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the god flaw ... free will ... (religiorant)

if god gave us free will, then why was the flood necessary? why were the commandments necessary? why was Jesus necessary?

god, supposedly put us here and gave us the free will to do what we wanted, but then god interfered and threw us down a different tangent, and it supposedly did this on more than one occasion too, so it was so no fluke that this alleged god interfered.

god is supposed to be perfect, so why did god need to keep interfering? why didn't god get it right the first time?

it's fucking god for fuck sake, no god would make a mistake.... because if it did make a mistake, then what are we doing calling it "god"?

god is omnipotent, which is pretty damn smart, so even *with* the free will that it supposedly gave us, god should have figured out there'd be a very high possibility some of us would go nuts with this free will notion...

the only way god can wash it's hands of this is if god made the universe, and merely just let the program run and everything since the creation of the universe that is allegedly attribute to god, has been made up completely by us...

god, the greatest failure of all time, just look at us for the proof, or perhaps the flaws in god are proof that god was mankind's blunder, and not the other way around?

Is man one of God's blunders? Or is God one of man's blunders?


a brief history of the christian's god shall we?


god creates universe including our solar system and earth - so far so good, no worries, god then makes life in general, including mankind with our free will, and that goes well for a bit. But only for a little bit, as Adam and Eve eat of the apple and they are banished from Eden.

But this wasn't totally or really god's fault, because giving us free will, meant that we were able to do whatever we wanted, so even if god knew what we might end up doing, it was our choice to fuck up... but the experiment failed, as god counted on us to choose to behave, god chose poorly....

So the precedent is set - on god's first attempt at humanity with our having free will, it turned out that there were "some" bad results, as we went off and stuffed up what god gave us - however - from this point on god has no excuse for not knowing what can result from our free will, and if Adam and Eve weren't evidence enough of the bad results inherent with free will: Cain murdered Abel...

So the third person, murdered the fourth person - we didn't start off very well according to the bible did we? ....

So within the first four humans created by god, at least half of them did something *really* bad - Eve ate the apple, even though told not to, and Cain goes and kills his brother. Good job god, fifty-fifty on the good V bad results of free will...

The precedent was set, free will equals sinning. here's a neon sign for you god.

Got it?


So now I ask the reader this, if god knew that free will thing was just going to lead us into temptation *anyway* - then what was the purpose in wiping us all out apart from Noah and his family? Did god think that it was going to turn out better after wiping us all out, what was different after the pre-flood phase?

Nothing. Oh the blood was pure... the blood was pure? what the fuck does that even mean? Is that a reference to humans fucking with angels? anyway....

To save face on this free will thing after wiping us all out, why didn't god give us the ten commandments at the time of Noah?

No.... god sent these commandments to us long after we re-descended back into our sinful ways, when it was already too late. It should have been obvious that this free will thing meant that we needed guidance, that we needed to be told certain things, ie. don't kill. I'm looking at you, Cain.

But god failed to instruct us at the *perfect* time when it could have laid down the law... but god did not


But how did this ten commandments phase turn out? not too good, as we fell back into the sinning *again* and it was so bad that god changed tact this time and sends Jesus..

and how has this Jesus phase turned out?

Often I've read christians saying that we are sinning and falling into the depths of more and more sinful ways and rah rah rah ... so it seems this giving us free will, wasn't such a good idea, and yet this "perfect" god needed to try and fix things up by sending Jesus?!!

a truly all powerful perfect god would have made us, and that should have been it, free will or not, foreknowledge of everything to happen or not, a god should have known we'd fuck up by giving us free will.

if god wanted us to have religion, the first religion invented should have stuck, no?

did it? what *was* the first religion? the first monotheistic religion i know of is Zoroastrianism.. and I believe there are ten thousand of these guys still kicking around some where in the outback of Iran or Turkey...

but the christian god is the Judaic god - so why didn't Judaism stick? why did Jesus need to be sent?

I see faith in your eyes
Broken is the promise, betrayal
The healing hand held back by the deepened nail
Follow the god that failed



god fucked up... and he fucked up big time and not only just once...

god *knew* what was going to happen, after all, god is all knowing and all powerful, he should have at least guessed that we'd run amok, and even if god didn't know what was going to happen with free will, the first four humans should have given god ample empirical evidence of what to possibly expect in the future, and yet god still interfered...

* god needed to kill us all except a handful in the great flood - FAIL #1

* god needed to send the ten commandments sooner rather than later when it was obvious humans needed guidance, god should have sent the commandments to Noah so that right at the restart after the flood we would be guided - god did not, god waited until we went stupid again - FAIL #2

* god needed to send Jesus because the ten commandments just wasn't enough to set us on the path to righteousness - sending Jesus is admission that god fucked up *again* - FAIL #3


these failures are not minor, and yet, doesn't one tiny nick in god's armour, make "god" unworthy of the title "god"?

of course there are answers to these questions,

* there is no god and the universe just is; or
* god is imperfect and is not worthy of the title god; or
* god is a bastard and is not worthy of being praised; or
* god doesn't know we are here at all; or
* god knows we are here, but we are just another life form with little more intelligence than an ant; or
* life is so prevalent throughout the universe and we are "nothing to write home about" .

that Epicurus dude ...

"Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?"--[Epicurus]

and Marcus Aurelius said something similar to this as well... (don't get me started about the Roman Empire, bloody Romans)

Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones.--[Marcus Aurelius]

which is preferable? which is more likely? which contradicts the bible the least? which doesn't insult you at all? do you care?

maybe atheism is the last gasp effort of god... "OK let's forget about me completely this time and see how you do by yourselves!"

but of course god won't show up and tell us this - imagine that? god shows up and says "OK people ... can we say FAIL? stop believing in me, I've had enough of the lot of you... oh and you were all wrong, making the non-believers the default winners because everyone else chose incorrectly" ..

finally we can tell the christians to shut up, the Israelis to share the "holy land" or pack their shit up and get out, the Buddhists to carry on, the Vatican to spend it's entire fortune on feeding and cleaning up Africa, and the Muslims ... well.. they need to lighten up, like, a *lot*...


it is my belief that if there is a god, it made the empty vacuum of space and made the "laws of the universe" (gravity, inertia, speed of light, rah rah rah), and via the laws of the universe, that pure vacuum of nothing eventually turned into our universe somehow, via NATURAL means..

maybe god just made the laws of the universe? and that nothing was already there? i mean, how do you make nothing anyway?

and i'm not just talking about our visible universe either - i've read that what is beyond our universe is irrelevant, "for the sake of simplicity", is what they mean to say... what's stopping us detecting another "big bang" from another universe, that exploded a thousand billion years ago, tomorrow?

which leads me to the conclusion that our bit in the void of the cosmos is *a* god, and that this god did the most impossible thing of all...

god made itself..

this alone is far more worthy a task of a god than having existed forever in my book.... and is actually FAR more believable to me as well, because if this god being has been around "forever", are we to truly believe that god made the universe *only* 6000 years ago, or *only* 4.5billion years ago, or *only* 20billion years ago? why did god not do this creation thing a trillion to the power of a trillion years ago?

AND are we truly that arrogant to think an all powerful god being sat around doing nothing for all that time, for the soul purpose of making us?

if you can find fault in god, then how can this thing be god? but what fault does one find in the universe? the universe is perfect the way it is, you can't find fault in the universe because what is, is what is...

i love making this shit up...

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