Saturday, 19 January 2008

so i guess i am a big meanie then? (religiorant)

for those who've known me over the past six months here online, it's just been poetry and video clips and general chit chat to keep the mind occupied really.. but recently, you may have noticed a massive shift in attitude ... like way less poetry.. less writing in general .. why?? .. because i've found that there are frikking idiots out here online who really need to be ridiculed, put down, made fun of and laughed at for their stupid ideas.. yes you guessed it .. creationists are who i'm talking about ...

now before i get too far into this, i refer to the RADICAL RIGHT WING EXTREMIST CHRISTIANS.. so don't get upset if i seem to lump you into the same bucket accidentally.. but these people are GIVING YOUR RELIGION A BAD NAME - and it turns people off being real christians and that's probably not what you want .. not at all, i would imagine...

frikking six months ago i had NO BLOODY IDEA that people were taking the Genesis story from the bible literally .. we've got it pretty good in australia - especially when it comes to the public education system ... make your kids pay attention in school.. especially math english and science.. those are the things leading to the future and to have scientific ideals from 400 years ago coming back via these creationist morons (AND THAT'S WHAT YOU ARE!) is just wrong...

and i know that it is mean to be like that... but here's the thing... i *am* mean... you don't see the level of control i have to put myself through to not just say first up and foremost to stupid idiots .. "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU DUMBARSE!!!" .. yeah.. so massive control needed.. and i think i'm winning that battle of my own control ... hence the [Jedi] thing... "control control you must learn control!" so i've conquered that demon a little so that i'm only mean back to the other person when I feel it is necessary.. but i still feel bad... so if you stumble across me elsewhere here on myspaz ... and you see me being mean... you should know that.. the other person FUCKING DESERVES IT!!!

it has become plainly apparent to me that the logic creationists use is so flawed that you can't even argue using logic - because their logic isn't even logic at all.. their logic is like this ... and i'm not kidding ...

"The bible is true because the bible says so" ...

does anybody else see the problem with the creationists logic?

"The word of god is infallible"
"where did u read that?"
"in the bible!"
"but that is the word of god"
"exactly!! you got it right!!"
"so how can something call itself the unquestionable truth?"
"but ... it's *the* bible!! the bible is *the* truth, it says so right there in *the* bible"

hmmm... and they then have the nerve to accuse sensible people of using circular logic...?? i don't think so!

i'm an easy going person .. if you knew me from six months ago you would know that too .. in fact i'm probably too easy going on people and by the time i get fed up with them about it - i'm *too* mean and they end up crying or whatever .. seriously i've made way too many people cry.. not once intentionally...

but i only got onto this myspaz a/c to just vent my frustrations into the air .. i never intended to have any friends on here, not really.. but being human i was compelled to socialise once someone had said "g'day" to me...

but guess what - i try to be impartial in these Creationist Wars but .. some people just don't return that courtesy in spite of their screaming that they are being nice..

"i'm sorry you stupid FUCKWIT CUNT - you just said i'm going to hell - how is that FUCKING nice?" ..

so when I say that "christian" nut cases are the ones that are being deliberately antagnostic.. that is because they *are* being less than civilised by being arseholes...

and yes, before i get too far, christians, for the most part are good people (in fact, most people are good people) ... but in saying that, the people who have been the biggest fuckwits here on myspaz have been *christians* who were "proud" of them being self righteous arseholes..

that's right - the *ONLY* people i've seen on myspaz that have been "racist", "sexist", "gay bashers", "people who think the earth is fixed in space and not moving AT ALL", "people who deny gravity exists", "people who deny evolution and instead believe the world was created literally in SIX days", "people who say if you follow a christian church then that means you are not christian" (that's *not* a typo), "the pope is the next antichrist" and more.. they have ALL claimed to be christians and they were all proud of it too!!

i've seen bigotry, stupidity, deliberately antagonistic attitudes, outright telling lies, spreading disinformation, refusal to comprehend basic facts, logic and science and as far as I could tell and...


do I need to state this again? I'd have to use a bigger font

and any bullshit from the opposing camp that has been served in retaliation has been because the "christian extremists" were being dicks... honest.. I remember six months ago i didn't give a shit because i didn't know people were so vehemently denying the last 400 years of science.. Galileo is rolling in his grave...

so what are you real christians going to do about this? I almost feel tempted to take up my faith again just so that i could feel even more justified in giving these creationist fucktards a hard time... but only *almost*

yes that makes me mean... yes that makes me hateful.. yes you may not like that attitude.. but do you want these clowns spreading their false science, hatred, bigotry and close-mindedness to the rest of the world?? these are the clowns that want Intelligent Design (creationism) taught in schools AS FACT... so as far as i am concerned .. it's time to stop being nice.. because the frikking attitude of "THE BIBLE SAID SO 'FAGGOT'!" is *NOT* acceptable.. yes, that's right.. being called a FAGGOT is right up there on the list of insults from creationist scum.... so if i'm being hateful and mean... i am actually being hateful and mean to people because *they* were being hateful and mean with their fucked up attitudes...

so if you see a "christian" being a dick and you are a christian ... i expect you to chastise them.. you don't have to be nasty.. but you *have* to do something - because if you do nothing, then you have no right to whinge about non-believers, that when they chastise religious idiots, they lump you in with the fucktards

if enough people of their own faith tell them to stop being dicks they might listen to you as they just won't believe anything the Agnostic/Atheist/Jedi crowd will tell them...

this needs to be done.. and expect them to tell you YOU ARE NOT CHRISTIAN FOR DISAGREEING WITH THEM - that's right - they'll call you a "FAG" or an imbecile or a deceiver, or stupid, or a moron, or whatever insult they can think up. I once got called a "smelly-poo-bum" by someone who allegedly took their christianity seriously....

People can believe what they want, but if they want to deny the last 400 years of science and spout their mouths off about their "science" - then they should expect to be berated

if all you creationists are just going to say "BUT THE BIBLE SAYS SO!" - no - that is denial - and it is closing your mind to the possibility of the actual truth being learnt... if creationists insist on shooting their mouths off like this .. you are being belligerent - you are being hateful - you are imposing your fear of god onto the masses - that is not appreciated ... you need to shut the fuck up with your stupid ideas because you won't be tolerated....

and when they LIE about christianity and what it is *supposed* to mean, no-one should sit back and let these morons spout off their mouths... if that makes you mean and hateful - then so be it!! but it's for a reason - i don't tolerate stupid - none of us should tolerate stupidity.. so if you see me being nasty to someone... know that i'm not doing it to be difficult - no matter what you might think...

stupid is stupid.. no two ways about it.. now i may be nice to the creationists at first, if they have some misconception, but if they persist with their stupidity and if they can't do better than "Oh the bible said so.." ... then no... i won't always be nice..

all in all - if you deny the last 400 years of science .. then you are a fucktarded dumbarse...

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

can you disprove the existence of god? (religiorant)

i saw a funny quote tonight in a bulletin somewhere...

"I wish Jesus would hurry up and come back... and take away all the Christians!"

or something like that.... here's another quote... can't remember who said it ...

To say categorically, "There is no god," is to make an absolute statement. For the statement to be true, I must know for certain that there is no god in the entire universe. No human being has all knowledge. Therefore, none of us is able to truthfully make this assertion.

let's try this another way shall we?

To say categorically, "There is a god," is to make an absolute statement. For the statement to be true, I must know for certain that there is a god in the universe. No human being has all knowledge. Therefore, none of us is able to truthfully make this assertion.

but which is true?

none of them are true.. the logic is flawed ... god can't be proven even if it *did* exist... god revealing itself as proof for the masses defies the very meaning of a god, at least for the christian invisible man in the sky god because with proof, there would be no faith!...

and besides, god would only reveal itself to those who were worthy anyway...

but if we forget, for a moment, about the fact that a god wouldn't reveal itself anyway to the unworthy, and that god is actually in this universe and that it is actually visible and not out of phase in a different dimension or something tricky like that, we would only ever be able to *prove* its existence, right?

Imagine that, as impossible as it is, that i was actually able to go everywhere in the universe and that I did end up looking every where for god, under every rock and behind every nebula for god and didn't find it anywhere..

does that prove that he doesn't exist?

no it does not..

because god could have been about 1000kms behind me the whole time or he could have been in one spot when i was some where else - the point is - we just missed each other, so i'd be none the wiser

but by going everywhere in the universe would that prove that god *does* exist??

if we ran into each other it would!!

eg. "oh look! It's god!! see! i found him!! woot woot"

so ... there is only one way you could possibly disprove conclusively that god did NOT exist in this universe.. and that would be for you to be everywhere in the universe simultaneously at the same time..

but since you would have to practically *be* a god to do that, it does NOT seem to be very likely that we'll ever be able to DISPROVE the existence of god even if it was supposedly a part of this "realm" that we live in.

so if you went on a journey about the universe to prove whether god was there or not - you might get lucky and run into him before you die - but you could search everywhere in the universe for ALL ETERNITY and still not have your answer if you couldn't find him..

we can never disprove the existence of god, even if we could be everywhere at once, because god could very well choose to hide itself from us, or it could very well be that god "lives" in a different dimension, point being is that even if humans reached the ultimate pinnacle of knowledge and we humans actually did know about everything in the universe, god is still more capable of that and therefore god could still exist, and we would never be the wiser.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

christian fundamentalists are just afraid... (religiorant)

christian fundamentalists are afraid to die... like *way* *way* more than the regular "normal" person.. but why are they *so* afraid if god is going to look after them for all eternity, right??

if these people truly believed that they were certainties for getting into heaven after their time here on earth, then by rights, they should be the calmest and most relaxed people on earth, so then, what's with the frikky crazy delusional ideas they come up with????

I wonder if the problem with these people with fanatical ideas is that they are christian but they *don't* go to church and that they don't get to see that other people of the same faith, who are religious, who actually don't take the whole bible quite so literally and who are actually reasonably sensible people!?

or maybe the problem is that they *did* go to church and it was all blasphemy because it was not what *they* think the bible should be about so they go and make up their own version of christianity?

if you call yourself christian - you should be seeking a higher authority when dealing with religious questions - ie. your priest! you should not be involving yourself in religious debate if all you can frikking say is

"Oh the bible says so so so it is true!"...

"woop dee frikking doo!!" I say, "bet you can't tell me why it is correct and don't do any of that frikking recursive bible bullshit on me again" ..

either get yourself a degree in theology or something similar, and formally study the bible so you actually understand what the bible is about or you can SHUT THE FUCK UP, sitting down and reading the bible yourself is NOT STUDYING THE BIBLE ... FUCK! you are embarrassing yourselves.. you are not debating, you're a frikking parrot... or at the very least you are showing just how childish your mind is and that is quite sad...

"the bible says so"
"the bible says so"
"the bible says so"
"the bible says so"
"i give up" .. *sigh*...
"nur nur I win"
"good one fundy! it was nice talking with you and your delusions.. not!"

i think people become so extremely religious like this because they can't deal with the concept of being gone forever - ie. being dead

so to suppress their fear of death and how they just can't comprehend it, they believe in something that is even *more* incomprehensible to completely blot out that fear of death or at least get it to the point where they can shrug their shoulders and say

"meh!! god's gunna take care of me - no need for me to worry about dying" ..

it's all about fear ... fear of the unknown

but "Fear is the path to the dark side... fear leads to anger... anger leads to hate.. hate leads to suffering"

hmmm... i see a lot of suffering - an inner turmoil if you will - going on with these fundies, indeed ... :(

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

religion: i see why i gave it up .. (religiorant)

urrr .. i mean to say ... i see why I never took religion up in the first place. mostly written, 2nd Jan 2008 ... mostly ...

i don't mean to be insulting - but these debates i've been involving myself over god v no god ... it's all fucking stupid ..

i freaking laugh at these people who go on that "you can only find god if you find god" - you know what that is? that's called PREACHING .... and it's fucking insulting ... you ask me to believe in god so that I can understand your belief in god?


OK.. let me just do what you asked me to do. done ... OK so now I believe in god.

But now that I believe in god, i don't need to fucking ask the question if god exists or not then do i, because now I have faith that god *does* exist. stupid fucks

By saying "you can only believe in god if you believe in god" you are preaching at me and everyone else to believe in god so that *you* can feel better about your belief in god. Whether you realise it or not, you are asking people to convert in order for them to be able to understand why you believe in god. Did I mention that this is rude?

And pretty much every bible bashing delusionist has tried to spin that spiel on me and frankly it's tired and proves my point about their being no christian god or any other god attached to a religion as well.

i may laugh but i don't laugh to their faces - so to speak - i find it more than annoying that anyone can believe in what they can't prove but then those exact same people go and call Catholics the anti-christ or denounce people of other faiths..

he's my theory on the anti-christ - i reckon it's islam! i mean it was formed around about the year 666 wasn't it ... so uhmm, check mate!! ...

that's the stupidity of how these people come across .. it's insulting to people who don't believe in god and it's also insulting to people who *do* believe in god with this fucking crap these fundamentalist people come up with...

and then... *and*then*... these wackos try to come up with stupid ways to justify their fucked up ideas that they *think* they have learnt from the precious holy scripture... "oh the sun moves across the sky .. so uhmmm .. that means that it's the sun that is moving and the earth is fixed still because it says so right here in the bible" ... fuckwits .. and you know who you are ..

i mean, fair enough you might believe in the creation story but don't you dare try to explain it because your brain will explode, or implode, depending on the nature of your delusion.

and oh ... if the universe revolved around the earth everyday - the whole fucking universe would need to be inside the orbit of Pluto - otherwise there would need to be some serious exceeding of the speed of light...

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.