Tuesday, 9 February 2010

the eternal nothing .... (weird science)

there's something strange i've been thinking about for quite a while actually, and it's pretty bizarre and this blog is very sporadic because of the weirdness of it all, but roll with the bizarreness as that's the point of this blog and besides, i'm tired of trying to write coherent blogs... 9th Jan 2010

throughout my life i've sometimes said and have heard other people say the phrase ...

"nothing can last forever"

it seems innocuous enough, but there are two ways to read that phrase (at least). Did you interpret it as,

"no individual thing can last forever"

or as

"the lack of everything can last forever"


that is to say that "the lack of everything" ie. the perfect vacuum with no matter or energy or any forces of any kind (no mass to even create a gravitational field and no gravity from some other universe has made its way there yet), is capable of extending for infinity, after all, there's literally nothing there, so how can there be an end to it? and just how would you tell if you got to the end of nothing anyway?

we'll just forget that your presence in "the nothing" would actually make it stop being a literal perfect vacuum as the electromagnetic energy you and your space ship emit would be travelling through "the nothing" making it slightly more than nothing... like even between galaxies in the vacuum of space, if you can see stars/galaxies from your vantage point, then there are at least photons of light travelling through that space, so it's not a literal nothing.

so before you read on and make your brain melt even more, the point is that the literal nothing, can last forever, as there is nothing to create, expand, use up, stretch, shrink, whatever... eg. you can hold an infinite amount of nothing in your hand, it has no mass, so why not, but I'd have to take your word for it though see how i wouldn't be able to see "the nothing"!

if you were beyond the edge of our universe you would see nothing whatsoever, provided that you haven't stumbled straight into another universe that is. If you stopped one light minute outside the edge of our universe and turned around and looked back at where you came from, after a minute the light from our universe would catch up to you and you'd see the flashpoint of the big bang, if it was indeed big enough to be seen from that distance.

but of course there could be some stupid part of special relativity or some quantum flux capacitor mechanics that i don't understand (like all of it) that blows this line of thought out of the water but ..,.

.. to me it would seem that our universe is expanding but it's not creating that perfect vacuum of space where no energy or matter of any kind exists, right? it's moving into that space thus making it part of our *visible* universe by polluting it with energy from this universe and eventually matter and gravity from galaxies and the like will move into the region that was once devoid of everything... and yes it's impossible to move beyond our universe without going faster than light, yes yes yes .., the lack of everything has no limits so it can go forever

actually, technically if you could be outside our universe you would essentially have created your own pocket mini universe, either that or you've dragged a bit of our universe with you for the journey. however the semantics grab you best...

oh wait, no.... there wasn't a point!! ... pffft!

ps. this is based on the assumption that if you took a clock outside of our physical universe, that clock would still tick over, as it's unclear to me what would happen with time if there was no gravity whatsoever around.

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