Monday, 4 February 2008

what is it called when you do not care if god exists or not!!

[I don't care if god exists or not]

having again set myself up to be preached at unwittingly today, i found myself somewhat annoyed - (control control you must learn control!) and during this conversation i found myself saying

I don't care if god exists or not!!

now that's not an atheist nor is it an agnostic - so what is it?

is the religion of not giving a fuck if god exists or not, called...


kind of rolls off the tongue .. or perhaps we could have:

soism (aka sowhatism)

the kids would call this "sofuckingwhatism" - and there's a nice Metallica song to go with that one


everyone can be a part of that! and the shrug could be the basis of the "religion"

"do you believe in god?"
"oh? so you think there is no god?"
"Oh! so what do you believe?"



the people would be the Disinterestanites

negative care factorism

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