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non-believer tolerance of believers? TAKE 1 (religiorant)

this was a previous attempt that went off on a tangent because i kept coming up with ideas as to what was intolerant and seemed a waste to not post it ... 15th December 2009


on the one hand we've got the vast majority of people that are religious who don't say a word about the whole god and religion debate.. yet they still call themselves "religious", or at least "followers of a religion", or at the very very least at each census, they suddenly remember, "oh yeah, I'm a catholic", or something like that..

however, the majority aren't the source of the problem - so by bitching about religion - non-believers don't refer specifically to the majority - so there is no *need* for non-believers to be tolerant of the majority... we don't even know who they are because they're being meek and not making a scene..

but let me put this out there first:::

christians, muslims, jews - they all claim that theirs is the religion of love and peace and happiness and tolerance and blah blah blah, right??

yeah well, I'm not seeing it...

and non-believers, allegedly, have no "source" for learning tolerance and love and peace, HEY! that's what the christbigots tell me *often* and then they tell me that the christinsanity people *DO* have a source to learn all their morals from that they brag about all the time... right? that's what these idiots do online insistently ....

what was that thing they got their morals from again... a bibble ? something like that

point being is that christians don't have excuses for being ARSEHOLES - they have been told how to act - quite explicitly by the most popular book in the world, that bible of theirs!! the very first book printed - if they don't "get" their religion after 400 or so years (we've had English for 400yrs, so effectively the regular person has had access to the bible for their own perusal for about 400yrs) and can't even be bothered to act even partially as their religion instructs, then they should probably stop pretending to be christian, or they could still be christians, but just with a failing grade.

but the religious majority being tolerant of other people, isn't a problem, and non-believers generally don't lock horns with the religious majority anyway - in fact, not giving a rat's arse about what somebody else does is being tolerant - apathy - what humans are BEST at, can be viewed as tolerance ... you could be very much anti-gay, a 'FAG' hater if you will, but if you just couldn't be bothered to bother "the gays" in the first place then you are actually being tolerant ...

fact of the matter is that I've *not* said a *lot* of things for fear of offending the spineless people out there and having to go through the motions of being nice - aka tolerance - is often a waste of time, especially when the person arguing with me is *supposed* to be tolerant, and especially when, according to *my* "religion" (LOL!) I have no morals at all...


and what is it that we see from these christbigots, who are easily the loudest percentile of the religion of love, tolerance, respect and various other clichés about feeling warm and fuzzy???


Hatred of all kinds for people who are different - even SLIGHTLY different - in fact if you are only slightly different then you are likely to be the biggest target for intolerance from your now ex-brethren ... because you've recently left the fold, fundies insist on trying to bully you back to the land of Jesus .... some of these fundies feel it so important that you admit that you believe in Christ, that they will even encourage you to off yourself (ie. suicide) for straying even slightly from believing in Jesus...

that's pretty fucked up right there ..

how is *that* being tolerant? these people want to be the mouth pieces of christianity and yet they will tell non-believers to commit suicide? urrr? what the fuck???

so there we go - if believers that are TAUGHT to be tolerant, but are still not tolerant, then why the fuck should non-believers even *try* to be tolerant, especially when believers can't even be tolerant of their fellow christians?!?!

could it be that because non-believers are not so arrogant about believing in a fantasy, that they tend to think about other people's concerns a lot more than say, those with the selfish need to keep making affir-fucking-mations that they believe in Jayyyyzus? that they have a soul, that the Allah Ack-bar isn't the local pub, that they have a rightful ownership to the holy land. ra ra ra ra ra ra

if you are hateful to anybody at all, you do not get to call yourself a christian, how can you justify that? what are you thinking? are you thinking you're "Christ-like"? well, you are not, you are a disgusting cunt of a liar if you think that you are christ like and even slightly hate one person.. if you make empty threats on behalf of your god, you are *still* being hateful as well.

"Laugh it up non-believer! But if you don't believe in Jesus we'll see who'll be laughing last!!!"

that is a *threat* - an idle spineless threat but a threat still the same - people make threats when they are angry and can't win an argument, the threat is an "ace in the hand" that is pulled out as a sign of desperation and frustration

if you said that shit to my face I would ask you to explain exactly what you mean right then and there.

You make a threat on behalf of that little god creature running around in your brain and it is a threat from *YOU*.

And that is the "truth" - non-believers should see no difference between being threatened by a person for whatever reason, and being threatened by a person on behalf of their god, because the only place this god exists is in their minds, therefore it is them that is making the threat.

And seriously, if there is a god, you insult that god by pretending to speak for it with empty threats. Making threats in the name of god is the same as speaking for god, therefore you make yourself out to be god itself, meaning you have raised yourself above everyone else to the position of god because you have spoken in lieu of god speaking for itself.

What was that first commandment? Exodus 20:3 "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." ... Hateful believers should be hoping that god doesn't exist, because the sheer volume of times a day I've seen them break the first commandment is utterly flabbergasting.

I just couldn't ever be what is commonly termed "christian", I'm far too honest, so I don't pretend to be religious, I can't pretend because it's all based on lies.

And the point here, is that even verbal christian empty gutless abuse and threats of any kind should not be tolerated, as the violence has to start somewhere. verbal threats are merely the first baby step towards more violent behaviour.

this behaviour has been documented very well. a child who pulls the wings of flies, is likely to graduates to hurting birds, then onto hurting puppies, and then cats, and then dogs, and then horses, and then humans.. this is well known behaviour, I've seen it myself where a person starts with a seemingly innocuous or harmless act, but they keep moving on to more and more violent behaviour in ever so small degrees that they can justify their behaviour because it is only slightly worse than the horrible thing they did last time.

and i've seen this from fundy christians on myspaz, when they lose their arguments, they make threats, then they collect IP address, then they look you up on facebook, send their friends to pretend to be your friend to spy on you, whilst every time they keep crossing the line just a little bit more, until eventually they make death threats against you for disagreeing with them over *religion*, how many of them actually go on to make in-person threats? How many christians go on to commit violence in the name of christianity simply because they are butt-hurt over some conversation they have had with some non-believer?

how fucking spineless are some people, anyway?

and don't let me hear you say that's a minority of christians that are *that* hateful that they actually act on their self righteousness - christians have no excuse what so *ever* for saying shit like this *ever*.

but is that what we see?....

well, is that how it is?

nooo it's not, is it?

I've seen christians say the most horrible things and when somebody complains about it, ie, me, all their christian fundie buddies descend to berate the person who had a word at the original christbigot, ie. me!

so *no*, it's not a minority - you have the minority who *say* this bullshit - but then you have a larger number of fellow religidiots defending the original bigot because he's christian and the other guy, ie. me!, isn't... the "mob" tolerates their own, but not the foolish non-believers who have the gall to call them out on their fucked up bullshit.

I've seen people defend Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Westboro Church and all manner of idiots, these people don't outright say the same rubbish as their more famous christians, but they *want* to.

I've seen this many times - the most horrid christians do something horrid - i tell them to fuck themselves for being so horrid - then the moderate "mob" descends to defend the horrid little shit, with the biggest complaint being that I don't use profane language, that some how telling someone to fuck themselves, is *worse* than telling someone to off themselves for not believing in Jayzus.....

yes - i am confushed as well - even more confusing is when someone from the "mob" does some complaining about the horrid christian, then they suddenly find themself shoved away from the "mob" and attacked by their former brethren and sisthren ...


if yours is a religion of love then show it at all times to all people and especially not just to those who have the same beliefs as you. It takes every type of people to run this world, if you bigots don't want to be part of the world, then shut the fuck up or fuck off back under the rock from which you crawled because because - *NEWSFLASH* - we don't need you stirring up your hateful ways, sowing the seeds of disharmony.

the cruellest christians on myspaz i've seen were picking on other christians (or recently ex-christians) - some of the cruellest things in history were the things done in the name of love for god. I've often heard god called, "love" itself... interesting... would you not say, hmmm?...

one would think that because this god of theirs is one of love, then its followers are free to *not* show love and compassion to others, probably because they are so much of a fucking cunt that they think this god of theirs only loves them....

but of course when you say that millions of people have been killed in the name of god the obligatory dumbfuck christian retort of Stalin Hitler Mao ra ra ra killed millions always appears too.... *sigh*

that's the difference isn't it? the Stalin's and Hitler's and Mao's certainly did not allegedly have the millions they killed in the name of love

are christians saying that because they pretend to love everyone, then they are fucking allowed to kill them as well? if that is not the case then what the fuck is this shit where there is ANY person killed in the name of a loving god? how can they justify even one death in the name of a loving god?

christians just don't fucking get this point - if ONE person is killed in the name of their loving god, then that renders their god as *unloving* and therefore, their whole religion is a farce.

so even though Mao/Stalin or any of those other alleged atheists did kill millions - they did not do it because of some doctrine that fucking said LOVE EVERYONE...

And they certainly weren't killed in the name of atheism that's for sure. Atheism has no doctrine or rule book or holy scripture.

you could kill a million people that you hate because they are your enemy, and you could probably justify that action logically and rationally and have clear conscience because they *were* your enemy.. but could you kill even one person, out of love for someone else for no reason other than love itself??

That's one thing the religious can never wash their hands clean of, regardless of what good or bad non-believers do, non-believers do these things for reasons that are a part of this universe entirely, they are actual tangible reasons, or for reasons that are strictly personal. There will be no "the devil made me do it" or similar supernatural bullshit out of a non-believer as a lame excuse for their actions.


Believers and their atrocities were done in the name of their gods - in the name of all those clichés like love - friendship - togetherness - family - *tolerance* - the religious killed IN SPITE of there being a commandment to NOT KILL.

so EXCUSE ME, which is worse?

a) Christians, who have no excuse to be intolerant because they have been instructed by their holy scripture to be tolerant that they so often claim to be the highest moral authority, and yet are *still* bigoted;


b) non-believers who allegedly don't know any better, because their lack of a holy scripture did NOT instruct them to not be bigots and yet are still bigots?

Christians are supposed to be the best behaved out of all of us, no exceptions!!

if you christians can't behave, then stop pretending to be a christian as a means to JUSTIFY YOUR HATRED of the universe, because if you can't, then you are a LYING to yourself and to your god - and that's gunna go down damn fucking well when you stand before your god on judgement day. I hope Satan broadcasts your encounter with god explaining to you just how fucking wrong you were on a big screen in hell, because, that shit would be funny.


Now there are only a minor percentage of the religious who act like they are actually the vengeful god of the Old Testament - at least I hope it is a minor percentage - because there is this one little thing that makes me not WANT to even tolerate the silent masses of christians ..

let me exemplify what i mean....

Just say a christian tells someone that has just given up their faith, to "off" (aka kill) themselves...

now me - I would come down (as I have, many times) like a bag of bricks on this "christian" and nothing I can say, nothing is going to be *too* profane. There just isn't a swear word strong enough. cunt shit fuck fart piss cock ... nothing

However - christians are taught to be tolerant - any christian telling people to off themselves for not being christians, is inexcusable.

and this has happened, nearly two years ago actually, but did any christians have a go at this "christian" at the time? none to my knowledge. In fact, heaps of christians did see this outburst where a christian told some gay guy to kill them self (it was in a blog) and the only people who spoke out were the godless few, the majority of christians on this occasion decided that they would *support* the god given right for everyone to have "Free Speech" ..

fuck you!

sure!! they are perfectly allowed to say what they want, so what the fuck is their objection to me telling them that they are fucking disgusting cunts that I would not piss on if they were on fire?

why are the non-believers expected to be tolerant of behaviour like this? If you are a cunt, expect to be told as much.

while writing this blog one person did mention that they saw the blog in question and regretted their inaction by apologising to me, which, while appreciated, highlights what i'm talking about.

That being that christians have a FEAR of telling other christians to pull their heads in...

so why should non-believers even worry about being tolerant to the believers?

christians don't even tend to their own flock. they can't even tolerate their own kind, but they still do **find** fault in **others** first before they find fault in their own..

can't be speaking out against Jesus fucking Christ even though they are not even close to following his teachings, no sirree Bob!!

it's like the blinders are on to their fellow flock members.. *why*?!?!? - *clearly* they can find the heart to TOLERATE their own flock, but ONLY when they feel like it, so they don't *do* anything about their own minions, so why don't they tolerate us?

You have to go out of your way to complain. Doing nothing requires, little effort.

so why don't they tolerate us?

ohhhh.... hmmmmm..... ?????


because we're not christians - so we are not tolerated, because we are not muslims, because we are not jews, balah blah blah. doesn't matter how minor our indiscretions are - we are not tolerated

why is that?

because - the religious are taught that their way is *the* way - it's an *ego*trip* when they encounter non-believers - and nothing hurts the ego more when the reason for being on said ego trip, is questioned. The strongly religious think that are taught to teach others about their religion, and when it gets rejected over and over, they become angry and hateful.

ever been told that "all you just have to do is let Jesus into your heart!!"

"all you just have to do"? that's it? that's all it takes to have your soul eternally saved? seems pretty easy to do... *just* believe...

are christomorons admitting that they in fact became believers in the space of a second or two?

if that's allllll you have to do then then ......... so why is this Jesus thing not taking when I try to let Jesus into my heart?? I believe in Jesus!! there I just said it!! but I feel no different ... The religious seem to think it's pretty easy, *all* you have to do is believe ... wow!! .. oh .. what's that ... I can't *just* believe? but that's what *you* *just* said? ohhhhh .... *all* I have to do is read the bible ... I've read the bible ... it was full of shitty boring stories ... but all you have to do is believe .. all you have to do is read the bible ... all you have to do is believe while you are reading the bible .. over and over and over ...

seems rather idolatrous to just be able to believe ... when I was told about being a christian it was kind of implied that you had to actually do good deeds... the rules don't change... so what is this *just*believe* bullshit about?

that is a bold faced cunt of a lie and christians know this.

one can NOT just believe in Jesus and be saved, how offensive can you lying cunts be?


urrr... and in closing ...

non-belief is like the number zero...

like a bucket with no contents...

it's like having a beach, with no sand but then being expected to make a sand castle with it. If the sand castle is made, that sand came from somewhere else, not this beach with no sand upon it.

when i stand upon my beach, it is covered with sand from all over the universe ...

in other words non-believers obtain their morality from many sources, and to say that a non-believer is immoral, is to say that the source of their morals is immoral, and in many cases - that moral source was probably christianity!! - so it's probably not wise to call non-believers immoral, especially when the religion you claim to follow was at least a partial source of their moral guidance.

it would seem that unlike believers, non-believers don't need to keep reading and re-reading the bible, they tend to learn the good stuff from the bible in one go, or by word of mouth, you know, from family and friends. you know, the people you actually trust, the people who should actually be teaching you about morals, and not some book from a time when they still nailed people to crosses for heresy, not from a book that caused science to be rejected for near a thousand years, not from a book that has caused armies to cross continents to kill entire towns of people and certainly not from a book that to this day still inspires bigotry in all walks of life...

any other book causing as much segregation, hatred and bigotry in society as the bible would be banned from sale and all copies of it would be rounded up and burnt...

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