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What song will atheists sing at christmas time? (religiorant)

``What will the atheists sing, during the praise of "winter solstice?"''


uhmmm.. perhaps the atheist will sing those songs that they had been enjoying all year instead of making a big deal out of having special songs for this one time of the year?

and what's wrong with non-believers being able to sing Christmas songs anyway? Personally I love a whole bunch of Christmas songs.

perhaps the atheist will also wonder why christians have this one special bit of the year when they claim they are a loving people when they should actually be nice to everyone for the whole year?

What's that about? Being christian is supposed to be a full time thing and not something you only do at fucking Christmas time!

The way it seems to me is that there are more "christians" who reveal themselves to be arseholes at Christmas time than at any other time of the year!

But perhaps at Christmas time, the atheist might think that christians *need* an excuse to be kind and generous, seeing how they prattle on about belief so much? I see a lot of bragging that people are good christian people, but I see little to nothing of people claiming to be christian who use their "christian" message to have anything nice to say.

perhaps, the atheist wouldn't wait for that one time of year to celebrate anything, I mean if it's a good thing, then why wait for that one day which only comes around once a year?

but.. uhmmm.. stupid question time... but since when does an atheist celebrate or praise anything in particular in the name of atheism in the first place?

Well, fucktards? If you are implying that atheists need to celebrate anything then you do not understand atheism in the first place and you should probably shut your flap trap in lieu of putting anybody else off of your religion of bigotry and cunts who come out once a year to prance around showing off how good a christian they are because they fucking believe in Santa Claus.

Have a look at atheism: there are no public holidays that I am aware of that are set aside for atheists.

Atheism is not a religion, despite the proselytizing from the masses that it is indeed, a religion.

So to say that an atheist is celebrating the winter solstice by implying they would be engaging in arbitrary rituals like it's some sort of religious holiday is an utter fallacy to begin with and it is clearly said out of arrogance and ignorance and sheer cuntitude, but is only said out of hatred for the atheist. Hate isn't something that Jesus commanded, is it?

So fucking grow up with your bullshit of even asking what atheists are doing for Christmas because as far as I can fucking tell, you christian cunts are NOT doing anything *Christian* at Christmas time *anyway*!

All you do is give away presents to people you already know, and that tradition, dipshitted christians is PAGAN!

That's right, giving people presents is a Roman tradition that celebrates the solstice AND IT IS PAGAN..... yes - that's right - Christmas is a PAGAN thing. The Romans put Christmas at the same time as the pagan celebration of the solstice - so in fact, it is the christians that can take their celebrating of the birth of Jesus at "Christmas time" some place else, as christians are usurping traditions that aren't even christian to begin with...

and if I haven't said it plainly enough, christians should NOT be celebrating christmas as a christian thing in the first place because it is NOT a christian thing and don't get your panties in a knot saying that it is "Christ"mas - the celebration of *Christ* .. While it may be a celebration of Christ, it was the fucking Romans who made that up. Yes, that's right, Christmas is NOT something your precious Jesus said that you should be doing, if anything, Jesus taught you to celebrate his life *every*fucking*day*of*the*year* and not during a time of Pagan celebrations.

any atheist celebrating anything because of their atheism is just doing it to "mess with" smarty pants religious idiots or they are merely done to piss the religious types off! After all, atheists are evil and treacherous with their deviousness, so it's to be expected.

and there was this other fuckhead thing said...

``all Christmas songs, celebrate both God and Jesus! Both names, God and Jesus, are in nearly every song.''

That's like saying love songs celebrate the giving and receiving of love. Sounds like christians are using Christmas songs as an affirmation that they are indeed christian. Which is fucking idolatry, breaking the First commandment. Yes, that's right, celebrating Christmas as if it were a christian thing is idolatry and according to the rule book, aka the bible, you are damning yourself to hell for putting this thing you do beside your faith in Jesus.

The definition of idolatry in the context of the bible is anything using anything object or thing to help you prop up your beliefs and using Christmas as an excuse for claiming to be christian is exactly what the first commandment was trying to stop.

Well. done. for. not. even. getting. past. the. first. commandment. You dipshits must be so proud of yourselves too, which further breaks with your precious Messiah's teachings, as well.

And all this referring to atheism as a faith by the "faithful" is merely about the religious person's need to point at something and say:

"hey look, my faith has validity! we have holidays and songs, so my faith *must* be valid! do atheists have 'atheist day'? no! are there any songs about atheism?? NO!!! so my faith has more credence than your atheistic stupid faith does, so believing in god is more valid, so I win, I'm better than you are! nur nur...".

All this denouncing of atheism, is just to offset the doubts that the religious people have, because if you truly did have faith, then nothing what-so-ever should be able to shake that faith. So the more someone goes off saying their faith is valid because there are aspects of it in every day life, the more it indicates how little faith they actually have in their own beliefs. This is because your faith is supposed to be an *internal* thing, external entities are not supposed to be able to validate or invalidate that faith.

That's called idolatry, when you have some external "thing" to prop up your religion, isn't it?

When was the last time you saw an atheist standing in the middle of a crowded shopping mall yelling at the top of their voice saying that there is no god? that evolution is a fact? that Charles Darwin was right? that Friedrich Nietzsche is the Messiah? that Baruch Spinoza's ideas on god are the only valid ones and that if you don't believe them, then you are going to burn in hell for all eternity at the hands of Satan, as we all know atheists worship Satan, they just don't acknowledge it in public, like how that Xenu rubbish went public when it was supposed to be a secret only revealed to the highest ranks in Scientology.

that was sarcasm, if you are too thick to notice.

and yes, this is where you point out that atheism isn't a religion, it's just a label for people without a religion, that's all there is to it. Anyone trying to make atheism out to be a way of life is severely fucked in the head or is highlighting the fact that *you* as a believer with your stupid beliefs is the one that is severely fucked in the head.

"Hi Honey! I'm home to our happy atheist home from my happy day at the atheist office!"
"Hi Honey! MWAH!!"
"So what did you do on your atheist day off today Hun?"
"Oh nothing really, I just denied the existence of god all morning and said a few mantras to Charles Darwin after lunch"
"But Honey! you do that every day!"

Why do christians insist on having Christmas only once a year? shouldn't Christmas be every day, shouldn't the birth of this fantastical LORD be celebrated to its fullest extent each and every day? That's why I am not a christian, because no-one seemed to be putting in even a half hearted effort at trying to emulate their Messiah.

And on an Easter note, why could Jesus not have stayed dead for seven days? Then we could have had the whole week off and not just a lousy long weekend?

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”
--Helen Steiner Rice

mostly written 12th December 2008, mostly.. it's Easter so let's do a Christmas blog...

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