Saturday, 20 December 2008

god did it! what can we say but... (religiorant)

"god did it!" hey? well, I say this....


saying "god did it" breeds intellectual laziness and that leads to apathy on a massive scale..

if you start being lazy and start claiming that god did anything, then you are on a path to being apathetic towards *everything* in the universe

imagine all the great minds that didn't look through a telescope or a microscope or see some creature and wonder how the hell that came to be, because they had their natural human curiosity quashed by fabulous tales (is that where 'fable' comes from? LOL!) of an old dude in the sky, who made everything, who knows everything and will be around until even beyond the end of the time itself..

and that's what religion does, it trains the mind to not question the universe about you.. oh i wonder how.... "nope, god did it" - oh then i wonder where... "no god did it" - oh then why did... "no no no god did it, god did it, god did it" ...

i hope every body gets frikking +A with frikking honours for their Creationist subjects at high school.... imagine *that* multiple choice exam? imagine *that* essay for your final grade in that class?

in all seriousness we'd be digging up the asteroid belt or we'd have automated robots doing it for us by now if it wasn't for religion, how much time has the world wasted due to faith related suppression of moving forward?

how many great minds didn't bother to flourish, how many ideas were never brought into the light because religion insisted that "god did it" and that to question otherwise is blasphemy?

extreme religious views deny the human nature of curiosity and that is denying part of humanity itself, religion, makes you *less* human in spite of what those nut cases and their extremists views would have the rest of the world believe, especially those who claim moral superiority, while summarily excluding those who have different views on life.

That's not moral superiority, that's moral *inferiority*

No person can selfishly claim that their morals are more valid than everyone else's: who died and made you and/or your religion the moral compass for all humanity? and it was *not* Jesus! Your god did not command you to be judgemental - in fact Jesus said to do the opposite, and making judgements means that *you* are defining an absolute parameter as to your moral superiority and we all know that ...

"Only the Sith deal in absolutes"

It's our differences, that bring us together that will make us stronger as a species, that is what separates us from the animals, we are creative and *can* get along with everybody, but only if we so choose to do so.

But religion works against this, as it magnifies the fear of the unknown, it preys on the fear of death: on the fear of what can't be controlled, it teaches you to be bigoted because that's how religion works - it spreads *fear*

"fear is the path to the Dark Side, fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering..."

Much suffering has indeed been brought about by religion....

how can people say that religion had nothing to do with all the wars and crappy attitudes to their "fellow" human? it sets people apart in one unique way, that their supreme being is better than the next person's supreme being, neither of which have been seen in the last two thousand years, except by guys who had probably been lost in the desert for weeks and had started to hallucinate, seriously! don't these biblical stories all sound like these people were on acid?

religion excludes and sets us apart from those who are different, all the while screaming at us that it promotes togetherness, in much the same way that someone says some sort of mantra when they beat someone whilst telling themselves that the person they are beating, deserves it, it's not my fault they were bad, thump, whack, crack, thud... it's not my fault, they are sinners, they shouldn't have made me beat you, bam, whack, thud, it's not my fault they can't follow god like I do.. whack bam thud, whack bam thud, wack bam thud thump wack bang thump, thud...

religion sux arse, poison it is

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