Tuesday, 24 November 2009

the gay marriage debate.. (religiorant)

I have *never* seen as big an issue as the debate over gays getting married, where the people bitching about it more than likely HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH GAY PEOPLE WHATSOEVER.

Most of these fuckers trying to stop gay marriage, when asked, have said that they have never even met a gay person, that's a bit like how all those christians claim that "god hates fags" and yet, they have not even read the bible, much the same way that the world has been gripped by Islamophobia, and yet, how many Muslims do you know personally? I know of one and you know what? she seems like a fairly decent sort of person and I used to know some gay people, but not any more. Last I heard was that the only openly gay person I had ever known, had killed himself.

I *so* don't give a fuck if gays get married, and yet, there's a whole bunch of chrischuns that *do* give a crap that these homoseckshuals, that they'll *NEVER* meet mind you, *are* getting married.. (uhmm.. can you say "mind your own fucking business" already? well? sticky beaks? nosey nuisance? hand in the cookie jar spreading your morality across the world, morality that you DO NOT even follow, absolutes my arse.. inerrant word of god MY ARSE)

there isn't enough love in this world and yet there are cunts on planet Earth that are trying to make legislation against certain forms of it!! Oh, and since fucking when was marriage a chrischun thing anyway? Does the definition of marriage in the dictionary say "Marriage: an exclusively christian union between a man and woman"..


i've been reading some chrischun blogs lately and well, what's the fucking problem with all of this gay marriage shite?

since when was someone else's relationships, someone you've probably never met and never will meet, since when was that ANY OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS?

i have no vested interest in any side of this debate, i'm not gay, i'm not married, i'm not chrischun, at least, not for long time... (maybe i should write a blog as to the "why" about that?)

so i don't care if gay people get married AT ALL

what i care about is bigots pretending their religion says that they can be bigots...


firstly: where does it say that marriage is a "christian" thing? turn to any dictionary and is the definition of 'marriage' a "christian union of a christian man and a christian woman"? well?


secondly: the christians don't like it when "the gays" want to have a christian wedding performed by a priest/pastor/preacher/whatever because it says in the bible that gays are an abomination. bigotry is built right into chrischunanity, so it's hard to blame bigots for being bigoted when they their religion dictates that they be bigoted, but here's what i don't understand: *why* would gays would want a christian or religious wedding at all in the first place????

if somebody regarded me as an abomination because their religion arbitrarily says that I am an abomination, without even giving a reason, then I would say "fuck you" to that person, and if that just happened to be my religion as well, I would be doing some serious re-evaluation of my "religion" if that's the sort of attitude my own religion creates towards me... but then again, that sort of attitude prevents me from being brainwashed in the first place.

it's simple, chrischuns don't *want* gays in their 'club'.

1. Abhorrence; disgust.
2. A cause of abhorrence or disgust.

Say it out loud with me... an *abomination* .. and just for good measure...

1. One that is disgusting, loathsome, or repellent.
2. A feeling of repugnance or loathing.

chrischuns think gays are *disgusting* - imagine talking to someone who thought that you were *disgusting*?


chrischuns think gays are disgusting because they *are* gay, and that's it. there is *NO* actual reason.

does the bible list an actual reason for *why* gays are an abomination? no it doesn't... but feel free to correct me, as always, if you can...

so, let me get this straight for all the kids reading this at home, not only do chrischuns actively regard gay people as an abomination, but guess what? .... The bible does NOT EVEN LIST AN ACTUAL REASON for treating the gay community like a piece of shit.

So much for "treat others as you would have them treat you", hey? Seems that bit of the bible doesn't apply to gays. (or Muslims, or atheists or ...)

I *know* for a fact that there are people out there who do not have a problem with saying they would hang gay people from trees and use them as a piñata. while these people may say these things because they deem them to be funny, i seriously doubt the victims of violence towards the gay community find it funny.

Good thing this chrischunanity is a religion of peace, hey?

Imagine if it were a religion of indifference? or worse, a religion of hate? (of course nobody would admit their religion is a religion of hate)

Even if I was a *devout* chrischun I would not be able to seriously keep identifying myself as chrischun if I were gay. No way, uh ah.. *shakes*head* .. not at all...

Soooooooo given the way that a small group of chrischuns treat gays, why would gays *want* a religious marriage? why? why why why? isn't that a bit like a black dude growing up in a family that is involved with the KKK? well, isn't it?

Apparently there are some churches that will do gay marriages, but why? an abomination, disgusting. why why why?

The gay community should take this opportunity to *MESS* with all chrischuns

what they should do is declare that they will *only* ever have civil marriages, and they won't *ever* have a chrischun wedding, making special mention that they are *not* welcome to be a part of the religion of "peace", the religion of "understanding", the religion of "love" itself, the religion that teaches "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

And, of course they should make *extra* special mention that they would like to be a part of this tolerant religion and it's good will to all mankind, but somehow, being regarded as an abomination, as disgusting, as abhorrent and repulsive, is not really the sort of tolerance that they want to be part of, and that, in fact, chrischuns can keep their bigoted millennia old ideas to themselves..

so of course when the church openly agree to this.... it will set a precedent that religion *deliberately* segregates society and singles out individuals for being "different".

as long as one christian regards even *ONE* gay person as an abomination, christianity will be regarded as an abomination as well....

end of story...

mostly written 28th April 2009, mostly ...

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