Saturday, 26 July 2008

how *can* god exist? (religiorant)

does god exist? no... at least, i don't think so.. and most definitely no to a "christian" god, which is merely a fantasy created by mankind in our image.. not the other way around...

but the thing is, how *can* god exist anyway?

but what is god? god knows everything, can do anything, is everywhere and nowhere all at once right? ... if that were so then

there would be no purpose to being god

think about this, a god would know *everything*, right? including everything that *it* would ever do, right?

so i ask the reader to ponder, what would be the purpose of existing if you knew everything about your existence already? how could *you* exist if you knew everything that was going to happen? with every moment scripted already in your brain, every heartbeat and breath and blink of an eyelid, or is there is some loophole where god is excluded from knowing everything about its own "life" ??

so what sort of immortal being could exist without going insane? maybe that *explains* the christian god? LOL! or maybe, god's brain went and collapsed in on itself when it realised there was no point in existing... we refer to this event as the big bang

but, seriously, why would god, a mere ten thousand or so years ago, suddenly decide to make the universe? why, when for trillions and zillions and mexafillions of years, god sat around and did...


or maybe that was the challenge god set itself, "I'm gunna sit around and do nothing for a trillion to the power of a trillion years without blinking" .. maybe that was the big bang, god blinked, and put its eye out...

but here is the thing to think about, how could such a fantastical creature like god, suddenly get bored after an eternity of doing nothing and spontaneously create a universe, just for a subset of people on one planet amongst countless stars and galaxies, does this not belittle the very notion of a god?

if god, an all powerful being existed, then why would it not have done something *else* in all that time? why was god so lazy that he did nothing of consequence for all that time? could you do nothing for an hour? a year? a millennium? an aeon?

if god does exists, it is most likely that it is unaware of any universe that it created...

Mostly written 26th July 2008, mostly...

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