Sunday, 16 November 2008

you must give your soul to Jesus to be saved? (religiorant)

in Christianity, everyone is born a sinner, original sin or some such thing, right? The way out of being a sinner, is for people to give their souls to Jesus or whatever it is exactly, right? If people do not do this, they will not be saved, and if you are not saved, you go to an eternal hell, right?

now if you punch it into Google, you'll see that approximately 146,000 people die everyday.

Two thirds of the world population aren't Christian, so, that's about 100,000 people that die every day that automatically go to hell for no reason other than they were born in a nation where Christianity didn't get a foothold.

yet Christians don't have a problem with this, they are fully aware that their faith automatically damns 36 million people to eternal hell fire and suffering a year, simply because these "heathen" people have never accepted Jesus! In fact, some Christians would seem to be PROUD of the fact that their religion automatically excludes most people, because that's *how* they like it.

What do Christians say to this?

Why don't they have a problem with their religion damning 100,000 people to hell everyday?

How is a person at fault when they are excluded from Christianity and therefore excluded from the grace the "loving" Jesus Christ, The Saviour, when they have never even heard the name Jesus?

How is that a fair and just and loving religion and/or god?

So, how can Christianity be *the* religion if you MUST give yourself to Jesus when two/thirds of the planet have not been exposed to the story of Jesus? To make it even more ridiculous, I bet many of those people are not even aware that other people have different religions at all.

So how can god/Jesus love everyone if two thirds of the world population go to hell by default? That's not love, even for my worst enemies, I wouldn't wish an eternal suffering upon them, yet Christians can do that without even blinking an eyelid.

Sorry but if even ONE person goes to hell because they haven't heard of Jesus then Christianity is NOT *the* religion, neither can the Christian god be loving when so many people are excluded from it BY DEFAULT.

How can Christians claim that Jesus loves everyone, how can Christianity be *the* religion when it DICTATES that two thirds of the world suffer eternal torment in hell fire BY DEFAULT?

Google search: "how many people die everyday"

mostly written 16th November 2008

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