Tuesday, 9 November 2010

believers create anti-believers... (religiorant)

"belief" in god or religion, is something that you are taught, and you are taught that it is "the" way because you are taught it is the *only* way.. I mean, seriously, what's the point in following a god, if it's not *THE* god? like, "derrrrr!", so belief already has an inherent arrogance in its "I'm right and you are wrong" stance...

however, "non-belief" is something you are NOT taught, or more correctly, you are taught that there are options, so you are free to reject these fantasy stories, which I suspect you normally would do when given multiple religious options.... so inherently, non-believers are more likely to have a less arrogant stance because non-believers aren't taught that they are correct, non-believers are not taught that *not* believing in something is the way to go, in fact, the last thing a parent should do if they don't want their kids to believe in god, is to forbid them from believing in god.

"anti-belief" is what is created when someone tries to teach you their beliefs and then you tell them to fuck off and then they don't.

Don't agree with me? then how else is anti-belief created? you don't just decide one day to become anti-something, you need to know something about that something before you can reject it.

because if you don't know anything about something you dislike, then you are no better than some jerk-off racist or some low brow bigot that just hates things because they merely exist. like how christians get their skirts all caught up around their ears when they go off about the mere existence of atheists.

non-believers have the default position - when you are born, this is the default state of your beliefs, you don't *believe* in anything when you are born, how can you? no-one is born religious, so don't be a dumbarse and think that they do

believers have the extreme belief position, this is taught to them as they grow up, so people choose to believe in the fantasy stories that they are being taught, usually these are the parents' fantasy belief system stories.

anti-believers have the extreme non-belief position, this anti-belief is acquired when someone tries to push their religion on you, you DON'T become an anti-believer by any other means, how can you? why would you spontaneously hate something without there being a source or a catalyst for your hatred?

"oh you just need to read the bible"...
"uhmm... okay, I will, thanks for the info"

If you are not religious, that means that you have NO religion, right?

If you have never had a religion, do you seek religious people out and tell them that they are stupid (or whatever) for believing their bullshit? no you do not, you *ONLY* reject religion as a result of previous attempts at someone trying to sell religion to you.

in other words, there is ALWAYS a catalyst of some kind. And that includes people who were already religious, if you dump your religion after having one, why did you do that? Somebody tried to sell you some part of your religion that you didn't like, or you realised the lies that you were telling yourself and you woke up to yourself. what other ways are there?

it may have taken years for you to get around to realising this, but there is ALWAYS a catalyst to the rejection of religion, whether you ever had a religion or not.

non belief *is* the default position and belief is acquired and anti-belief is created when non-belief and belief meet head on

an analogy: think of someone telling you that they like country music (aka a "believer" in country music) and therefore they think you should like it too, but *you* have never heard country music before, you've heard "of" it, but you've never *actually* heard it, (or more likely, you aren't aware that you have heard it), so how could you like or dislike a thing that you do not (or are not sure that you) have a personal experience with?

this would make you a non-believer in country music, right? if it doesn't make you a non-believer in country music, then what does it make you? a non-participant in country music? ignorant of country music? blessed? lucky? regardless, whatever it is called is irrelevant and beside the point

but then you do go and listen to it, and then you *hate* it! so now you choose to reject country music because it's CRAP. There is a reason that you now reject country music, that being: someone told you country music was good, so you listened to it, and it was NOT good, in other words, THEY LIED TO YOU.

"oh you just need to read the bible"...
"I did read it, I thought it was CRAP"
"no no no! you need to believe in Jesus in order to read the bible!!!"

so now, you are an "anti-believer" when it comes to country music. You've now heard country music, and you do NOT like it.

but being an anti-believer doesn't necessarily mean that you go around ragging on country music all the time, that one experience is not enough to make you go ballistic when the next person tries to tell you to listen to country music, you *only* mention that you don't like country music, *when* someone else tries to get you to like country music or if they tell you it's "good"

"yeah I don't like country music, but then again, I don't listen to it, so it's not a problem for me, and when I am subjected to it, I can tolerate it, for at least a little while."

now imagine a person, *insists* to you that you go and listen to some more country music, what is going to happen?

the more you bug me to like something that i've said that I do not like, the more I will start to go on about just how much I do NOT like country music, if you keep bugging me, eventually I will reach critical mass in my hatred of people trying to sell me country music, such that I *will* take an active stance *against* it, and i'll probably be so frigging annoyed about it, that i'll start conversations about how annoying it is.

but how did that happen? it didn't "just" take one person to piss me off enough to make me actively reject country music, it took multiple people, on multiple occasions, using multiple methods of trying to get me to like country music.

This is no different to religion. Non-belief (aka atheism) is the default position - belief is the theist position - and anti-belief is the anti-theist position

most atheists are, or were anti-theists at some time. this is why I choose to describe myself as a non-believer, as the term "atheist" has become ambiguous, as it seems that people use it in the context of anti-belief too often.

I have no interest in religion at all, and that means in a POSITIVE way or in a NEGATIVE way, religion is BULLSHIT, for me, it's a matter of "who gives a fuck?? people can have their religion or they can not have a religion, it doesn't bother me either way", but if you keep bugging me about this stupid thing called religion, then you *will* be bothering me..

"oh you just need to read the bible"...
"no! i don't! thanks!"

so try to sell me your religion and I'll ignore you, do it again a few more times and I'll probably still ignore you, but after about a half dozen more times, I'll start to tell you to fuck off and leave me alone, and if you are too thick to respect my wishes and keep at it still, like some cunt-faced christians have done many-a-time, then you are starting down the path of invoking a response that you will not like...

and that is *nothing* to do with *what* you are bugging me about, but it's everything to do with the fact that you *are* bugging me, even after I've told you to fuck off.

So, imagine the next person that comes along and annoys me to follow their religion...

"oh you just need to read the bible"...
*facepalms* ... "urrr... no thanks"

I will probably show less tolerance and patience to the next person that comes along and does the same thing, and the more people that do this, the more they are risking a permanent belligerent reaction to their bullshit.

"oh you just need to read the bible"...
"excuse me, but would you please leave me the fuck alone?"

eventually, if enough people bug me about their fantasy bullshit and fail to respect my wishes when i tell them to take a hike and they persist with bugging me about religion, I would become pre-emptive in my rejection of religion such that the mere mention of god or Jesus or Allah or muhammad or whatever will trigger some sort of anti-belief response....

"oh you just need to read the bible"...

moral of the story?

keep your religion to yourself, or risk alienating people from it *permanently*....

oooopps.... too late

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