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extreme believer arrogance - god did it ... (religiorant)

i read this somewhere the other day, to paraphrase it went something like: if humans are the pinnacle of all developed life as designed by the creator, then why is my eyesight not as good as an owls? why do lions have greater strength than me? why do i not get to live as long as those trees that have been around for hundreds of years? why do i not get as much sex as a bunny? why can I not re-grow a leg like those salamander things can when they lose a limb?

well? why is god giving these greater abilities to these lowly mere animals? humans are supposedly the ultimate in life forms created by the creator dude!!!

hmmm... seems to me that we are *not* the pinnacle of all life forms on this planet, after all? someone must have been spinning some bullshit....

on the other hand, if we twuly were the ultimate cweation from god, then a clever god, would have made sure his creations wouldn't have things like cancers and congenital disorders and mental problems, or better still, a clever god would have given us a biology that would see diseases and disorders actively eradicated or fixed by healthy cells. Imagine a whole army of white blood cells that could kill cancer cells before they even got going?

Seriously - the creator had all that time to come up with us, this "brilliant" creation?

god had billions of years of free time to come up with something... but we were the best that god could manage?


but the extreme arrogance of the believer, doesn't allow them to question beyond "god did it", so they don't *need* to know any more about silly things like "why?" -- they don't stop to think "well, why didn't god do such and such?" -- it *is* god after all, couldn't make things just a little bit better than they are? didn't leave any instructions lying around about how we are supposed to feed all these mouths now that we've gone forth and been plenty fruitful and many times multiplied??

nothing about belief makes sense, and arrogance in believing the belief that *you* have the answers to everything in the universe, sustains the life of the belief!! arrogance allows people to keep these nonsensical beliefs going in some sort of critical mass of idiocy, it's a recursive thought process.

But for my mind, no theory I've heard about god makes sense either, nor has any story been so brilliant as to only be possibly attributed to a god.

When I hear or see something conclusive about god that makes me go, "oh, hey!!! you fuckers *were* right after all!!!! there *is* a god, well, *now* I won't mind if you call me a GOD HATER, because now that you have evidence for me, I *can* actually be a god hater and stop speculating and actually look forward to calling the guy a bastard to his face"

If I actually was a god hater right now, it would be that i hate the god that i created in my mind, not the god in somebody else's mind. Many people make their god out to love them, the "God" I 'knew' was made by my brain to be hated. It was an outlet for anger, which probably would explain why my "God" is dead. I killed him, because it was necessary to break orbit of planet Guilt Trip, that extra mass had to be put out the air lock in order to reach escape velocity...

So *anything* about god is completely made up, seriously, show me, I *really* want to see something that in spite of what I thought I knew, that here's this tid bit of empirical evidence to prove that god exists... I *Want* you to show me that your god exists, because then I would truly have someone other than myself to blame for the shit in my life, and then I wouldn't have to be responsible for my actions. it was god making me do it all along. (via satan of course, *rolls*eyes*)

so giving god *any* qualities outside your personal experience, outside of your *feelings*, is a lie because you are making shit up, which when youu think about it, is also idolatry if you "follow" a religion, "Revelations" says don't add to this book, remember? Not many people are going to heaven.

telling yourself you are going to heaven even though you keep breaking a commandment is fine by me, I don't care, in fact, it's hilarious! you should do stand up comedy at atheist conventions, you'll be a hoot and a holler, or maybe you can be on some game show? ...

... and tonight on "do you really think *you* are getting into heaven?" we have a christian who says that "GOD HATES FAGS!"... boy is he in for a big surprise! now.... let's give a big hand to the host of the show, JEESSSSUS CHRIST!!!

Helllllo heavarrrrrrhhhnnnnnn!!! how iz every bunny tonight?!?! Y'all looking so LOVERLY I just wanna cuddle you all up!!! I'm FARBULOUSLY THOOOOOPER, phanks for asking!!! how are yooooooouuuuuu?!?!?! oh you lovelies are soooo darling thoooper sweeeet!!!

your beliefs are not a fact. Who says an over the top gay Jesus doesn't host a game show in heaven where he belittles homophobic morons on their way to a special section of hell for the thooper intolerant??

You can say that you "feel god do this" and that you "feel god do that" ra ra ra until the cows come home, and that's OK with me too because you are keeping it personal as your feelings are your own. *Feelings* are good things to have... but most people don't want you to share your feelings with them ... when you're in love with someone, you don't keep going on about them so much so that people tell you to either shut the fuck up or provide them with a bucket to vomit into if you are going to continue with this lovey dovey upchuck talk of yours, do you?

how is god *any* different? how can feelings be fact? your feelings are fact to you, to everyone else they are not. How can you show me that you feel god to be real, you can not. The whole *conversation* shouldn't even exist.

so if you think god/feelings are a "fact" - then let me remind you what a fact is ... a fact is something that is verifiable as being true to the *best* of our ability. It doesn't matter if that fact changes later on, that's what science and reasoning is about. If god is a "fact", then this "fact" can be demonstrated and seeing how there is no other source for all this god information other than cryptically confusing story books full of parables and conflicting information, then, yes.. god can only appear in the mind of the believer.

If you want to show me your god, get a hole cut in your head so we can see your brain, and then show me. Then we can get chop sticks and prod it to see if god is really in there?

There is no god in my brain, so the god in your brain, while it may seem real to you, is not real to me. maybe one day when we can do mind-melds where we'll be able to share our feelings of belief but, that day is not today and I suspect, the non-believers would do the mind meld for entertainment purposes only, just to have the thrill of experiencing pointless fears or being able to also get that feeling of euphoria from being so fucking high and mighty, or to see just how stupid the things that these believers think really are!! i mean you'd expect that a believer would refrain from saying most of stupid things for the most part, but I think that all the stupid logic they tell themselves to get to these stupid things they *do* say is going to be far more interesting than the things that they finally speak out loud into the universe.

the paranoid mind of a fantastical believer, would be fucking hilarious to observe.

Knowledge is also open to revision and updates when new facts are made available. In this context, "knowledge" and "fact" are interchangeable.

believer: I feel that god created the universe!
non-believer: Cool! I feel that god did not create the universe!

So in actuality, the "score" is even and it will always be so.

but, as we all know, it's not, as this is the impasse we get often stuck at...

I am more than willing to say "cool! I accept your feelings as being true" (aka "I believe that you believe") - but if the arrogant believer wants to keep arguing that their god is a fact... no .. keep your lies to yourself, lying to yourself is fine too (until you start to harm yourself, that is), it's when those lies escape the mouth of the believer and hit the atmosphere of the real world, that's when the problem starts to come to a head.


think about this one, people, this will show you an EXTREME example of the arrogance of the believer and their gods that they have had handed to them on platters called "religion", and this is ALSO EXACTLY why your understanding of god should be personal, so you don't unknowingly insist that your arrogant beliefs are indeed fact ....

if the gods of religions, are just figments of a person's imagination, and this believer claims that these religious figments of their imagination created the universe, then are they not claiming that *they* created the universe themselves in at least some partial way?

It's their brain, if god exists outside of their minds then they can show me, and "no!" the fucking clouds in the sky are not proof of god. sheesh, no wonder there are people who follow the gods of religions that are so ARROGANT, in their puny minds, they think, that at least on some level, that *they* made the entire universe, or at the very very least, they think that they're best friends with this allegedly superior being that made the universe, OF COURSE, the clouds in the sky are evidence enough of the "fact" that "god did it"...

Excuse me, but I know of no non-believer that is so arrogant that they would (unwittingly) claim that they created the entire universe. It's like the believer thinks that they are their god, reincarnated in the flesh.... only they don't realise it...


A sane person will admit that, maybe, just *maybe*, that god made the universe, but a sane person will also insist that you have better reasoning than "because the bible told me" or "god did it"... a sane person does not know a single thing about god. Knowledge is something that is directly observable or is able to be demonstrated in theory, and that theory has to make sense, or if the theory doesn't make sense, then some sort of demonstrably real evidence is needed to support the theory ra rar ar ara rar

Where do we think that saying about "knowing god, is to know insanity?" came from? (i think that's how it goes) - and if god is infinite in it's abilities and knowledge, then don't people realise that one trillion-trillion-trillion-trillionth of infinity, is STILL infinity? So, the arrogance of the believer in thinking that one book covers all they need to know about god, life, the universe and everything, is just mind boggling. Especially when the entire basis of christianity can be reduced to one phrase... eg do unto others etc.. love thy neighbour

Now as a mostly sane person, well, maybe not, but as an example, it was not until a year or so ago that I understood the basis of relativity, because for my mind there was no "proof". But I did *not* dismiss the concept, I thought it was stupid, and still do, like how the fuck does time slow down due to gravity or when you approach the speed of light? How does it know?

but it DOES.. apparently

I may not understand the physics of why, but when I read documented real life situations that proved the concept to be true, I had to step back and say .. "Oh, OK, relativity does exist.. but I still don't get why it exists!" .. and leaving it at that, is fine by me.. I didn't take my arrogance and put a "god did it" label on why relativity works the way it does, I just put it into the "too-hard-to-understand" bucket .. and maybe one day I'll come back to it and understand the "why" at some later stage. maybe experiments with the LHC will be able to show me the "why" it works the way it does in a way that can make me understand. But in the meantime, there's heaps of other sciency stuff for my brain to absorb.

The proof of relativity for me, was that two extremely accurate clocks were synchronised and one was taken up to a great height, while the other was left at ground level .. the clocks drifted ever so slightly apart and were out of sync eventually because with gravity, the further you go above the surface of the earth, the weaker gravity is, therefore the faster time moves.

"HA!! I am SO ARROGANT that everything that *I* don't understand, must be DONE BY GOD!!"

this would mean that tying shoelaces would be an act of god for someone who didn't know how...

And we all know that there is no actual evidence of god, it's all hearsay (heresy too?), speculations, assumptions, emotional biases, and indoctrinated stories.. if it's not, show me otherwise

and yes, these extreme believer types of people don't actually actively think that they made the universe (at least I hope not) as it's subconscious, and that subconscious feeling of "knowing god" (knowing god, is a *feeling*, not a *fact*, feeling warm and fuzzy is the most accurate term for "knowing" god, and is nothing more than ARROGANCE) would seem to result in a *conscious* feeling of superiority.

eg. "I'm better than you, but I don't really know why, oh! I know why, because I believe in GOD!! See I win, I believe in god and you don't ... nur nur .... " would seem to be a very accurate description of the attitudes of the extremely fundamentalised christians, as well as other extremists and their religions that i've encountered...

So, it's this superiority shining out their arses that is the actual problem... it's a bit like the spoilt brat who inherits their fortune from their parents, they did nothing to earn their inheritance, they just get it because their parents "love" them, but they've no idea how to proceed with the family business or whatever it was that made the family rich. So often they end up squandering what they have inherited or they let other people come along to take over the family business, even though the bratty kid still owns it. Sound familiar?

GOD DID IT!! (so proceed no further!!)

the stout believer, believes in GOD, and is unaware of the little god demon running around in their imaginations, so it doesn't matter that as soon as "GOD DID IT" becomes the answer to something, all reason is thrown out the window, there is no point in continuing the thinking process, if indeed it had started in the first place that is, because this logical thought process conflicts with their sacred scriptures.

Either that or every believer, is such a DUMBARSE, that they don't know shit from shinola ... please don't tell me that's the case, or at least tell me that it's a rare occurrence..

god is completely in the mind, and just because this same "god" is in the mind of, allegedly, billions of people, it doesn't make this religio-god any more real...

i saw one of these fuckheads making the same argument about science the other day! "Oh just because the science world accepts evolution as fact, doesn't make it true" .. which is the same thing as "just because there are billions of christians, that doesn't make it *the* religion"

make up your fucking minds you dumbarses!!! SHEEESH the world is going to hell and these people squabble over their story books, great, have your fucking story book, now fuck off and let us scientists save the fucking world for you

The fucked up thing, is that even though this is logical, logic doesn't apply to the believer and their god, so they are happy to run around with this god thing in their brain that they keep attributing new attributes to it all the time .. "god likes Santa!" what? didn't Coke-Cola we come up with Santa? ... "god hates fags!" .. uhmm no, the word homosexual or "fag" doesn't even appear in at least the KJV bible.. and the implication that the bible does make, is that god hates the act of homosexuality, not the people themselves.

Believers make up shit and that is blasphemy in itself right there, is it not? it says in their *own* precious bible not to add to their great book in Revelations. guess, they didn't get to that bit of the bible, well, Revelations is at the end of the bible so those guys who put the bible together in 324AD should have put the important things at the start of the bible, so I guess we'll be seeing all these "god hates fags" people in hell... maybe hell is only for christians who were unchristian, and the rest of us non-believers work there, tending to and operating the torture devices?


you can say the sky is red a trillion times, but it doesn't make it more red than blue, and even if people start to believe you, it still doesn't change the fact that the sky is actually still blue. If you changed the meaning of the word "red", to actually describe the colour "blue", then that *STILL* doesn't make the sky actually "red" - the wavelength of the light did NOT change just because your little arrogant arse says it does...

those people saying that "god loves you" are saying that *they* love you, at least on some level

those people saying that "god hates fags" are saying that *they* hate homosexuals

those people who say anything "god this" or anything "god that" ... switch the word "god" with the word "I".... then everything makes sense..


god has no explanation .. how can it?

giving god any physical attribute is arrogance... making science stories up to lend credence to your god - just means that you deep down know that it's not god that came up with bibles, angels, christmas, santa ... easter buinniyes... hatred... love....

none of it is god, it's all you... and the believer just can't accept that we as humans, are capable of such incredible feats of intelligence and compassion without some fantasy being to help us along ...

"I'd like to thank GOD, because without GOD I'd be nothing" ... more arrogance, when somebody says this, they are speaking to *YOU*, the non-believer, they are saying that if you don't have god, YOU ARE *NOTHING*.

That's what they are saying, they are saying that they are *better* than you. How else can this be interpreted as you are supposed to thank god in PRIVATE!

The simple and apparently innocuous statements, "god loves me", is saying "god loves me, but not you, if you just happen to be a non-believer"

An unchallenged statement about faith doesn't happen much in Australia, at least that's how it used to be.

if you're happy that god loves you and you know it, clap your hands, fuckers...

Keep your religio-god to yourself, because you've no idea how offensive you are being, because the opposite always applies with god, don't you know?... the christian god made everything right? saying "god loves me", is a subset of what god loves, now if god loved everyone, what would be the point of saying "god loves me" ?? well?? People make these affirmations to highlight that they themselves are believers (like a mantra to help you be brave, "I mustn't run away, I mustn't run away!") but seeing how their god supposedly did everything, what they are *not* saying, also applies.

to demonstrate:

"I have god ((and you don't, so I'm better than you)) "

"without god I'm nothing ((you have no god, so *you* *are* nothing))"

"You need to believe in Jesus ((like I believe in Jesus, so you can be just as good and up-yourself as me, but if you jump on the bandwagon later on, I will outrank you *still* because i was a believer before you were))"

i'm sure you can elaborate to yourself some further examples.


at the very least having a religion and a god attached to that religion, means that you are deferring aspects of your life to people who came before you, you are *not* deferring to "god"'s knowledge. And in the case of the bible, biblicants are deferring to people who had no idea about much at all as compared to us today. eg. We can cure many things today that the people of Jesus' time would deem a miracle. the Bloody do-gooder he was...

I know for a fact that I know more than Galileo did (at least about how many moons Jupiter has), Galileo thought there were four moons around Jupiter, I've read recently that we've discovered over 60 of them!! Galileo also had some other weird beliefs that I would probably laugh at if we were to converse on those matters. shit man, Newton was an *alchemist*, you know, turning lead into gold, that sort of thing. Needless to say, the whole turning lead into gold thing, didn't work out. (that we know about)

Now these famous scientist guys from the past were pretty damn fucking clever, but the bible refers to people two thousand years ago, not four hundred years ago and seeing how we are much smarter today than the Galileo's and the Newton's of their day, does it not make sense as well that they were much smarter than the people from the time of Jesus?

Point is - just say we are ten times smarter than the Galileo's of his day - and just say Galileo was ten times smarter than the people of Jesus' time.. that makes us a hundred times smarter than the biblical people. (smarter doesn't mean more moral or more wise, it means we "know" more facts, and throughout history, many facts, as they are expected to do so, change, or rather, the quality of the information they present is much more solidified than that fact as it was known previously when new science is made available and what not )

ps. sorry, this blog was a real mess of thoughts... better stop before i go off the track even m0re :0

mostly written 5th Jan 2010, mostly ....

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