Thursday, 25 November 2010

the god haters.... (religiorant)

this is one of the most ridiculous arguments of the religidiot, ''non-believers are "god haters"!!!''

*ahem* ... what did you say??


even been called a god hater??

if you are not a believer in the existence of god, then how is it possible to hate something that doesn't exist? so it is extremely and pretty and very hard to hate something that is an unknown, I would say!


the intellectual vacuum in the heads of some religionuts is just astounding, and these people are probably the same people who think that the LHC is going to destroy the world, the density difference between their brains and the atmosphere is far more likely to create a black hole that would suck the earth into oblivion than the LHC....

maybe believers think that non-believers are sooooo evil, that we *must* have so much hatred festering inside us, that we can find some hate for the stray hydrogen atoms out there in the vacuum of outer space??.. and why not? those stray atoms are infinitely more "real" than this god we supposedly hate

i find it amazing that the non-believer can literally do NOTHING, and that's all it takes for the non-believer to be offensive and hateful enough to tick off some "believers"

pathetic would probably be a better word to describe believers calling non-believers "god haters"


I remember hearing about religion and god worship once during the 90s, and my reaction to hearing this notion was... "oh what the fuck?! didn't everyone else stop believing in Jesus and god soon after they were told that Santa Claus and the easter bunny and the tooth fairy and leprechauns etc etc were all made up?.... grrrr..." ... ..

so uhmm.. yeah, regardless of whatever *you* think of your god existing or not, as far as *I* am concerned, this god of yours *ONLY* lives in your head, so if you say that I am a god hater, then you are, in fact, saying that *I* HATE *YOU*, and, seeing how this is *your* god, that lives in *your* brain, *you* are in fact, saying that *you* actually *WANT* me to hate *you*.. LOL!


so given that, if want me to hate you, then don't fucking whinge when I *DO*!!

and here's the even more pathetic thing about this::

the problem here is NOTHING TO FUCKING DO WITH GOD IN THE FIRST PLACE - do fucktarded religiomorons understand that concept? no!!

For me personally, the source of the offensiveness is that *you* are making ASSUMPTIONS about *me*, that *you* think you are permitted to be speaking on *my* behalf with notions as to what I apparently hate.


but I fucking BET that you are calling me a "god hater" because you think it makes you better than me and that somehow this all powerful fantasy creature being in your brain (aka your EGO) gives you a mental rush for having the opportunity to make an AFFIRMATION of your belief!!!


So just who do you think you are to "know" what it is exactly, that I actually hate?

So just how do you know how to form my own opinion of you, on my behalf?

So just how can *you* then formulate for me, my *own* opinion of you and then have the nerve to expect that I'm going to conform with your fucked up offensive ideas of me that you have *just* created with absolutely no way of knowing if what you are bullshittering about, is indeed accurate?

And even *if* you knew exactly what I hated, WHAT GIVES YOU THE FUCKING *RIGHT* TO EVEN SPEAK FOR ME AT ALL??


did I give you permission to do that? no, I fucking did not!! If I did, then you probably missed the fine print of that agreement, where it said that you are supposed to have a shovel shoved up your butt, side-ways, before you are allowed to speak for me about what I supposedly hate, especially if you have never even met me!


you don't know shit about god, and furthermore, you don't know shit about what I believe when it comes to god, so if that's you trying to tell me that I hate god, then you are a cunt-faced liar, and that is as polite as I will be on the matter with some cunt who thinks that they can speak for me...


Who are you to wave your finger, you musta been out your head.... eye-hole deep in muddy waters, you practically raised the dead....

are you god itself? ARE YOU?!??

you musta been high, because without *me* telling *you* in extreme details of what I hate, you would *have* to be GOD to be able to *know* what I hate, and you would have to *BE* god in order to think you would get away with that as well, and to top it all off, this god of yours is going to be pretty well fucking pissed off with any body assuming the role of being an all knowing being!!

this is proof that god doesn't exist, because just how blatantly, obviously, deliberately and persistently can god's will be defied?? And yet people expect they will get away without any retribution? people don't really believe in god, NO FUCKING WAY, how can they? because if they truly feared some all powerful being they wouldn't fucking leave the fucking house for fear of doing something wrong and they are constantly doing things that are wrong but they don't give a fuck about. This is proof that god only exists in the YOUR mind, because NO OTHER god would let you get away with the bullshit that it lets you get away with

And by calling me a god hater, you reveal yourself to be one of fucking stupidiest people on earth, because it obviously didn't occur to you fuckheaded people, that you are trying to force me to acknowledge that this god creature of yours actually exists by calling me a "god hater"...

what's the big deal you say?


you may want to defy your god by committing idolatry by yourself with your boasting that your god exists and that it is "the" god, but you go and commit idolatry DOUBLY-SO by trying to make me commit it as well..

so go fuck yourself, all you people with your "god hater" rhetoric, because if there is a god, you can accept the punishment for breaking your precious god's highest law all on your *own*. That seat in hell that you are screaming for so much, has been reserved *just* for you.

just how arrogant does the person calling me a "god hater" have to be to actually do that? that's like telling some person, you don't even know, who they like and who they dislike.

idiot: "Oh you like Justin Bieber!!"
non-idiot: "pffft!! who the FUCK is that?"

These created assumptions cross all manner of personal boundaries, the fact that this is about god, is beside the point and merely serves to compound the arrogance of the person using the phrase "god hater"..

you are judging me to be a hater because *you* think that a non-believer is worthy of being cast into hell, because I am defiling your precious god with my *not* acknowledging its existence ... that is idolatry on *your* part..

so first of all .. fuck you, with bells on it, just because I don't share your opinion of god, you get to insult me? just how insanely rude *are* you people calling me a "god hater"?

NO! you do NOT get to formulate my OWN OPINION on ANYTHING for me, let alone god, the most unknown of the all the unknowns..


Still don't get it? That's hardly surprising seeing how the average IQ of the world drops every time a religionist fuck head fundamentalist opens up their mouth.

*you* fundies are the ones calling us god haters, get it?

we didn't come up with any of that bullshit, *you* fundies did that all by yourselves, get it?

so even if god actually *does* exist, *you* are *creating* our alleged hate for us *regardless* of there actually being a god or not, *you* are superimposing *your* own hatred towards non-believers by calling us god haters... and all of that is because we refuse to share your fantasy story ... seriously, calling someone a "god hater" is like calling somebody a cunt because they don't share your passion for the music of the "Traveling Wilburys"

believers are taking their FEAR that the non-believers are actually right, and they are turning that fear into anger, and that anger leads believers to HATE non-believers who will NOT be swayed by the believers' pathetically small minded religious nonsense. the result of this is that believers are creating their own suffering which they then need to further alleviate by ACTING OUT this anger in a reflex conditioned reaction towards non-believers with *our* "alleged" hatred of god. (remember, we can't hate things that don't exist)

fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.--[Yoda]

In other words, not only are these "believers" forming my opinion for me, but they speak of their *OWN* *HATRED* for the universe when they are talking about people that they've labelled "god haters"

so it is actually more correct to say that *believers* hate "god haters", with the caveat for us people in the real world, is that "god haters" don't actually fucking exist because they can't hate something that only exists in the fucked up sick and twisted little mind of the believer that insists on calling non-believers "god haters".

In order to hate something, you stupid cunts, you have to acknowledge its existence.


Get it now?

So people who use the term "god haters" are making up shit to be angry about, that's all it is, THEY ARE MAKING UP STUFF TO BE ANGRY ABOUT, and then they are taking out that anger on the non-believers.. and if you choose to be angry at me for a reason that *you* *made*up*, then you can quite clearly go and choose to fuck yourself as well

so much for a religion of peace, huh?

Just because christians don't realise that they are not being peaceful, that doesn't mean they get to treat others like shite.

If denying or not even acknowledging that something exists makes me a hater of said thing that does not exist, then it is *YOU* that has the fucked up perception of reality, it is *YOU* with the hatred issues towards people who don't believe in this god creature *YOU* have created in *your* brain.

it is *YOU* that is acting out in anger that the rest of the world DOES NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR BULLSHIT FANTASY STORY

YOUR GOD IS 100.000% in YOUR BRAIN, IT IS 0.000% in my brain

the god you speak of, is 100% in your mind, so when you say we are "god haters" - you are actually saying that we hate *you* - get that through your thick heads

deny it all you want, but I went for ten years without a thought of god, but then I get online and people INSIST that god is real to me, "ahem! no... that's your *opinion*"

I wouldn't give a rats arse about what people believe in, that is, *until* they start harassing me to believe the same bullshit they believe - so for me personally - my going on about god is *DIRECTLY* caused by people INSISTING to me that I believe in their god...

that's right, if god haters actually do exist, then it's the religious who brought the god haters into existence because the only way god haters could exist is if a believer managed to piss off a non-believer into hating the god concept that the believer is trying to flaunt.

by speaking about "god haters", you create them! aka. Speak of the devil, and the devil will appear

people come to their beliefs of their own accord, all by themselves, in their *own* time, insulting someone by saying that they are god haters is an INSTANT WAY to make people HATE YOU and this god thing in your brain.

So much for *SPREADING* the word hey?

If you call me a god hater, then you are spreading HATRED, and you have got ZERO chance whatsoever of converting me to your bullshit, in fact, nothing you say from that point on is going to be listened to, not without me being skeptical about what you are saying...

Calling me a "god hater" is also an idle threat that I will not capitulate to, you don't scare me, your god doesn't scare me, and seriously, what god would give a fuck if I hated it anyway? but more importantly, if there was a god, it will get its own revenge back at me in its own sweet time, so why do the fundies feel a need to act out and threaten me on behalf of their god? You are pretending to be god when you judge me. do you commit idolatry much, or is it just a hobby?

That in itself, is SOLID proof that god only exists in your mind, why does the most superior being in the universe need INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE OLD YOU to be defending it or have you work its will on its behalf?

could it just simply be you are defending your own ego?

which is more likely? god is just a figment of the imagination that you parade around as your ego, or that god made the entire universe out of nothing?

And people should also realise, that since this god creature that some people believe in, is completely in the minds of said people, that any threats made in the name of that god, are actually threats that have originated from the mind of that person who believes.

So when people say "Allah" or "GOD" is going to get me for misbehaving, they are *actually* talking about the god in their minds, meaning that *THEY* are making the threat to enact this retribution on behalf of their god. Meaning that a detached part of their brain has just made a threat against me, but then in true hypocritical style, the person making the threat has no idea that they are making a threat, or perhaps they do, and they just think some random prophet or god will forgive them for doing so, after all, it *was* a threat made in prophets/god's name?

If I took you to court because you said to me that "GOD is going to kill me tomorrow", my argument to the Judge would be that the only way you could know that, is if *YOU* were going to be doing that killing on behalf of said god

So unless you can prove your god exists, it is YOU that is making threats on behalf of the god in YOUR brain, which makes you accountable for any bullshit you say in the name of said god. Making threats in the name of Jesus Christ or Muhammad doesn't negate the illegality of the threats you are making.

In other words, if I *do* hate 'god', then you can safely lay that blame on the people who have harassed, threatened, insulted, bullied, pestered, or badgered me to believe their bullshit story, ie. THE INCESSANT INSISTENT BELIEVER!!!!!

those are the people I hate, not this made up bullshit story about some sky daddy that you expect me to believe, I don't hate stories, I don't read stories that I don't even like in the first place, I *stop* reading them when I find them to be against my values or more likely, I stop reading when i am not entertained.

I have my own opinion - you are entitled to yours - but you don't get to form *MY* opinion for me

the only time I have talked smack about god is because some believer has rudely tried to convince non-believers that god exists by INSISTING on spreading the word, or by INSISTING that they are correct and that we fall into line with their opinion, without question, without reservations, they just want us to believe, and that's all there is to it.

that is RUDE - that is INSULTING - go FUCK YOURSELF

if you are rude and insulting enough times - people are going to be rude and insulting back at you, count on it.

But in saying that, please keep calling non-believers "god haters", I think it's great that you are deliberately destroying your own religion under the premise of "spreading the word", that you think calling us "god haters" is some way to guilt trip us into believing your bullshit .. keep it up... it's *great*, dumbarses!

written mostly 29th March 2010.... mostly ....

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