Tuesday, 22 December 2009

non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 3 (religiorant)

sometime in the past couple of weeks, someone said something about non-believers tolerating believers, not sure who it was, but it got me thinking, so thank you if these ideas seem familiar... .... sorry this is so long (and this is part three), not sure if the other two parts aren't too over the top (yes, even for me)...

but the opposite argument, "should believers be tolerant of non-believers?" should have been a no contest, right?

After all, those religions of love and peace and happiness and togetherness and TOLERANCE should not even be thinking about *if* they will tolerate non-believers, as they have already, via the proxy of their religion, declared that they will be tolerant. well that's what I keep reading into the hidden meaning when they say that theirs "is a religion of peace" ..

so, the question is

should non-believers be tolerant of believers?

it seems a rather innocuous and simple question... but in terms of the argument against religion, I think this is *the* killer because, let's face it, believers are *not* tolerant of non-believers, and even though that statement doesn't apply to the majority of the religious, the intolerance shown by the mega-religious minority is so prevalent and so outspoken and so often stupid and so offensive that they can't be ignored... why?

stupidity is contagious

stupidity and deferring to what somebody tells you to think caused the frikking dark ages ... not thinking for yourself is dangerous. The bible is a perfect example - nobody asks *WHY* any of the things are the way they are in the bible. Why did Satan attack heaven? Why is it an abomination for this and that? Why did god send Jesus? Why did god punish Job for no particular reason? Why did god wipe out all life on the entire planet? Why did he let the fallen angels breed with humans.. why why why

so my answer off the top of my head in a knee jerk reaction, is to answer the question with

"why should we be tolerant of believers?" ..


but first, let's put the whole argument out there and establish some context so we can see why we shouldn't have to tolerate "believers"...

and i want to establish precedence (who was there first) in this blog because the religionists have often told me that because their religion has been around for so long that it's *the* religion and it's the right one, of course. I've even read people claim that Islam is the oldest religion, because it has it's roots with that Adam and Eve story.


tolerance - in general terms - would at least in part seem to be the task of the person who was there first, in that they have to tolerate their environment changing around them, right? This includes, the weather, some new person showing up, anything that involves changes really...

I mean, you could show up later on, and have to tolerate the people that were there before you, but, do you really have a right to complain? Even if their customs are brutal? Islam is exactly what I mean, if we go to their country we *must* obey their laws and respect their customs, the same should be expected from them when they come to our country, right?

So we have a precedence where the persons being there first have the most right to want to keep things the way they are, because everything was fine until the change happened, or indeed, give permission for a new way of things to happen, if in fact the new guy coming along has a great idea that would benefit everyone.

analogy: you're standing there at the bus stop, minding your own business whilst looking at the no-smoking sign, along comes some dickhead, stands beside you, lights up a cigarette, and the smoke starts getting in your face... it's not a nice experience. Now you can either:

a) tolerate and ignore it ( "passive tolerance" )
b) tolerate it but tell him to observe the signs in the future ( "active tolerance" )
c) have a word to the fellow to observe the signs *and* cut it out ( "active intolerance" )
d) you can move so you are not downwind of the smoke ( "passive intolerance" )

(( i made up that passive/active/tolerance/intolerance thing (at least i think i did) so if it's stupid, tell me ))

another analogy: think of a sports stadium, we would assume a sporting stadium was to be used for sports, right? so if some clown comes along and wants to make a church out of it and they go about making this happen, do we tolerate this? we say "no! go build your church in the empty lot down the road" .. but just say this stadium, has a big conference room, and the local churchies want to turn just that room into a church for one day a week.. sure, we can tolerate that much, it's only for Sundays anyway. but the point is that the stadium was there first, so logically, it's up to the new person coming along to adapt to the way things are or to get permission from the current owners, if they don't adapt to how things are or are refused permission, then they can go away, right?

well I guess if they were bigger they could just stomp on you and do what they want anyway, and in this case, I would call this "forced tolerance"


so in the grand scheme of things, we start with a planet - life grows, people eventually arrive .. they walk around, do stuff ... then somebody got the bright idea that their was an invisible entity who made it all

is that logical as to what happened first?

did humans know about god first (belief) or did the *lack* of human speculation about god (non-belief) happen first?...

how can it be anything but non-belief coming first?

oh i hear you - you're saying that back then humans weren't smart enough to think of the concept of god, oh wait... you aren't saying that we became "human" the moment we thought up god, are you? are you saying that we are not human, unless we embrace god? your god?

that's the message I get from the religious who want everyone to convert to their way ... why is their way better? why must they insist on me being religious as well?

and fuck you if you're going to say that "I just need to read the bible" .. let me save you that conversation with me

nut: You need to believe in Jesus
me: Why?
nut: So you can be saved
me: Saved from what?
nut: From hell!
me: oh? so how do I believe in Jesus?
nut: you need to read the bible
me: but I did read the bible, that's *why* I'm a non-believer
nut: oh!! you just need to believe in Jesus when you read the bible..
me: wait... uhmmm.. so in order to believe in Jesus, I need to read the bible, but I have to believe in Jesus when I read the bible?
nut: YES!

*face*palms* and that's the simplified version

and i'm serious, these people are out there on the 'net as I've had that sort of conversation several times - i suspect most of the religious don't actually get into this conversation in the first place - because the religious majority are slightly less blinded by Jesus Christ why don't you come save my life now, open my eyes blind me with your light now.


when someone talks about a religious "truth" that isn't verifiable, they are speaking bullshit, plain and simple.

this bullshit may make them feel warm and fuzzy, but this is clearly NOT tolerance, because if they want me to convert, then they are being INTOLERANT because if they were actually being tolerant they would TOLERATE me not being a religious person ....

and i don't give a flying fuck if people care what happens to my eternal soul - I don't know these people who say these scary things like this and they don't know me, how do I know that they are sincere and not speaking bullshit? conversely, how do they know I am worthy of this salvation anyway? - and if my eternal soul is as important a thing as the religious make it out to be, then I'm not going to base any decision regarding my eternal soul by listening to some fucking crackpot who is speaking utter bullshit.

I'm not going to tolerate bullshit and then be expected to base my view of the after life on said bullshit.

These people may think that they mean well, but I'm sure Jesus did not want you to obsess over all of this. It's not healthy at all to believe in such stories as if they are reality, this is no different to these "gamers" who play online twenty hours a day or play old school Dungeons and Dragons for weekends at a time. These nuts are no different to Tolkien obsessed fans who think that the tales of Middle Earth are ancient history and is actually a place that can be visited in New Zealand because that's where the *movie* was filmed. (and yes it's probably not healthy for me to go on this much about religion, and no i don't actually know of any people who think Lord of the Rings is a lost part of the history of the world.)

It's like the imaginations in these people have been tripped or tricked into overdrive and they can't shut them off. Instead of having an imagination that roams the universe, they have an imagination that only dwells on the one thing and when you obsess over the one thing, that fantasy will be very close to being part of your reality. Which reminds of that episode of Buffy where she is in a mental hospital and her Slayer life is a delusion that consumes her so much she doesn't realise she's in a mental hospital and the episode is about her brief return to reality.

When people speak bullshit like they are speaking out from the depths of their delusional state of mind as if their fantasies are fact, of course i'm intolerant, because bullshitters wanting me to believe their bullshit SCREAMS to me that whatever it is they are on about is not to be believed, and that doesn't just apply to religion, that applies to everything in life.

No I don't want to change long distance carriers, No I don't want to subscribe to the "new watchoomacallit widgets" ... keep going on about it and i'll take an active part in denying it ... or in the case of a nuisance companies calling me up repeatedly, they get reported to the authorities for being a nuisance.

So why can't I contact the christian church and get them to tell all the christians to fuck off and leave me the fuck alone???? If the religious repeatedly try to convert me to christianity/islam/whatever, should I not have the right to sue the church for harassment? I'm surprised that I've not heard of someone doing that in the USA actually ...


telling me i'm a sinner - INTOLERANCE

telling me I'm going to hell - INTOLERANCE

telling me I need Jesus - is INTOLERANCE

tell me I need Allah - that's INTOLERANCE

tell me to read the bible/koran - that's INTOLERANCE too

telling me that god loves me - more INTOLERANCE, and you might as well tell me that a pile of shit loves me, and in that case, at least shit is real

telling me anything about your religion - especially when it's not the topic of conversation - is INTOLERANCE

not answering questions about your religion - INTOLERANCE

not answering questions HONESTLY about your religion - more INTOLERANCE

trying to convert me to your bullshit - extreme INTOLERANCE

speaking bullshit and then claiming that bullshit as an answer to a question INTOLERANCE

and this is SIMPLY because I believe in NONE of that shit, because it is ALL BULLSHIT as none of it is verifiable.

If Jesus was such a big wig, then why isn't Jesus plastered all over the history books? and don't tell me about Josephus or whatever his name was, from what I understand of "Josephus" - what he said about "Jesus" amounts to a paragraph or two. That's hardly an independent verification of the Jesus character we know. and yes it's likely Jesus did exist, but whether he is anything like the tales told is another completely different matter.

but what about the opposite, the scientific point of view? (my opposite POV to religion is reason, logic and science) What about when I talk about the moons of Saturn, or stellar nucleosynthesis, am I being intolerant by speaking about things that other people don't "believe" in? Well if these other people have better ideas or more accurate information than me, then I want to hear what they have to say, which would seem to me to be *tolerance*.

The scientific point of view is always open to change, so by it's own definition, the scientific point of view is tolerant as it is open to change, with new concepts, refinements of old ones. more so, if someone can show science is wrong, then they are welcome to "bring it on" if you will.

Knowing you are wrong is just as big a deal as knowing you are right when it comes to science. IF you know something is wrong, you don't try that option again, so it's a good thing to keep your failures on record with science to stop you wasting time on that failed option in the future.

But religion, it's *all* stories, stories which are not supposed to change and things that will not change are INTOLERANT, if they do not change or adapt, how can they be tolerant? Fuck! even a rock will wear away after thousands of years...

any assumption about the complete fantasy that is religion, is being INTOLERANT .. because the ultra-religious assume that the bullshit that they speak is fact, *AND* they expect everyone else to observe their bullshit as fact as well.. Moses is no fact, Allah is no fact. god is no fact, Gabriel, Uriel, Lucifer... none of these things are facts.

Stories change, even recent events may not be reported accurately, I've seen plenty of bullshit on Fox News, no doubt the masses suck all that bullshit up like a sponge ... and these dumb arses are proud of their intolerance, or perhaps it's more accurate to say that they are oblivious of their intolerance.

oh but religion does good things ...

religion had *BETTER* fucking do "good things" - but there is still an imbalance in the ledger because of the THOUSAND YEARS of intellectual vacuum ... the balance is sorely in favour of the religious making it up to the rest of us for all of their bullshit throughout history, at least for another thousand years...

so the tolerance ledger, would seem to be in favour of the non-believers.

it's everyone's obligation to stop the spread of bullshit - and that's not just applicable to religion - global warming - communism - evolution - outer space - socialism - health care - I've heard lots of bullshit from people who think that they are "experts" because they read one article or they hahahahah fucking saw it on Faux News...


just say a child starts speaking rubbish, perhaps the kid is saying that panda bears are from Antarctica - you do not stand there and let the child speak bullshit do you?? - "uhmmm no little Billy, panda bears are actually from mountainous regions of Tibet and China" .. if the child keeps talking about utter rubbish, you ask the kid where they go to get their stupid ideas from... and then you tell this person to stop filling this kid's head with bullshit or if it's their kid, you can feel free to laugh at the parent as they don't give a shit about their kid's future if they teach them bullshit.

by *not* ridiculing them, you *encourage* their stupidity... inaction breeds stupidity

Without trying to belittle the circumstances of homeless people, I often wonder if the homeless people I see are these dumbarses who won't accept reality, speaking bullshit doesn't put food on your table. speaking bullshit and believing it doesn't get you pass grades in school, you want to be serving fries with that for the rest of your life? do you want to end up on the street, unskilled? untrained? scrounging and begging passers-by for change? is that what you want? the world is getting smarter, being a lazy piece of dumbarse shit *will* see you out in the street - COUNT ON IT - although that is no exclusive prerequisite for being out on the street by any means...

giving believers and their bullshit a wide berth retards the intellectual development of the entire human population, because dumbarses tend to breed and pass on their idiocy to the rest of their blood line. Accurate knowledge takes hard work and effort, spouting your mouth off speaking gibberish is EASY, and bullshit should not be tolerated,


Eventually this religious majority will be the people who will be dragging the chain - they will be the unskilled masses of people *demanding* cheaper health care for everyone - and when all those crops fail because of global warming (yes it *is* going to happen) - it will be these bastards who will demand that we - the scientists - save their collective arses by providing cheaper electricity - atmospheric moisture extractors because it never quite rains, think of the Earth ending up like Tatooine ...

i leave it to you how to deal with the idiots... you don't have to not be nice about it.... humour helps.... double negatives too ... and if you are religious and you managed to read all of that... ^_^

16th Dec 2009

The Book of Job, South Park style

Gerald: Hello, Kyle. How's the hemorrhoid today?

Kyle: Awesome.

Sheila: Kyle, we wanna tell you about the book of Job. It's a story from the Bible.

Kyle: I've had enough of the Bible. What has it gotten me?

Gerald: Oh, I think you'll see differently after hearing this. Sit down, Kyle. Uh, okay. You see, Job lived in the east of Jordan a long long time ago. Job was a great man. He was blessed with ten lovely children, a wonderful wife, and many friends.

Sheila: He was godly, and a good man, and fed the poor.

Gerald: He was the most upright and honorable of men, and every day he praised God.

Sheila: But one day, Satan went up to heaven and talked to God.

Kyle: Satan talked to God?

Sheila: Yes, in the book of Job, Satan talks to God. And God says to Satan, "Have you seen Job? He is a great man, and he praises me every day."

Gerald: But Satan said, "Oh yeah? He only praises you because you gave him so much. If you didn't give him those things, he would curse your name."

Sheila: To which God said, "Oh yeah? I'll show you, Satan! I'll take those things away from Job and he will still praise my name."

Gerald: And so, God had a bunch of barbarians come in and slaughter Job's oxen and donkeys, and murder all his workers.

Sheila: Then God sent his fireballs from the sky and killed his sheep and the rest of his employees.

Gerald: And then, as Job's sons and daughters were eating, God sent a mighty wind to collapse the house and crush and kill them all.

Sheila: Job was terribly sad, but he fell to his knees and said, "The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away," and praised God's name.

Gerald: So then, Job got painful sores all over his body.

Sheila: He was in terrible, miserable pain all day, every day. But he still kept his faith.

Gerald: God said to Satan, "See? I told you. Job still praises me."

Kyle: And that's it? That's the end?

Sheila: Basically.

Kyle: That's the most horrible story I've ever heard. Why would God do such a horrible thing to a good person just to prove a point to Satan?

Gerald: Oh. Uhhh, I don't know.

Kyle: Then I was right. Job has all his children killed, and Michael Bay gets to keep making movies. There isn't a God.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

The Atheist Jesus ... (religohumour)

and it continues .... i'm still seeing stupid christians believing that atheists have no moral centre whatsoever ...

what a heap of shit, let me do an experiment

are you religious?

what's that? you are?

are you dead?

what's that? you're not?

well then, you can shut the fuck up as the atheist plot to exterminate the entire non-atheist population of planet Earth has either:

a) failed
b) hasn't started yet
c) doesn't exist


you see, there's this dude, right, and he's pretty damn cool .. i think you might have heard of him .. his name is


he's the christian dude up on the cross with the nails right? well, here's something that I've noted from practically every non-believer that I have encountered, that they adhere to this simple philosophy...

"Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you..."

it's actually a simplification of what Jesus said but let's keep it simple.. maybe all us non-believers can be a little less scary by being christathiestians??

LOL!! bahhahahah!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

defender ... pretender ... (religiorant)

the lengths to which you go to defend your faith, merely exposes the degree to which you pretend to have faith...

If you have faith, what's the problem?

If you have faith, prove it.

If you have faith, why do you need evidence outside of it?

If you have faith, how can science conflict with it?


If you don't have faith, but still pretend to anyway, then you're no better than us scientific folk, but welcome to planet Earth anyway. Keep your arms and legs inside the carriage at all times and enjoy the ride.

I hope the fall off your high-horse didn't injure you too much, the pressure adjustment and the enriched oxygen levels down here with us mere mortals can make you dizzy, but don't panic, it'll pass, as you get used to it .. next step, is to stop lying to yourself now that you have openly admitted to the rest of us that you lack the very thing you are touting.

"Just relax for a moment. You're free of the carbonite. ... You have hibernation sickness ... Your eyesight will return in time."

Thursday, 3 December 2009

is Satan... our champion? (religiorant)

When You Are Old Enough
To Read These Words
Their Meaning Will Unfold
These Words Are All That’s Left
Though We’ve Never Met My Only Son
I Hope You Know
That I Would Have Been There
To Watch You Grow
But My Call Was Heard
And I Did Go
Now your Mission Lies Ahead Of You
As It Did Mine So Long Ago
To Help The Helpless Ones
Who All Look Up To You
And To Defend Them To The End


Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

Father Father
Father I Look Up To You
And Heed Thy Call
This Letter Ends My Search
I’ll Live Your Dream
Now Passed On To Me

And I Now Wait
To Shake The Hand Of Fate
Like The Dusk Awaiting Dawn
So Wizards Cast Your Spell
With No Heart To Do Me Well
So It Is Written
It Shall Be


Ride Like The Wind
Fight Proud My Son
You’re The Defender
God Has Sent

I forget where I read all this stuff so - excuse any technically vague inaccuracies!! another rant, rather nasty one with Nazi and Jew jokes and everything... i think my writings are becoming sloppy because these blogs take so long that the "flow" gets messed up .. i spend ages trying to research this shit - so in actual fact, this is an interpretation of the bible, by someone who doesn't just believe whatever it is they are reading ... eg. it's blasphemy - but who is to say the bible itself isn't blasphemy?? if you are that person, then HELLO JESUS!! I didn't know you were reading my blogs!! good to have you on board

and i have actually researched this having read heaps of "Satanic" material over the last couple of decades, but I did stop short of reading the whole Satanic Bible, now that I have it, probably because I realised that it made *sense* ... that was just too freaky for me to read anything that made sense that had the word "Bible" in it's title - even if the other word was "Satanic"! ... so - surprise surprise surprise (think Gomer Pyle) - Satan is probably my favourite bit of the christian story... so


i keep finding/hearing/reading statements that Satan was commanded to watch over the earth.. i thought that that was how i remembered it too, I think it was in the story of where Satan tempts Jesus in the desert, but i can't find the relevant bible verse to hit people about the head with it now .. but it kind of implies it here in Job as well...

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

but one thing i will note from my Satanic journey (LOL!!!), is that i did find that it was apparently Gadrel, and not Satan, who tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden.. allegedly


I mean you can't argue with wikipedia, especially when they don't explicitly list the source of this Gadrel story..

I'd never heard of Gadrel before - but it also seems that there is a lot of non-canon texts related to the bible - why weren't they added? - the bible was already confusing so why not go the whole hog? Or was that the point? Create enough gaps in the story to fuck everyone around, so they keep coming back to read the bible, to try and find its "hidden" secrets, where you read until you read what it is that you want to read, even though you have read that exact same verse or verses dozens of times????


this christian mob, they give Satan a bad rap - don't you think? I think I blogged this before but Satan/Devil/Lucifer is mentioned in the bible like a hundred times *less* than Jesus and god - you'd think Satan was mentioned on every page of the bible the way some people go on about it.. like me! haha.. it just occurs to me that I've read every verse that has "Satan" or "Lucifer" and probably "devil" ... so from my point of view it's about fifty-fifty between the evil verses with Satan in them and the rest of them I've read!

and let's do some more basic math shall we? in the bible, god kills something like 2.3 million people - Satan kills something like TEN! I mean come on!! Oh I googled it and there was this clown saying "oh but god *gave* life in the first place" - i reeooollled my eyes and discontinued reading - so it's OK to take a life if you created it? while I won't argue that point, i ainst takin' sides either!

so a killing ratio of about two hundred thousand to one when u compare god to Satan in the bible hey? and if I'm not mistaken, god said Satan could kill the ones that he did kill!!

so excuse me, it is clear to me that this Satan dude is nowhere near as big a demon as god is!!!!

FUCKING . WHAT!! . WHY? . (aka Hitler V god)

see, this is another thing that makes me say *why* when it comes to the bible????

that "why" question in full being "why the fuck do people believe this shit?!?!" it's like making Charlie Manson the hero of the story, or HITLER!! Mein Fuhrer is the hero of the holocaust... oh if it wasn't for Hitler the Jews wouldn't have gotten the holy land so we give praise unto Hitler.. not!

god is way worse than Hitler - and yet - god is loved!

god killed everyone on earth - if the "Great Flood" happened today that would be six BILLION people dead - Hitler - monster as he was - "only" had MILLIONS of people from minorities put to death - but god didn't discriminate - every person and every animal - yet god's loved? - go figure.. we're a strange bunch aren't we?? perhaps Hitler should have told all those minorities that he loved them before he killed them and everything would have been hunky dory??

not likely

It's against the law to deny the holocaust in some countries! How did god get to be such a big shot, having killed nearly everyone on earth? Shouldn't it be against the law to deny that god has fucked us around big time?

this is why the entire bible failed for me, "why am I supposed to be impressed about tales of a monster??!?!?" ... I too can appreciate Hitler's charisma as a leader in getting the German nation to follow him but that doesn't mean I respect him or advocate the end result of his actions!! So why do people believe these stories when there has never been a character more belligerent and vengeful and murderous than the christian/jew/islamic god?!!

Yet he loves you! I love a lot of things too, ice cream, my iPod, clean socks, and I don't particularly care when my ice cream melts, or my iPod has exhausted its power supply, or when my socks get dirty... I go get another ice cream, I listen to music on something else, I put on a clean pair of socks ...

that sounds a bit more akin to the "love" of this god... oh look two hundred thousand people died in a Tsunami, never mind, got plenty more play things to amuse me...

Why do so many people follow monsters??

So back to the point - why is Satan such a monster? Satan did *nothing*, well, nothing god didn't say he could - well, if he actually exists that is!!

The first thing out of character for Satan was the attack on heaven, the bible even says as much, at least the King James Version says it...

And you know, here's something stupid - so *what* even if Satan does exist and is down here tempting us?? HERRO PREASE!!!

This Satan voice in your head tempts you and you go and do the EVIL VILE thing he tempts you to do??? I'm sorry, whooooo's fucking fault is that? You can blame Satan all you want ( you can blame the dog for farting too ) - but it's STILL *YOU* that is the fuckhead that went and did the vile thing!!! Saying the Devil made you do it just doesn't hold up in reality, and it is admission that you are weak minded, that you are a fool. And we all know the universe has no compassion for fools. ergo "The Darwin Awards".

If Satan told you to jump off a cliff, would you? Learn some self control - maybe it's a good thing all these religious people stay religious - imagine a few billion people suddenly having no moral compass when what they dread becomes true - proof that god doesn't exist!! (insert evil laugh)

Is this why nut case christians fear Satan?? because they DO NOT TRUST THEMSELVES TO TELL THE DEVIL TO FUCK OFF AND DO HIS OWN DIRTY WORK?? That they are easily led astray like some lost puppy following the first person home that comes along that they *need* another fantasy to ward off the first one? Oh god will save me from Satan!!

Yes the imaginary creature in your brain will save you from the imaginary creature in your brain. Well done, fucktard.

Don't look at me like I am a monster
Frown out your one face, but with the other (you)
Stare like a junkie into the TV
Stare like a zombie while the mother holds her child,
Watches him die,
Hands to the sky cryin "why, oh why?"



in 2256BC - supposedly - Job was put through the ringers by god, with Satan egging him on .. but Satan was still one of god's angels at this point as it implies in this verse that Satan was to come and go from Earth .. I assume between Earth and heaven... what else is there to assume that makes sense? (oh I spotted the flaw in my logic - the bible doesn't make sense, but let's assume this little bit does)

Job 1:7 And the LORD said unto Satan, Whence comest thou? Then Satan answered the LORD, and said, From going to and fro in the earth, and from walking up and down in it.

gotta love how the ALL KNOWING god needs to ASK questions, by the way... does this all knowing thing seem a bit exaggerated?? if god is all knowing, he's deliberately faking it, god is deceptive on purpose .. god has gone out of his way to be dishonest! I mean how can you not love this shit!!! and by all means read the whole chapters to get the context, but Satan only did what god said he could do.

i got the year of 2256BC from this page, http://www.adamictimeline.com/adamic10b.html


So just when was Satan cast down to Earth for attacking heaven?

Apparently this happened in 726BC.. After the thing with Job - WAY after the flood and *WAY* *WAY* after the Garden of Eden.. If you don't like that idea that it wasn't Satan in the Garden of Eden ... remember just a few lines up above? Satan *only* ever did what god wanted him to do .. So if Satan was in the Garden of Eden - who is to say that god didn't tell Satan to tempt Eve? It's clearly demonstrated that Satan follows his orders given to him by god - he did with Job, so why not elsewhere?

The victor writes history to his advantage... something like that ...

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!

Isaiah 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:

Isaiah 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.

Isaiah 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Isaiah 14:28 In the year that king Ahaz died was this burden.

and if you go and look up when King Ahaz died - it's around about the 726BC point in time....

which also just happens to be about the same time of that losing of the day thing ...

Isaiah 38:8 Behold, I will bring again the shadow of the degrees, which is gone down in the sun dial of Ahaz, ten degrees backward. So the sun returned ten degrees, by which degrees it was gone down.


The dates are a little out - but this *is* a story we are talking about

However at first before this attack on heaven, Satan, was given the task of looking over the earth, he was our guardian, along with a third of the angels, he was commanded to watch over the earth, to look out for us - from what, I'm not sure...

Now here's the bit I can't confirm, why was Satan sent down to us to watch over us? The only excuse I have found, which I can't re-find, is that god did this because apparently god was jealous of Lucifer's cherub hotness - hmmmm... all the angels must have been giving god the cold shoulder with Lucifer around... ?? mayhaps? But the "evidence" (LOL! The bible used as evidence, I kill me!) clearly shows that Satan was definitely sent to us before the time of Job.

((note to reader: I would really love to find the bit where Satan is sent - not cast out - to earth by god, so if you know, speak up!))

but then after a thousand years or so in 726BC - god read the heart of Lucifer, as indicated by Isaiah up above - and found that Lucifer was coveting the "throne" so to speak - oh really? hmmm... so god is jealous of Lucifer, or at the least, he sends Satan to earth for some reason, and then god just happens to .... discover that Lucifer wants to be top dog... convenient much? It's a bit of a stretch I know, but I've seen worse interpretations of the bible ... Like half a fucking line being used as the basis for the Earth fixed in space at the centre of the universe!

but the point is - what is god worried about anyway? it's frikking god, right? does this not imply that god is capable of being killed, imprisoned, coerced into compliance via threats of what? pain, death? and why did god not actually fight? Supreme being could have just clicked its fingers and bye bye - no more war against heaven...

ie. god must be something less than the "all powerful" bull shit i keep hearing ... otherwise god is a faker, or a coward...

come on people!! how can we believe this story?? - there are people who regard the BIBLE as HISTORY!! this is PETTY bullshit I'd expect from some teenage clique!!! Bible-ee Hills 90210 B.C. ... this is far beneath the likes of a god - the christian god is soooo not 'the' god

how would you feel if a parent got you to look after their kids and then after the kids misbehaved, the parent comes home and kills their children??.. what would you do? would you sit there and just let someone kill their kids?

i wouldn't - i don't give a fuck who you are - the pope - the barking dog next door - Abe Lincoln - the Queen - the Dalai Llama, even GOD!! You want to cause harm to people right in front of me i'm gunna step in


was god so ticked off at this King Ahaz guy that he was going to ..... go back on his word and wipe us all out again.. send an asteroid instead of a flood this time?

I mean seriously, *why* would Satan attack the "immortal" god, you don't do shit when you know you are going to fail, do you? so it's reasonable to assume that there was a mitigating factor in the attack, because what's the point if Satan was going to fail??? Satan must have known he might be able to win, even though he was outnumbered two to one... and let us not forget that Satan and god got along just fine for at least a few thousand years .. maybe millions ... maybe billions ... maybe just short of forever ... so what fucking changed after all that time??

there is no logic in fighting unless the chance of winning is there - a hopeless battle and fight to the death perhaps to go out with a bang is probably the exception - but - Satan didn't get killed did he? not according to the plethora of christians who insist that Satan is still down here leading us into an ashtray

so maybe Satan did us the biggest favour by attacking heaven .... which might have been just enough to make god go the fuck away and leave us alone and stop fucking us around with global floods and such, killing us all.

is Satan ... our Champion?

Did he stop god interfering? evened up the odds? Is this why god sent Jesus?? because Satan would rise up and defend us from the god monster?? to get around the whole attacking earth directly thing, did god slip one in under the door into Mary's VAGINA in the form of Jesus? or did Satan force god to fucking behave and stop being such a fucking arsehole to us by attacking heaven?

or was Jesus, Satan in disguise? (i did a whole blog on that one!) Did he come to give us the right message from the heavens, to show-up the god monster and show that *fucktard* how it's supposed to be done? Was all the "Saint" Paul stuff actually from god, you know the dude that wrote half the new testament, the dude that probably never even met Jesus and yet he somehow spoke for Jesus? .. *that* "Saint" Paul... well, was he god's attempt to counter all the Jesus bullshit about being nice to everyone? I mean god hates fags after all, allegedly. (god also hates eagles!) Is that why the Old Testament wasn't thrown away?? gotta have the people fearing god!! no point other wise! gotta show em the nasty stuff to give em a bit of fear!!!


Another thing is the *whens* of when all this happened - now there is no way to tell when the angels (ie Satan) were created - but this verse alludes to the angels watching god make the universe

Job 38:7 When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

it's a bit of a stretch .. but before the universe was made god would have seemed to have made the angels as I can only assume the sons of god referred to angels, seeing how the earth was still on the assembly line and all - does anybody love how fascinating all of this is?

suffice to say that Satan - was on the side of good (well, if you count god's side as being "good") at least until god saw into his heart and the attack happened because the jig was up - but - if Satan had been planning this all along - why didn't god see into his heart sooner? I mean, god fucking knows everything, right?

Could it be that Satan was *not* planning anything at all - Satan was doing what he was told to do, that task being to watch over the earth and us humans, right? I mean this god is ALL SEEING and ALL KNOWING - I seriously doubt god would ignore what it saw in Satan's heart, especially if he was going to over throw god!! especially when it seems that god had cause for concern, seeing how it didn't just snap it's fingers and say "begone Satan, your insolence no longer amuses me..."

So, does it not stand to reason that this all seeing god was about to do something that tilted the balance, that made Satan react and attack heaven? this King Ahaz, god was pretty damn pissed at him for allowing everyone to be so naughty ...

was god just about to smite us again?

and did Satan, seeing how his charge was about to be smotified, did Satan follow his orders to the letter, as commanded by god itself, and rise up with his angels to defend us?

Seriously what else was there to defend us from *apart* from god?

did god set Satan up to fail, only to FAIL himself?

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the gay marriage debate.. (religiorant)

I have *never* seen as big an issue as the debate over gays getting married, where the people bitching about it more than likely HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY PEOPLE WHATSOEVER.

Most of these fuckers trying to stop gay marriage, when asked, have said that they have never even met a gay person, that's a bit like how all those christians claim that "god hates fags" and yet, they have not even read the bible, much the same way that the world has been gripped by Islamophobia, and yet, how many Muslims do you know personally? I know of one and you know what? she seems like a fairly decent sort of person and I used to know some gay people, but not any more. Last I heard was that the only openly gay person I had ever known, had killed himself.

I *so* don't give a fuck if gays get married, and yet, there's a whole bunch of chrischuns that *do* give a crap that these homoseckshuals, that they'll *NEVER* meet mind you, *are* getting married.. (uhmm.. can you say "mind your own fucking business" already? well? sticky beaks? nosey nuisance? hand in the cookie jar spreading your morality across the world, morality that you DO NOT even follow, absolutes my arse.. inerrant word of god MY ARSE)

there isn't enough love in this world and yet there are cunts on planet Earth that are trying to make legislation against certain forms of it!! Oh, and since fucking when was marriage a chrischun thing anyway? Does the definition of marriage in the dictionary say "Marriage: an exclusively christian union between a man and woman"..


i've been reading some chrischun blogs lately and well, what's the fucking problem with all of this gay marriage shite?

since when was someone else's relationships, someone you've probably never met and never will meet, since when was that ANY OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS?

i have no vested interest in any side of this debate, i'm not gay, i'm not married, i'm not chrischun, at least, not for long time... (maybe i should write a blog as to the "why" about that?)

so i don't care if gay people get married AT ALL

what i care about is bigots pretending their religion says that they can be bigots...


firstly: where does it say that marriage is a "christian" thing? turn to any dictionary and is the definition of 'marriage' a "christian union of a christian man and a christian woman"? well?


secondly: the christians don't like it when "the gays" want to have a christian wedding performed by a priest/pastor/preacher/whatever because it says in the bible that gays are an abomination. bigotry is built right into chrischunanity, so it's hard to blame bigots for being bigoted when they their religion dictates that they be bigoted, but here's what i don't understand: *why* would gays would want a christian or religious wedding at all in the first place????

if somebody regarded me as an abomination because their religion arbitrarily says that I am an abomination, without even giving a reason, then I would say "fuck you" to that person, and if that just happened to be my religion as well, I would be doing some serious re-evaluation of my "religion" if that's the sort of attitude my own religion creates towards me... but then again, that sort of attitude prevents me from being brainwashed in the first place.

it's simple, chrischuns don't *want* gays in their 'club'.

1. Abhorrence; disgust.
2. A cause of abhorrence or disgust.

Say it out loud with me... an *abomination* .. and just for good measure...

1. One that is disgusting, loathsome, or repellent.
2. A feeling of repugnance or loathing.

chrischuns think gays are *disgusting* - imagine talking to someone who thought that you were *disgusting*?


chrischuns think gays are disgusting because they *are* gay, and that's it. there is *NO* actual reason.

does the bible list an actual reason for *why* gays are an abomination? no it doesn't... but feel free to correct me, as always, if you can...

so, let me get this straight for all the kids reading this at home, not only do chrischuns actively regard gay people as an abomination, but guess what? .... The bible does NOT EVEN LIST AN ACTUAL REASON for treating the gay community like a piece of shit.

So much for "treat others as you would have them treat you", hey? Seems that bit of the bible doesn't apply to gays. (or Muslims, or atheists or ...)

I *know* for a fact that there are people out there who do not have a problem with saying they would hang gay people from trees and use them as a piñata. while these people may say these things because they deem them to be funny, i seriously doubt the victims of violence towards the gay community find it funny.

Good thing this chrischunanity is a religion of peace, hey?

Imagine if it were a religion of indifference? or worse, a religion of hate? (of course nobody would admit their religion is a religion of hate)

Even if I was a *devout* chrischun I would not be able to seriously keep identifying myself as chrischun if I were gay. No way, uh ah.. *shakes*head* .. not at all...

Soooooooo given the way that a small group of chrischuns treat gays, why would gays *want* a religious marriage? why? why why why? isn't that a bit like a black dude growing up in a family that is involved with the KKK? well, isn't it?

Apparently there are some churches that will do gay marriages, but why? an abomination, disgusting. why why why?

The gay community should take this opportunity to *MESS* with all chrischuns

what they should do is declare that they will *only* ever have civil marriages, and they won't *ever* have a chrischun wedding, making special mention that they are *not* welcome to be a part of the religion of "peace", the religion of "understanding", the religion of "love" itself, the religion that teaches "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

And, of course they should make *extra* special mention that they would like to be a part of this tolerant religion and it's good will to all mankind, but somehow, being regarded as an abomination, as disgusting, as abhorrent and repulsive, is not really the sort of tolerance that they want to be part of, and that, in fact, chrischuns can keep their bigoted millennia old ideas to themselves..

so of course when the church openly agree to this.... it will set a precedent that religion *deliberately* segregates society and singles out individuals for being "different".

as long as one christian regards even *ONE* gay person as an abomination, christianity will be regarded as an abomination as well....

end of story...

mostly written 28th April 2009, mostly ...

Monday, 23 November 2009

choices for the future of the planet (science v religion)

us sciencey people seem to spend a lot of time defending our position, but why? it's probably going to change and then we'll need to explain it all over again...

eg. evolution: we keep finding new stuff all the time, and we keep needing to explain this shit to the mockers and the doubters and the dumbarses

but instead of defending the position of science, with science, take it down to their level...

don't try to change their minds - take their dumbarse fears and interpretations and give it back to them in their faces and tell them that you don't give a flying fuck if "god did it!" - so even if there is a god, we want to know *how* god did it!

because you know, a small minority of us, well, some of us are pretty damn smart, and ALL of the people on this planet can not keep using up this planet's resources - so either

a) stop using up all the earth's resources and stop having so many babies; or

b) let us smart arsed scientists figure out *how* to feed and clothe and house all of you!; or

c) combination of the above

it's pretty simple - but they are your *only* two choices to have a prosperous future for humankind

the choice is yours, take it or leave it, because if you don't, soon there will be so many people that war, disease, famine, genocide, riots and numerous other horrible things that could happen on large scales.

when there are too many animals of one species, what do we do with them? we "thin out" the numbers ...

don't kid yourself people, don't think that there isn't a similar point where things get so bad that we need to "thin out" the human numbers .. you've heard the conspiracy theories of nefarious organisations deliberately spreading Bird Flu, AIDS, Swine Flu etc, what would the purpose of such a thing be if those stories were true? To reduce the population, and inaction could very well be used as a weapon in these doom and gloom scenarios.

so is the planet going to stop fucking for population control, or are we gunna let us scientists get on with our jobs?

and you know, there are enough planets and moons and such out there that all you groups who think alike can have your own world! how about Planet Vatican? hey hey hey? you know you want it...

Saturday, 21 November 2009

my encounter with Jesus!!! (religiorant)

i "used" to be a "christian" - well actually I don't remember myself ever actually being christian, it was only later on when I discovered that I was supposed to be a christian that started the eventual losing of my religion.. which wasn't much of a rebellion actually, as there wasn't anyone to argue with ..

see my first problem with christianity, was that there was two flavours of christchimpanzeeanity of which i was aware.. Roman Catholic and Church of England... WTF?! NO!!! they're all supposed to be together, aren't they? .. so the seed of doubt was planted for religion to fail, and it wasn't like I believed in god or Jesus, at least for any significant amount of time.

but what I do remember about the brief time I was a *believer*, and this was most likely a dream, so it's actually possible that my whole "believer" phase was one dream, but when I was about seven or eight or nine or ten, or thereabouts, I first heard about god and or Jesus and that it or he was my deity or saviour or whatever it was exactly how a child thinks when the concept of god is introduced.

this could all have been a dream long after i first heard about god / Jesus , but

The disturbing thing was that being a believer gave me "power" - it was a rush....

i only remember a snippet of the dream, and it's more of a feeling...

and the feeling is what it would be like to have "hostile" people closing in from all around you, so you are under attack, and you are looking down at the ground, but you can't actually see the ground as it is covered in long grass, so it's impossible to run away as you just can't get your feet off the ground high enough to step over the grass to make the required steps in order to run.

So you are stuck where you are, you have to make your stand, right there.

So as you are looking down you see these people closing in on you out of the corners of your eyes through the grass as it drifts back and forth in the gusty breeze.

But these people are 'normal' looking, it's not like they are terrorists or a bikie gang or escaped prisoners or anything sinister, if anything, they are dressed in rather bright baggy t-shirts and big baggy pants, as at least one of them is dressed like that, and this one person you've spotted is a kid, probably a chubby Samoan or Maori teen about thirteen?

But regardless of what they look like, somehow they are still "hostile", so you suddenly stand up and lean right back arching you back right over so your shoulders are facing upwards, and you are leaning back as far as you can without falling, and then a bright white light lightning bolt hits you and/or emanates from you as you lean back with your arms flayed wide like you being crucified by this light.

However, this energy bolt doesn't hurt you - it charges you up! gets you going! it fills you with righteousness, you are clenching your teeth and your fists as tight as you can, as this energy/light whatever it is wrapped around you becomes tangible, such that you can hold it like it's a weapon, and you can feel the power rushing through you as you feel the power of this weapon, and you *know* that you can destroy the world with this power and in that moment..........

you know...

you know what this energy-light thing is that is encompassing you, you know that there is a "presence" in this energy, you realise who this being is, you *know* who this energy is, who it is that is alive as that energy, and that person wants you to use this power, and they want you to use it *now*...

of course u know who it is....

it's Jesus....

come to destroy the world...

utterly ...

and *you* are the conduit, *you* are the lightning rod absorbing the wrath of God, *you* are the literal soldier of christ, you are the literal god warrior, *you* are the crusader of light.

The alpha and the omega, is *YOU*.

*YOU* *are* *Jesus* - at least in part, the *earthly* part - and *YOU* are now an active part of God, mind, body and soul, and *YOU* are to conduct the very essence and power of God, to destroy the world over and over and over.

God's very blood flows through *your* veins and vengeance is why you are here, you are going to reset the Earth back to how it was and start again...

...and you are going to start right now.... and these kids with their brightly coloured baggy clothing are the first sinners to deal with... but you're not sure what they have done exactly, you're pretty sure it was something to do with them looking at you funny, and they may have called you a name...

most likely a dream, and not, an actual thing that happened - but i'm not really sure - *winks*at*the*nutters* - so i thought i'd put that disclaimer in there...

i should also note that the word "evil" is the best one word description to approximate that feeling in retrospect... 'evil' was the feeling I got from believing in god, Jesus or whatever it is the cool kids call it these days, Yzwksjkwkl, Yehyeh, Yeeehah, Youwah .. YES-U-R .... Yes-you-are!!!

and the nearest experience I can think of today, is the same "rush" I get when listening to say,.,, Slayer or Metallica or TOOL or Van Halen, something like that ....

but that was pretty much the only god/Jesus experience I can recall, but imagine what would happen if that sort of experience happened regularly to someone? to an adult person?? an adult christian person?

is this what the fundy experiences all the time?


mostly written, 14th Oct 2009, mostly....

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

a perfect god doesn't change... (religiorant)

in case you haven't noticed, i like to take the piss out of religion, and one of the things i love in this regard, is taking people literally at their word when it comes to their beliefs.

i say, we hold these guys to their eternal and perfect god to the letter of "perfect" and "eternal"

((exercise for reader: does the bible actually say god is eternal, all powerful, all knowing, perfect??))

i wasn't intending this initially, but i thought I'd put the definitions, I usually use answers.com because it comes up first in google


Dictionary: per·fect (pûr'fĭkt)


1. Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind.
2. Being without defect or blemish: a perfect specimen.
3. Thoroughly skilled or talented in a certain field or area; proficient.
4. Completely suited for a particular purpose or situation: She was the perfect actress for the part.
     1. Completely corresponding to a description, standard, or type: a perfect circle; a perfect gentleman.
     2. Accurately reproducing an original: a perfect copy of the painting.
6. Complete; thorough; utter: a perfect fool.
7. Pure; undiluted; unmixed: perfect red.
8. Excellent and delightful in all respects: a perfect day.


Dictionary: e·ter·nal (ĭ-tûr'nəl)

1. Being without beginning or end; existing outside of time. See synonyms at infinite.
2. Continuing without interruption; perpetual.
3. Forever true or changeless: eternal truths.
4. Seemingly endless; interminable. See synonyms at ageless, continual.
5. Of or relating to spiritual communion with God, especially in the afterlife.

1. Something timeless, uninterrupted, or endless.
2. Eternal God. Used with the.

just checking that the words haven't changed meaning and they would seem to have not changed..

(is it just me or are those pronunciation things eg (ĭ-tûr'nəl) supposed to mean anything? they're more complex than the word they are trying to represent!)


if god is perfect and has been around for ever, then how could god have made the universe?

let me explain....

something that is perfect doesn't change - right? god doesn't become less perfect and it doesn't become more perfect! so what changed after a trillion to the power of a trillion years to the power of a trillion etc years that god felt it necessary to stop this incredible feat of doing absolutely nothing, and create the universe, just for us? if we truly are a recent addition to the universe, then exactly what is this claim of perfection in god?

In order for a perfect god to do something, it has to change its mind and interrupt its perfect state.

eg. god sits there perfect in it's glory in heaven, but it has to open it's mouth up and speak the words to make the universe happen, so then what changed, what interrupted this stream of god's perfection? If you were perfect, would you need to go and do something? A perfect god doesn't have time to do things, it's too busy being perfect!

Essentially what i am saying is that if something is perfect, that perfect thing does not change, if it does change, it's not perfect. So if god did make the universe, it's not perfect, or if it did, then making universes is what god does *ALL* the time, which would make us not special and unique at all.


and even if something did change and we just ignore that tiny blemish in the perfect being, well why didn't god get the inspiration to create us just a tad bit sooner? so god has been around for all those aeons, like forever, but suddenly at some random point, RECENTLY, god suddenly thought to make a universe? but why didn't god get it's act together, about an eternity sooner? (if that makes sense?)

if i was god, i'd be getting onto this whole creating the universe thing pretty damn quickly!! and if god did wait all that time, then why isn't it still waiting now, the chances are that it should still be waiting, right?

that's a bit arrogant of these god believers, isn't it? god created a universe billions of light years across, after waiting, all that time, just to make us, just so a subset of us would worship it. eg two thirds of the planet don't even believe in this god the same way .... and the ones that do, don't quite all see eye to eye either, *anyway*

so isn't it reasonable to assume that since the perfect god goes and does stuff (ie. it supposedly made us) it could have made and destroyed billions of universes, right? after all, eternity is a heck of a long time to sit around and do nothing at all.... so it stands to reason that if we are created by god, we are just the latest universe in a very very long chain of them, and that we are not special, that this supreme creator of the universe did NOT do all of that work and did NOT wait all of that time, just for the christians on this planet!!!


if there is a god, and it's perfect, and it's been around forever, it could have been designed and programmed such that no matter how far back in its memory it looked, it found *something*, even if it was a record that nothing happened. in computer terms you could "tell" a program that it was perfect and that it knew the answer to everything.. ask it anything, it will say, perhaps, "god did it" as its answer, and it would be right, according to its own parameters. or maybe god doesn't know what itself is going to do, as it's being controlled itself?

if god was created, who is to say it was not designed to think it was the ultimate power in the cosmos? how would it know otherwise? how could it know? it could be programmed to be oblivious to there actually being a creator, it could have been created such that it would not seek to find that answer in the first place.

how does god know it wasn't created?

how does god know it has been alive forever?


so after this eternity of doing nothing - this perfect being that could do anything at all - this god suddenly decided it was a good idea to create us? by simply speaking the universe into existence?

no, the all knowing god knew right from the start .. oh wait ... there was no start when it comes to god, so uhmmm...

did god attain perfection? and then some stage later decide that god was now perfect? or was god always perfect?

something that is always perfect, doesn't have flaws, that's what the myspaztaztic crowds of chuns keep telling us - but the christian argument at times would appear to be that things that are complex can't possibly have come about by chance so uhmmm.... if god is perfect and has always been perfect then doesn't that mean god itself was created? According to BS that some christchins go on about, god is the most complex thing there is!!

you can not start with something that is complex, it can't start perfect - it *must* evolve - because if it didn't - magic is the only thing that explains the alternative and magic is NOT real... so the only actual place where something can be perfect and eternal is where.... ???

the only place that this god we keep hearing about could possibly seem to exist, is in the mind of those who believe in it, which is quite easily, the most likely location that god has ever existed.

a perfect god can only exist in one place, that's in your head, in your imagination!

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Letting global warming happen?

I'm no expert on world climate, nor am i an expert on what would happen if the sea levels and temperature did rise (would there be more hurricanes and cyclones? how many people would be affected? where would they go? etc etc), and to be honest, this could be totally wrong, so if we keep that in mind...

..from what I've read about global warming if we keep going the way we are, we will have to deal with a sea level rise of about two metres over the next hundred years or so...

in countries with strong infrastructure, that's probably not going to be a massively big deal, especially if it happens over decades and action can be planned in advance etc..

however.. in third world countries a lot of people live on low lying river flood plains as that's where their food is grown, these places already flood nearly every year anyway, it's expected!

but, a significant portion of the world lives in these areas, so if the sea levels go up, they will have to move inland or perish! :( Some of these low lying countries are already over crowded, a huge push inland of millions of people could lead to famines and wars. For instance, there's not much high ground in Bangladesh at all.

Land areas effected by Sea level rising

also affected would be low lying regions of Indonesia, Thailand, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq, and all of these places have high population densities already.. moving these people elsewhere would be an extreme problem to those affected.

from the various speculations on the interwebz, the average population that would be affected if the sea level were to somehow rise two metres today, is about fifty million people, which would probably mean that another fifty million people would be affected by having to share the land with these new arrivals ... soo lets say a hundred million people world wide would be affected ... not a small amount of people.

..., but if we ignore the displacement of millions of people for a moment, if the temperature does go up, doesn't that mean there will be more moisture in the air?

now correct me if my high school science is rusty, but hotter air can hold more moisture, and with the temperature up, more water will evaporate from the oceans, and with more water in the air, it stands to reason that it's going to rain more often, right?

now I know that as the temp goes up so does the temperature at which it can rain also goes up as well, but hello, moisture into the air during the day, wouldn't that all rain down at night time? hmmm... maybe i'm just being stupid

Water vapour at wikipedia

sure we don't want all those people along coast lines to have to move or have them stomped upon by mother nature, but what is happening to this planet?

it's *drying* up isn't it?

There are deserts that haven't seen rain in decades on this planet, don't we *want* more rain? I think there is a desert in Chile that hasn't gotten rain in a hundred years!!

Here's a good article about global temperature change


Now i'm not saying that if it rains more, it's going to rain on the spots that need it, but it's a start is it not?

So if the temperature goes up, sure we'll get more storms and floods, but if it brings rain to the frikking desert doesn't that mean that trees and grass can grow again, thus the deserts will *stop* growing and allowing more rain forests to grow??

Now i am certainly not saying go and dirty up the planet and *make* the temperature rise on purpose, but if we have more rain, doesn't that mean we can feed more people? Clean drinking water is a major problem in Africa, but it if rains often enough, those local communities can store their own drinking water and rivers will flow again bringing fresh water.

What if the temperature were to drop, wouldn't that be worse? Aren't places cold enough already? If the temp stays the same, aren't the deserts just going to keep getting bigger anyway? The Rain Forests shrank during the Ice Ages, there's some evidence that the Amazon turned into savannah grass land.

Here's a graph of temp/carbon/dust levels over the last 400,000 years

just what sort of conditions did the Amazon and Congo and all the rain forests form under anyway?? do you think it was during the ice age? bzzz! no!! where are all the rain forests? near the equator, right? where it's hot!

Some cool info about the biggest rain forest, the Amazon...

so if we have more areas with hot enough conditions to suit rain forests, don't we then create more natural carbon absorbers? not to mention that more ocean surface area from the higher sea levels means more area to absorb the carbon and more moisture in the air means more clouds and more clouds means more heat is reflected back into space in the first place...

the planet self regulates, but like i said at the start, i have only a very basic understanding of what would happen long term, but if the temperature goes up, it *will* mean that we lose coastal areas to the ocean, but won't we also "gain" inland areas?

isn't a whole chunk of the planet uninhabitable because it's too frinking cold or dry to live there? Imagine if Antarctica became suitable for *farm* land? I'm sure Siberia could take a few refugees too, gawd, why don't they move Bangladesh to Siberia?

of course if the temp goes up, it's likely that the animals that are accustomed to having the wilderness to themselves will not enjoy the spread of mankind onto their turf but sheesh, i can't think of everything. but if each country had their own sufficient supply of water for everyone, isn't that one basic need that is met? don't people go to war over water supplies?

lack of clean water means people are forced to risk drinking dirty water, drinking dirty water can lead to dysentery, which leads to death if not treated. lack of any water at all means farms don't get watered, and if no there is food, people go hungry and eventually die...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the temperature of the planet could stand to go up a degree or two........

if there *is* a conspiracy about global warming, wouldn't it be more beneficial to those shady "powers that be" new world order types to *keep* the massive populations pre-occupied with their squabbles over basic needs? Maybe when it gets really bad they will come to the "rescue" and form their world government on the premise that since the world is in crisis because of an extreme lack of clean water, that the richer nations *must* share resources with other nations, and foot the expense of getting it there?

I'm sorry to say it, but if Africa keeps going the way it is, then aren't we going to end up with another massive famine again? actually it's already bad

This cycle will keep repeating, and eventually countries will need to look out for their own people as their own natural resources dwindle.

so I say *let* the temperature go up, podgy fat arses like me would have to lose some weight to handle the increase in temperature but this is a good thing.. and people are bound to bitch about having mozzie season all year, or even finding out what a mozzie is in the first place,

and what are we worrying about global warming for anyway, if it gets to be too much, we can just call up China!

Chinese scientists artificially induced the second major snowstorm to wreak havoc in Beijing this season, state media said, reigniting debate over the practice of tinkering with Mother Nature.

Friday, 13 November 2009

have you recently given away god? (religiohumorant)

here's something I know by heart... i've no idea what it means, but I know it because it's in a Jam & Spoon track "Muffled Drums" from "Tripomatic Fairytales 2001" and I've listened to that album at least a hundred times, possibly a few hundreds of times... apparently it is the opening paragraph to a book ... i keep forgetting what the book is called.....

muffled drums beat out a nerve scratching rhythm and red lights flickered hypnotically in the underground temple of Hades, where five thousand ragged worshippers knelt and abased themselves and ecstatically pressed foreheads against the cold and gritty cobbles as the trance took hold and the human venom, rose in them.... the drums...

these people are praying to what god I don't know, i've not read the book..... I think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom when I think of this image, you know, the scene where that guy gets his heart ripped out..

I never really had a "real" religion - because Music is my religion. I claimed *music* as my religion, possibly even before I was ten. Jesus just wasn't cool enough, Jesus didn't give me goose bumps down my spine when I heard the opening seconds of a song I was really in the mood to hear. Indiana Jones is far cooler than Jesus. Don't get me wrong, Jesus is cool, but Indiana Jones, *way* cooler...

Jesus and his sky daddy failed to move me spiritually, but The Eagles, The Doors, Boston, Split Enz, Australian Crawl... I shall read now from the book of "Sirocco" where our beloved brothers, Higgins and McDonough said

"You think it's going alright
You think it's going fine girl
You think there's nothing in it for you
I hope you don't
I hope you don't mind
Gonna get you come around baby
Wanna see you through it
Not makin' any promisses maybe
That's only in the movies, movies

Things justa
Don't seema
To be going right"

o' yea...

but back to the whole praying from that book i quoted, I see that scene as a metaphor for christianity, or any religion that demands that it is better than everyone else's for that matter ... kneel down and submit to this god being? i was taught to be humble which supposedly was from a christian teaching, so if anybody were to kneel down and pray to me i would be embarrassed! so an all powerful being who knows they are all powerful, why would they want to be praised other than to stroke their egos? ... maybe god ejaculates every time you stroke his ego when you jerk off pray to him? is that why it's always raining somewhere on earth?

oh wait.. what was the blog about again? giving away god... ok...

you don't *have* to give away god, you know .. you don't have to throw away the teachings of Jesus, or Buddha or Muhammad or whoever it is you used to pray jerk off to, they should just be a part of who you are - analogy: you read a fucking book, you don't go dwelling over the contents of the book for the rest of your life, everyone has their opinions - take what you like from religion and ignore the rest.... you can just drop the label and carry on as you were before when you let go of religion.. nothing should change...

if the Gucci label falls off your favourite outfit, does it stop being a Gucci?

and as to the matter of god - *ultimately* there's always going to be a point where god has to be invoked ...

except I don't invoke god, not really, my god is "I don't know" - whenever I say "I don't know" it could mean that god did it, but I'm at about 99% sure that it was not god, but I won't be so arrogant to exclude the possibility completely.. and I'm certainly not so naive and arrogant as to believe what some religion says about god!!! fuck that - I'm just a *little* bit smarter than people from two millennia ago...

the only true answer you can give for any question about god, is "I don't know".. does god love me? I don't know.. did god create the universe? I don't know... does god rah rah rah?? I do *not* know...

but more importantly - i do *not* care

seriously don't kid yourself about what god wants.. the christian bible is severely limited in it's applicability to modern day society... sorry, but here's an blunt anecdote:

a couple find out their kid is going to be born with some fatal genetic condition, something that can't easily be fixed, eg. half a brain, no legs and no arms, with it's heart on the outside, all of which you can find lovely pictures of on the internet should you care to search for them, so if the mental image of those words are not enough, you can always explore further. Now this couple choose to have this child, regardless of the extreme likelihood the child would be still-born, or the natural birth process (mother refuses caesarean) would traumatise the child and kill it soon after birth anyway, point is... the kid isn't going to live long and if it does, it's going to be in horrible pain or it will need care 100% of time for the rest of its life...

Now that sort of situation wouldn't happen often but it *does* happen, so with that in mind, if you were god, what would you be up there saying to this nice christian couple who seem to think that all life is precious?? If life is precious.. you wouldn't call a life lived in pain precious, would you? that's not life, that's torture...

Would you expect me or anybody else for that matter to live a life of utter agony and pain - *just* to appease your moral compass? well then, fuck you if that is what you believe.

I'd be saying "Look the tech is right there available to you!! I gave you lot brains to figure out how to look after yourselves so you can prevent this sort of shite from happening! it's called SCIENCE people!!" .. but heyz, that's just silly ol' me... what do I know about being god? for a start if i'd been around forever i'd certainly have used that time to think about how I could trick everyone into being nice to each other.. .

from Futurama "Godfellas"

BENDER - I bet a lot of people pray to you huh?

GOD - Yes, but there are so many asking so much. After a while you just sorta tune it out.

BENDER - Y'know, I was God once.

GOD - Yes I saw. You were doing well until everyone died.

BENDER - It was awful. I tried helping them. I tried not helping them but in the end I couldn't do them any good. Do you think what I did was wrong?

GOD - Right and wrong are just words. What matters is what you do.

BENDER - Yeah I know, that's why I asked if what I did - forget it.

GOD - Bender, being God isn't easy, if you do too much, people get dependent. And if you do nothing, they lose hope. You have to use a light touch, like a safecracker or a pickpocket.

BENDER - Or a guy who burns down the bar for the insurance money.

GOD - Yes, if you make it look like an electrical thing. When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all.

I agree, any god worth it's heavy metal head-banger weight in gold would be so clever as to make sure we've got no way to tell one way or the other if it was god or not... it's a *god*, right? I just wouldn't know *how* to let people run amok and do whatever the fuck they wanted and have them praise me for doing nothing in the here and now.. I would be embarrassed to be the christian god...

oh but back to Indiana Jones and how they were mining for those sacred rocks? .. I mean what was the point? weren't those rocks going to bring forth Armageddon or something? see.. just like praying to the christian god?

By praying to Jesus, you are in fact preparing for the death of everyone on earth. So... do you *want* Armageddon to happen, do you? do you want all those people not privvy to this little known fact where people have little to no christianity, that you have to give your soul to Jesus by name in order to be saved for all eternity?

if the end of the world came right now, like when global warming happens two days before the day after tomorrow (adobe, where's my sarcasm font?), that's 4 billion people into the lake of fire... Satan would spend years refurbishing the Halls of Hell after the sudden influx of party goers, might need the Chinese to induce a snow storm in Hell just to get it back to the regular searing flesh temperature.

In heaven all the interesting people are missing.
--[Friedrich Nietzsche - German philosopher (1844 - 1900)]

gotta luv Nietzsche, the only philosopher I made a point of to "study" - so I began to read his stuff and it was like, "wait a second, that's how I think" ... "god is dead, and *we* killed him" it's not about us killing god literally, it's about us not being true to these principals that *we* created, and yet we pretend that we have adhered to them... ??

so i thought i'd rather explore all of the philosophy thing myself - as it was too boring anyway... better off making up my own philosophy!

this is one of many reasons why i don't have a problem with giving away or not being involved in the religion thing in the first place, I don't think I live up to the standards of christianity anyway, but then again I don't go around telling people to kill themselves for being so "stupid" as to not give my soul to Jesus, so there's no way i want to be associated with people like that, so it's a win-win situation.... i'm not good enough to be a christian but i'm better person than a lot of the loud christians so it doesn't matter. And that's not bragging, it is easy to declare oneself better than someone who is an utter cunt of a person.

but it just doesn't matter....

and you may feel bad about "sinning" down here on earth, but you won't be even thinking about that "sin" in heaven let alone actually doing it... god let's shit slide down here, at least for the time being, but in heaven, different story my lubblies... he *knew* Lucifer would betray him, just from a stray thought wasn't it? i can't control my brain, I'd be out in a second simply for thinking about something that would eventually lead to thinking about a sin... oopps.. do we have free will in heaven? so uhmmm.. i bet there aren't many people in heaven, I bet it's just one Mexican dude with a broom standing around going "Oh I so dired, oh I so sleeepeeee" ..

no i'm not drink.. drunk even

can you name me one feeling you like here on earth that you can take to heaven, and why do you think it'll be ok in heaven?? can you take your lust to heaven? your sloth plus your twenty dozen other vices? is there going to be music in heaven? there won't be booze, drugs, what are you going to talk to god all the time, are you, what are you going to talk *about*? you and everyone else going to take turns talking to god?.. you going to be with the perfect partner in heaven? nope, what about all those people that died at a young age who thought they were going to be with their honey's in heaven forever? what if your hunny went on and found someone else? what if what if what if what if?!?!

maybe this is why marriage is "sacred", you know? hmmm - it worked out so much better when the parents arranged weddings because then you get to find your perfect partner first time out onto the factory floor and then you marry them, fuck them, haves kids with them, and then stay with them forever until death do you fucking part? and if you do lose your partner at a young age, you might as well close up shop and not bother looking for a new love because ya hunny is waiting for you in heaven ...

ooppps... that's if they got in, that is...

I mean it's always possible that they didn't - so you could end up wasting your life here on earth waiting to get old and die so you can see your hunny but then when you get to heaven it's a matter of "oh no i'm sorry Mrs Jones, your husband ate pork on Friday once.. so sorry.. but not to mind we wipe your brain and all your emotions as that's the only way you can possibly enjoy heaven now"....

welcome, to the nice vegetable patch in the sky ...

you don't need to give away god... you need to kill it..

the true god is waiting for you, whatever the fuck it is... and Jesus... his teachings were cool, but so was Gandhi, John Lennon, Buddha, Star Trek, Star Wars, Galileo, Hawkings, Sagan!! but that bible, none of it was written by Jesus at all, was it?

when i was a kid, I'd read about legends, like King Arthur, Robin Hood or books from Tolkien later on in life ... it'd be so great to be able to "beam" the stories into your head as fast as the brain can handle them, that'd be so trippy to "read" the Lord of the Rings in half an hour...

but things in the bible, those things were written down decades after the events, and there is no very clear history of early christianity, so in fact, the bible has its very authenticity in question as entire books were removed at the command of some Pope millennia ago... there's a Book of Thomas kicking around... Thomas aka Judas Thomas aka Jude Thomas aka The Twin aka the twin whose other half was Jesus... hey that's what wikipedia told me

and half the new testament, was written by some dude who claimed he saw god, and named himself a disciple of Jesus, but it's actually very likely that this dude probably never even met Jesus for any length of time, and yet half the christian bible's new testament is written by this dude, just where did he get all this shite from? I don't care if it's 100% good stuff - who the fuck is Paul and why is it called christianity? that's so funny, I'm thinking I'll start to actually laugh about it... in about a decade..

At best the bible can *only* be third hand information, you should know that, by the way...

god -> prophet -> scribe -> bible -> idiot misinterpreting bible

there's three degrees of separation in there somewhere ... but it's much worse than that, there was no such thing as English two thousand years ago, you know? .. and only clerics and other godly people were taught to read back in the day, so only the god damn priest could read the bible to you anyway, right?

why do you think all the scientists of yesteryear got into so much trouble for teaching what we commonly know today? Religion was what allowed these people to study and teach their blasphemy to the masses, ironic that the Church funded a lot of educational institutions back in the day. Galileo studied and taught in Christian universities .. imagine being up against the whole schbaggle of fundie christians when they are the idiots in power??

it's not really that long ago we were in the dark ages... and much to my disdain the dark ages linger in pockets all over the world... and i make reference to the fuck sticks that think space is an ocean, that the earth is the centre of the universe, that the planets travel around on invisible rails with god at the fucking wheel and the only reason that the planets don't slow down, is because god has his foot on the gas pedal...

you should hate god, hate *their* god to death if you must, say, "fuck you god" "fuck you and your god".. and when it doesn't smite you down as suggested by its believers, you will know the truth, because just how *can* you know anything about the real god?

and when you say fuck you god, if there really is a god and it's listening to everyone's thoughts simultaneously, i'm pretty sure it would laugh and it would know you aren't talking about it... i'd be actually tempted to find believers and get them to hold my hands and then I'd chant some blasphemy and then say "STRIKE ME DOWN GOD!!" and wartch dem sqwirm...

and if there really is no god, then that actually makes the universe so much more fucking completely fantastic, because that means that the universe made itself..

my god is "I don't know" .. which, according to Lt Cmd Data, saying "I don't know" is the beginning of wisdom ...

ps. this is *so* not what I first thought about when I had the idea for the blog, in the other room... it was something to do with... analogies of something... i think... if i remember i'll write that blog later

this is a rant that i can't be bothered to make make sense... (legit use of a double "make"??)

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

the god flaw ... free will ... (religiorant)

if god gave us free will, then why was the flood necessary? why were the commandments necessary? why was Jesus necessary?

god, supposedly put us here and gave us the free will to do what we wanted, but then god interfered and threw us down a different tangent, and it supposedly did this on more than one occasion too, so it was so no fluke that this alleged god interfered.

god is supposed to be perfect, so why did god need to keep interfering? why didn't god get it right the first time?

it's fucking god for fuck sake, no god would make a mistake.... because if it did make a mistake, then what are we doing calling it "god"?

god is omnipotent, which is pretty damn smart, so even *with* the free will that it supposedly gave us, god should have figured out there'd be a very high possibility some of us would go nuts with this free will notion...

the only way god can wash it's hands of this is if god made the universe, and merely just let the program run and everything since the creation of the universe that is allegedly attribute to god, has been made up completely by us...

god, the greatest failure of all time, just look at us for the proof, or perhaps the flaws in god are proof that god was mankind's blunder, and not the other way around?

Is man one of God's blunders? Or is God one of man's blunders?


a brief history of the christian's god shall we?


god creates universe including our solar system and earth - so far so good, no worries, god then makes life in general, including mankind with our free will, and that goes well for a bit. But only for a little bit, as Adam and Eve eat of the apple and they are banished from Eden.

But this wasn't totally or really god's fault, because giving us free will, meant that we were able to do whatever we wanted, so even if god knew what we might end up doing, it was our choice to fuck up... but the experiment failed, as god counted on us to choose to behave, god chose poorly....

So the precedent is set - on god's first attempt at humanity with our having free will, it turned out that there were "some" bad results, as we went off and stuffed up what god gave us - however - from this point on god has no excuse for not knowing what can result from our free will, and if Adam and Eve weren't evidence enough of the bad results inherent with free will: Cain murdered Abel...

So the third person, murdered the fourth person - we didn't start off very well according to the bible did we? ....

So within the first four humans created by god, at least half of them did something *really* bad - Eve ate the apple, even though told not to, and Cain goes and kills his brother. Good job god, fifty-fifty on the good V bad results of free will...

The precedent was set, free will equals sinning. here's a neon sign for you god.

Got it?


So now I ask the reader this, if god knew that free will thing was just going to lead us into temptation *anyway* - then what was the purpose in wiping us all out apart from Noah and his family? Did god think that it was going to turn out better after wiping us all out, what was different after the pre-flood phase?

Nothing. Oh the blood was pure... the blood was pure? what the fuck does that even mean? Is that a reference to humans fucking with angels? anyway....

To save face on this free will thing after wiping us all out, why didn't god give us the ten commandments at the time of Noah?

No.... god sent these commandments to us long after we re-descended back into our sinful ways, when it was already too late. It should have been obvious that this free will thing meant that we needed guidance, that we needed to be told certain things, ie. don't kill. I'm looking at you, Cain.

But god failed to instruct us at the *perfect* time when it could have laid down the law... but god did not


But how did this ten commandments phase turn out? not too good, as we fell back into the sinning *again* and it was so bad that god changed tact this time and sends Jesus..

and how has this Jesus phase turned out?

Often I've read christians saying that we are sinning and falling into the depths of more and more sinful ways and rah rah rah ... so it seems this giving us free will, wasn't such a good idea, and yet this "perfect" god needed to try and fix things up by sending Jesus?!!

a truly all powerful perfect god would have made us, and that should have been it, free will or not, foreknowledge of everything to happen or not, a god should have known we'd fuck up by giving us free will.

if god wanted us to have religion, the first religion invented should have stuck, no?

did it? what *was* the first religion? the first monotheistic religion i know of is Zoroastrianism.. and I believe there are ten thousand of these guys still kicking around some where in the outback of Iran or Turkey...

but the christian god is the Judaic god - so why didn't Judaism stick? why did Jesus need to be sent?

I see faith in your eyes
Broken is the promise, betrayal
The healing hand held back by the deepened nail
Follow the god that failed



god fucked up... and he fucked up big time and not only just once...

god *knew* what was going to happen, after all, god is all knowing and all powerful, he should have at least guessed that we'd run amok, and even if god didn't know what was going to happen with free will, the first four humans should have given god ample empirical evidence of what to possibly expect in the future, and yet god still interfered...

* god needed to kill us all except a handful in the great flood - FAIL #1

* god needed to send the ten commandments sooner rather than later when it was obvious humans needed guidance, god should have sent the commandments to Noah so that right at the restart after the flood we would be guided - god did not, god waited until we went stupid again - FAIL #2

* god needed to send Jesus because the ten commandments just wasn't enough to set us on the path to righteousness - sending Jesus is admission that god fucked up *again* - FAIL #3


these failures are not minor, and yet, doesn't one tiny nick in god's armour, make "god" unworthy of the title "god"?

of course there are answers to these questions,

* there is no god and the universe just is; or
* god is imperfect and is not worthy of the title god; or
* god is a bastard and is not worthy of being praised; or
* god doesn't know we are here at all; or
* god knows we are here, but we are just another life form with little more intelligence than an ant; or
* life is so prevalent throughout the universe and we are "nothing to write home about" .

that Epicurus dude ...

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"--[Epicurus]

and Marcus Aurelius said something similar to this as well... (don't get me started about the Roman Empire, bloody Romans)

Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.--[Marcus Aurelius]

which is preferable? which is more likely? which contradicts the bible the least? which doesn't insult you at all? do you care?

maybe atheism is the last gasp effort of god... "OK let's forget about me completely this time and see how you do by yourselves!"

but of course god won't show up and tell us this - imagine that? god shows up and says "OK people ... can we say FAIL? stop believing in me, I've had enough of the lot of you... oh and you were all wrong, making the non-believers the default winners because everyone else chose incorrectly" ..

finally we can tell the christians to shut up, the Israelis to share the "holy land" or pack their shit up and get out, the Buddhists to carry on, the Vatican to spend it's entire fortune on feeding and cleaning up Africa, and the Muslims ... well.. they need to lighten up, like, a *lot*...


it is my belief that if there is a god, it made the empty vacuum of space and made the "laws of the universe" (gravity, inertia, speed of light, rah rah rah), and via the laws of the universe, that pure vacuum of nothing eventually turned into our universe somehow, via NATURAL means..

maybe god just made the laws of the universe? and that nothing was already there? i mean, how do you make nothing anyway?

and i'm not just talking about our visible universe either - i've read that what is beyond our universe is irrelevant, "for the sake of simplicity", is what they mean to say... what's stopping us detecting another "big bang" from another universe, that exploded a thousand billion years ago, tomorrow?

which leads me to the conclusion that our bit in the void of the cosmos is *a* god, and that this god did the most impossible thing of all...

god made itself..

this alone is far more worthy a task of a god than having existed forever in my book.... and is actually FAR more believable to me as well, because if this god being has been around "forever", are we to truly believe that god made the universe *only* 6000 years ago, or *only* 4.5billion years ago, or *only* 20billion years ago? why did god not do this creation thing a trillion to the power of a trillion years ago?

AND are we truly that arrogant to think an all powerful god being sat around doing nothing for all that time, for the soul purpose of making us?

if you can find fault in god, then how can this thing be god? but what fault does one find in the universe? the universe is perfect the way it is, you can't find fault in the universe because what is, is what is...

i love making this shit up...

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.