universe, doesn't matter if the bible is full of shit or not; in terms of christianity, all that matters is what Jesus taught.

eg. It's nice to have a memory of your loved ones, right? But if that picture faded or somebody broke the frame or got the picture wet, would that really matter??? would you still love your loved ones or would the loss of this *thing* that represents them render your love for them obsolete?

if irrefutable evidence was found that showed that Jesus was a fake, that the whole bible thing was made up deliberately to guilt trip the population into being nicer, what if *proof* was found that there was *no*way* possible that there could have been someone called "Jesus" two thousand years ago?? ..

would that *seriously* make any difference to a christian? it shouldn't, but i'd bet there'd be massive amounts of protesting and denouncing of such a discovery... but .. Jesus isn't the point of christianity, it's what he taught that's important.

and that's good, because two thousand years ago, there *REALLY* was *NO* person on this earth called "Jesus" - it's a fact that nobody could *possibly* have been called Jesus until about 500 years ago... the letter "J", wasn't invented until about 1500AD...

Gian Giorgio Trissino (1478–1550) was the first to explicitly distinguish I and J as representing separate sounds, in his Ɛpistola del Trissino de le lettere nuωvamente aggiunte ne la lingua italiana ("Trissino's epistle about the letters recently added in the Italian language") of 1524.

so, it is a basic *FACT* that there was nobody literally called "Jesus" two thousand years ago - HOW could there be if there was no "J" ??

so the christians who literally believe in this bat shit story book stuff, are *very* stupid - but not because they believe in *stupid* things, but when christians go off like this and *do* these things like this "museum", not only do they show that they believe in stupid things, but they also show how stupid they are by clearly demonstrating that they don't really believe in their *own* religion, not really...

the first commandment that Jesus taught and the first of the ten commandments, was "Love god before all others"..

the idea of that commandment was only partly to stop you literally worshipping another god. i believe that the more important aspect to the first commandment is to prevent all forms of idolatry toward your god, because any 'icon' representing that god, is beside the point of that god, it trivialises the message this god taught that christians are so *proud* to fucking mention all the time because believing in this god somehow magically makes them a moral person..

what a fucking heap of shit.. maybe i would accept that a religious person actually *was* a moralistic person if they actually *followed* their religion, but that breed of people is either so rare or they keep their head down so much, that they make no difference to the world whatsoever, keeping their compassion to themselves, probably for those who actually deserve to receive their compassion, so good on them, I suppose.

which is also why a literal interpretation of the bible is not following the real meaning of the bible, the taking of all those nuances in the bible in a literal sense, is beside the point, it *breaks* the first commandment... by taking what is in the bible literally and using it as some sort of affirmation of your belief in christianity, then you break the first commandment, it's that simple...

and this frakking "museum" is an extreme case of idolatry, it is *nothing* to do with the commandments and teachings of Jesus, it has turned the whole Jesus story into some sort of entertainment ... ahem .. that is not the point of christianity, the point was to follow the second commandment, "Love thy neighbour" ...

fucking hilarious, in a pathetic sort of way...

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

scientists are the true prophets of god... (religion v science)

i love it when fundies say

"pffft!! the universe can't have come from *nothing*!! what blasphemy do you speak!!!" ...

AHEM!!! that's exactly what believers say that their god supposedly did, except *god* did it with *magic*.. wait hang on! isn't MAGIC supposed to be EVIL? thou shalt not suffer a witch to live? ooooohhhh? it's okay because it's *god* - god is allowed to do magic! fucking hypocrites!

but is that the source of the feelings of aversion to science from the religiously paralysed?

does science, somehow ultimately displace their precious god?

do natural explanations for everything in the universe just frack with their heads so much they go into shock upon thinking of the enormity of the universe? that all of "This" is possible without the need for some dude who is going to give you eternal life? that if science is *true*, does that mean that there is no god, and that there is *NO* life after this one?

is that why science is such a threat to "god"??

hello to all you small minded creatures out there, you lot out there, yeah you, talking to you, *especially* you in the "I love Jesus" tee-shirt, yeah I'm talking to you, you are committing the ultimate sin in doubting your god!

just because the universe came about naturally, it does not mean that your god doesn't exist...

did you not consider that your precious god made all the empty space the universe is expanding into? that it made gravity "work"? that it made our whole entire dimension? that it made existence itself, such that the literal nothing of space then went on to spawn the universe, *naturally* because *GOD* made it that way?!?!??

did it not occur to you to think big enough to realise that this god of yours made the natural laws of the universe, and from those natural "laws", the universe spawned itself from *nothing* because *that* is just how *clever* your god is??

"Check out the big brain on Brett! You're a smart motherfucker!"
--[Pulp Fiction]

if fundies took the time to actually understand this crazy notion of "science", they might begin to understand just how petty and insignificant they make their god out to be... god made the universe you say? what a PETTY and IRRELEVANT task for a GOD!

If anything, making the universe would have been such trivial a task for a god, that it probably would have outsourced the whole operation, which would explain all the flaws in creation.

but if your god *does* exist and it did have a hand in directly creating the universe, well it also just happened to make a fuck load of stuff that is beyond your limited scope and field of vision

Horatio: Oh day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

--[Shakespeare, "Hamlet" Act 1. Scene V]

but here's the thing....

seeing how this god supposedly made the universe, aren't we scientists the true disciples of god? the true *prophets* telling "stories" about what we think is happening in the universe, and if the universe is the will of god, then isn't the scientist a holy priest in being able to understand the nature of god's creation?

oh *what* blasphemy, indeed!

the ancient prophets theorised about the will and nature of god, right? *they* were the thinkers of the day back then, *they* were the ones who were able to first try to describe the nature and will of the gods... they made up these prophecies from visions, observations, and alleged voices speaking to them, right?

look at astrology - was this not a "science" in it's heyday?

if god made the universe, then the scientists of *today* are prophets theorising about the will and nature of god from visions (theories, computer simulations etc), empirical scientific observations, and the voices in their heads, you know, the same voices we *all* have in our heads, the *same* voices in the heads of the ancient prophets that no matter what they came up with, was the "science" of the day, at least these days, popular opinion isn't the driving force behind science *these* days...

BUT! Not only that, these prophets in this day and age, aka scientists, are also able to deliver the *salvations* needed to save our worthless butts, instead of just useless tales of vagueness and pointlessness that are subject to wild interpretations, stories that are only useful for people who want to argue those interpretations...

there would be no progress if not for science, we'd still be swinging through the trees, religion has RETARDED our progress just recently...

if not for science, plagues would kill us all, even the common cold could result in death, if not for medicines.. shit, you could kick your toe or break a nail and it could get infected and you'd have to have your arm or leg cut off if not for medicine... shit, even having your arm cut off with a saw could count as "medical science", if that's all that was available to save your life!

the *real* blasphemy in this day and age, is the ignorance shown towards science.

and *not* knowing something is cool too, ya know??

xtian: how did the universe start?
me: shit man! i dunno!
xtian: what about god?
me: pffft!!! whatever floats your boat man!

using "god" as an answer for something is like skipping over to the cartoons when something too complicated to understand is on the Science Channel.... if you'd stick around and pay attention for just a little while, you might just end up being shown a way to help make you understand, and you know, if you still don't understand.........don't worry about it!!........

it can take *years* for even the smartest people to grasp concepts, that in retrospect, seem elementary.

seriously, as an example of a modern day scientific prophet, think of Einstein, he would be a prophet of science, right? a lot of his theories were totally useless to us in a practical sense until just recently... so in his day, a lot of people would have said "yeah sure buddy!" ... same with a lot of the sciences we discover... we find one little thing, and then that leads to the next and yadda yadda yadda but often nothing useful can be done with these discoveries for a *long* time.

scientists often dedicate their whole lives to their chosen field of science, and science is often a thankless task, with the results of their work, often not realised in their time.

is this not altruism? selflessness? to work toward a goal that you may not even see in your lifetime?

is that not what your precious Jesus taught you? to be selfless? to put your heart and soul towards the bettering of humanity?

*that* is what science is about

what are *you* doing to spread the gospel that is science? what are you doing to improve your knowledge of this creation of god?

and the universe is pretty fucking big, do you honestly think that humans can possibly even come close to knowing all that god has placed before us?

maybe god set us this task to become smart enough to get off this rock before some asteroid comes along and wipes us out?

maybe the *dinosaurs* had every chance to become a loving and peaceful society, but instead chose to be a savage bunch of animals thinking only of themselves in a blood lust of eating raw flesh? were they a species that *deserved* to be made extinct?

it's entirely possible that dinosaurs were just a low level species of limited sentience that just never bothered to evolve to be better "people", and if they had evolved into a more tolerant society, then they would regard the dinosaurs that we know of today, in the same regard that we hold Neanderthals...

so is the story of Noah's ark, just a convoluted explanatory metaphor of how the dinosaurs were wiped out, with the "ark" being those species that were resilient enough to adapt to the new conditions, that they were able to do unto others as they would want others to do unto them in a spirit of co-operation that enabled them to move forward as a species and prosper????

hmmm... is the whole reason why we are here, because our ancient mammalian ancestors were able to band together to fight off the hostiles, even as the species we were a 100million years ago? is that where our built-in need to be together stems from?

and has our evolution, in our coming together, was that just a practical way to keep warm?

did our species develop compassion because of an inbuilt need to share heat in times of glacial dominance?

so *how* fracking small is your god if you don't "believe in" science and all the possibilities it can give us? how offensive do you think it is to your god that *you* think *humans* can come anywhere near to the glory of infinite knowledge and power that is god via the means of science?

sheesh! every step we take, reveals that we need to take more steps, to get to the next steps.

so how dare you commit such blasphemy and deny the embrace of science, when science describes the nature and will of god by studying the only evidence there is of god, the universe itself.

don't believe in science? then you are a SINNER!


Friday, 26 November 2010

do atheists give religiously obsessed people a hard time? (religiorant)

i've often heard the religious say that nasty atheists were, or are giving them a hard time....

well, boo friikking hoo - the shoe is finally on the other hoof after well over a thousand years of the religiously obsessed being arseholes to everyone in the name of "peace"...

at least atheists don't go around preaching notions of peace from their holy scripture (they don't *h*a*v*e* any holy scripture) only to be total hypocrites by completely and utterly ignoring or getting those scriptures *wrong*..

in other words, far too many of the religiously obsessed, BRAG about following something that they aren't even following correctly in the first place!!

that's pretty fucking pathetic... and they have the nerve to whinge about atheists?

but how soon "these" people forget that for way more than a thousand years, christians were the ones persecuting non-believers, and that christians would even persecute other christians with their multiple crusades, hundreds of years of inquisitions, and reformations, witch hunts etc etc... (The Fourth Crusade didn't make it to the middle east, the Crusaders from the WEST christian empire, invaded the EAST christian empire! )

and how soon we forget that the Muslims, for the first 100 years of their religion, that they conquered everything from the west of India, to Saudi Arabia, to Turkey, to Egypt, all the way across the North of Africa and all the way to *Spain*... religion of peace, my arse.

i mention this because recently a poor "persecuted" online christian believer mentioned something to me, alluding to the fact that all the atheists that they had encountered in real life, ended up giving them a hard time....

anyone see the problem with this person?

if you have a problem with *every* person you encounter that has different religious beliefs to you, then NEWSFUCKINGFLASHMORON!!


does it occur to these Sluts for their Religion, that if every non-believer they encounter gives them a hard time about their beliefs, then it is *THEM* that is obviously being belligerent towards everyone else who doesn't share their bullshit god story, therefore they are *creating* the animosity between themselves and the non-believer?

Anyone who needs to defend their bullshit beliefs so seriously, is *CREATING* the animosity between themselves and the people who don't share their beliefs because they don't really believe in those beliefs.. ie. if you had faith, you would not need to get upset, you should not even need to even feel the need to defend your religion, let alone actually go and defend it...

if I didn't have faith, then I wouldn't go around stating that much now would I? I would only make an issue of not having faith WHEN some moron with faith had a hissy fit at me for not believing. If you don't have cancer, you don't go around saying that you don't have cancer, do you?

That's a bit like if you were told the sun wasn't going to rise, then you go into a wild temper tantrum over that statement that conflicted with your "belief" that the sun would rise tomorrow. ie. if you truly believed the sun was going to rise tomorrow, why would you get upset if some clown said it wasn't?


here-in lies the problem with people and their religion, if somebody can rattle the believer and their beliefs, then they DO NOT TRULY BELIEVE - it's *that* simple

and ya know, seriously, if people want to be pricks, then they will be pricks, and we should expect that to happen, but if you are going to be a prick, you better not go around pretending that you are morally superior, that your religion is "peaceful", that it preaches "tolerance"... point is, if you are going to say you are religious, then you don't get to be a fucking hypocritical prick about it while you are preaching peace, love and mung beans of tolerance of your religion while doing the exact fucking opposite....

the religious fucktards are the ones with the holy scripture telling them to be nice to everyone, not the non-believers...

that is to say, that believers HAVE NO EXCUSE TO **NOT** BE NICE TO EVERYONE...

did you hear me?

religious fucktards have NO EXCUSE FOR BEING CRAPPY TO OTHER PEOPLE - you are PERMANENTLY SUPPOSED TO BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOUR, that's the price you pay for claiming to be like Jesus, or that your religion is one of peace.

i expect nothing short of Jesus-like behaviour from every christian, NO EXCEPTIONS, ALL THE TIME, and yet, many clearly are far from being Christ-like, a lot are not even able to ignore others that do not share their fantasy story, they just have to *React* in an outburst of rage to provide an affirmation for their beliefs, and a lot of them give their *fellow* believers, who believe in something ever so slightly different, the hardest time of all.

To put it simply, if you are prick to anyone and you claim that you are christian, then taaahhh dahhhhhh.... you are NOT christian, and you NEVER will be

and there is no excuse if you've not heard that "do unto others as you would have them do unto you?" is the highest law in christianity... LOVE is the highest law that Jesus taught.. If you don't believe me, then you've missed the point of the bible (if you're a believer) or if you are a non-believer, then you have a tainted view of christianity, which was completely caused by that previous bunch who have missed the point of their bible in it's message that LOVE is the highest law...

even "Saint" Paul said ....

Romans 13:9 For this, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Thou shalt not covet; and if [there be] any other commandment, it is briefly comprehended in this saying, namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

Romans 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love [is] the fulfilling of the law.

perhaps LOVE is too strong a word, and should be read as "being NICE", as we wouldn't want any HOMOPHOBES to think we're cracking on to them, now would we? ... so instead of "love thy neighbour as you would have them love you", it should be read as "be nice to other people, in the same way that you want them to be nice to you!" .. frankly I'd be happy if people were taught that you "don't be a cunt to people if you don't want them to be a cunt to you" ...

If you are a prick to anyone while you pretend to be christian, then you are LYING that you are christian .. now i don't mind if you lie to yourself, that's none of my business, but make it my business by spewing that lie to me or any other non-believer, and you are definitely at risk of being given a hard time, and if you don't want to be given a hard time about your religion, then it's best you shut the fuck up about it

so if you can't follow your precious holey scripture, and at least try to get along with everyone, then you are just a Slut for Jesus/Muhammad/Moses .. and that's all you are.... and yes, that's more IDOLATRY, as you are making out that the fact that you believe, is more important than what your beliefs have taught you.

and if people disagree with your religious views, then *LET* them, otherwise they *WILL* call you out if you start being pricks to them about things that don't even fucking matter...

the moral of the story?

religious obsession, is no different to being stupidly obsessed over things like Harry Potter, or Dungeons and Dragons, or Justin Beiber, or Britney ra ra ra or the ridiculous obsessions people have with "Twilight" and vampires that are all glittery..... well, it's no different, except for the fact that religion is *much* *worse*, because at least most of these "fads" burn themselves out, either that, or those fad stricken people actually GROW THE FUCK UP

that was kind of all over the place ..... mostly written 26th October 2010, mostly....

Thursday, 25 November 2010

the god haters.... (religiorant)

this is one of the most ridiculous arguments of the religidiot, ''non-believers are "god haters"!!!''

*ahem* ... what did you say??


even been called a god hater??

if you are not a believer in the existence of god, then how is it possible to hate something that doesn't exist? so it is extremely and pretty and very hard to hate something that is an unknown, I would say!


the intellectual vacuum in the heads of some religionuts is just astounding, and these people are probably the same people who think that the LHC is going to destroy the world, the density difference between their brains and the atmosphere is far more likely to create a black hole that would suck the earth into oblivion than the LHC....

maybe believers think that non-believers are sooooo evil, that we *must* have so much hatred festering inside us, that we can find some hate for the stray hydrogen atoms out there in the vacuum of outer space??.. and why not? those stray atoms are infinitely more "real" than this god we supposedly hate

i find it amazing that the non-believer can literally do NOTHING, and that's all it takes for the non-believer to be offensive and hateful enough to tick off some "believers"

pathetic would probably be a better word to describe believers calling non-believers "god haters"


I remember hearing about religion and god worship once during the 90s, and my reaction to hearing this notion was... "oh what the fuck?! didn't everyone else stop believing in Jesus and god soon after they were told that Santa Claus and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy and leprechauns etc etc were all made up?.... grrrr..." ... ..

so uhmm.. yeah, regardless of whatever *you* think of your god existing or not, as far as *I* am concerned, this god of yours *ONLY* lives in your head, so if you say that I am a god hater, then you are, in fact, saying that *I* HATE *YOU*, and, seeing how this is *your* god, that lives in *your* brain, *you* are in fact, saying that *you* actually *WANT* me to hate *you*.. LOL!


so given that, if want me to hate you, then don't fucking whinge when I *DO*!!

and here's the even more pathetic thing about this::

the problem here is NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH GOD IN THE FIRST PLACE - do fucktarded religiomorons understand that concept? no!!

For me personally, the source of the offensiveness is that *you* are making ASSUMPTIONS about *me*, that *you* think you are permitted to be speaking on *my* behalf with notions as to what I apparently hate.


but I fucking BET that you are calling me a "god hater" because you think it makes you better than me and that somehow this all powerful fantasy creature being in your brain (aka your EGO) gives you a mental rush for having the opportunity to make an AFFIRMATION of your belief!!!


So just who do you think you are to "know" what it is exactly, that I actually hate?

So just how do you know how to form my own opinion of you, on my behalf?

So just how can *you* then formulate for me, my *own* opinion of you and then have the nerve to expect that I'm going to conform with your fucked up offensive ideas of me that you have *just* created with absolutely no way of knowing if what you are bullshittering about, is indeed accurate?

And even *if* you knew exactly what I hated, WHAT GIVES YOU THE FUCKING *RIGHT* TO EVEN SPEAK FOR ME AT ALL??


did I give you permission to do that? no, I fucking did not!! If I did, then you probably missed the fine print of that agreement, where it said that you are supposed to have a shovel shoved up your butt, side-ways, before you are allowed to speak for me about what I supposedly hate, especially if you have never even met me!


you don't know shit about god, and furthermore, you don't know shit about what I believe when it comes to god, so if that's you trying to tell me that I hate god, then you are a cunt-faced liar, and that is as polite as I will be on the matter with some cunt who thinks that they can speak for me...


Who are you to wave your finger, you musta been out your head.... eye-hole deep in muddy waters, you practically raised the dead....

are you god itself? ARE YOU?!??

you musta been high, because without *me* telling *you* in extreme details of what I hate, you would *have* to be GOD to be able to *know* what I hate, and you would have to *BE* god in order to think you would get away with that as well, and to top it all off, this god of yours is going to be pretty well fucking pissed off with any body assuming the role of being an all knowing being!!

this is proof that god doesn't exist, because just how blatantly, obviously, deliberately and persistently can god's will be defied?? And yet people expect they will get away without any retribution? people don't really believe in god, NO FUCKING WAY, how can they? because if they truly feared some all powerful being they wouldn't fucking leave the fucking house for fear of doing something wrong and they are constantly doing things that are wrong but they don't give a fuck about. This is proof that god only exists in the YOUR mind, because NO OTHER god would let you get away with the bullshit that it lets you get away with

And by calling me a god hater, you reveal yourself to be one of fucking stupidiest people on earth, because it obviously didn't occur to you fuckheaded people, that you are trying to force me to acknowledge that this god creature of yours actually exists by calling me a "god hater"...

what's the big deal you say?


you may want to defy your god by committing idolatry by yourself with your boasting that your god exists and that it is "the" god, but you go and commit idolatry DOUBLY-SO by trying to make me commit it as well..

so go fuck yourself, all you people with your "god hater" rhetoric, because if there is a god, you can accept the punishment for breaking your precious god's highest law all on your *own*. That seat in hell that you are screaming for so much, has been reserved *just* for you.

just how arrogant does the person calling me a "god hater" have to be to actually do that? that's like telling some person, you don't even know, who they like and who they dislike.

idiot: "Oh you like Justin Bieber!!"
non-idiot: "pffft!! who the FUCK is that?"

These created assumptions cross all manner of personal boundaries, the fact that this is about god, is beside the point and merely serves to compound the arrogance of the person using the phrase "god hater"..

you are judging me to be a hater because *you* think that a non-believer is worthy of being cast into hell, because I am defiling your precious god with my *not* acknowledging its existence ... that is idolatry on *your* part..

so first of all .. fuck you, with bells on it, just because I don't share your opinion of god, you get to insult me? just how insanely rude *are* you people calling me a "god hater"?

NO! you do NOT get to formulate my OWN OPINION on ANYTHING for me, let alone god, the most unknown of the all the unknowns..


Still don't get it? That's hardly surprising seeing how the average IQ of the world drops every time a religionist fuck head fundamentalist opens up their mouth.

*you* fundies are the ones calling us god haters, get it?

we didn't come up with any of that bullshit, *you* fundies did that all by yourselves, get it?

so even if god actually *does* exist, *you* are *creating* our alleged hate for us *regardless* of there actually being a god or not, *you* are superimposing *your* own hatred towards non-believers by calling us god haters... and all of that is because we refuse to share your fantasy story ... seriously, calling someone a "god hater" is like calling somebody a cunt because they don't share your passion for the music of the "Traveling Wilburys"

believers are taking their FEAR that the non-believers are actually right, and they are turning that fear into anger, and that anger leads believers to HATE non-believers who will NOT be swayed by the believers' pathetically small minded religious nonsense. the result of this is that believers are creating their own suffering which they then need to further alleviate by ACTING OUT this anger in a reflex conditioned reaction towards non-believers with *our* "alleged" hatred of god. (remember, we can't hate things that don't exist)

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.--[Yoda]

In other words, not only are these "believers" forming my opinion for me, but they speak of their *OWN* *HATRED* for the universe when they are talking about people that they've labelled "god haters"

so it is actually more correct to say that *believers* hate "god haters", with the caveat for us people in the real world, is that "god haters" don't actually fucking exist because they can't hate something that only exists in the fucked up sick and twisted little mind of the believer that insists on calling non-believers "god haters".

In order to hate something, you stupid cunts, you have to acknowledge its existence.


Get it now?

So people who use the term "god haters" are making up shit to be angry about, that's all it is, THEY ARE MAKING UP STUFF TO BE ANGRY ABOUT, and then they are taking out that anger on the non-believers.. and if you choose to be angry at me for a reason that *you* *made*up*, then you can quite clearly go and choose to fuck yourself as well

so much for a religion of peace, huh?

Just because christians don't realise that they are not being peaceful, that doesn't mean they get to treat others like shite.

If denying or not even acknowledging that something exists makes me a hater of said thing that does not exist, then it is *YOU* that has the fucked up perception of reality, it is *YOU* with the hatred issues towards people who don't believe in this god creature *YOU* have created in *your* brain.

it is *YOU* that is acting out in anger that the rest of the world DOES NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR BULLSHIT FANTASY STORY

YOUR GOD IS 100.000% in YOUR BRAIN, IT IS 0.000% in my brain

the god you speak of, is 100% in your mind, so when you say we are "god haters" - you are actually saying that we hate *you* - get that through your thick heads

deny it all you want, but I went for ten years without a thought of god, but then I get online and people INSIST that god is real to me, "ahem! no... that's your *opinion*"

I wouldn't give a rats arse about what people believe in, that is, *until* they start harassing me to believe the same bullshit they believe - so for me personally - my going on about god is *DIRECTLY* caused by people INSISTING to me that I believe in their god...

that's right, if god haters actually do exist, then it's the religious who brought the god haters into existence because the only way god haters could exist is if a believer managed to piss off a non-believer into hating the god concept that the believer is trying to flaunt.

by speaking about "god haters", you create them! aka. Speak of the devil, and the devil will appear

people come to their beliefs of their own accord, all by themselves, in their *own* time, insulting someone by saying that they are god haters is an INSTANT WAY to make people HATE YOU and this god thing in your brain.

So much for *SPREADING* the word hey?

If you call me a god hater, then you are spreading HATRED, and you have got ZERO chance whatsoever of converting me to your bullshit, in fact, nothing you say from that point on is going to be listened to, not without me being skeptical about what you are saying...

Calling me a "god hater" is also an idle threat that I will not capitulate to, you don't scare me, your god doesn't scare me, and seriously, what god would give a fuck if I hated it anyway? but more importantly, if there was a god, it will get its own revenge back at me in its own sweet time, so why do the fundies feel a need to act out and threaten me on behalf of their god? You are pretending to be god when you judge me. do you commit idolatry much, or is it just a hobby?

That in itself, is SOLID proof that god only exists in your mind, why does the most superior being in the universe need INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE OLD YOU to be defending it or have you work its will on its behalf?

could it just simply be you are defending your own ego?

which is more likely? god is just a figment of the imagination that you parade around as your ego, or that god made the entire universe out of nothing?

And people should also realise, that since this god creature that some people believe in, is completely in the minds of said people, that any threats made in the name of that god, are actually threats that have originated from the mind of that person who believes.

So when people say "Allah" or "GOD" is going to get me for misbehaving, they are *actually* talking about the god in their minds, meaning that *THEY* are making the threat to enact this retribution on behalf of their god. Meaning that a detached part of their brain has just made a threat against me, but then in true hypocritical style, the person making the threat has no idea that they are making a threat, or perhaps they do, and they just think some random prophet or god will forgive them for doing so, after all, it *was* a threat made in prophets/god's name?

If I took you to court because you said to me that "GOD is going to kill me tomorrow", my argument to the Judge would be that the only way you could know that, is if *YOU* were going to be doing that killing on behalf of said god

So unless you can prove your god exists, it is YOU that is making threats on behalf of the god in YOUR brain, which makes you accountable for any bullshit you say in the name of said god. Making threats in the name of Jesus Christ or Muhammad doesn't negate the illegality of the threats you are making.

In other words, if I *do* hate 'god', then you can safely lay that blame on the people who have harassed, threatened, insulted, bullied, pestered, or badgered me to believe their bullshit story, ie. THE INCESSANT INSISTENT BELIEVER!!!!!

those are the people I hate, not this made up bullshit story about some sky daddy that you expect me to believe, I don't hate stories, I don't read stories that I don't even like in the first place, I *stop* reading them when I find them to be against my values or more likely, I stop reading when i am not entertained.

I have my own opinion - you are entitled to yours - but you don't get to form *MY* opinion for me

the only time I have talked smack about god is because some believer has rudely tried to convince non-believers that god exists by INSISTING on spreading the word, or by INSISTING that they are correct and that we fall into line with their opinion, without question, without reservations, they just want us to believe, and that's all there is to it.

that is RUDE - that is INSULTING - go FUCK YOURSELF

if you are rude and insulting enough times - people are going to be rude and insulting back at you, count on it.

But in saying that, please keep calling non-believers "god haters", I think it's great that you are deliberately destroying your own religion under the premise of "spreading the word", that you think calling us "god haters" is some way to guilt trip us into believing your bullshit .. keep it up... it's *great*, dumbarses!

written mostly 29th March 2010.... mostly ....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

the virtual you ... (religion v science)

The human brain contains roughly 300 megabytes of information. Not much when you get right down to it. The question isn’t how to store it, it’s how to access it. You can’t download a personality. There’s no way to translate the data. But the information being held in our heads is available in other databases. People leave more than footprints as they travel through life…. medical scans, dna profiles, psych evaluations, school records, emails, recording, video, audio, cat scans genetic typing, synaptic records, security cameras, test results, shopping records, talent shows, ball games, traffic tickets, restaurant bills, phone records, music lists, movie tickets, tv shows… even prescriptions for birth control.--[Zoe Graystone]

is there currently enough information out there about you already such that in the near future, an accurate "simulation" of *you* could be created?

a *virtual* you?

could you end up being a set of variables running around in some program? you would be a program itself, a process running on some computer, perhaps even across dozens or hundreds of computers

is it possible to make that information come "alive" right now? could you have all the information about you, live on after you? imagine the day after you died, your first blog entry would be something about having died the previous day... "I died yesterday, how inconvenient" ... how strange would that be?...

but is this not the scenario we are already heading towards?

eventually some bright spark will come up with a program that could take all the myspaz, facebook, google, tweets, blogs, all your moods, pictures, videos, emails, and turn that into a program that you could interact with and ask questions. would we have to put up banners on our blogs, "No! you may not make a virtual me out of this information!"??

so instead of searching for information on google about, for instance, Einstein, you'd log onto "his" web site and ask *him* the questions and the accumulated "knowledge" scraped off the web about him, would then be the basis of the response!

"Hey Einstein, what got you into science in the first place??"

then he'd probably rattle off that story about how the magnetic compass needle showed that there was more to the universe than what could be seen with the eye alone... but whatever you'd ask him, even stupid things, there'd be some sort of response, if somebody had-a-go at this virtual character, one of the things the magic programming would have 'gleaned' from the web, was what sort of response the real person would have, in any situation.

like the wild swings in style of deliverance some people can write with, one paragraph, being extremely funny, and then being dead-on and direct to the point in dealing with a "serious" issue in the next paragraph. that style of writing may be indicative that that someone would humour someone who was abusive at first, but would eventually lose patience with the person and respond to them in an appropriate manner.

a virtual me, would probably just block everyone who was being a cock so that i never have to have my knowledge of the universe tainted by their idiocy, at least not directly.

but what if that information could then be able drive a program that ran on some big network... by itself? *all* by itself, with no human intervention?

set it in motion and it lives forever? would it creep you out that your dead facebook friends would keep clicking "like" on your posts? wishing you happy birthday? firing off anecdotes to make you laugh when you're down? would it make any difference to you that your dead internet friends, were still around to talk to you? what if your great great great grandfather had kept journals and somehow they'd been published online.. I wonder if he'd seek you out and send you a friend request on faysebook? myspaz? twatter?

but imagine if this Einstein was running virtually everywhere that he was interacting with someone, with all the Einsteins, sharing the things they are learning, imagine if the collective knowledge of Einstein could be resurrected to the point where a virtual Einstein was "clever" enough to be able to continue his work on relativity and all that funky stuff? or at the very least be a valuable tool for research and teaching purposes

but why wait until you're dead with this magical program? you could set this program in motion now to do the mundane things you waste your time doing online, you could even have it learn your habits, in what you do on the computer?

a virtual Tolkien could write novels, Nietzsche could philosophise, and Hitler could explain his fucked up world in excruciating detail, in any language

you could spend your entire physical life teaching this virtual you how to virtually live forever, teach it morals, and how to play nice on the internet for all eternity ( the teacher teaches themselves while teaching the virtual-you )

could you have this virtual you, be *you* while you are out, could you have it answer the phone? pay your bills? could you have your virtual-you gather up all the news stories you like to read? without you having to skip over all the bullshit? eg. i go through thousands of headlines and only ever read a few full articles in comparison.

with a virtual me, could I be able to *skip* that whole trolling through the headlines, could it also be able to spot new unexpected things that are interesting for me to read?

imagine that? you could even be more *you*, than you ever could.. this "you" would not run out of patience, would not need to sleep, take toilet breaks or need to go outside to get some sunlight, it would be "All net", all the time...

you could have it go learn stuff you couldn't be bothered to learn because there was some fundamental aspect you just couldn't "get" and after pure CPU crunching what would take you months to eventually figure out, this virtual-you could figure out how to explain in a matter of seconds in way that you were able to understand. ... could that teach kids how to understand in ways that they would understand, would education then become tailored for every individual?

an example of this would be me and relativity: I just didn't get it until relatively (LOL!) recently, I thought it was all crap, I said "where's the *proof*, sounds like a buncha hooey, to me" ... but then i found out about this experiment where 'they' had very accurate clocks in perfect alignment, one was taken up high in a plane, and when it was brought back to earth, it was out of alignment with the other identical clock that was left back on the ground. i could have saved myself thinking that relativity was a bunch of crap for ten years if not for that, a "virtual me" could have read everything about relativity and been able to sum it up by telling me to "forget all the math, they did an experiment with these two clocks, ya see...." .. (I, would also know to that myself, I was being condescending with myself as well, "ya see?", which I say in a sarcastic red-neck sort of way in my mind) ... this virtual me would also have then been on the look out for more experiments that demonstrated relativity, just to rub it in, like *I* would.. "Hey did ya see, that GPS wouldn't work if not adjusting for relativity, *ah-huck*"

imagine the really popular virtual people, chewing up all the CPU.. actually it wouldn't be a CPU, it would have to be a Distributed Processing Units (DPUs), we'd be complaining to the systems administrators "Hey! can we put a limit on how many people can shag Justin Beiber at a time? Most of them are under-age *anyway*"

and you'd have to replicate yourself as a backup, so why not have virtual you's on standby distributed across the net, doing the mundane tasks, but serving as a "backup" should power fail in one section of the net.. LOL! upload a copy of yourself to the node at Alpha Centauri?

and how many times do you just ignore some clown on the internet? imagine the virtual you, arguing with every moron on the internet simultaneously, without a single iota of idiocy set aside or tolerated, and *nothing* ever repeated twice, every interaction would be unique... you could virtually argue with real people, and with unlimited patience no idiot would be able to out-argue the virtual you, and virtual idiots could be held at bay for all eternity -- or more likely the DPUs would detect an infinite loop and kill both virtual arguers' programs, or maybe kill the one that was doing the most extraneous I/O .. conversations could be shortened by sending a special message to your "opponent", automatically ... the stupid religious fundie morons would not "believe in" making multiple copies of themselves, because that would be blasphemous

you could block people such that any time their program came near yours it would tell them to fuck off with no sugar coating whatsoever, why hold back? the only thing stopping me from telling every stupid cunt that they are a stupid cunt, is this it's just too much hassle to sink to their levels to be able to give them the real caning that they are begging to receive. oh and I probably have too much compassion, being a Jedi and all... LOL!

compassion could have been born out of it being more hassle to push someone away than it would be to just be nice! i.e. it requires less energy to be "nice" - compassiapathy (thumbs nose at Palin)

but! without being burdened by compassion, we would have avatar battles, fighting a virtual war... would the last avatar standing, be god?..... or would everyone just end up needing to block everyone? maybe we'll end up setting up our avatars to only communicate with similar minded people, i could block all people who just have to insist on telling me about their religion even before I've spoken to them, fucking idolaters! Praise Jebus!

the internet is a cesspool of hatred, maybe the majority of people are nice, but it's too easy to be a violent cave man creature on the net with little provocation.. there is no "moral" guidance, it's everyone for themselves, and if you are too gutless to stand up for yourself, expect to get trompled upon

is that what has already happened?... and god is just the last player, the last virtual being? with everyone else just trompled upon, bullied to death by "god"...

so that makes us the computers this "god" software is running upon...

so in emulation of this software, we build our own heaven to live forever in

so instead of false promises of living forever from some fantasy story from the bronze age, religion will die in favour of *actually* living virtually forever ... and maybe then, those programs will be transferred into artificial bodies, so then you could live in both the virtual and physical, simultaneously... just like a Cylon!

imagine sending yourvirtualself on a trip into the photosphere of the sun, go to alpha centauri? go to Rigel, it's only 700 light years away.. check out Eta Carinae... before it explodes... or *be* there when it does go up in some super indestructible space probe

imagine if, through some sort of quantum entanglement, or some un-thought-of way to communicate, we could have instantaneous network access between nodes that are light years apart? and via our virtual selves, we could "be" in thousands of locations spread over dozens of light years...

it's not everywhere at once, but it's a start

and it's not quite all knowing either, but a virtual you would be able to eventually figure out anything right? and it would have access to all the knowledge of mankind in real time... any logical dilemma you have, could be *resolved*, I wonder if god would win that battle against the virtual mind? how many iterations of bullshit did you go through to lose your religion? (if you have lost it) .. you could resolve those mental gymnastics once and for all in your virtual mind in a second.

so a virtual you could figure shit out, thus making the god-like notion of actually knowing everything beforehand, unnecessary

are we turning ourselves into gods? maybe god just figures shit out as it happens as well, maybe god's brain is just one big computer

but you may not even like the virtual you once you set it free and it ascends to its potential in minutes what would take you a million years, maybe your avatar would kill itself? maybe certain people wouldn't be allowed to have virtual selves?

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.