Friday, 21 March 2008

What I believe.... (No. 3 - religion+god+jesus)

religion and god are things made up by man to explain away things that we don't understand.

A theory, if you will: When ancient man discovered how to make fire, perhaps by striking two rocks together to make a spark, ancient man would have been familiar with lightning (a really big spark), so a logical conclusion to their primitive minds may have been that lightning was made by some out-of-sight being striking two rocks together in the sky and why would they believe anything else without proof to the contrary?

I mean what did they think caused the thunder sound anyway? Two big rocks striking each other in the sky could very well cause the sound that we know of as "thunder" these days. Except we know that isn't the case thanks to our current technology.

The point is that after a few hundred or perhaps even thousands of years, this 'speculation' that some invisible creature was making lightning and thunder has "stuck" and it has become some sort of "fact" that everyone accepts because they don't know any better.

This is no different to the bible.

Where was god before humans made him up?

What gives man the right to make up new gods anyway? That in itself is conceded and arrogant.

If you want to worship something and make it sacred, frikking worship the very Earth you walk on!! At the very least looking after the planet we live on looks to the future instead of the biblical idiocy of "subdue the earth" until it's used up and then Jesus will come back and fix everything!

And by the way, who says Jesus' second coming hasn't already been and gone already?

What happens to those who have preached togetherness in the past? Martin Luther King, Ghandi, Jesus, John Lennon... and lots more... these people stood for peace between all peoples and yet they were killed for promoting peace. The truth is that Jesus could come and go and everyone would most likely think that he was a looney, in fact he could very well be currently locked up inside a nice padded cell in a drug induced stupor, with drool dribbling out the corner of his mouth right now...

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