Tuesday, 25 March 2008

science is SO not a religion. (religiorant)

* Evolution is not a religion
* Science is not a religion
* Atheism is not a religion

Anyone trying to make these sound like they are some sort of doctrine that is followed to guide us through life is seriously fucked in the head.

Science is about facts - or rather about facts as best as we know them - therefore the sciences are bound to change - Science adapts - Science figures stuff out the best it can and then adapts some more as our technology improves - on the other hand, doctrines like the bible don't change - if they did change, people could lose their faith because the bible isn't supposed to change!

Who gives a rats arse about whether there are gaps in the "evolutionary chain"!! That's part of the wonder of science! If we had it all figured out, sheesh, what would we do then? Oh I'm sorry we can't account for four billion years of developing life on earth can we? Oh I'm sorry the "gap theory" of evolution only partially explains the what and the why of how we came to be by giving *actual* evidence.. yes it's not complete - yes there are gaps in the evidence.. but..

Lets examine what the alternate theory says, shall we?

It says god did it... with NO evidence what so ever!!


how dumb is that?... nothing at all in the bible is verifiable, *nothing*

sure there are some off-hand references throughout history to the events that took place, but seriously, is that enough to regard it as fact? You can have faith in the bible - good for you - but to pass off a book from before the dark ages as some sort of fact is just plain stupid. oh and don't forget that the adamant following of the bible was what caused the dark ages in the first place, by the way...

nothing at all in the bible should be regarded as fact - it's been translated so many times to take it literally is foolish - sorry to say it, but it's also irresponsible to all of humanity to perpetuate myths as fact, let alone perpetuate the bible as some sort of a scientific way of thinking!...

Sure, great, you can get some good stuff out of what Jesus said and some of those commandments are sensible but that is not enough for me..

The bible is the ultimate gap theory - except it's far worse than that, as it's not just a gap theory, it's more like an empty chasm vacuum theory filled with stories and parables - it's the complete lack of utter evidence theory - it's the "la la la la la god did it la la la la la" theory - it's the stick your fingers in your ears and be ignorant approach to science. Which is the exact opposite of what Science is about.

Science is so NOT a religion

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