Saturday, 27 February 2010

Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant by Paul E. Marek

great article as to why the religious majority are irrelevant to the whole argument that it's only the extremist minority that are making their religion into a problem for everyone, and no i'm not going to be posting other people's opinions, this just happens to be what I have said previously, about a five hundred blogs ago.. oh and thanks to bob for posting this in the comments of his blogs ...

"Why the Peaceful Majority is Irrelevant" by Paul E. Marek

I used to know a man whose family were German aristocracy prior to World War Two. They owned a number of large industries and estates. I asked him how many German people were true Nazis, and the answer he gave has stuck with me and guided my attitude toward fanaticism ever since.

“Very few people were true Nazis” he said, “but, many enjoyed the return of German pride, and many more were too busy to care. I was one of those who just thought the Nazis were a bunch of fools. So, the majority just sat back and let it all happen. Then, before we knew it, they owned us, and we had lost control, and the end of the world had come. My family lost everything. I ended up in a concentration camp and the Allies destroyed my factories.”

We are told again and again by “experts” and “talking heads” that Islam is the religion of peace, and that the vast majority of Muslims just want to live in peace. Although this unquantified assertion may be true, it is entirely irrelevant. It is meaningless fluff, meant to make us feel better, and meant to somehow diminish the specter of fanatics rampaging across the globe in the name of Islam. The fact is, that the fanatics rule Islam at this moment in history. It is the fanatics who march. It is the fanatics who wage any one of 50 shooting wars world wide. It is the fanatics who systematically slaughter Christian or tribal groups throughout Africa and are gradually taking over the entire continent in an Islamic wave. It is the fanatics who bomb, behead, murder, or honor kill. It is the fanatics who take over mosque after mosque. It is the fanatics who zealously spread the stoning and hanging of rape victims and homosexuals. The hard quantifiable fact is, that the “peaceful majority” is the “silent majority” and it is cowed and extraneous.

Communist Russia was comprised of Russians who just wanted to live in peace, yet the Russian Communists were responsible for the murder of about 20 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. China’s huge population was peaceful as well, but Chinese Communists managed to kill a staggering 70 million people. The Average Japanese individual prior to World War 2 was not a war mongering sadist. Yet, Japan murdered and slaughtered its way across South East Asia in an orgy of Killing that included the systematic killing of 12 million Chinese civilians; most killed by sword, shovel, and bayonet. And, who can forget Rwanda, which collapsed into butchery. Could it not be said that the majority of Rwandans were “peace loving”.

History lessons are often incredibly simple and blunt, yet for all our powers of reason we often miss the most basic and uncomplicated of points. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by the fanatics. Peace-loving Muslims have been made irrelevant by their silence. Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don’t speak up, because like my friend from Germany, they will awake one day and find that the fanatics own them, and the end of their world will have begun. Peace-loving Germans, Japanese, Chinese, Russians, Rwandans, Bosnians, Afghans, Iraqis, Palestinians, Somalis, Nigerians, Algerians, and many others, have died because the peaceful majority did not speak up until it was too late. As for us who watch it all unfold, we must pay attention to the only group that counts; the fanatics who threaten our way of life.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

we gave god purpose... (religiorant)

god is all knowing... supposedly.... so god had the knowledge to do the creation thing at any time whatsoever, but this god sat around just shy of forever doing nothing, for trillions of years (and the rest) - god must have been pretty bored before it made the universe, ya think?

the religious also have often told me that,

"god gives us purpose"

I say bullshit to that because it is the other way around: *we* gave god purpose

supposedly god made the universe for us, *just* for us, supposedly.

Now if that is true, what did god do before we were around?

Creating the universe gave god something to do. *We* gave *god* purpose ..

we are its bacteria forming in a Petri dish, a rather large Petri dish at that...

the eternal nothing .... (weird science)

there's something strange i've been thinking about for quite a while actually, and it's pretty bizarre and this blog is very sporadic because of the weirdness of it all, but roll with the bizarreness as that's the point of this blog and besides, i'm tired of trying to write coherent blogs... 9th Jan 2010

throughout my life i've sometimes said and have heard other people say the phrase ...

"nothing can last forever"

it seems innocuous enough, but there are two ways to read that phrase (at least). Did you interpret it as,

"no individual thing can last forever"

or as

"the lack of everything can last forever"


that is to say that "the lack of everything" ie. the perfect vacuum with no matter or energy or any forces of any kind (no mass to even create a gravitational field and no gravity from some other universe has made its way there yet), is capable of extending for infinity, after all, there's literally nothing there, so how can there be an end to it? and just how would you tell if you got to the end of nothing anyway?

we'll just forget that your presence in "the nothing" would actually make it stop being a literal perfect vacuum as the electromagnetic energy you and your space ship emit would be travelling through "the nothing" making it slightly more than nothing... like even between galaxies in the vacuum of space, if you can see stars/galaxies from your vantage point, then there are at least photons of light travelling through that space, so it's not a literal nothing.

so before you read on and make your brain melt even more, the point is that the literal nothing, can last forever, as there is nothing to create, expand, use up, stretch, shrink, whatever... eg. you can hold an infinite amount of nothing in your hand, it has no mass, so why not, but I'd have to take your word for it though see how i wouldn't be able to see "the nothing"!

if you were beyond the edge of our universe you would see nothing whatsoever, provided that you haven't stumbled straight into another universe that is. If you stopped one light minute outside the edge of our universe and turned around and looked back at where you came from, after a minute the light from our universe would catch up to you and you'd see the flashpoint of the big bang, if it was indeed big enough to be seen from that distance.

but of course there could be some stupid part of special relativity or some quantum flux capacitor mechanics that i don't understand (like all of it) that blows this line of thought out of the water but ..,.

.. to me it would seem that our universe is expanding but it's not creating that perfect vacuum of space where no energy or matter of any kind exists, right? it's moving into that space thus making it part of our *visible* universe by polluting it with energy from this universe and eventually matter and gravity from galaxies and the like will move into the region that was once devoid of everything... and yes it's impossible to move beyond our universe without going faster than light, yes yes yes .., the lack of everything has no limits so it can go forever

actually, technically if you could be outside our universe you would essentially have created your own pocket mini universe, either that or you've dragged a bit of our universe with you for the journey. however the semantics grab you best...

oh wait, no.... there wasn't a point!! ... pffft!

ps. this is based on the assumption that if you took a clock outside of our physical universe, that clock would still tick over, as it's unclear to me what would happen with time if there was no gravity whatsoever around.

Monday, 8 February 2010

extreme believer arrogance - god did it ... (religiorant)

i read this somewhere the other day, to paraphrase it went something like: if humans are the pinnacle of all developed life as designed by the creator, then why is my eyesight not as good as an owls? why do lions have greater strength than me? why do i not get to live as long as those trees that have been around for hundreds of years? why do i not get as much sex as a bunny? why can I not re-grow a leg like those salamander things can when they lose a limb?

well? why is god giving these greater abilities to these lowly mere animals? humans are supposedly the ultimate in life forms created by the creator dude!!!

hmmm... seems to me that we are *not* the pinnacle of all life forms on this planet, after all? someone must have been spinning some bullshit....

on the other hand, if we twuly were the ultimate cweation from god, then a clever god, would have made sure his creations wouldn't have things like cancers and congenital disorders and mental problems, or better still, a clever god would have given us a biology that would see diseases and disorders actively eradicated or fixed by healthy cells. Imagine a whole army of white blood cells that could kill cancer cells before they even got going?

Seriously - the creator had all that time to come up with us, this "brilliant" creation?

god had billions of years of free time to come up with something... but we were the best that god could manage?


but the extreme arrogance of the believer, doesn't allow them to question beyond "god did it", so they don't *need* to know any more about silly things like "why?" -- they don't stop to think "well, why didn't god do such and such?" -- it *is* god after all, couldn't make things just a little bit better than they are? didn't leave any instructions lying around about how we are supposed to feed all these mouths now that we've gone forth and been plenty fruitful and many times multiplied??

nothing about belief makes sense, and arrogance in believing the belief that *you* have the answers to everything in the universe, sustains the life of the belief!! arrogance allows people to keep these nonsensical beliefs going in some sort of critical mass of idiocy, it's a recursive thought process.

But for my mind, no theory I've heard about god makes sense either, nor has any story been so brilliant as to only be possibly attributed to a god.

When I hear or see something conclusive about god that makes me go, "oh, hey!!! you fuckers *were* right after all!!!! there *is* a god, well, *now* I won't mind if you call me a GOD HATER, because now that you have evidence for me, I *can* actually be a god hater and stop speculating and actually look forward to calling the guy a bastard to his face"

If I actually was a god hater right now, it would be that i hate the god that i created in my mind, not the god in somebody else's mind. Many people make their god out to love them, the "God" I 'knew' was made by my brain to be hated. It was an outlet for anger, which probably would explain why my "God" is dead. I killed him, because it was necessary to break orbit of planet Guilt Trip, that extra mass had to be put out the air lock in order to reach escape velocity...

So *anything* about god is completely made up, seriously, show me, I *really* want to see something that in spite of what I thought I knew, that here's this tid bit of empirical evidence to prove that god exists... I *Want* you to show me that your god exists, because then I would truly have someone other than myself to blame for the shit in my life, and then I wouldn't have to be responsible for my actions. it was god making me do it all along. (via satan of course, *rolls*eyes*)

so giving god *any* qualities outside your personal experience, outside of your *feelings*, is a lie because you are making shit up, which when youu think about it, is also idolatry if you "follow" a religion, "Revelations" says don't add to this book, remember? Not many people are going to heaven.

telling yourself you are going to heaven even though you keep breaking a commandment is fine by me, I don't care, in fact, it's hilarious! you should do stand up comedy at atheist conventions, you'll be a hoot and a holler, or maybe you can be on some game show? ...

... and tonight on "do you really think *you* are getting into heaven?" we have a christian who says that "GOD HATES FAGS!"... boy is he in for a big surprise! now.... let's give a big hand to the host of the show, JEESSSSUS CHRIST!!!

Helllllo heavarrrrrrhhhnnnnnn!!! how iz every bunny tonight?!?! Y'all looking so LOVERLY I just wanna cuddle you all up!!! I'm FARBULOUSLY THOOOOOPER, phanks for asking!!! how are yooooooouuuuuu?!?!?! oh you lovelies are soooo darling thoooper sweeeet!!!

your beliefs are not a fact. Who says an over the top gay Jesus doesn't host a game show in heaven where he belittles homophobic morons on their way to a special section of hell for the thooper intolerant??

You can say that you "feel god do this" and that you "feel god do that" ra ra ra until the cows come home, and that's OK with me too because you are keeping it personal as your feelings are your own. *Feelings* are good things to have... but most people don't want you to share your feelings with them ... when you're in love with someone, you don't keep going on about them so much so that people tell you to either shut the fuck up or provide them with a bucket to vomit into if you are going to continue with this lovey dovey upchuck talk of yours, do you?

how is god *any* different? how can feelings be fact? your feelings are fact to you, to everyone else they are not. How can you show me that you feel god to be real, you can not. The whole *conversation* shouldn't even exist.

so if you think god/feelings are a "fact" - then let me remind you what a fact is ... a fact is something that is verifiable as being true to the *best* of our ability. It doesn't matter if that fact changes later on, that's what science and reasoning is about. If god is a "fact", then this "fact" can be demonstrated and seeing how there is no other source for all this god information other than cryptically confusing story books full of parables and conflicting information, then, yes.. god can only appear in the mind of the believer.

If you want to show me your god, get a hole cut in your head so we can see your brain, and then show me. Then we can get chop sticks and prod it to see if god is really in there?

There is no god in my brain, so the god in your brain, while it may seem real to you, is not real to me. maybe one day when we can do mind-melds where we'll be able to share our feelings of belief but, that day is not today and I suspect, the non-believers would do the mind meld for entertainment purposes only, just to have the thrill of experiencing pointless fears or being able to also get that feeling of euphoria from being so fucking high and mighty, or to see just how stupid the things that these believers think really are!! i mean you'd expect that a believer would refrain from saying most of stupid things for the most part, but I think that all the stupid logic they tell themselves to get to these stupid things they *do* say is going to be far more interesting than the things that they finally speak out loud into the universe.

the paranoid mind of a fantastical believer, would be fucking hilarious to observe.

Knowledge is also open to revision and updates when new facts are made available. In this context, "knowledge" and "fact" are interchangeable.

believer: I feel that god created the universe!
non-believer: Cool! I feel that god did not create the universe!

So in actuality, the "score" is even and it will always be so.

but, as we all know, it's not, as this is the impasse we get often stuck at...

I am more than willing to say "cool! I accept your feelings as being true" (aka "I believe that you believe") - but if the arrogant believer wants to keep arguing that their god is a fact... no .. keep your lies to yourself, lying to yourself is fine too (until you start to harm yourself, that is), it's when those lies escape the mouth of the believer and hit the atmosphere of the real world, that's when the problem starts to come to a head.


think about this one, people, this will show you an EXTREME example of the arrogance of the believer and their gods that they have had handed to them on platters called "religion", and this is ALSO EXACTLY why your understanding of god should be personal, so you don't unknowingly insist that your arrogant beliefs are indeed fact ....

if the gods of religions, are just figments of a person's imagination, and this believer claims that these religious figments of their imagination created the universe, then are they not claiming that *they* created the universe themselves in at least some partial way?

It's their brain, if god exists outside of their minds then they can show me, and "no!" the fucking clouds in the sky are not proof of god. sheesh, no wonder there are people who follow the gods of religions that are so ARROGANT, in their puny minds, they think, that at least on some level, that *they* made the entire universe, or at the very very least, they think that they're best friends with this allegedly superior being that made the universe, OF COURSE, the clouds in the sky are evidence enough of the "fact" that "god did it"...

Excuse me, but I know of no non-believer that is so arrogant that they would (unwittingly) claim that they created the entire universe. It's like the believer thinks that they are their god, reincarnated in the flesh.... only they don't realise it...


A sane person will admit that, maybe, just *maybe*, that god made the universe, but a sane person will also insist that you have better reasoning than "because the bible told me" or "god did it"... a sane person does not know a single thing about god. Knowledge is something that is directly observable or is able to be demonstrated in theory, and that theory has to make sense, or if the theory doesn't make sense, then some sort of demonstrably real evidence is needed to support the theory ra rar ar ara rar

Where do we think that saying about "knowing god, is to know insanity?" came from? (i think that's how it goes) - and if god is infinite in it's abilities and knowledge, then don't people realise that one trillion-trillion-trillion-trillionth of infinity, is STILL infinity? So, the arrogance of the believer in thinking that one book covers all they need to know about god, life, the universe and everything, is just mind boggling. Especially when the entire basis of christianity can be reduced to one phrase... eg do unto others etc.. love thy neighbour

Now as a mostly sane person, well, maybe not, but as an example, it was not until a year or so ago that I understood the basis of relativity, because for my mind there was no "proof". But I did *not* dismiss the concept, I thought it was stupid, and still do, like how the fuck does time slow down due to gravity or when you approach the speed of light? How does it know?

but it DOES.. apparently

I may not understand the physics of why, but when I read documented real life situations that proved the concept to be true, I had to step back and say .. "Oh, OK, relativity does exist.. but I still don't get why it exists!" .. and leaving it at that, is fine by me.. I didn't take my arrogance and put a "god did it" label on why relativity works the way it does, I just put it into the "too-hard-to-understand" bucket .. and maybe one day I'll come back to it and understand the "why" at some later stage. maybe experiments with the LHC will be able to show me the "why" it works the way it does in a way that can make me understand. But in the meantime, there's heaps of other sciency stuff for my brain to absorb.

The proof of relativity for me, was that two extremely accurate clocks were synchronised and one was taken up to a great height, while the other was left at ground level .. the clocks drifted ever so slightly apart and were out of sync eventually because with gravity, the further you go above the surface of the earth, the weaker gravity is, therefore the faster time moves.

"HA!! I am SO ARROGANT that everything that *I* don't understand, must be DONE BY GOD!!"

this would mean that tying shoelaces would be an act of god for someone who didn't know how...

And we all know that there is no actual evidence of god, it's all hearsay (heresy too?), speculations, assumptions, emotional biases, and indoctrinated stories.. if it's not, show me otherwise

and yes, these extreme believer types of people don't actually actively think that they made the universe (at least I hope not) as it's subconscious, and that subconscious feeling of "knowing god" (knowing god, is a *feeling*, not a *fact*, feeling warm and fuzzy is the most accurate term for "knowing" god, and is nothing more than ARROGANCE) would seem to result in a *conscious* feeling of superiority.

eg. "I'm better than you, but I don't really know why, oh! I know why, because I believe in GOD!! See I win, I believe in god and you don't ... nur nur .... " would seem to be a very accurate description of the attitudes of the extremely fundamentalised christians, as well as other extremists and their religions that i've encountered...

So, it's this superiority shining out their arses that is the actual problem... it's a bit like the spoilt brat who inherits their fortune from their parents, they did nothing to earn their inheritance, they just get it because their parents "love" them, but they've no idea how to proceed with the family business or whatever it was that made the family rich. So often they end up squandering what they have inherited or they let other people come along to take over the family business, even though the bratty kid still owns it. Sound familiar?

GOD DID IT!! (so proceed no further!!)

the stout believer, believes in GOD, and is unaware of the little god demon running around in their imaginations, so it doesn't matter that as soon as "GOD DID IT" becomes the answer to something, all reason is thrown out the window, there is no point in continuing the thinking process, if indeed it had started in the first place that is, because this logical thought process conflicts with their sacred scriptures.

Either that or every believer, is such a DUMBARSE, that they don't know shit from shinola ... please don't tell me that's the case, or at least tell me that it's a rare occurrence..

god is completely in the mind, and just because this same "god" is in the mind of, allegedly, billions of people, it doesn't make this religio-god any more real...

i saw one of these fuckheads making the same argument about science the other day! "Oh just because the science world accepts evolution as fact, doesn't make it true" .. which is the same thing as "just because there are billions of christians, that doesn't make it *the* religion"

make up your fucking minds you dumbarses!!! SHEEESH the world is going to hell and these people squabble over their story books, great, have your fucking story book, now fuck off and let us scientists save the fucking world for you

The fucked up thing, is that even though this is logical, logic doesn't apply to the believer and their god, so they are happy to run around with this god thing in their brain that they keep attributing new attributes to it all the time .. "god likes Santa!" what? didn't Coke-Cola we come up with Santa? ... "god hates fags!" .. uhmm no, the word homosexual or "fag" doesn't even appear in at least the KJV bible.. and the implication that the bible does make, is that god hates the act of homosexuality, not the people themselves.

Believers make up shit and that is blasphemy in itself right there, is it not? it says in their *own* precious bible not to add to their great book in Revelations. guess, they didn't get to that bit of the bible, well, Revelations is at the end of the bible so those guys who put the bible together in 324AD should have put the important things at the start of the bible, so I guess we'll be seeing all these "god hates fags" people in hell... maybe hell is only for christians who were unchristian, and the rest of us non-believers work there, tending to and operating the torture devices?


you can say the sky is red a trillion times, but it doesn't make it more red than blue, and even if people start to believe you, it still doesn't change the fact that the sky is actually still blue. If you changed the meaning of the word "red", to actually describe the colour "blue", then that *STILL* doesn't make the sky actually "red" - the wavelength of the light did NOT change just because your little arrogant arse says it does...

those people saying that "god loves you" are saying that *they* love you, at least on some level

those people saying that "god hates fags" are saying that *they* hate homosexuals

those people who say anything "god this" or anything "god that" ... switch the word "god" with the word "I".... then everything makes sense..


god has no explanation .. how can it?

giving god any physical attribute is arrogance... making science stories up to lend credence to your god - just means that you deep down know that it's not god that came up with bibles, angels, christmas, santa ... easter buinniyes... hatred... love....

none of it is god, it's all you... and the believer just can't accept that we as humans, are capable of such incredible feats of intelligence and compassion without some fantasy being to help us along ...

"I'd like to thank GOD, because without GOD I'd be nothing" ... more arrogance, when somebody says this, they are speaking to *YOU*, the non-believer, they are saying that if you don't have god, YOU ARE *NOTHING*.

That's what they are saying, they are saying that they are *better* than you. How else can this be interpreted as you are supposed to thank god in PRIVATE!

The simple and apparently innocuous statements, "god loves me", is saying "god loves me, but not you, if you just happen to be a non-believer"

An unchallenged statement about faith doesn't happen much in Australia, at least that's how it used to be.

if you're happy that god loves you and you know it, clap your hands, fuckers...

Keep your religio-god to yourself, because you've no idea how offensive you are being, because the opposite always applies with god, don't you know?... the christian god made everything right? saying "god loves me", is a subset of what god loves, now if god loved everyone, what would be the point of saying "god loves me" ?? well?? People make these affirmations to highlight that they themselves are believers (like a mantra to help you be brave, "I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away!") but seeing how their god supposedly did everything, what they are *not* saying, also applies.

to demonstrate:

"I have god ((and you don't, so I'm better than you)) "

"without god I'm nothing ((you have no god, so *you* *are* nothing))"

"You need to believe in Jesus ((like I believe in Jesus, so you can be just as good and up-yourself as me, but if you jump on the bandwagon later on, I will outrank you *still* because i was a believer before you were))"

i'm sure you can elaborate to yourself some further examples.


at the very least having a religion and a god attached to that religion, means that you are deferring aspects of your life to people who came before you, you are *not* deferring to "god"'s knowledge. And in the case of the bible, biblicants are deferring to people who had no idea about much at all as compared to us today. eg. We can cure many things today that the people of Jesus' time would deem a miracle. the Bloody do-gooder he was...

I know for a fact that I know more than Galileo did (at least about how many moons Jupiter has), Galileo thought there were four moons around Jupiter, I've read recently that we've discovered over 60 of them!! Galileo also had some other weird beliefs that I would probably laugh at if we were to converse on those matters. shit man, Newton was an *alchemist*, you know, turning lead into gold, that sort of thing. Needless to say, the whole turning lead into gold thing, didn't work out. (that we know about)

Now these famous scientist guys from the past were pretty damn fucking clever, but the bible refers to people two thousand years ago, not four hundred years ago and seeing how we are much smarter today than the Galileo's and the Newton's of their day, does it not make sense as well that they were much smarter than the people from the time of Jesus?

Point is - just say we are ten times smarter than the Galileo's of his day - and just say Galileo was ten times smarter than the people of Jesus' time.. that makes us a hundred times smarter than the biblical people. (smarter doesn't mean more moral or more wise, it means we "know" more facts, and throughout history, many facts, as they are expected to do so, change, or rather, the quality of the information they present is much more solidified than that fact as it was known previously when new science is made available and what not )

ps. sorry, this blog was a real mess of thoughts... better stop before i go off the track even m0re :0

mostly written 5th Jan 2010, mostly ....

Sunday, 7 February 2010

non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 1 (religiorant)

this was a previous attempt that went off on a tangent because i kept coming up with ideas as to what was intolerant and seemed a waste to not post it ... 15th December 2009


on the one hand we've got the vast majority of people that are religious who don't say a word about the whole god and religion debate.. yet they still call themselves "religious", or at least "followers of a religion", or at the very very least at each census, they suddenly remember, "oh yeah, I'm a catholic", or something like that..

however, the majority aren't the source of the problem - so by bitching about religion - non-believers don't refer specifically to the majority - so there is no *need* for non-believers to be tolerant of the majority... we don't even know who they are because they're being meek and not making a scene..

but let me put this out there first:::

christians, muslims, jews - they all claim that theirs is the religion of love and peace and happiness and tolerance and blah blah blah, right??

yeah well, I'm not seeing it...

and non-believers, allegedly, have no "source" for learning tolerance and love and peace, HEY! that's what the christbigots tell me *often* and then they tell me that the christinsanity people *DO* have a source to learn all their morals from that they brag about all the time... right? that's what these idiots do online insistently ....

what was that thing they got their morals from again... a bibble ? something like that

point being is that christians don't have excuses for being ARSEHOLES - they have been told how to act - quite explicitly by the most popular book in the world, that bible of theirs!! the very first book printed - if they don't "get" their religion after 400 or so years (we've had English for 400yrs, so effectively the regular person has had access to the bible for their own perusal for about 400yrs) and can't even be bothered to act even partially as their religion instructs, then they should probably stop pretending to be christian, or they could still be christians, but just with a failing grade.

but the religious majority being tolerant of other people, isn't a problem, and non-believers generally don't lock horns with the religious majority anyway - in fact, not giving a rat's arse about what somebody else does is being tolerant - apathy - what humans are BEST at, can be viewed as tolerance ... you could be very much anti-gay, a 'FAG' hater if you will, but if you just couldn't be bothered to bother "the gays" in the first place then you are actually being tolerant ...

fact of the matter is that I've *not* said a *lot* of things for fear of offending the spineless people out there and having to go through the motions of being nice - aka tolerance - is often a waste of time, especially when the person arguing with me is *supposed* to be tolerant, and especially when, according to *my* "religion" (LOL!) I have no morals at all...


and what is it that we see from these christbigots, who are easily the loudest percentile of the religion of love, tolerance, respect and various other clichés about feeling warm and fuzzy???


Hatred of all kinds for people who are different - even SLIGHTLY different - in fact if you are only slightly different then you are likely to be the biggest target for intolerance from your now ex-brethren ... because you've recently left the fold, fundies insist on trying to bully you back to the land of Jesus .... some of these fundies feel it so important that you admit that you believe in Christ, that they will even encourage you to off yourself (ie. suicide) for straying even slightly from believing in Jesus...

that's pretty fucked up right there ..

how is *that* being tolerant? these people want to be the mouth pieces of christianity and yet they will tell non-believers to commit suicide? urrr? what the fuck???

so there we go - if believers that are TAUGHT to be tolerant, but are still not tolerant, then why the fuck should non-believers even *try* to be tolerant, especially when believers can't even be tolerant of their fellow christians?!?!

could it be that because non-believers are not so arrogant about believing in a fantasy, that they tend to think about other people's concerns a lot more than say, those with the selfish need to keep making affir-fucking-mations that they believe in Jayyyyzus? that they have a soul, that the Allah Ack-bar isn't the local pub, that they have a rightful ownership to the holy land. ra ra ra ra ra ra

if you are hateful to anybody at all, you do not get to call yourself a christian, how can you justify that? what are you thinking? are you thinking you're "Christ-like"? well, you are not, you are a disgusting cunt of a liar if you think that you are christ like and even slightly hate one person.. if you make empty threats on behalf of your god, you are *still* being hateful as well.

"Laugh it up non-believer! But if you don't believe in Jesus we'll see who'll be laughing last!!!"

that is a *threat* - an idle spineless threat but a threat still the same - people make threats when they are angry and can't win an argument, the threat is an "ace in the hand" that is pulled out as a sign of desperation and frustration

if you said that shit to my face I would ask you to explain exactly what you mean right then and there.

You make a threat on behalf of that little god creature running around in your brain and it is a threat from *YOU*.

And that is the "truth" - non-believers should see no difference between being threatened by a person for whatever reason, and being threatened by a person on behalf of their god, because the only place this god exists is in their minds, therefore it is them that is making the threat.

And seriously, if there is a god, you insult that god by pretending to speak for it with empty threats. Making threats in the name of god is the same as speaking for god, therefore you make yourself out to be god itself, meaning you have raised yourself above everyone else to the position of god because you have spoken in lieu of god speaking for itself.

What was that first commandment? Exodus 20:3 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." ... Hateful believers should be hoping that god doesn't exist, because the sheer volume of times a day I've seen them break the first commandment is utterly flabbergasting.

I just couldn't ever be what is commonly termed "christian", I'm far too honest, so I don't pretend to be religious, I can't pretend because it's all based on lies.

And the point here, is that even verbal christian empty gutless abuse and threats of any kind should not be tolerated, as the violence has to start somewhere. verbal threats are merely the first baby step towards more violent behaviour.

this behaviour has been documented very well. a child who pulls the wings of flies, is likely to graduates to hurting birds, then onto hurting puppies, and then cats, and then dogs, and then horses, and then humans.. this is well known behaviour, I've seen it myself where a person starts with a seemingly innocuous or harmless act, but they keep moving on to more and more violent behaviour in ever so small degrees that they can justify their behaviour because it is only slightly worse than the horrible thing they did last time.

and i've seen this from fundy christians on myspaz, when they lose their arguments, they make threats, then they collect IP address, then they look you up on facebook, send their friends to pretend to be your friend to spy on you, whilst every time they keep crossing the line just a little bit more, until eventually they make death threats against you for disagreeing with them over *religion*, how many of them actually go on to make in-person threats? How many christians go on to commit violence in the name of christianity simply because they are butt-hurt over some conversation they have had with some non-believer?

how fucking spineless are some people, anyway?

and don't let me hear you say that's a minority of christians that are *that* hateful that they actually act on their self righteousness - christians have no excuse what so *ever* for saying shit like this *ever*.

but is that what we see?....

well, is that how it is?

nooo it's not, is it?

I've seen christians say the most horrible things and when somebody complains about it, ie, me, all their christian fundie buddies descend to berate the person who had a word at the original christbigot, ie. me!

so *no*, it's not a minority - you have the minority who *say* this bullshit - but then you have a larger number of fellow religidiots defending the original bigot because he's christian and the other guy, ie. me!, isn't... the "mob" tolerates their own, but not the foolish non-believers who have the gall to call them out on their fucked up bullshit.

I've seen people defend Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Westboro Church and all manner of idiots, these people don't outright say the same rubbish as their more famous christians, but they *want* to.

I've seen this many times - the most horrid christians do something horrid - i tell them to fuck themselves for being so horrid - then the moderate "mob" descends to defend the horrid little shit, with the biggest complaint being that I don't use profane language, that some how telling someone to fuck themselves, is *worse* than telling someone to off themselves for not believing in Jayzus.....

yes - i am confushed as well - even more confusing is when someone from the "mob" does some complaining about the horrid christian, then they suddenly find themself shoved away from the "mob" and attacked by their former brethren and sisthren ...


if yours is a religion of love then show it at all times to all people and especially not just to those who have the same beliefs as you. It takes every type of people to run this world, if you bigots don't want to be part of the world, then shut the fuck up or fuck off back under the rock from which you crawled because because - *NEWSFLASH* - we don't need you stirring up your hateful ways, sowing the seeds of disharmony.

the cruellest christians on myspaz i've seen were picking on other christians (or recently ex-christians) - some of the cruellest things in history were the things done in the name of love for god. I've often heard god called, "love" itself... interesting... would you not say, hmmm?...

one would think that because this god of theirs is one of love, then its followers are free to *not* show love and compassion to others, probably because they are so much of a fucking cunt that they think this god of theirs only loves them....

but of course when you say that millions of people have been killed in the name of god the obligatory dumbfuck christian retort of Stalin Hitler Mao ra ra ra killed millions always appears too.... *sigh*

that's the difference isn't it? the Stalin's and Hitler's and Mao's certainly did not allegedly have the millions they killed in the name of love

are christians saying that because they pretend to love everyone, then they are fucking allowed to kill them as well? if that is not the case then what the fuck is this shit where there is ANY person killed in the name of a loving god? how can they justify even one death in the name of a loving god?

christians just don't fucking get this point - if ONE person is killed in the name of their loving god, then that renders their god as *unloving* and therefore, their whole religion is a farce.

so even though Mao/Stalin or any of those other alleged atheists did kill millions - they did not do it because of some doctrine that fucking said LOVE EVERYONE...

And they certainly weren't killed in the name of atheism that's for sure. Atheism has no doctrine or rule book or holy scripture.

you could kill a million people that you hate because they are your enemy, and you could probably justify that action logically and rationally and have clear conscience because they *were* your enemy.. but could you kill even one person, out of love for someone else for no reason other than love itself??

That's one thing the religious can never wash their hands clean of, regardless of what good or bad non-believers do, non-believers do these things for reasons that are a part of this universe entirely, they are actual tangible reasons, or for reasons that are strictly personal. There will be no "the devil made me do it" or similar supernatural bullshit out of a non-believer as a lame excuse for their actions.


Believers and their atrocities were done in the name of their gods - in the name of all those clichés like love - friendship - togetherness - family - *tolerance* - the religious killed IN SPITE of there being a commandment to NOT KILL.

so EXCUSE ME, which is worse?

a) Christians, who have no excuse to be intolerant because they have been instructed by their holy scripture to be tolerant that they so often claim to be the highest moral authority, and yet are *still* bigoted;


b) non-believers who allegedly don't know any better, because their lack of a holy scripture did NOT instruct them to not be bigots and yet are still bigots?

Christians are supposed to be the best behaved out of all of us, no exceptions!!

if you christians can't behave, then stop pretending to be a christian as a means to JUSTIFY YOUR HATRED of the universe, because if you can't, then you are a LYING to yourself and to your god - and that's gunna go down damn fucking well when you stand before your god on judgement day. I hope Satan broadcasts your encounter with god explaining to you just how fucking wrong you were on a big screen in hell, because, that shit would be funny.


Now there are only a minor percentage of the religious who act like they are actually the vengeful god of the Old Testament - at least I hope it is a minor percentage - because there is this one little thing that makes me not WANT to even tolerate the silent masses of christians ..

let me exemplify what i mean....

Just say a christian tells someone that has just given up their faith, to "off" (aka kill) themselves...

now me - I would come down (as I have, many times) like a bag of bricks on this "christian" and nothing I can say, nothing is going to be *too* profane. There just isn't a swear word strong enough. cunt shit fuck fart piss cock ... nothing

However - christians are taught to be tolerant - any christian telling people to off themselves for not being christians, is inexcusable.

and this has happened, nearly two years ago actually, but did any christians have a go at this "christian" at the time? none to my knowledge. In fact, heaps of christians did see this outburst where a christian told some gay guy to kill them self (it was in a blog) and the only people who spoke out were the godless few, the majority of christians on this occasion decided that they would *support* the god given right for everyone to have "Free Speech" ..

fuck you!

sure!! they are perfectly allowed to say what they want, so what the fuck is their objection to me telling them that they are fucking disgusting cunts that I would not piss on if they were on fire?

why are the non-believers expected to be tolerant of behaviour like this? If you are a cunt, expect to be told as much.

while writing this blog one person did mention that they saw the blog in question and regretted their inaction by apologising to me, which, while appreciated, highlights what i'm talking about.

That being that christians have a FEAR of telling other christians to pull their heads in...

so why should non-believers even worry about being tolerant to the believers?

christians don't even tend to their own flock. they can't even tolerate their own kind, but they still do **find** fault in **others** first before they find fault in their own..

can't be speaking out against Jesus fucking Christ even though they are not even close to following his teachings, no sirree Bob!!

it's like the blinders are on to their fellow flock members.. *why*?!?!? - *clearly* they can find the heart to TOLERATE their own flock, but ONLY when they feel like it, so they don't *do* anything about their own minions, so why don't they tolerate us?

You have to go out of your way to complain. Doing nothing requires, little effort.

so why don't they tolerate us?

ohhhh.... hmmmmm..... ?????


because we're not christians - so we are not tolerated, because we are not muslims, because we are not jews, balah blah blah. doesn't matter how minor our indiscretions are - we are not tolerated

why is that?

because - the religious are taught that their way is *the* way - it's an *ego*trip* when they encounter non-believers - and nothing hurts the ego more when the reason for being on said ego trip, is questioned. The strongly religious think that are taught to teach others about their religion, and when it gets rejected over and over, they become angry and hateful.

ever been told that "all you just have to do is let Jesus into your heart!!"

"all you just have to do"? that's it? that's all it takes to have your soul eternally saved? seems pretty easy to do... *just* believe...

are christomorons admitting that they in fact became believers in the space of a second or two?

if that's allllll you have to do then then ......... so why is this Jesus thing not taking when I try to let Jesus into my heart?? I believe in Jesus!! there I just said it!! but I feel no different ... The religious seem to think it's pretty easy, *all* you have to do is believe ... wow!! .. oh .. what's that ... I can't *just* believe? but that's what *you* *just* said? ohhhhh .... *all* I have to do is read the bible ... I've read the bible ... it was full of shitty boring stories ... but all you have to do is believe .. all you have to do is read the bible ... all you have to do is believe while you are reading the bible .. over and over and over ...

seems rather idolatrous to just be able to believe ... when I was told about being a christian it was kind of implied that you had to actually do good deeds... the rules don't change... so what is this *just*believe* bullshit about?

that is a bold faced cunt of a lie and christians know this.

one can NOT just believe in Jesus and be saved, how offensive can you lying cunts be?


urrr... and in closing ...

non-belief is like the number zero...

like a bucket with no contents...

it's like having a beach, with no sand but then being expected to make a sand castle with it. If the sand castle is made, that sand came from somewhere else, not this beach with no sand upon it.

when i stand upon my beach, it is covered with sand from all over the universe ...

in other words non-believers obtain their morality from many sources, and to say that a non-believer is immoral, is to say that the source of their morals is immoral, and in many cases - that moral source was probably christianity!! - so it's probably not wise to call non-believers immoral, especially when the religion you claim to follow was at least a partial source of their moral guidance.

it would seem that unlike believers, non-believers don't need to keep reading and re-reading the bible, they tend to learn the good stuff from the bible in one go, or by word of mouth, you know, from family and friends. you know, the people you actually trust, the people who should actually be teaching you about morals, and not some book from a time when they still nailed people to crosses for heresy, not from a book that caused science to be rejected for near a thousand years, not from a book that has caused armies to cross continents to kill entire towns of people and certainly not from a book that to this day still inspires bigotry in all walks of life...

any other book causing as much segregation, hatred and bigotry in society as the bible would be banned from sale and all copies of it would be rounded up and burnt...

Friday, 5 February 2010

non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 2 (religiorant)

it takes tooooo long to re-edit these to try and cut out topics i've touched upon before ... i also have to remind myself that these blogs are for my entertainment - if somebody else is entertained or educated, that's a bonus ... so at this point, it's most likely I am repeating some bullshit...

mostly written, 7th Dec 2009...... mostly...

ok... take 2...... do non-believers need to be more tolerant of the religious?

let's do this logically so the religious don't understand my reasoning...

i *must* have evidence to support what i'm hearing / reading / seeing / feeling, as well as that, what I'm taking in has to make sense, eg. the theory/premise/whatever has to make sense, and if it doesn't make sense, i just consider it an unknown.. an "I'll figure that out later" sort of approach...

some people can't do that, instead they say to me, "god did it" ... is it because they don't understand how i can be so flippant about reality, that when there is an unknown, I shrug my shoulders and move on?

but that's *why* i regard myself a non-believer. I don't *need* to believe in anything. I don't need to believe the universe is held together by god or the boson particle or was somehow created out of nothing by magic or the universe somehow made itself. I just don't *need* to know.

Look. You've got it all wrong. You don't need to follow me. You don't need to follow anybody! You've got to think for yourselves. You're all individuals! .... You're all different! .... You've all got to work it out for yourselves!--[Monty Python "Life of Brian" - Brian speaks to the crowd camped outside his window]

Now while I won't deny the extremely remotest inkling of a chance of there being an actual god but what I will deny outright is that *NO* god described by any religion, is "the" god...

god is god - there is no such thing as the 'christian' god, the 'vampire' god, the science god ra ra Ra the Egyptian sun god ra ra ra - god has no religion .. attach any adjective to god and you are speculating, you are in fact adding to that god, which at least in christianity, this guy called John said followers of Jesus are to not add anything extra to the bible ... so any assumption about the christian god, sees you worshipping *another* god as you are adding shit to this perfect god which never changes.

if god wanted us to have a particular religion, it should not have been so cryptic about which one was *the* religion

and you know, if god has existed *forever*, then is it not extreme arrogance to say that god just happens to belong to *your* religion? god is perfect isn't it? perfect means that it doesn't change, right? so god doesn't need to change, because god is perfect, right? look up the definition of perfect, i bet it doesn't say "invisible sky daddy" as a definition, and I bet god wouldn't convert to your religion either.

before there was religion, there was god, and before god, there was us... and before us, there was the universe

the only 'real' god is the god in the brain of believer! ... the believer flatters them self if they think that their religion is the religion of god!!.. herro prease! - the only way god could follow your religion, is if you invented that god your self...

what happens if you change or leave religion?!? does god change religion with you? the arrogance!!

The sheer height of the arrogance in thinking god is of a particular religion is phenomenal... of fucking course the god of the believer would change religion with them, because it's *their* personal god in *their* imagination, it's *their* brain to do what *they* want as they please, so why not? So it's no surprise that god just happens to follow *their* religion, even when people change their fucking religion because god is their ego!!!

And to top it off, it's *their* fantasy, so why does my non-believer arse need to believe in something I can't believe in? Why should I tolerate being told once a week that I need to believe, because it's supposedly *the* truth?

religious idiot: You need to believe in Jesus!

plain old idiot: Oh I'm sorry there must be some mistake, I actually went up to your church offices in person and told you lot to fuck off and leave me alone, there's probably a memo in your email telling you to not harass me any more, you should check your inbox more often..

even if god *did* give Moses the Genesis story, it's a good bet that Moses didn't know what the frack god was telling him anyway - so how can this message from god have been preserved correctly? god made Adam out of the dirt? for all we know, god was trying to tell Moses that life formed from amino acids mixed in the dirt with some water .. aka, puddle of goo. but Moses' feeble mind could not grasp the whole abiogenesis + evolution process - and consequently - reduced it down to "god made Adam from the dirt"...

of course that's the implication isn't it: that religion you have, it is *the* religion of god, isn't it? and if it wasn't you would have thrown it away by now ... of course your "holy truth" is *the* sacred holy truth of truths... of course YOUR ancient text is the ONLY preferred holy scripture for this universe...

granted, this is an extreme take on the way of things, but it's the extreme believer that's the one making all the noise in the first place, so why should the non-believer tolerate all the arrogance? sure religion gives comfort in times of need to the meek masses who follow it. But this arrogance seems to be spilling over into the real world with real world consequences when religion tries to displace science and sensibility on the other 350 days in the year.

Homeopathy, anti-vaxxers, Intelligent Design, denouncing contraception, encouraging military strikes on the enemies of Israel ... would these things be out of place in the dark ages? i don't think so - the bible belt is escaping the USA, and the Koran belt appears to be coming along just fine too strewn from Indonesia to the North of Africa.

There are horrible people who, instead of solving a problem, tangle it up and make it harder to solve for anyone who wants to deal with it. Whoever does not know how to hit the nail on the head should be asked not to hit it at all.--[Nietzsche]

people obsessed with their religions, don't seem to have time to be tolerant of people who aren't as equally obsessed about the same religion, do they? all that posturing about knowing the truth, only to be told by some infidel to stop being a fucking wanker?

what else would I say to them?


Meaning to say that, the religious do a bang up job of mocking themselves and their religion by not actually following it, i find that hilarious, so I have to find something funnier in their misinterpretation - and double misinterpretations would not be an inaccurate label to describe my tolerance mechanism for religion, so if I mock religion, it's because the religious have taught me to return the favour.

how can you not think yourself arrogant if you think you somehow know anything about god? let alone know what "god's" religion is? let alone what god wants? these religious types of people, mock their *own* god by not even following the very bullshit they incessantly want the non-believer to follow...

what? why do they want us to follow their lies? so we can pretend to be a self righteous religious pain in the arse as well? or is it just so they don't look quite so stupid being the only self righteous pain in the arse when Jesus announces that the rapture has been called off?

"Yeah sorry about the mix up folks. Yes, Paul didn't know what he was on about."
--Jesus (my own personal one)

and yes - I will look pretty stupid when/if it turns out that I am wrong, but guess what? unlike, fundamentalist religionists, WHEN and IF the time comes, I won't have a problem with admitting that I was wrong, because I can adapt to FACTS... and facts change, so regardless of there being a lord or not, I can adapt when and if I am wrong.

Can you do the same? Can christians adapt when it turns out that Allah is *the* god? Can you Muslims and Jews and Hindus and Buddhists and whatever other bullshit artists that are out there, can you adapt when it turns out that Jesus (or Zeus, or FSM etc) is actually *the* god?

well, could you?

religions are based on a story, one should not become emotionally attached to a story - so why should stories be tolerated as being "fact"? as "knowledge"? as "history"? only *stories* can get away with telling bullshit, that's what a story is, bullshit.. it's supposed to be harmless bullshit, and yes, not all the story bullshit is bad, but basing universal views on bullshit is not wise to say the least, especially when it turns out to be wrong. How many people do you know base their world views on fantasies? How many people become devastated when it turns out that their precious story - was just a story?

and even if god did reveal itself, who says i'm going to believe in it anyway? The only thing god has got going for it, is not having any proof of its existence. (((Imagine everyone's ideas of god being destroyed when the big guy rocks up... think of god from South Park)))


There are people who really do believe that the world is six thousand years old - i vaguely remember believing in that fantasy of god making the universe in six days when I was a kid, but then I started this thing called *school* and I had to decide which one was the bullshit - I remember that being a moment of disappointment, but it never occurred to me that some people would hold onto that frame of mind - did these people just stick their fingers in their ears the whole time they were at school?

but there are people who really do treat it as fact that people used to live for many hundreds of years in biblical times - they probably didn't pay attention in school, or didn't go at all - i had a conversation online once with a woman who insisted that we were dying younger and younger as time went by - i said "what? medicine is increasing our life spans!!" - but she said something like "in the old days people lived for hundreds of years" - i said "what? like who?" - she said, "Adam, Noah, Moses .." *facepalms*

these same people go on about "carbon dating" (like suddenly they are experts on it) and how it's only accurate to about 50,000 to 60,000 years ... are you dense? you admit that it's accurate enough to date things up to ten times older than how old you claim the earth's age to be, and yet when we show you an object that's been carbon dated to about 40,000 years old ... ahem .. what was it you were saying again?

better to remain silent and thought the fool, then it is to speak and remove all doubt--[Abraham Lincoln]

and there are people who really do think that the entire universe revolves around the earth every day, because that's how it looks to our eyes from our point of view, seeing the sun moving across the sky is the only proof needed to show that the earth is fixed and unmoving in space, apparently.... and the excuse for believing this? "gravity can't possibly work over that much distance" ...... "what? but what about gravity here on Earth, it works you know?" ...... "oh yes gravity works over short distances but not long distances" ..... *facepalms*

not only should this NOT be tolerated, this needs to be publicly ridiculed and mocked *repeatedly* - like Mr Garrison in South Park, when Officer Barbrady goes back to school, and he tries to read a sentence on the board and he gets it wrong and Mr Garrison and Mr Hat make fun of him..

Garrison: Now, Kyle, let's be supportive of our new student, give him the nurturing environment he needs to thrive. Now, I'm gonna write a sentence and I want us all to help Officer Barbrady read it. Give it a shot, Officer Barbrady.

Barbrady: Aaah. Oooooh. Ooooh.

Garrison: Bzzzt! Wroong! Try again, dumbass! Hahahahahahaha, hahahaha. Okay okay. Maybe we should try something a little easier. We can work our way up to the hard ones. Go ahead, Barbrady, don't be scared.

Barbrady: Aaah. Oooooh.

Garrison: Bzzzt drrrrr! Did you hear that, Mr. Hat?

Mr. Hat: I sure did, Mr. Garrison. What a retard!

people spread these stupid ideas because they are too lazy to understand or even try to understand how things are, so they go and spread their rumours and stories and misconceptions out of hate and fear.. hatred that they aren't smart enough, and fear because they want everyone else to be as dumb and stupid as they are... ever notice how people want to be in a crowd where they all believe or do the same thing? is that because they don't want to look quite as stupid when it turns out that the crowd is, it's not as humiliating when the person to either side of you is humiliated as well.

seriously think about that - why do people lash out and mock people just because they are different? my guess is it's because *they* want to be the dominant one, they don't want to be appearing weak and stupid around the chicky babes, so they ridicule the people that are different to make them go away, they pick on the weak to seem strong. Stick that together with an extreme belief system and you have the sort of person who would beat a homosexual with a metal pipe, shoot an abortion doctor, invade a country because Jesus fucking told him to, chop his hand off for sinning with it, poke her eye out for seeing evil, kill her children before they sin thus making sure they go to heaven... ra ra ra ra ... these are all actual things people have done in the name of their fears.

the only effective mechanism at times is ridiculing them. You can give them all the proof in the solar system that we're actually moving through space, but it's all tooooo complicated and has too much of that elitist sciency stuff for their brain, therefore, it's ignored. it's a lot more effective to laugh at them and say "you're a bloody loooney!!" to someone who is blatantly being stupid than it is to explain how they are wrong.

it's a lot easier and a lot less time is wasted if they are just going to say "god did it" anyway..... why waste time explaining the science to the deliberately ignorant? if they really do want to understand, they will come around.

if you try to be tolerant and explain something, the religious take that as an affront, they take it as an *attack* on them, "don't you you use that that sciency science talk with me! I have god! I don't need no science" so by their holy god given right, they get to be all superior about being a dumbarse, because their god made the universe and his word is the word. what a load ...

and besides, everybody knows that Grease is the word, it's got groove, it's got meaning... god doesn't have groove, god doesn't have meaning either... if it does, I'm all ears, but it's been thirty years and no-one has given me a decent definition of god yet...


The only thing that *can* stay the same, is a story. Don't the religious get that? We are humans, we grow and expand and adapt, sure religions gave moral guidance when we needed it thousands of years ago, but it's time to grow up. And for those people who insist on needing the security blanket of god, the "story" needs to shift with it's readers, and not hold it's audience captive to some never dying lingering remnant of the dark ages ...

so sure - fine - have your beliefs - go roll around in a sewage overflow with them for all i care, but the moment you open your mouth and start talking bullshit - you open yourself to ridicule because your bullshit is now part of the real world.

if you deny that the big bang was what at least started this iteration of our universe in favour of your god by saying "pfft, big bang?!?! were you there to see it??" then hello, were you there to see your god make the universe [insert your creation myth age] years ago? ...

if you say that "life didn't form from a puddle of goo, were you there to see it happen?" ask your self the same question, were you there to see god breathe life into the dirt and make Adam ????? well, were you???

welllll... ??? were you??? the argument goes both ways, dipshit...

How dare these incessant believers appeal to the emotions of the people when they don't even ask them selves the same questions about their own fantasies??

another example, my favourite..

"The universe can't have come from nothing!"

which is in reference to the big bang supposedly just exploding out of nothing, which is not what happened, nothing, just doesn't explode, the problem here is that most people don't understand the science. but you know, instead of explaining the science, try explaining how they are wrong from *their* point of view... and the best thing about the religious and their arguments, is that nine times out of ten, you just switch the words around and make their misguided point of view, apply back at them

"The universe can't have come from nothing you say? but didn't your god make the universe out of nothing?"

and suddenly the argument has shifted focus away from the science, to the ridiculous notion of god did it with magic.

there should not be tolerance of stupidity and ignorance when it comes to science. Why?? There's nothing wrong with being wrong and there is no reason to not ask questions - BUT - If your arrogance gets in the way and you can't ask questions, then that's your problem in being closed minded, not mine... but if you start making up science to make a dollar, then it becomes everyone's problem, because some people are not intelligent enough to spot a scam.

*stupid* made-up science can cost people their lives, tolerance of this is not acceptable.

One day people are saying we didn't come from monkeys, the next day they very well could be saying vaccinations cause autism - tolerance of pseudo science *is* dangerous.


and why should idiocy be tolerated when people are dying thanks to stupidity?? To this day, the religious and their scruples still don't tolerate the sciences - case in point - remember that species of some animal that scientists found up in Asia that was previously thought to have been extinct for a million years, do you remember all the hoo-hah from the religious freaks who went about mocking this new discovery because it turned out that - SHOCK GASP - science was wrong?

Excuse me? but all these religious fruit cakes were saying things like "awwwww... science said this animal was EXTINCT!! they were WRONG! AGAIN!" it was like some victory for believers... that is fucked up and stupid attitudes like that demand to be mocked until that person is in tears for being such a fucking stupid cunt..

**NEWSFLASH** - science is SUPPOSED to change, science is HUMAN understanding of the universe, if it is wrong on occasion it is because WE HUMANS are wrong on occasion. This is a GIVEN FACT and IS expected by the scientist. That is why science has peer review, just to make sure the "science" can be repeated and that it wasn't a fluke and that Dr Science didn't make up the results.

Unlike the arrogance of faith, when science turns out to be wrong, it's an *advancement*, regardless.

Being wrong and right expands our knowledge of the universe. If the dark energy and dark matter theories turn out to be wrong, it obviously means that the explanation of the unseen mass in the universe is something else, so we keep looking. If combining protein XYZ-425 with protein UKN-387 doesn't yield whatever it is we were hoping for, we don't try it again. We write it down, XYZ-425 + UKN-387 == FAIL, and move on...

This is very much like the bible, where people read it so many times that eventually it says what they want it to say. That *is* how you believe, right? You *want* to believe, so you do, eventually.


If we came from monkeys then why aren't monkeys having human babies today?

This extreme stupidity should be stomped upon, from a great height, preferably with an asteroid because, just calling a person saying this rubbish, "retarded", that's just not good enough.. No way is that good enough, these people say these fucked up things because *they* think that *they* have the truth.

When I am not sure about something, I shut the fuck up or I say I don't know, or I prefix what I'm saying with "maybe" or "perhaps" or "it could be" blah blah blah lbah

I'm sorry, but an adult with full mental capacity should not be believing in imaginary men in the sky, we tolerate children and their imaginary friends but do we not expect them to grow out of it? So what is this continuing tolerance of religious fuckwits all about? it's fucking embarrassing.

*sigh* ... but if adults just happen to want to believe in a sky daddy anyway, then good for them, that's cute, but they need to keep this imaginary friend of theirs and everything attached to it, to themselves. It's not my imaginary friend, by the way. It's **your** imaginary friend.

And this perpetuated idea of a god watching you, scares kids, sometimes for decades well into adulthood, this is a fact. There was a whole decade of fearing god before I figured out it was a waste of time. Some people may even have developed inferiority complexes from fearing god. Some people get so deluded with their god delusions, they go and kill people in the name of love. Religious love that is. Love for god. Love for themselves to be able to enact justice as if they are god themselves is what they are really talking about.

The religious sometimes say that non-believers consider themselves to be god, well if that's true, then ... so what? that's exactly what the religious do with their god that they made up in their imaginations, at least the non-believer does not pretend that their god is a superior being, like the religious do in making out that a part of their ego is the supreme intelligence of the entire universe.


And while this religious taunting of the masses into being scared of things that don't exist might just scare a few people into *not* becoming the Hitler's and George Bush's of the world, however, it is far more likely that we are missing out on more of the *good* thinkers, sharing their *good* ideas, so much so that they would probably make the Hitler's and Bush's of this world "unnecessary" in the first place.

I think with the internet, people are going to see a massive wide range of ideas if they are willing to look past the end of their noses, and more people are going to contribute in good ways, and more people are going to put away their silly fears.. because with the internet, they can search and find their answers without having to ask somebody a stupid question, thereby avoiding the whole appearing to be inferior and stupid about their misconceptions.

or the opposite could happen, and they could find all the disinformation they need to sustain their idiocy .... which is not too far fetched an idea, the world could massively dumb down with all the disinformation out there on the internet.


What if the secret to stopping world hunger is in the head of some kid in the bible belt, but she's too scared to speak up because she's been told it's not her place to "think"?? or worse still, she was laughed at by some ignorant authority figure who didn't understand her idea or didn't give the idea a thought as it contradicted what "god" wanted?

These are the same people who hung or burnt people to death that they *thought* to be witches. This is the same thinking that started the Crusades, the Inquisitions. These are the same people that beat gays with metal pipes, the same people who blow up abortion clinics, who shoot abortion doctors, who run over their daughters because they had sex before being married, the same people who then pelt their neighbour's daughters to death because they committed adultery because their neighbours' daughters admitted that they were raped (which is adultery if you don't have four male Muslim witnesses to back up your story under Islamic Sha'ria law). These are the same people who then get away with murder when one of them makes a "mercy killing" to "atone" for the **shame** brought to the family by the daughter who was raped.

"Tolerance", did you say? nope, not seeing it. Religion of "peace" you say? I don't think that you understand what the word "peace" means....

And you know, I'm fed up with christians who insist on washing their hands of past and present christian atrocities, who then in the same breath, talk about alleged past "Atheist" atrocities.. so they don't want to talk about past christian fuckups but they are quite willing to talk about alleged atheist atrocities, and yet.. and YET

not once have I actually seen a statement that said, Mao, Stalin, Hitler, or any of those other "monsters" who were "allegedly" atheists, not ONCE have I read that these people declared themselves as atheists.. not even ONCE... It's implied that Mao was an atheist, but I've not read reliable and credible sources that stated as much... I mean where is his speech where he says "I do not believe in god therefore I will kill millions"? That's the proof that I want to see if you want to lay claim to atheists being massively murderous.

and you know, even if any of these monsters *were* actually atheists, just what aspect of being an atheist was it that actually inspired them to have millions die?

atheists believe in no particular doctrine exclusively. so just what aspect of atheism inspired all of these murders of tens of millions of people by these monsters in the past hundred years?

and, again, even if they were atheists, what do they have to do with atheists today? It's not like all non-believers descended as offspring of a three way between Mao, Hitler and Stalin? right? so where's the connection?

and where is this tolerance these people claim to have? accusing someone of being like Stalin/Hitler isn't very - tolerant.

if Stalin, was an atheist, then I've not read it ... so in fact .. What the FUCK does atheism have to do with communist deaths caused by Stalin? NOTHING.. it has NOTHING to do with it... I've not seen any documentation stating that any of these other alleged "atheists" declare themselves atheists either ... in fact... Stalin studied for the priesthood, was that an atheist priesthood was it? well?

Now on the other hand, unlike atheism which does not have a central banner to rally around, the christians have Jesus - the same Jesus that inspired the Crusades.. the same Jesus that told George Bush to invade Iraq.

Because in all seriousness, these people are mentally incapacitated children if they can say this shit and believe it, they are *stupid* - they are morons - and calling them retarded and dumb and stupid and morons and such and such, well, that just doesn't cut it. You are not insulting these people, you are telling them the truth.

Which might explain the whole attitude of "oh I know I'm stupid, that's why I have god, so I get to be better than you anyway, coz I gots god! so it doesn't matter if I'm a stupid moron.." ...


i bet god ... oh never mind


a child goes to put their hand on a hot plate. You stop them, but then they go and try again, you stop them again, you explain that the stove is hot, and that it will burn them. but then they try again, then you explain, that they could end up getting a really nasty sore that could give them a scar for life. then they try again, you smack them, they try again, you send them to their room, you punish them. But still the child tries to touch the hot stove. eventually the kid touches the stove when you aren't looking, he burns his hand, he screams, but still keeps touching the stove and melts his fucking hand off but still he touches the stove....

At what point do you smack this kid down so he can't get up to go and burn himself?

The monkey statement above - that's how fucking stupid these people are ... they would melt their hands off. they would pray over their dying children expecting god to make them better. they would buy a 350ml bottle of water for $200 and expect it to cure cancer.

and it's thinking like that, that makes people think we all came from one man and one woman, that the world is 6014 years old, that the earth is fixed in space and that the universe revolves around the earth every day, that *no* matter how much evidence is given, they still believe their lies.

Just because you have convinced yourself that your fantasy is real, it does not make it any more real to us living outside of your limited capacity brain, you know, out here in the real world, where reality takes precedence over fantasy.

Believing fantasies to be real is what ushered in the dark ages...

so when somebody thinks they are being cute saying we came from monkeys...

NO - this is not on - because if some other impressionable mind were to read/hear that and not see that this point of view was a heap of shit, that stupidity may then get perpetuated and when you get enough stupid people together in the same spot, the mob mentality takes over. can YOU say Hypatia? - say - HIGH-PAY-SHA

that one little statement - "we came from monkeys" - could flick a child's brain off the concept of imagining the sciences .. but that's OK - "you want fries with that?" is always an option... oh wait ... companies are now making automated machines to serve you your fries now...


people don't like science because it can be hard to understand .. that's fine .. let me make it easy for them, they can either learn a science, or they can not, but which gives you more job opportunities?

god will provide? what's that you say? god will do it!? sure, that's great... good stuff, you can raise a family and god will provide for you and when you can't make ends meet, you can proudly boast to all of us heathen scum that GOD DID IT!! that you're destitute and homeless because GOD DID IT!! when your kid dies from getting the flu be SURE to brag at the top of your lungs running down the street SCREAMING and holding the CORPSE of your child limp in your arms and SCREAM that GOD DID IT!! That GOD KILLED YOUR CHILD, be sure to say it *REALLY* loudly so that other people will hear this and jump on the god bandwagon so that they too can have themselves something to blame for their laziness as well as their stupidity ..

"god did it" encourages intellectual laziness - and when there are enough of those people - like i said above - the mob mentality takes over - and that is when human life becomes worthless...

if you don't believe that religion is dangerous, have a look at what the fundies have done in muslim counties... saying stupid things like "why are monkeys not evolving into humans today" is one of the very first steps to extremism .. but of course people think that it is cute, that it is harmless ... "oh look at the cute dumbarses who think monkeys give birth to human babies, that's cute, but what a fuck head..."

well, ok then, if it is harmless... then at what point does this harmlessness end? is it when a father kills his daughter for sleeping with her soon-to-be husband before they get married? will it be when your kids get killed by a suicide bomber outside an abortion clinic, that you didn't even *know* was an abortion clinic? have you seen the people in Africa burnt alive for being witches or for being gay? how about the African kids that have had their skulls hacked open by their parents with a machete to try and release the demons that caused the fucking crops to fail this year because the local "priest" has determined that their kid is evil, so the poor child *must* have caused the crops to fail.. so the parent *must* have at the child's skull with a machete to release the demons - and after that the kids get disowned and thrown in the street gutters... providing they don't die bleeding from their skulls, that is...

the dark ages are not over, not by a long shot...


being tolerant of stupid ideas, allows those stupid ideas to spread, and because people are encouraged to be lazy, they go with what is easy, and it's easy to spread stupid ideas.

People like stupid easy ideas that are simple and shiny. Like babies, you give them the most wonderful toy, and it's the cardboard box that gives them biggest enjoyment because the box is so much bigger than the little present you gave them.

No wonder it's such a struggle for science, the universe is so complicated, far more complicated than this god that supposedly made it.

Explanation of creation of life.

religious: god made us from the dirt and that's allllll there is to it

scientific: well i don't know how life was created but i'm sure it was a little bit more complicated than god making us from the dirt and breathing life into us.

which is a bigger explanation than "god did it" - i mean basically i said "god did not do it" - but even refuting the most basic idiotic religious premise takes more effort on the part of the non-believer to counter it.

and this is something that shouldn't have had to be explained in the first place, this should not be tolerated, don't these people go to school? Did they sit there saying "blasphemy!!!" when evolution was taught? did they go home sick in disgust? get a note from their parents so they could be excused?

"Dear Teacher: Please excuse Randy Billy Bob from biology class today, as evolution is a lie"--[Parent, in Christ]

These people that deny the sciences that insist on trying to make reality line up with the bible, have NO faith whatsoever.

If I had faith in something, I would have FAITH ... I wouldn't fucking PRETEND that reality does not line up with my fucking bible book story .. I WOULD HAVE FAITH ... someone says "evolution" - DO NOT CARE - I have faith - it doesn't matter how we came to be because I have FAITH ... *whatever* explanation anybody came up with, I would say "THAT'S COOL! But GOD STILL DID IT!"

I wouldn't try to use half a line out of the bible to try and *PROVE* that the earth was the centre of the universe and that the whole universe travelled around it every day - I WOULD HAVE FAITH!! - i wouldn't try to make my faith line up with the world as it wouldn't matter if the world was flat, curved, a ball, a fucking Rubik's cube - it just would NOT matter as I would have FAITH...

and this explains exactly why I don't have faith ... the universe is changing, faith is unchanging, at least it is *supposed* to be unchanging - faith does not expand - it does not change its parameters - if your faith changes - then whatever you had before - wasn't faith - and it's very likely that this new "faith" of yours is an utter joke as well

there is no in between point - you either have faith or you do NOT have faith, you may think you have faith, but if you have even the slightest doubt that your god did not actually exist and was not all the things you claimed it to be, then your straying from the flock would be noticed by your god and that god will hold you to it..

imagine someone, that supposedly had faith, but lapsed in their faith briefly...

"ah yes, back in 1970 you doubted my ability to be your saviour for a total of three seconds, the fact that you stood on a land mine and blew both your legs off is irrelevant, your faith still faded for those three seconds, so sorry, you *nearly* made it, but off to hell with you, better luck next time.. hahahah.. ohh, just kidding about the next time thing.."--[god]

my mind is not a sieve - it absorbs stuff - faith is a joke, it can not exist in my brain without it being ridiculed....

there are no limits to human idiocy so there should be no limits to stopping it either ... because is god gunna give you the means to feed your family? god gunna keep you warm when it's cold? is god gunna put a roof over your head???

no, god is not going to fucking do this for you, if you think god is going to help you, then good - let god help you - because that's what we want! We want people to voluntarily take themselves out of the gene pool, what we *truly* need on this planet is all the dumbarses to breed themselves out of existence .,..

that would be fucking awesome, the Darwin awards would be a global sensation.


and when you are out on the street dying of hunger - just remember to tell yourself ,, GOD DID IT .. when your body clogs up the storm drains, as it decomposes cell by rotting cell, we'll listen for the echoes in the drains that gooooooood.... diiiiiiid..... iiiiiiiiiit......

sure religion gives you a comfort in a time of need - but that's all it is good for - and that is *only* because a delusion is BETTER than reality at times, and really, you don't need it for the other 350 days in the year.

And did you know that you can have delusions to make yourself feel better with out all the baggage of religion with it?............

tad dah!!!

the religious should not read these blogs, they *will* be offended

these are my rantings about religion - i speak fluent sarcasm - know this when you are reading and it will save you some heartache.