Sunday, 28 December 2008

maybe religion is a *good* thing AFTER ALL???.. (religiorant)

has any one else stopped to think that, on a long shot, that if aliens have stopped by on Earth that any contact that they make is purely accidental? eg. interstellar prankster college kids with their drunken escapades, hopefully they have a designated pilot for the jump through hyperspace, wouldn't want them to plough right into earth and have a hyperspace exit point open up and vaporise a continent now do we?

so if aliens *have* stopped by and have seen what we have been up to, it's highly like that they do *NOT* want us to have advanced technology and be out there in the larger community that is the galaxy...

think about that one!

look how we act towards *each* other over things that don't ACTUALLY matter one little FUCKING BIT in the here and now! *some* of you just can't get past the "my god is better than your god" bullshit, can you? ... *sigh*

it's more than likely that if any aliens were stopping by - assuming they are civilised in a Star Trek Federation sort of style - that they have taken special note of all the wars on earth and for that reason *alone* they haven't made official contact, because obviously we aren't ready.

and why not believe that there are advanced civilisations out there? the milky way is apparently at least twice the age of our solar system, so it's entirely possible that we're a "late bloomer"

so if there were a "league of planets" out there in the galaxy it is more than likely that they are very civilised and that Earth is to be avoided as no one in this "league of planets" *wants* us to leave the planet if we're going to shove religion down the throats of the galaxy!!

maybe religion is BANNED out there because of all the obvious segregation and the time wasting it causes over things that don't even exist in this realm.

Religion has put us a thousand years behind in the advancement of technology - oh - thanks a fucking lot for that one christians - well fucking done with your dark ages suppression of science - well done idiots ....

if it wasn't for the dark ages we *would* be out there in the galaxy - i'd say we would have at least made it to alpha centauri by now - so thanks a fucking lot - there would be no cancer - thanks a fucking lot - we would all live beyond 100 years old - thanks a fucking lot Mr Religidiot ... thanks a fucking lot for a thousand years of stifling the sciences - thanks a fucking lot - let me thank each and every christian since frikking Jesus himself for that one

if the religious can't get along with heathen or godless or ethnic or otherwise labelled minorities of their society on *this* world, it's highly likely that aliens have seen this and are quite happy that we haven't wandered very far from our planet much at all yet.

fucking nearly two thousand years and christians still don't even get along between their own sects of christianity - hello!!! - don't you think it's time to throw in the towel and call it quits because NONE of you have got it right - the ones that do have christianity right - refuse to calls themselves christian!!

maybe these aliens stop by to work out the latest frikking odds as to when planet earth will grow up? maybe we're the laughing stock of the galaxy, maybe we actually are the rest of the galaxy's amusement, all because some of us think that they *know* god...

or maybe, just maybe, god put this religion thing on earth so that when we were finally grown up enough to put that religious bullshit aside with its intangible and irrelevant differences, we would then earn the right to get out into the rest of the galaxy?

hahah... maybe Jesus won't return until christianity is gone? christianity didn't exist until LONG after Jesus was gone.. maybe *that* was the test, when we finally stopped believing in something that isn't really there except in some emotional form, then we would be ready to get out there in the galaxy? seems we were nearly at that point two thousand years ago with the Greeks and Romans ...

if we discover interstellar space travel tomorrow, it's likely that aliens would invade and confiscate the technology..

perhaps it's a directive of this "league of planets" that earth is not to have interstellar travel until religion and superstitious values are clearly the minority and that most of the people on earth are rational enough and in great enough number to quash any return to the dark ages that the religious seem to be begging for every fucking day ?

well? when are you going to stop believing in somebody else's god? when are you going to start believing in yourselves and the people around you? because if we all get along with the people beside us, the next lot of people will get along with the people beside them and so on and so forth all around the world instead of this stupid fucked up bullshit segregation that religion creates?

well, when are you going to FUCKING grow up?

Saturday, 20 December 2008

god did it! what can we say but... (religiorant)

"god did it!" hey? well, I say this....


saying "god did it" breeds intellectual laziness and that leads to apathy on a massive scale..

if you start being lazy and start claiming that god did anything, then you are on a path to being apathetic towards *everything* in the universe

imagine all the great minds that didn't look through a telescope or a microscope or see some creature and wonder how the hell that came to be, because they had their natural human curiosity quashed by fabulous tales (is that where 'fable' comes from? LOL!) of an old dude in the sky, who made everything, who knows everything and will be around until even beyond the end of the time itself..

and that's what religion does, it trains the mind to not question the universe about you.. oh i wonder how.... "nope, god did it" - oh then i wonder where... "no god did it" - oh then why did... "no no no god did it, god did it, god did it" ...

i hope every body gets frikking +A with frikking honours for their Creationist subjects at high school.... imagine *that* multiple choice exam? imagine *that* essay for your final grade in that class?

in all seriousness we'd be digging up the asteroid belt or we'd have automated robots doing it for us by now if it wasn't for religion, how much time has the world wasted due to faith related suppression of moving forward?

how many great minds didn't bother to flourish, how many ideas were never brought into the light because religion insisted that "god did it" and that to question otherwise is blasphemy?

extreme religious views deny the human nature of curiosity and that is denying part of humanity itself, religion, makes you *less* human in spite of what those nut cases and their extremists views would have the rest of the world believe, especially those who claim moral superiority, while summarily excluding those who have different views on life.

That's not moral superiority, that's moral *inferiority*

No person can selfishly claim that their morals are more valid than everyone else's: who died and made you and/or your religion the moral compass for all humanity? and it was *not* Jesus! Your god did not command you to be judgemental - in fact Jesus said to do the opposite, and making judgements means that *you* are defining an absolute parameter as to your moral superiority and we all know that ...

"Only the Sith deal in absolutes"

It's our differences, that bring us together that will make us stronger as a species, that is what separates us from the animals, we are creative and *can* get along with everybody, but only if we so choose to do so.

But religion works against this, as it magnifies the fear of the unknown, it preys on the fear of death: on the fear of what can't be controlled, it teaches you to be bigoted because that's how religion works - it spreads *fear*

"fear is the path to the Dark Side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering..."

Much suffering has indeed been brought about by religion....

how can people say that religion had nothing to do with all the wars and crappy attitudes to their "fellow" human? it sets people apart in one unique way, that their supreme being is better than the next person's supreme being, neither of which have been seen in the last two thousand years, except by guys who had probably been lost in the desert for weeks and had started to hallucinate, seriously! don't these biblical stories all sound like these people were on acid?

religion excludes and sets us apart from those who are different, all the while screaming at us that it promotes togetherness, in much the same way that someone says some sort of mantra when they beat someone whilst telling themselves that the person they are beating, deserves it, it's not my fault they were bad, thump, whack, crack, thud... it's not my fault, they are sinners, they shouldn't have made me beat you, bam, whack, thud, it's not my fault they can't follow god like I do.. whack bam thud, whack bam thud, wack bam thud thump wack bang thump, thud...

religion sux arse, poison it is

Sunday, 14 December 2008

god V the big rock.. (religiohumour)

"Can god create a rock that is so big that he couldn't lift it?"

is that the sort of thing you would ask of a god, because .... well, this is a fucking stupid challenge for god..... but let's insult our intelligence and belittle your precious god...

* firstly, but perhaps not so obviously, how would you present this challenge to god? have you got god's cell phone number? because that prayer thing doesn't seem to be very reliable

actually i could stop there... but i am not, and:

* why would god submit to such a petty challenge from a *mere* mortal like yourself in the first place? Such a challenge is beneath the likes of *god* and would be insulting to such a god that you would dare to even propose such a challenge. Frankly, it is a good thing there is no god because I would expect god to smite you for even thinking such a thing.

* why would god make a rock so big that god couldn't move it? isn't that a bit like making the world's biggest boat, but then not being able to launch it because you built the fucker too far inland? or the boat is so big that no ocean can hold it ... ie what's the point other than to beckon to the whims of this feeble and mortal humans' challenge?

* how could making a rock in the first place, be more difficult than moving said rock?

I assume this god is going to make this rock in an instant out of nothing. If god can frikking do that, then god can *also* frikking move that frikking rock with the same frikking magic that frikking created the frikking rock in the first frikking place. after all it *is* god, god can do anything, remember?

* this is my favourite stupid bit about this: in order to attempt to lift this rock, the surface that god would have to stand on would require way more mass than the rock being lifted in order for the ground that god is standing on to stay still while he lifted the rock, if he could lift it, that is.

therefore not only does god have to create a rock so big that potentially god couldn't move it, but god would also have to create a suitably sized planet to stand on to be able to lift this rock in the first place and most planets, as far as I know, are at least a trillion times bigger than most rocks.

earth is 5.9742 × 10 to the power of 24 kilograms or 5,974,200,000,000,000,000,000,000 kilograms .. so a rock that is a 1,000 kilos, is a billion trillion times less massive than the rest of the earth, or there abouts!

so this "too big" rock that god made, in order to be lifted, would also require a suitably sized solid surface planet with sufficient mass for god to stand upon. This planet would probably need to be at least a few billion times more massive than the rock so that god can stand on something to attempt to lift this rock that was too big in the first place.... right?

* what limit is there to god, none? so if god is limitless how can the actual term "big" be used at all? how big is infinity? it's infinite. how big is big? it's *big* etc etc

* one of the "solutions" I've heard is that if god created a rock so big that he couldn't lift it, he would move the universe such that the rock did move in relation to the rest of the universe.... anyone see the flawed logic in that?

in order for the rock to be in that universe, the universe would have to be bigger than the rock, so how could god not move the rock that he created that was too big and yet could still move the universe around it?

sure the universe would be less massive seeing how there is so much empty space in it, but it would be a lot trickier to move all the separate bits of the universe simultaneously than to move the rock itself wouldn't it?

* so this rock has more mass than the entire universe? if so, the gravity of a rock that big would suck the whole universe into it wouldn't it?

* oh yeah, and a rock the size of the universe, would collapse under its *own* gravity, maybe that's what the big bang was, god was tricked into creating a rock so big that it collapsed in on itself in a super massive explosion, maybe that's why Satan got kicked out of heaven, for playing a prank on god?

"I'm sorry Mrs Satan, but we just can't continue to condone the behaviour of your son, Lucifer, in heaven any more. he has been expelled for being a disruptive influence on urr, uhmm, whatever it is that we do in heaven all the time."

* if god is infinite, and he created a rock so big he couldn't lift it and somehow it didn't collapse in on itself, couldn't god just expand himself to become big enough to then lift that rock that he couldn't lift before, right? ...

think outside the fucking box, the question itself is flawed

and don't tell me it's just an analogy designed to make a point, the *point* itself is flawed as well, as the challenge is a bullshit one in the first place

try to think of a better analogy, I challenge my readers to think of a challenge worthy of god, I can only think of one such conundrum, which seems to have slipped my mind at the moment.

the point, as cryptic as it is, is that you can't define god *ever*, let alone pose it some challenge that you in your extreme arrogance would expect to challenge god somehow.

god is completely beyond this realm, whatever it is you could pose to god he/she/it could do it, otherwise it's not a god, **that** is the point..

there is no practical challenge you could ever hand to a god and defeat him, *none* at all. *EVER*

If you did pose a question to god that stumped it, you would have to be god yourself, that is if god doesn't erase you from history such that the challenge never happened in the first place.

I don't know what christians think god is about, but to even pose any challenge like this to god is blasphemous, is it not?

To do so, is to question the authority of god itself, doesn't that break the first commandment somehow?

if there were a god, it would be present at every moment in time at every point in space simultaneously. humans think so linearly, don't they?

mostly written, 13th December 2008. mostly...

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

What song will atheists sing at christmas time? (religiorant)

``What will the atheists sing, during the praise of "winter solstice?"''


uhmmm.. perhaps the atheist will sing those songs that they had been enjoying all year instead of making a big deal out of having special songs for this one time of the year?

and what's wrong with non-believers being able to sing Christmas songs anyway? Personally I love a whole bunch of Christmas songs.

perhaps the atheist will also wonder why christians have this one special bit of the year when they claim they are a loving people when they should actually be nice to everyone for the whole year?

What's that about? Being christian is supposed to be a full time thing and not something you only do at fucking Christmas time!

The way it seems to me is that there are more "christians" who reveal themselves to be arseholes at Christmas time than at any other time of the year!

But perhaps at Christmas time, the atheist might think that christians *need* an excuse to be kind and generous, seeing how they prattle on about belief so much? I see a lot of bragging that people are good christian people, but I see little to nothing of people claiming to be christian who use their "christian" message to have anything nice to say.

perhaps, the atheist wouldn't wait for that one time of year to celebrate anything, I mean if it's a good thing, then why wait for that one day which only comes around once a year?

but.. uhmmm.. stupid question time... but since when does an atheist celebrate or praise anything in particular in the name of atheism in the first place?

Well, fucktards? If you are implying that atheists need to celebrate anything then you do not understand atheism in the first place and you should probably shut your flap trap in lieu of putting anybody else off of your religion of bigotry and cunts who come out once a year to prance around showing off how good a christian they are because they fucking believe in Santa Claus.

Have a look at atheism: there are no public holidays that I am aware of that are set aside for atheists.

Atheism is not a religion, despite the proselytizing from the masses that it is indeed, a religion.

So to say that an atheist is celebrating the winter solstice by implying they would be engaging in arbitrary rituals like it's some sort of religious holiday is an utter fallacy to begin with and it is clearly said out of arrogance and ignorance and sheer cuntitude, but is only said out of hatred for the atheist. Hate isn't something that Jesus commanded, is it?

So fucking grow up with your bullshit of even asking what atheists are doing for Christmas because as far as I can fucking tell, you christian cunts are NOT doing anything *Christian* at Christmas time *anyway*!

All you do is give away presents to people you already know, and that tradition, dipshitted christians is PAGAN!

That's right, giving people presents is a Roman tradition that celebrates the solstice AND IT IS PAGAN..... yes - that's right - Christmas is a PAGAN thing. The Romans put Christmas at the same time as the pagan celebration of the solstice - so in fact, it is the christians that can take their celebrating of the birth of Jesus at "Christmas time" some place else, as christians are usurping traditions that aren't even christian to begin with...

and if I haven't said it plainly enough, christians should NOT be celebrating christmas as a christian thing in the first place because it is NOT a christian thing and don't get your panties in a knot saying that it is "Christ"mas - the celebration of *Christ* .. While it may be a celebration of Christ, it was the fucking Romans who made that up. Yes, that's right, Christmas is NOT something your precious Jesus said that you should be doing, if anything, Jesus taught you to celebrate his life *every*fucking*day*of*the*year* and not during a time of Pagan celebrations.

any atheist celebrating anything because of their atheism is just doing it to "mess with" smarty pants religious idiots or they are merely done to piss the religious types off! After all, atheists are evil and treacherous with their deviousness, so it's to be expected.

and there was this other fuckhead thing said...

``all Christmas songs, celebrate both God and Jesus! Both names, God and Jesus, are in nearly every song.''

That's like saying love songs celebrate the giving and receiving of love. Sounds like christians are using Christmas songs as an affirmation that they are indeed christian. Which is fucking idolatry, breaking the First commandment. Yes, that's right, celebrating Christmas as if it were a christian thing is idolatry and according to the rule book, aka the bible, you are damning yourself to hell for putting this thing you do beside your faith in Jesus.

The definition of idolatry in the context of the bible is anything using anything object or thing to help you prop up your beliefs and using Christmas as an excuse for claiming to be christian is exactly what the first commandment was trying to stop.

Well. done. for. not. even. getting. past. the. first. commandment. You dipshits must be so proud of yourselves too, which further breaks with your precious Messiah's teachings, as well.

And all this referring to atheism as a faith by the "faithful" is merely about the religious person's need to point at something and say:

"hey look, my faith has validity! we have holidays and songs, so my faith *must* be valid! do atheists have 'atheist day'? no! are there any songs about atheism?? NO!!! so my faith has more credence than your atheistic stupid faith does, so believing in god is more valid, so I win, I'm better than you are! nur nur...".

All this denouncing of atheism, is just to offset the doubts that the religious people have, because if you truly did have faith, then nothing what-so-ever should be able to shake that faith. So the more someone goes off saying their faith is valid because there are aspects of it in every day life, the more it indicates how little faith they actually have in their own beliefs. This is because your faith is supposed to be an *internal* thing, external entities are not supposed to be able to validate or invalidate that faith.

That's called idolatry, when you have some external "thing" to prop up your religion, isn't it?

When was the last time you saw an atheist standing in the middle of a crowded shopping mall yelling at the top of their voice saying that there is no god? that evolution is a fact? that Charles Darwin was right? that Friedrich Nietzsche is the Messiah? that Baruch Spinoza's ideas on god are the only valid ones and that if you don't believe them, then you are going to burn in hell for all eternity at the hands of Satan, as we all know atheists worship Satan, they just don't acknowledge it in public, like how that Xenu rubbish went public when it was supposed to be a secret only revealed to the highest ranks in Scientology.

that was sarcasm, if you are too thick to notice.

and yes, this is where you point out that atheism isn't a religion, it's just a label for people without a religion, that's all there is to it. Anyone trying to make atheism out to be a way of life is severely fucked in the head or is highlighting the fact that *you* as a believer with your stupid beliefs is the one that is severely fucked in the head.

"Hi Honey! I'm home to our happy atheist home from my happy day at the atheist office!"
"Hi Honey! MWAH!!"
"So what did you do on your atheist day off today Hun?"
"Oh nothing really, I just denied the existence of god all morning and said a few mantras to Charles Darwin after lunch"
"But Honey! you do that every day!"

Why do christians insist on having Christmas only once a year? shouldn't Christmas be every day, shouldn't the birth of this fantastical LORD be celebrated to its fullest extent each and every day? That's why I am not a christian, because no-one seemed to be putting in even a half hearted effort at trying to emulate their Messiah.

And on an Easter note, why could Jesus not have stayed dead for seven days? Then we could have had the whole week off and not just a lousy long weekend?

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
--Helen Steiner Rice

mostly written 12th December 2008, mostly.. it's Easter so let's do a Christmas blog...

Saturday, 22 November 2008

ban the bible!! (religiorant)

ban the bible!!

what happens when someone publishes a book and people go on some sort of rampage after reading this book?

what happens when somebody makes a speech that breeds and/or encourages hatred or some sort of bigotry?

what would happen, if say, I wrote a book and a bunch of people got the idea to go around other terrible things like that - because they read a book that *I* wrote?!?

would I be accountable somehow? yes? no? sort of? not sure? don't give a rat's?

I'm not sure of the law where you are, I'm not even sure of the law here, but I'd expect that I'd be accountable *somehow*, even if the public's reaction was unintentionally provoked on my part.

what if this book became popular long after I was gone? what would happen then? am I still accountable, posthumously? would, or *should* someone still be responsible?

The point being, is that such a book would be removed from circulation altogether, or it would be declared an "adults only" type book, restricted to being viewed or purchased by minors or it would have a disclaimer attached to the front, something like

"This book is not supposed to cause violence towards your fellow human. The author is not responsible if you decide to kill anybody after reading this book."

So... here's the question...

why hasn't the bible been banned? why doesn't it even have a disclaimer?

The bible *should* have a disclaimer on the front and it should point out all the things that are dubious and hypocritical or morally vague or otherwise conflicting with today's laws.

So *before* anyone goes ahead and reads the bible, they might want to consider exactly what this publication is advocating, just in case they read the bible and then go around hating gays or something lame like that not long they had finished reading the bible..

and why not?

i've heard stories of people hacking their own hands off ... i bet you have too.... what was their excuse for hacking their hands off? because the *BIBLE* said to do it!

Matthew 18:8 Wherefore if thy hand or thy foot offend thee, cut them off, and cast [them] from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life halt or maimed, rather than having two hands or two feet to be cast into everlasting fire.

and I have heard of stories that claimed people have plucked their *own* eyes out

Matthew 18:9 And if thine eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast [it] from thee: it is better for thee to enter into life with one eye, rather than having two eyes to be cast into hell fire.

Blue Letter Bible. "Matthew 18 - King James Version." Blue Letter Bible. 1996-2009. 3 Apr 2009.

the bible is responsible for so much hatred, "oh the bible says gays are an abomination"

Leviticus 20:13 If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood [shall be] upon them.

Blue Letter Bible. "Dictionary and Word Search for 'abomination' in the KJV". Blue Letter Bible. 1996-2009. 3 Apr 2009.

"oh the bible says incest is OK" "oh the bible condones slavery" "oh the bible this" "oh the bible that" bible blah dee fucking blakkedy blah blah bah bah... sorry if i can't be bothered to quote all the relevant verses of rubbish from the bible....

oh yes, i hear what some of you are saying, "it's the people that read the bible and take it too seriously/literally that are the problem!!!" something like that, hey?

hello! that's my fucking point!

oh, and perhaps the apologists would say that if it wasn't the bible that influenced them, then they would have found some other way to justify their crappy attitude to the world.

well, I concede, sure that's probably right, as we all know that anybody from any walk of life can flip out and go on the rampage, or go "postal" as it's been commonly termed.

but what else is there that has really screwed up the minds of so many? what other book or film or individual has been the source of so much division in the world?

And yet the bible remains unbanned - especially in a society that often shows that it still has ultra-prudish people with their objections to seemingly innocuous things - eg. if you don't like seeing women in skimpy bikinis, then what the fuck are you doing at the beach in the middle of the summer? if you don't like profanity, then why are you watching comedians that are more than well known to have a potty mouth?

And to top off the hypocrisy, I seriously doubt you could find two christians that could interpret everything in the bible in the same way anyway. christians talk about "absolutes" - but it's very likely that very few of these born again christians would interpret the whole bible even vaguely in the same way, let alone *exactly* the same way, let alone interpret it *correctly* ..

I suspect this is why Catholics still make up 51% of the global christian population, because as far as I remember or understand, Catholics are told how to interpret the bible by their priests. If they have questions, the Catholic consults their priest! So there's a reduced amount of this making up your own minds about what the bible is supposed to mean when you are a Catholic.

And you know, I thought that was a bad thing for quite a while, but, isn't it better that everyone get it wrong the *same* way, than everyone getting it wrong completely differently? that's chaos commonly referred to as "born again christianity!"

but shhhssssh! don't tell the christians, but that's what's killing christianity, every one making up their own interpretations of the bible when they should be talking to someone who has actually studied the bible...

So... what other thing or person espousing notions of love and togetherness and peace for all mankind, somehow also gets some people all riled up enough to be able to justify hating other religions and races and differences of opinion or whatever else bigoted shit so openly and so proudly?

i can't think of anything else? how about, the Qu'ran? The Satanic Verses? Mien Kampf? Those Danish Mohammed cartoons? The original Stars Wars trilogy or the prequel trilogy? Picard or Kirk? Old Battlestar Galactica versus the new Battlestar Galactica? ???

I can't think of anything, can you?

so why doesn't one of the greatest causes of violent conflict and piss poor attitudes to people across the entire world, get taken off the shelf, permanently?

It should be illegal to try and 'offer' your religion to others. Spreading the word should be a crime, a hate crime at that.

At the very least, the bible should be considered an "adults only" bit of literature, it should have the book equivalent of an "R" rating. Do books even have ratings?

Seriously, what child can make sense of all the nuances of the bible?

Heaven, hell, good, bad. It's funny but the first conceptualisation I remember about evil, came from the bible. Maybe if I wasn't exposed to the bible at all I wouldn't have spent ten years worrying that I would offend god and that I was being evil or bad or what the fuck ever it was I would dwell over that I can't remember now, but being struck down where I stood by god was one of the thoughts I would often have - and I didn't even fucking believe in it!

How about the age of consent be used in regards as to when a young person is suitably aged to be exposed to the bible, or religion in general for that matter? Maybe, voting age is a better idea?

because aren't you screwing up the minds of children with unneeded worries when you tell them about heaven and hell?

How is creating unnecessary anxiety in a child, not abusive on *some* level? The child could go on to have anxiety problems their whole life, all thanks to some body telling this child "You need to believe in Jesus or you're going to hell!"... I wish that was a joke, but it's not.

If you're a parent and you need to use biblical fear to keep your child in line, are you not deferring your ability as a parent to people of the bronze age?

People should realise that a child will not concern themselves with the positive aspects of the bible, or any religion for that matter, they will simply dwell in fear over the negative aspects.

A child might think, "Who cares if Jesus loves me? WHAT IF I do something wrong, I'm going to burn in hell for ever and ever and that's a very long time and it's going to really hurt, much more than a tooth ache by the sound of it!!"

Apparently taking note of the negatives in our life is written into our genes, which makes sense actually.

A cute bunny rabbit is to your left, and a snake is to your right, which one are *YOU* going to pay attention to?

In fact, I bet some of us would move toward the bunny and pick it up to protect it from the snake! Some of you might even hide behind the bunny for protection.

We take more note of the bad or dangerous things in life so that we can avoid them, we even take note of the potential of things to be dangerous.

But seeing how hell is just a aspect of something based on somebody's faith, then you are merely creating unnecessary anxiety in the child's life, that's what the child will dwell over. That's how *I* remember it.

That's cruel isn't it? You are telling the child to fear something that doesn't exist in this world, this is *unnecessary* and it should be avoided, should it not?

*Some* kids become so fearful of hell, they don't confront their fears and/or ask questions, they displace their fears with the notion that praising Jesus fiercely and often, will keep them from going to hell.

It's almost like if those kids keep on praising Jesus all the time, they can't ever sin because *all* they do is praise Jesus!

This is probably the sort of kid that shoots up a school yard of "sinners" all the while saying "The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" and that "shadow of the valley of death" bit over and over again.... I'm sure I saw that in a TV show.. or was that a re-enactment of something real? it's not funny either way

Psalm 23
(1) The LORD [is] my shepherd; I shall not want. (2) He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. (3) He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. (4) Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou [art] with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. (5) Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. (6) Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.


Blue Letter Bible. "Psalm 23 - King James Version." Blue Letter Bible. 1996-2009. 3 Apr 2009.

These children are indoctrinated into believing christianity, but christianity *created* "hell" in the first place, and then offered its remedy/cure: Jesus.

Which for my mind, is a bit like getting cancer on purpose to be in a "club" and then getting a miracle cancer cure which only this "club" can provide. Which then doesn't cure everyone anyway, and actually makes some people worse.

So, yes, burn it, ban it, erase it...

Getting your morals out of the bible is akin to teaching your kids about life by sitting them in front of commercial TV for hours on end.

Oh FUCK! I just realised something! If the bible gets banned, it may just fucking "MARTYR" it somehow and all those people who never heard of the bible and all those people who never actually *read* the bible might just be compelled to buy a copy and then they would open it up and start actually reading it and find out exactly what is in there and.... oh... never mind... carry on as before. burn the bible. ban it. launch it into orbit

"I don't care what they may say, Jesus is just alright with me, Jesus is just alright oh yeah!!"
--Doobie Brothers

mostly written 22 Nov 2008... mostly... oh why fight it... all i seem to do is mock religion, yes, i have plenty of free time on my hands.. but i might as well get it out my system... so let the religio-bashing continue unabated... oh, it just might take quite a while before these "god hating" "evil" blogs dry up...

Sunday, 16 November 2008

you must give your soul to Jesus to be saved? (religiorant)

in Christianity, everyone is born a sinner, original sin or some such thing, right? The way out of being a sinner, is for people to give their souls to Jesus or whatever it is exactly, right? If people do not do this, they will not be saved, and if you are not saved, you go to an eternal hell, right?

now if you punch it into Google, you'll see that approximately 146,000 people die everyday.

Two thirds of the world population aren't Christian, so, that's about 100,000 people that die every day that automatically go to hell for no reason other than they were born in a nation where Christianity didn't get a foothold.

yet Christians don't have a problem with this, they are fully aware that their faith automatically damns 36 million people to eternal hell fire and suffering a year, simply because these "heathen" people have never accepted Jesus! In fact, some Christians would seem to be PROUD of the fact that their religion automatically excludes most people, because that's *how* they like it.

What do Christians say to this?

Why don't they have a problem with their religion damning 100,000 people to hell everyday?

How is a person at fault when they are excluded from Christianity and therefore excluded from the grace the "loving" Jesus Christ, The Saviour, when they have never even heard the name Jesus?

How is that a fair and just and loving religion and/or god?

So, how can Christianity be *the* religion if you MUST give yourself to Jesus when two/thirds of the planet have not been exposed to the story of Jesus? To make it even more ridiculous, I bet many of those people are not even aware that other people have different religions at all.

So how can god/Jesus love everyone if two thirds of the world population go to hell by default? That's not love, even for my worst enemies, I wouldn't wish an eternal suffering upon them, yet Christians can do that without even blinking an eyelid.

Sorry but if even ONE person goes to hell because they haven't heard of Jesus then Christianity is NOT *the* religion, neither can the Christian god be loving when so many people are excluded from it BY DEFAULT.

How can Christians claim that Jesus loves everyone, how can Christianity be *the* religion when it DICTATES that two thirds of the world suffer eternal torment in hell fire BY DEFAULT?

Google search: "how many people die everyday"

mostly written 16th November 2008

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Science is not a religion.. (religion v science)

I'm seeing a few blogs around from these "religious" people claiming that people who believe in evolution - are worshiping science like it was some sort of god - which somehow makes science a religion.

and you know - in a way - they are right - but only from a certain point of view. A very twisted point of view, mind you.

Science can't be a religion because science changes, religion does not.

Science is based on what we have experimentally shown to be "real" or by theoretically demonstrating what we think is a good explanation for what is "real" - religion is based on what is "unreal" .. ie. even if god is "real", then that defies the definition of god, as god is supposed to be beyond explanation - so even if god is "real" it would seem to be very much "unreal" to the observer, should this god so choose to reveal its presence.

But even though science is based on what is "real" it can sometimes be totally wrong, thus possibly making previous assertions obsolete - but when things are shown to be wrong, they are demonstrated to be wrong, thus "old science" is discarded

for example: as a scientific person, if it was somehow discovered that with undeniable proof that the "theory" of evolution was completely wrong, or that the big bang story was *way* off, it would be a day of fascination, a day of enlightenment, a day of discovery, opening up more of the realities and possibilities of the universe. I would be enthralled with reading up and learning everything I could about this new explanation of how life evolved or how the universe started.

but... on the other hand...

as a religious person - if it was somehow discovered with undeniable proof that the scripture I based my faith on, was completely and utterly a fake - it would be a day of emptiness - a day of disbelief and sadness shared world wide with all those who shared my now defunct faith - it would be a day of denial - it would feel like my soul had been ripped from my body and i would walk around in a daze because I'd lost my god.

Science often changes it's "facts" because our intelligence is continually growing, therefore our technology improves.

Religion is anachronistic and does not change its fundamental principles, at least, it is not supposed to, but I see people changing their religion all the time - Santa Claus doesn't appear in the bible, you know, and neither do Easter bunnies.

So if people want to call atheism or science a religion and science is also somehow its god, then fine.

Science is the god of change, the god for the future and the god of today. I bet most people would be dead by the age of thirty if not for things we often take for granted today; like being able to extract teeth safely; anti-biotics to stop infections; simple knowledge of bacteria and keeping toilets clean; and many other things that have come from science, have *tripled* the average lifespan in the last two thousand years. Shit, there is even research as of 2011 that indicates that reversal of aging is even possible. How would you like it if science let you live for so long that people only ever died because of accidents and natural disasters?

Religion promises you eternal life, whether it can or not is impossible to prove.

Science doesn't promise you anything, but it *is* solely responsible for the increased length and quality of life that we now get to live.

But you know, make science a religion if you want, that would be awesome, because if science was a religion, it'd have tax free status, that'd probably help with research funding I'm sure.

godless morality is inferior? (religiorant)

Far too often, I've seen religious people imply that the atheist or the agnostic person is somehow less endowed with morality than the religious person, some of these religious fundamentalists will even contend that the A/A crowd have no morals at all.

God abiding morality is the only morality?

Ignoring the actual morals themselves for the moment, but how can a such a close minded staunch religious person accuse the A/A crowd of having lesser morals or even no morals at all, in the first place?

Especially hypocritical is how this type of religious person doesn't even *know* the people they are accusing of being immoral! This attitude says to me that they think god abiding morality is the only morality, because morals can only be possessed by those who believe in god.

Which is exactly what many christians will even outright say themselves.

But anybody summarily dismissing the morals of another person out of hand without even knowing that person, simply because they don't believe in the same god as them, has little to no reason to refer to themselves as being morally superior.

Religious Morals are Superior?

Morals are not things that are black and white, how can they be?

Sure it's wrong to kill, but what if in defending yourself you accidentally kill a person attacking you? is it moral that you be punished for defending your life or even your family's lives?

Another issue that deals with a morally vague area that's being kicking around a lot lately, the delicate issue of abortion, or rather how the religious have grasped onto that issue in the election in the USA because Obama is "pro-abortion" or whatever it is and this issue was being used as a way to make Obama "evil" or some shite.

From their ramblings I gathered that a lot of the religious crowd would have no abortions performed anywhere *ever* for any reason, because to take a life, is an immoral thing to do and well, it is, in most cases.

But the issue of abortion is not as black and white as the staunch religious person would have you believe, because in this day and age when morally legitimate circumstances arise, an abortion *can* be safely performed.

i am not trying to be insensitive here and i apologise if anything like this actually applies to you, but think about these few examples:

  • is it a moral thing to let a young girl, impregnated by rape, carry that child to full term when she has only just barely started puberty herself?
  • is it a moral thing to do to bare a child if it is known that the unborn child has been exposed to high levels of radiation or dangerous chemicals that are known to cause deformities and congenital conditions?
  • is it a moral thing to do to let a pregnancy go to full term when it is highly likely that the mother could very well die in child birth or even mid-term, killing both mother and unborn child?
again, apologies if it hits a nerve with these examples, but some of the religious crowd would mandate that all those three examples go to full term with no discussion at all from the people *actually* involved, and in those cases above:

  • hasn't that little girl been traumatised enough?

    sure the new born child could be adopted but a little girl not even a teenager, raped and then carrying that child? is it really worth putting that little girl through the pregnancy as well?
  • would *you* really want to be that child that was affected in the womb by something that would permanently cripple you or have you live a life of constant pain?

    i know it's insensitive and not that very likely to happen anyway, but to just appease someone who has nothing to do with the raising of that child, not to mention living that life when it's *known* that the foetus has developed or has a high chance of developing debilitating conditions or even dying at, or before birth, seems to be the greater immoral act, at least to me.
  • would you want to risk losing your life *and* your child by letting a highly risky pregnancy go to full term?
the possibilities beyond the black and white are endless, and these are obviously very sensitive issues but it seems to me that a lot of the religious crowd, would say that an abortion is not justified, *ever*.

Sure, abortion as a form of birth control is probably not the most practical nor the most moral thing to do but, the anti-abortion religious person would have you believe that every abortion is wrong because it is terminating a life, but what if the abortion saves a life?

In all of those situations above, having the child could see entire families affected, with long term stress and depression for all involved and could even lead to multiple lives being lost in the long run due to the despair of being involved in caring for a special needs person because not everyone has the strength of character or financial ability to care for such unfortunate individuals.

Ultimately, I feel that an abortion should be up to the woman, or the parents of the girl if she is under age to decide what is the best course of action. If the woman is incapacitated or guardians are not available, medical and psychiatric professionals or possibly even the courts at the recommendations of health professionals should act in the best interests of the woman.

That seems to be the most sensible thing to do, doesn't it?

So to my point:

A person that can evaluate individual morally challenging situations based on their individual circumstances and make an informed decision based on what may or may not happen if the "immoral" action is, or is not performed, is the person with the superior morality.

Yes - it's a little bit more complicated than the black and white system, but that's what our brains are supposed to be used for and with the aid of compassion for the individual, a better solution that speaks to that individual can be applied.

The morally superior person not only speaks to the consequences of action or inaction in the here and now, but they also speak to the consequences of an action or inaction in the future and this person will also speak to the individual rights of a person, in spite of what is "normal" for everyone else.

Abortion is just one example where morals are simply not black and white and morals are certainly not the exclusive domain of the religious, far from it. In fact, it seems to me that these religious black and white morals, are very much backwards, outdated, anachronistic, and ultimately inferior in this day and age where people supposedly are allowed to have their own individual rights.

These religious black and white morals may have held up well thousands of years ago, but as in the issue of abortion described above, thanks to advances in science, abortions *can* be performed safely when the circumstances give moral and compassionate reason to go ahead with the procedure.

Anyone still holding on to such black and white morals, such absolute and rigid lines in the sand, is not as compassionate as they think they are, nor are they willing to think outside of the box they call their religion to fully participate in the human race and show some of that unconditional love and compassion that they so often preach to the bleeding ears of the world, deafened by centuries of hypocrisy.

If you are unable to think outside of your religion's values, then it's no big deal to stick to your indoctrinated beliefs, as they still apply to most situations and it's probably unlikely that you are going to be exposed to such morally vague situations anyway, probably...

That's OK, but can we leave all the hard decisions in life to those who actually *can* think beyond morals that were carved in stone thousands of years ago, especially when you are not even following those teachings in the first place?

For example, I've seen so many christians telling lies that this commandment of not bearing false witness would seem to be an optional one and if one commandment is optional, then why not make the rest of the ten optional as well, depending on how many degrees the teachings have previously been distorted? Not to mention that Jesus superseded the Ten Commandments and taught two of them that can basically can be summed up by saying...

"be good to other people, especially to those in need and to those who would call you their enemy, that is how you show your love for me"

ie. Jesus taught that we are to love everyone, including our enemies, so how can there have been any wars involving any moral christians in the past two thousand years if these moral christian people were truly living up to the moral standards as commanded by their Messiah? hmmmm? ....

this is ultimately what disgusts me about christians; christians aren't even following these morals that they so loudly and proudly claim are so superior in the first place!

and christianity isn't at fault here, because it is just a fucking story and if you want to believe in a story, that's great, but when the story that you supposedly believe in says that you are to love everyone and yet you do no such thing, then you are lying that you are christian because what you believe in, isn't christianity, it isn't the Jesus from the bible, it is your *own* version of Jesus, that you made up yourself.

Your own ego is Jesus/god, which means you are worshipping a false god. This god might be a little bit like Jesus from the bible, but you have gone and made up your own "teachings of Jesus", so therefore your morality, just like the non-believer, comes from your own ego anyway.

At least the non-believer doesn't pretend to aspire to the teachings of god and then just totally fucking ignore everything that god supposedly taught them, anyway...

Monday, 27 October 2008

do you go around denying evolution? .. (religiorant)

Do you go around denying evolution?

Do you actively go around denying evolution in favour of your faith's explanation for the creation of life? If that is you, well then, guess what?

You aren't exactly a believer in the faith you are so adamantly defending, are you?

You only *think* you have faith, it's as simple as that...

But, don't despair, what you *do* have is a healthy need to inflict your humble opinion upon everyone else, so you are not really that different to all of us normal people.

In some countries, praising your religion out loud, can often be met with ridicule and mocking, especially when you are trying to put forward your god against science. In other words, "god did it", doesn't slide very far in some countries at all.

Where I live, people standing on side walks praising their religion loudly, are often carted away by the police, simply for being a nuisance.

Darwin didn't deny god!

When you deny evolution, you are not exactly denying *what* others believe in, are you? You are actually denying what they believe in, *because* they believe in it, as -somehow- whatever it is that they believe in, -somehow- contradicts your faith, regardless of what it is.

evolution does not actually, actively deny that there is a creator, does it? Show me a text book about evolution where it says "and this denies the existence of god, thus making every religious person an utter fool for having 'faith'" ?? well? can you?

This extract from "Origin of The Species" does *not* deny the existence of god, does it? So you'll have to do better than this, I'm afraid...

"each species has been independently created -- is erroneous"
--Darwin "Origin of The Species"

If that's all it takes to make you think there is an organised movement to displace your god, then again, I remind you, you have no faith in your faith.

I mean, god made all those fossils in the ground appear to be millions of years old when they were only 4400 years old didn't he? He made the light from millions of light years away begin in-transit for everything further away than 10,000 light years didn't he? Pretty damn clever is this god dude, so what's stopping him from making it look like evolution was how life was made as well? Yes, that's right, god made the original humans out of thin air and put genetic markers into our DNA to make it look like we shared a common ancestor with a monkey!

Oh That god! he's *such* a trickster, hey?

Temper tantrum much?

If the very thought that there are other people out there who believe in something different to what you believe in worries you so much that you need to act out against your doubts, well guess what?

Your faith is merely a delusion, a mantra, an ever repeating lie you tell yourself over and over and over such that if you say it enough, it becomes true.... and that's all your faith is..

If you did have enough faith in your faith you wouldn't even entertain one thought about someone else's "faith" or views, you would not question the validity of someone else's beliefs at all...

What you have is a fear that the reality you created in your brain is wrong, that you have made a fantasy into a reality for your whole "faithful" life, and you are, in fact, afraid that you wasted a lot of time on something that is not real, and no-one likes to be made to look the fool and waste their time, no-one likes to be lied to, no-one wants to be the butt of the joke, *do* they?


By actively denying evolution in favour of your faith's creation story, you have in fact, held the literal words of your faith above any meaning of those words. In other words, by actively denying evolution in favour of your faith, you are committing idolatry.

Don't believe me?

Are you giving more meaning to the individual words than what the words are telling you? Do you take some parts of your scripture literally and others metaphorically, how do you decide what you read literally or symbolically? Is your science book more than a thousand years old?

We've made *some* scientific advances in the last few years, you know?

Who Cares!?!

What does it matter if god made the universe or not anyway? Has it not occurred to the faithful that studying the sciences of evolution, might actually lead to advances in medical treatments of many illnesses and diseases?

Will you deny yourself a cure to a fatal disease if the research that went into that cure had anything to do with the sciences behind evolution? Well?

Faithless much?

Oh, and if your excuse for denying evolution so loudly is because you don't want others of your faith to be led astray, then not only are you unsure about your own faith, but your faith is so weak that you need to perpetuate your myth outside of your own mind by having other people believe the same fantasy as you to make your "faith" seem more real.


Seriously, what happens every time some aspect of what was previously considered to be "godly", is revealed to be just plain old science?

Evolution could be categorically proven 100% with a fossil record from each of the last four billion years, with no "gaps" and no missing "transitory species" or we could produce basic one cell life forms from basic chemicals in controlled conditions every time by zapping them with just the right amount of lightning, but the evolution denying person, they would just go and move the goal posts anyway, wouldn't they?

But what the evolution-denying faith-based individual doesn't realise, is that, with god, you would never ever be able to see the goal posts to be able to move them in the first place, because if you truly believed in your god, no amount of evidence of any kind would wash away your faith.

Saturday, 26 July 2008

how *can* god exist? (religiorant)

does god exist? no... at least, i don't think so.. and most definitely no to a "christian" god, which is merely a fantasy created by mankind in our image.. not the other way around...

but the thing is, how *can* god exist anyway?

but what is god? god knows everything, can do anything, is everywhere and nowhere all at once right? ... if that were so then

there would be no purpose to being god

think about this, a god would know *everything*, right? including everything that *it* would ever do, right?

so i ask the reader to ponder, what would be the purpose of existing if you knew everything about your existence already? how could *you* exist if you knew everything that was going to happen? with every moment scripted already in your brain, every heartbeat and breath and blink of an eyelid, or is there is some loophole where god is excluded from knowing everything about its own "life" ??

so what sort of immortal being could exist without going insane? maybe that *explains* the christian god? LOL! or maybe, god's brain went and collapsed in on itself when it realised there was no point in existing... we refer to this event as the big bang

but, seriously, why would god, a mere ten thousand or so years ago, suddenly decide to make the universe? why, when for trillions and zillions and mexafillions of years, god sat around and did...


or maybe that was the challenge god set itself, "I'm gunna sit around and do nothing for a trillion to the power of a trillion years without blinking" .. maybe that was the big bang, god blinked, and put its eye out...

but here is the thing to think about, how could such a fantastical creature like god, suddenly get bored after an eternity of doing nothing and spontaneously create a universe, just for a subset of people on one planet amongst countless stars and galaxies, does this not belittle the very notion of a god?

if god, an all powerful being existed, then why would it not have done something *else* in all that time? why was god so lazy that he did nothing of consequence for all that time? could you do nothing for an hour? a year? a millennium? an aeon?

if god does exists, it is most likely that it is unaware of any universe that it created...

Mostly written 26th July 2008, mostly...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

why assume the afterlife is going to be fantastic anyway?

why assume the afterlife is going to be fantastic anyway? and by afterlife i mean a christian heaven

i mean really? what's going to be there? i mean god supposedly tells us all this crap that we are supposed to abide by - but we don't - and christians think they get away with this shit just by accepting Jevesus - you think god is gunna let all your shenanigans go on in heaven? ainst no Jevbeus going to be helping you once you get to heaven, you reporting straight to da old man once you get past the Pearly Gates

maybe hell has just been given such a bad rap over the centuries because that's where all the parties and raves and concerts and entertaining stuff is, and all the prudes don't get invited coz they want to inflict their standards and morals on everyone, so they get stuck in heaven with boring old god?

no, there was no point... do i need one? no, but there was a point, at one stage, i just forgot it

Saturday, 28 June 2008

the problem with christianity? (religiorant)

yes it's obvious what the problem is, at least to me - but just wait a minute - let me give you some context, because i also used to think that christianity was the problem with christianity, ie. the religion itself..

i mean, look at the bible with its stories of talking asses, magical parting of waters, resurrections from the dead and stories about arks carrying two of each kind of animal during a massive flood (how did the fucking koala bears get to Australia, my dear christians?) - what sort of people do you have believing in such tall stories? people with a lot of faith in the ridiculous, obviously!

we have all these ridiculous religious things that people believe, but believing fairy tales requires a lot of faith, and this is not for me, i'm not caught in the gravity of any god, other than the universe itself, if indeed that can even be called a "god".

i doubt there are many people that are truly good christians, because there are so many people who keep saying that they are good christians, so it is prudent to believe that there are none because a true christian would not need to brag about being christian in the first place!

Repeatedly saying something that you aren't, doesn't make it true. Repeating something over and over is one of those mantra things you tell yourself to make yourself feel better. Like when people make these affirmations out loud, they tend to release whatever that chemical in the brain is called that makes you feel good, that's why they believe, to make themselves feel goooood.

Well, good on ya mate, I listen to Boston or Toto or ABBA or INXS or Men At Work or something else I enjoy instead of telling myself a lie, a fantasy, a story, i lie to myself enough as it is - I don't need an intangible thing watching my every move to concern me...

the very fact that christians even vaguely imply that they are good christians is being arrogant on some level, isn't it? just because you are christian, it does not make you a good person. If you think it does, then you better think again.

and aren't the meek supposed to inherit the earth? if you are bragging about being a good person by calling yourself christian, then you are not being meek, you are in fact, showing off that you are a believer.

oh - yes - i love being judgemental of christians - because i get to judge them by their own values

and christians can be as offended as much they want - but try and tell me that the bible is anything but a fantastical bunch of anecdotes and I'll demand you show me this "proof" you christians keep going on about that proves the stories in the bible to be true - thus far after nearly a year of being involved in this fucked up debate which probably exists now because dumbarse christians finally have figured out this internet thing and that it's no longer the devil's evil work and bahahahah and still no-one has shown a scrap of evidence to support any claim in the bible.

And as for proof of Jesus existing, you gotta do way better than having his name on a Roman execution list or just some off hand reference to a figure that resembled this Jesus character by some minor historian of the time. A lot of the things that people have announced as proof and keep announcing as proof, have themselves been dismissed by the Church as being hoaxes. Did you read that? Many of the things that christians tout have been DEBUNKED by the church itself - go do some research if you don't believe me

Faith is not "proof" either.. just because you believe in something, it does not make it true, what is true to you might very well be a lie to every other person on earth

but yes... it is obvious what's the matter with christianity, the problem is the christians themselves.. I mean the bible had some good stuff, but most of it is common sense, eg. don't kill... but far too many times I've seen crap from christians belittling and making judgements about people of different

* races
* sexual persuasions
* religious ideals

so I ask you christians why don't (or won't) you accept people that are different, just what is your fucking problem?

yes it's a rhetorical question... but I wonder do they realise that;

a) you are being meddlesome (ie. not meek)
what business is it of yours in the first place what other people do or believe in the privacy of their own homes? if you think it's your business that Steve and Jake like to suck each other off, then you are a busy body arsehole who is concerned that Steve and Jake might just like to suck you off as well and that *you* might just like it. why does it disgust you?! the thought of two guys sucking each other off should do nothing to you, you should be saying "if they like it, so what!" - why are you even thinking about gay people and whatever they get up to in the bedroom in the first place? You can't hate and/or denounce something you know nothing about, you know. I don't like the idea of me being intimate with another guy either, but I don't dwell upon that image so much so that I feel the need to have to write a blog about it and denounce it as being 'perverted' or immoral

b) you are being judgemental
who the fuck are you to say being gay or a different race or not believing in god is unacceptable or whatever the fuck it is you think makes these "different" people, "wrong". that is judgemental - a trait which is very much "god-like" - but just because god or Jesus is judgemental it doesn't fucking mean that you get to be judgemental as well! - it's none of your fucking business, you don't know if your god approve or disapproves of these people - you don't know what's in the hearts of these people - fuck, you don't even know your god exists!! And knowing that something "just must be" does NOT make it so.. what fucked up logic is that? That's what little children do when they have temper tantrums - stomping their feet - itistrueitistrueitistrue whhahhhhhh .... grow up already

c) you are being selfish
if you think your god is only for people that give themselves to him - then you are being selfish - again, how the fuck do *you* know what god wants, how does giving yourself to a god make you a believer when at *least* two thirds of the ppl on this planet don't believe in the same god as you do? well? how does someone who has never heard of, nor ever will have heard of Jesus, have the opportunity to accept him as their saviour?

d) you are being arrogant
who the fuck are you to think that your god is *the* god? there are thousands of them! is it because the belief in your god has survived for 2000 years? pfft! your religion was founded in bloodshed and was enforced on the populace so that eventually in a few generations of forced submission to your religion it become an indoctrinated belief. how is that what god wanted? forcing people to believe in something is *not* true belief - the whole join-us-or-be-executed-or-be-expelled was pretty much the go if you didn't accept christianity back in the Roman Empire at around 500AD! how arrogant are you to believe that the population being forced into religion counts as being a believer? children were exposed to religion in order to ensure that they wouldn't be killed or tormented as non-conforming non-believers, parents indoctrinated their children into religion over the centuries to stop their kids from being tormented by the supposedly peaceful religious majority and now, in our day and age, somehow indoctrinating kids into bullshit fantasy stories has become "normal" .. the fact that christianity has gone on for so long in the face of christians having it so blindingly *wrong* is testament to the fact that it is based around the fear of the unknown, and how is accepting anything based on fear, an honest and good choice? or are you arrogant because it's so popular? well - NEWSFLASH - no religion has a majority of followers - NONE - more people do *not* believe in your kooky ideals than people who *do* - get the fuck over yourself.

so here we are "christians", the above points apply here - you are not christian if you think that

a) people have to deliberately give themselves to Jesus to be saved
why? what about four billion ppl who don't believe or probably never even heard of Jesus? what about them?

b) that ppl who don't believe in your god have pointless lives
how do you know your god is the god? YOU DO NOT! you just say that to prop up the lie you keep telling yourself so that it's more real, and the more people who believe the same fucked up thing you believe, the less it becomes a lie in your fucked up little version of reality you have in your head, but the actual reality is that any lie you tell yourself, is *still* a lie. Furthermore lies that you tell yourself that are spoken out loud, are also called delusions - why isn't every religious person thrown in the nut-house for being a nut?

c) if you follow anything in the bible written by Paul
Paul was a self appointed disciple, Jesus did not invite him to be a disciple, Paul claimed that "god" wanted him to be a disciple, funny how "god" didn't mention that fact to Jesus while J.C. was still alive hey? sure Paul, *we* believe you... hey, weren't you the guy that tried to killllll all of Jesus' followers, Paul?

and finally:

just exactly what do you want these "different" people to do anyway? leave planet earth? I bet that they would if they could, I know I would gladly leave this planet just so that I wasn't breathing the same oxygen as bigoted cunts like you.. do you want these people to kill themselves? is that why you can't accept that actual people want to be gay or a non-believer, so it's best that they stick in a gun in their mouths? jump off a bridge? slash open their wrists? what? what do you want these people to do? hey?

why don't you lot walk around with a sign on your head that says "I'm a bigoted Christian, so don't tell me you are gay, a non-believer or whatever god doesn't approve of, as you will destroy my delusion and it will be my god given duty to tell you to kill yourself!" ... or maybe a t-shirt - if you are not a christian - then you should go kill yourself ... and why not - that's *exactly* what christians have said to me and NO other person who was supposedly christian, had a problem with the things that were said to me ...

so indeed ... christianity is not the problem - it is a thing - and things are only a problem when they are misused - so it's the christians that are 100% the problem - don't blame the message, blame the messenger for getting it so blatantly and embarrassingly wrong.

(mostly written 22/june/2008, mostly......

Saturday, 21 June 2008

heaven is so boring... again! (religiorant)

is it just me, or does heaven sound pitifully boring? think about all the things you do in a day, how many of those things would either be redundant once you got to heaven, and what about all the things you do everyday that would be frowned upon by god?

a typical day shall we? a weekday perhaps...

midnight to 6am
Earth - sleeping
Heaven - no sleeping, what would be the point of sleeping as you would have no mortal body to get tired in the first place...

6am to 7am
Earth - use bathroom/toilet and get ready for work/school/day at the beach/whatever
Heaven - you have no body and you don't work, or go to school, but there might be beaches in heaven...

7am to 8am
Earth - travel to work
Heaven - no work again and even if you had somewhere to go, you would assume, seeing how you're some being that transcends reality as we know it, that you'd be able to get their instantly.

8am to midday
Earth - working with bathroom breaks and coffee and cigarette breaks etc
Heaven - no work but at least there is no doll queue either .. no need to eat and or smoke in heaven, as you no longer have a mortal body that needs to be fed or have its thirst quenched with water

midday to 1pm
Earth - lunch
Heaven - no lunch, no body etc

1pm to 5pm
Earth - more work, coffee, cigarettes etc etc
Heaven - no work

5pm to 6pmEarth - travel home
Heaven - u didn't go anywhere

7pm to midnightEarth - relax, eat, shower, and go to bed
Heaven - no need to eat or shower or sleep, uhmmm... you just relax

in your relaxing time... uhmm... music, computers, masturbation, sex, internet, movies, alcohol, TV etc etc, none of that is in heaven... so uhmmm... there's a hell of a lot of non-specific relaxing in heaven.. and what music would be appropriate in heaven? classical stuff? that's OK for only a bit and singing Kumbiyah isn't as appealing as it might sound...

seems to me heaven is just a whole bunch of sitting around in meditation saying "ohmmmmmm" ... imagine if heaven was a Hare Krishna heaven?

'Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare / Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare'.. what joy that would be? or maybe we'd all sit around singing Joy to the World, not the Three Dog Night version though... imagine that for trillions of years on end?

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What I believe.... (Episode 4 - The Force)

OK... this isn't part four it's the first part... where have i heard that before?
but what do i believe, in terms of god?..

i fracking don't believe *anything* and if i did it would only be an opinion, a speculation... in fact, everyone on this planet who has an opinion about god, is only speculating, that includes believers and non-believers alike... so get over yourself, you don't know, they don't know and I don't know.. get over yourself if you think you have 'absolute' knowledge of something immortal and supernatural, if you do 'know' something like that with certainly, it is most probably all in your head and if it isn't then you can bloody well share your brilliant observations with the rest of the planet, unless of course you are full of shit...

But, what I do know is there is some sort of consensus in the scientific community that the universe is expanding at an ever faster rate because of some 'force' pushing the galaxies apart at an ever faster rate... the way I see it is that the entire universe creates a kind of 'solar wind' effect pushing outwards with enough force to accelerate the galaxies. (which probably isn't right, but the point is that "dark energy" is a force of some kind!!)

We can see this solar wind in our own local solar system and how it interacts with comets as the tail of a comet always points away from the sun. The solar wind has enough energy to melt the comet's surface ice and then accelerate that material away from the comet at faster speeds than the comet is moving. We see this as the comet's tail of is in *front* of the comet even as the comet is on the way *out* of the inner solar system..

so imagine that solar wind on a cosmic scale.... that's The Force and it's the biggest thing in the universe... bigger than the 'material' universe.. that Force defines the size of the universe, because if you were not in its range you wouldn't know our universe was there!..

although this Force doesn't exactly bind the galaxies together, that's gravity, but it does surround us and it is everywhere because where this energy isn't, it would be hard to call that particular place a part of the universe if light from our universe hadn't reached that spot yet, don't you think? and this Force comes from the sun along with trillions of other stars, and the sun does give us life.. nothing would be here if not for the sun...

"Here comes the sun and I say it's alright"

There is no other thing in the universe that is everywhere and is connected to everything else, the Cosmological Solar Wind... aka The Force! :-D

ps. yes "dark energy" is what people like to say - but what makes more sense? the cumulative effect of every star in the universes' solar wind is pushing the universe apart, or some mysterious dark energy that we don't know the origin of is doing this pushing apart of the universe?

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

What I believe (Episode 5, The Force, religion/rant)

I believe in god.. sort of... but I call it The Force, and why not? There is only one thing in this universe that actually *is* everywhere.. and that thing is energy... well if you want to get technical, there's the literal nothing between atoms, that's if nothing can be called "something".

I don't know what to believe with all these religions, though - they are all stupid because the fact that there is more than one religion, nullifies them all for my mind..

Two religions claim to be the ultimate truth? Then they both get dismissed for their idolatrous assumption that they know the truth about the greatest of all unknowns, god.

I became all angsted-out at christianity by the start of the 90s after having spent most of the 80s listening to Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Manowar, Warlock, Def Leppard, Whitesnake etc making my brain empty out its religion completely, and yes it took a hate of god and for what he has done to me to make me become indifferent to the whole religion thing..

but I still worshiped ... sort of...

it took ten years to finally become detached from that guilt-trip feeling they drum into catholics.. so if i'm considering doing something 'bad' it used to be "oh i can't do that, god is watching" ... now i'm just "oh i can't do that"... actually to be honest - it's "oh i can't do that, I'll upset that person" ...

so uhmm.. sorry, but screw you if you think you *need* a god to be ethical or compassionate or whatever it is us godless people don't have what those god-fearing people do have...

But *anyway* - I was into astronomy when I was a kid in the very late 70s, so later on when I heard in the mid 90s that astronomers had discovered that the universe was actually getting bigger at an ever *faster* rate and that this was being caused by some sort of a energetic force that was constantly pushing apart the universe.... a Force, hey? An energy that is everywhere, you say? And it surrounds us, as well? That sounds familiar... seeing how I had watched the Star Wars Trilogy countless times...

But unlike god, The Force, in the way that i see it, is indeed 'real' - you *can* feel the energy of heat and you *can* see the light from the distant stars, you can feel the static in the air or off the TV that makes the hair on your arms stand up etc. etc. at the very least that is far more real than the Mr Invisible Man in the sky because we can actually measure the amount of energy in a particular spot.

energy - some of us worship it already - who can go a day without our creature comforts of TV, DVD, computer, Internet, air-con, refrigerator?? - i'm sure there are other things people could make up as a philosophy/religion around the concept of energy... but i go with what I know so...

so 2001 census comes around.. Religion = Jedi... census 2006 ... Religion = Jedi....

I guess for people with "traditionalist" views about religious types, then Jedi is close to a pantheist .. so the universe is my god and energy binds it all together... who cares about the particulars... also the way i see it is that every religion is a subset of worshiping the universe... but i think the real reason i needed to think this, was when I say "god" to myself or whatever - I want to make sure i'm not praising the christian god (brought up catholic) so i've conditioned my brain to think that god==universe and that the universe==god.... I enjoy not feeling the guilt of a god watching everything i do and i have enough self doubt as it is, I don't need some imaginary being to be my guilt pill making my anxiety worse, that's why...

so why not have some fun with it because i need my fun.. I'd just as soon worship Brian from "Life Of Brian" but there just isn't enough material to go critical mass on that... I think I'd have to generalise and be a Monty-Pythonist...

and no I can't move objects with my mind, but I do try just to make sure, every time I leave my building I wave my hand at the door switch so I don't have to walk over to it and push the button, just in case... one day we'll have motion sensors that can detect crap like that and we can all be Jedi...

so when the census mob show up to my door and give me crap about putting "Jedi" in the religion field, (because it is illegal to put a 'religion' if you don't believe in it) this is what i might say

A Jedi's strength flows from the Force. But beware of the dark side. Anger... fear... aggression. The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will, as it did Obi-Wan's apprentice.

or something like that...

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

science is SO not a religion. (religiorant)

* Evolution is not a religion
* Science is not a religion
* Atheism is not a religion

Anyone trying to make these sound like they are some sort of doctrine that is followed to guide us through life is seriously fucked in the head.

Science is about facts - or rather about facts as best as we know them - therefore the sciences are bound to change - Science adapts - Science figures stuff out the best it can and then adapts some more as our technology improves - on the other hand, doctrines like the bible don't change - if they did change, people could lose their faith because the bible isn't supposed to change!

Who gives a rats arse about whether there are gaps in the "evolutionary chain"!! That's part of the wonder of science! If we had it all figured out, sheesh, what would we do then? Oh I'm sorry we can't account for four billion years of developing life on earth can we? Oh I'm sorry the "gap theory" of evolution only partially explains the what and the why of how we came to be by giving *actual* evidence.. yes it's not complete - yes there are gaps in the evidence.. but..

Lets examine what the alternate theory says, shall we?

It says god did it... with NO evidence what so ever!!


how dumb is that?... nothing at all in the bible is verifiable, *nothing*

sure there are some off-hand references throughout history to the events that took place, but seriously, is that enough to regard it as fact? You can have faith in the bible - good for you - but to pass off a book from before the dark ages as some sort of fact is just plain stupid. oh and don't forget that the adamant following of the bible was what caused the dark ages in the first place, by the way...

nothing at all in the bible should be regarded as fact - it's been translated so many times to take it literally is foolish - sorry to say it, but it's also irresponsible to all of humanity to perpetuate myths as fact, let alone perpetuate the bible as some sort of a scientific way of thinking!...

Sure, great, you can get some good stuff out of what Jesus said and some of those commandments are sensible but that is not enough for me..

The bible is the ultimate gap theory - except it's far worse than that, as it's not just a gap theory, it's more like an empty chasm vacuum theory filled with stories and parables - it's the complete lack of utter evidence theory - it's the "la la la la la god did it la la la la la" theory - it's the stick your fingers in your ears and be ignorant approach to science. Which is the exact opposite of what Science is about.

Science is so NOT a religion

Friday, 21 March 2008

What I believe.... (No. 3 - religion+god+jesus)

religion and god are things made up by man to explain away things that we don't understand.

A theory, if you will: When ancient man discovered how to make fire, perhaps by striking two rocks together to make a spark, ancient man would have been familiar with lightning (a really big spark), so a logical conclusion to their primitive minds may have been that lightning was made by some out-of-sight being striking two rocks together in the sky and why would they believe anything else without proof to the contrary?

I mean what did they think caused the thunder sound anyway? Two big rocks striking each other in the sky could very well cause the sound that we know of as "thunder" these days. Except we know that isn't the case thanks to our current technology.

The point is that after a few hundred or perhaps even thousands of years, this 'speculation' that some invisible creature was making lightning and thunder has "stuck" and it has become some sort of "fact" that everyone accepts because they don't know any better.

This is no different to the bible.

Where was god before humans made him up?

What gives man the right to make up new gods anyway? That in itself is conceded and arrogant.

If you want to worship something and make it sacred, frikking worship the very Earth you walk on!! At the very least looking after the planet we live on looks to the future instead of the biblical idiocy of "subdue the earth" until it's used up and then Jesus will come back and fix everything!

And by the way, who says Jesus' second coming hasn't already been and gone already?

What happens to those who have preached togetherness in the past? Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus, John Lennon... and lots more... these people stood for peace between all peoples and yet they were killed for promoting peace. The truth is that Jesus could come and go and everyone would most likely think that he was a looney, in fact he could very well be currently locked up inside a nice padded cell in a drug induced stupor, with drool dribbling out the corner of his mouth right now...

Monday, 4 February 2008

what is it called when you do not care if god exists or not!!

[I don't care if god exists or not]

having again set myself up to be preached at unwittingly today, i found myself somewhat annoyed - (control control you must learn control!) and during this conversation i found myself saying

I don't care if god exists or not!!

now that's not an atheist nor is it an agnostic - so what is it?

is the religion of not giving a fuck if god exists or not, called...


kind of rolls off the tongue .. or perhaps we could have:

soism (aka sowhatism)

the kids would call this "sofuckingwhatism" - and there's a nice Metallica song to go with that one


everyone can be a part of that! and the shrug could be the basis of the "religion"

"do you believe in god?"
"oh? so you think there is no god?"
"Oh! so what do you believe?"



the people would be the Disinterestanites

negative care factorism

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.