Saturday, 5 July 2008

why assume the afterlife is going to be fantastic anyway?

why assume the afterlife is going to be fantastic anyway? and by afterlife i mean a christian heaven

i mean really? what's going to be there? i mean god supposedly tells us all this crap that we are supposed to abide by - but we don't - and christians think they get away with this shit just by accepting Jevesus - you think god is gunna let all your shenanigans go on in heaven? ainst no Jevbeus going to be helping you once you get to heaven, you reporting straight to da old man once you get past the Pearly Gates

maybe hell has just been given such a bad rap over the centuries because that's where all the parties and raves and concerts and entertaining stuff is, and all the prudes don't get invited coz they want to inflict their standards and morals on everyone, so they get stuck in heaven with boring old god?

no, there was no point... do i need one? no, but there was a point, at one stage, i just forgot it

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