Monday, 23 November 2009

choices for the future of the planet (science v religion)

us sciencey people seem to spend a lot of time defending our position, but why? it's probably going to change and then we'll need to explain it all over again...

eg. evolution: we keep finding new stuff all the time, and we keep needing to explain this shit to the mockers and the doubters and the dumbarses

but instead of defending the position of science, with science, take it down to their level...

don't try to change their minds - take their dumbarse fears and interpretations and give it back to them in their faces and tell them that you don't give a flying fuck if "god did it!" - so even if there is a god, we want to know *how* god did it!

because you know, a small minority of us, well, some of us are pretty damn smart, and ALL of the people on this planet can not keep using up this planet's resources - so either

a) stop using up all the earth's resources and stop having so many babies; or

b) let us smart arsed scientists figure out *how* to feed and clothe and house all of you!; or

c) combination of the above

it's pretty simple - but they are your *only* two choices to have a prosperous future for humankind

the choice is yours, take it or leave it, because if you don't, soon there will be so many people that war, disease, famine, genocide, riots and numerous other horrible things that could happen on large scales.

when there are too many animals of one species, what do we do with them? we "thin out" the numbers ...

don't kid yourself people, don't think that there isn't a similar point where things get so bad that we need to "thin out" the human numbers .. you've heard the conspiracy theories of nefarious organisations deliberately spreading Bird Flu, AIDS, Swine Flu etc, what would the purpose of such a thing be if those stories were true? To reduce the population, and inaction could very well be used as a weapon in these doom and gloom scenarios.

so is the planet going to stop fucking for population control, or are we gunna let us scientists get on with our jobs?

and you know, there are enough planets and moons and such out there that all you groups who think alike can have your own world! how about Planet Vatican? hey hey hey? you know you want it...

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