Monday, 5 October 2009

the three most incredible things god could do?

the three most amazing things god could do?

I am talking even *more* incredible than things you have already heard about before, even more incredible than: god is everywhere, god is eternal, god created the universe, god creates the laws of the universe, gravity, inertia, magnetism rah rah rah... blah blah blah...

okay here are my three most spectacular things for god to do, i'm mostly sure i have not heard them before elsewhere, mostly..

god creates itself

do you think god can't possibly be of infinite age? problem solved, god invents itself. forget the eternal god, god can create itself.. what's more impossible, an eternal god or a god that can create itself?

god is at every *when*

god is at every *when* in the universe, god can see each moment in time because maybe god can just look at all of the fourth dimension (time) at a glance from the vantage point of a higher dimension? so god doesn't *need* to know everything, because it's there seeing it in real time all the time anyway.

god creates an infinite amount of "nothing"

god creates an infinite amount of the empty vacuum of space, a perfect vacuum, a trillion light years in every direction with not even a single particle of any kind. If this was all that god did, it would stand to reason that the laws of the universe then went onto create the universe that we see, somehow.


what super bizarre thing can your god(s) do? what *have* they done?

did your god also do nothing for trillions to the power of trillions of years, then worked for six days, for a few minutes each day, then needed to have a rest?

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