Tuesday, 9 February 2010

we gave god purpose... (religiorant)

god is all knowing... supposedly.... so god had the knowledge to do the creation thing at any time whatsoever, but this god sat around just shy of forever doing nothing, for trillions of years (and the rest) - god must have been pretty bored before it made the universe, ya think?

the religious also have often told me that,

"god gives us purpose"

I say bullshit to that because it is the other way around: *we* gave god purpose

supposedly god made the universe for us, *just* for us, supposedly.

Now if that is true, what did god do before we were around?

Creating the universe gave god something to do. *We* gave *god* purpose ..

we are its bacteria forming in a Petri dish, a rather large Petri dish at that...

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