Monday, 22 November 2010

i hope you kept the receipt... (religiorant)

even been told that "you need to read the bible!" ? ...

why should I? it's just a bunch of stories, that are supposedly meant to give moral guidance, and the exact details of the story aren't important if the point of the story is to give you moral guidance.

i've read "The Lord of The Rings", a few times, i bet there are good morals to be gleaned from there, but, no-one went and made a fucking religion out of Lord of the Rings, you MORONS!

But i have read dribs and drabs of the bible, I just couldn't get past the fantastic flood story

I can't believe in a bible, or any sort of fantastic stories that people supposedly believe in as if those stories were *for*real*, and that's not because the bible has some *real* tall tales of total bullshit, it's because I have got the gist of what was important in the bible and I have moved on.

I will not "believe in" the bible, because to admit such a thing would be to admit that I am bragging over the fact that I "read the bible", well so bloody what...??? the only thing you admit to when you admit to a belief in something, is that you're not willing to grow your view of the universe, that you are content to leave your beliefs as they are, right now. You are willing to let your knowledge of the universe STAGNATE and become STATIC.

and that is sad

because people purporting to believe in the bible have completely missed the point of it on far too many occasions. I say show us what you learnt or shut the frack up, because to be honest, you shouldn't even need to mention that you're a christian, or that you've read the bible.

It should go without saying because your extremely helpful and peaceful attitude with compassion for all, would stand out like a beacon in a crowd.

a high percentage of people who mention that they have read the bible, also seem to have it wrong, so considering the type of people who have said that they have read the bible, i can only pre-empt that notion by concluding that all people that mention that they are christians or that they've read the bible, are indeed bragging, at least on some level. If you don't want me to do that, then shut the frack up about your religion.

Many claiming to be christian, have not even read the bible at all, yet they still call themselves christian? what's that about?

Many have missed the *very* fucking simple point of christianity ("do unto others!"), many people, instead, seem to think the ten commandments is the point christianity. The "Ten commandments" is more the point of Judaism, isn't it? Jesus, the christian messiah, didn't mention the ten commandments much at all, he taught TWO COMMANDMENTS!

Many just say they "believe" because mum said to, because they were never taught to think for themselves.

Many believe because it was beaten into them, and some of them even believe that they should beat those same teachings into *their* children.

Many dwell over what isn't important. Many just don't care that they have their religion wrong. Many don't even know they have it wrong. Many become violently outraged when confronted with the fact that they know *shit*all* about their precious religion.

So there's no fucking way I would deliberately label myself as christian when too many have it wrong. The christian church itself split many hundreds of years ago, and *millions* died, I just could not call myself religious at all, when history has shown that religion has bad results, and if religion is supposed to set "the" guidelines of supposedly good moral behaviour, then uhhmmm... ? WTF?

Religion has failed, abysmally, time to go on a different path, perhaps this time, we can blame ourselves for the things that go wrong? Maybe it should be compulsory to learn multiple religions in school?? maybe some morality could be gleaned from half a dozen religions because obviously the teachings of one religion isn't enough to make someone a moral person.

Learning what religion teaches would be more practical at the very least, because "words" are just words, just saying you "believe in god" or believe in religion, means nothing without actions to back up your bragging, just telling yourself you are christian or muslim is idolatry as well - it means nothing to just tell yourself that you have achieved some goal or pinned some label upon yourself and that you should be rewarded for your saying this bullshit mantra thing...

I reckon you need to *earn* your religious accolades - eg. maybe it should be compulsory for you to formally study christianity before you are allowed to call yourself a christian?? make it a free online test, and all the atheists can do it as well just to put all the christians to shame

until all christians start being christ-like, the label "christian" means nothing.. same with muslims, jews, hindus, buddhists blahists blatisms hbalilists bahareans blahreists

if christianity truly wanted to get some respect back, doing the things that christ taught instead of saying they believe in christ, would be a good start because who honestly gives a rats arse what people believe? if you are a generally good person and treat me with respect, you could believe in flying pink unicorns for all I care

fact of the matter is that according to the biblical stories, *Jesus* taught that your beliefs mean nothing unless your actions back up your words (that's the *point* of the good Samaritan story, right?) in fact, the words should come after the actions, if at all, as one should not need to speak if their actions have already spoken for them...

and to be completely honest, any generalising the religionists cop is deserved because the majority of religious people just want to live out their lives in peace and do nothing about the minority of their religious brethren who ruin it for everyone, instead they complain to atheists asking them to not generalise about them when they could be out there telling their religious moronic brethren to pull their fucking heads in, but no....

in the very same way, no-one should be able to offend someone else's faith/god by saying something 'bad' about it, you should be able to say anything you want about a religion, because they too are just words, and if mere words from some non-believer heathen scum who "knows nothing" of your faith and yet is still able to upset your "faith", then i hope you kept the receipt for your "faith", because your faith is a dud...

if they know nothing about your faith, then how the fuck can they offend your faith?

that's like some body walking up to you and saying "you can't count to ten!" and you getting all violently upset over that statement, what sort of clown are you to BITE like that? any one lashing out at someone else for saying that they can't even count to ten, well, I would be inclined to think that "yes, they actually can not count to ten"

the muslims crack me up the most, for a culture that is so worried about committing idolatry, as shown by their extreme reactions to Muhammad cartoons being displayed, they sure do fret over making their little treks to holy places like Mecca and Medina

a "holy" place is a representation of your faith, and a place is still a thing, albeit a big thing... in fact, all places of worship, churches, synagogues, mosques... all idolatry.. bibles, korans, torahs ... just words, just mere echoes of the original message, a message that should have been simple enough to be taught by word of mouth. How hard can it be to remember the important things religion supposedly teaches?

these days it seems that people are taught to say things like "PRAISE JESUS" and that, *somehow*, is how you get into heaven....

was it just too fucking hard to remember simple things like "do unto others" (aka "love thy neighbour"), "judge not lest thee be judged"?

even the words themselves of those holy desert voodoo books are just representations of the original message, even the memory of those words committed into your brain, that's all just idolatry..

for instance, all I remembered from going to Church and Sunday school those *very* few times, was that "Jesus loves everyone"... that's *all* I remembered... the implication there was that I should do that as well... it's possible that i got that from some TV show, so it's not something I learnt directly from christianity, but that's what my brain boiled christianity down to.

That's the lesson from christianity: basically it says "be nice to everyone", now i've got to somehow implement it, should i so choose to do so

but there is no choice in this matter with "christians", they are commanded to do this "love thy neighbour" thing, they have no choice, if they can't do that.. then nope - they are no christian.... you don't get to dip you feet in and out of the christianity wading pool, you either get in and swim in it, or get the fuck out of it, or at the very least, stop pissing in it

no actual part of your religion is important, it's what you learned and how you implement that teaching that is what is important. eg. so what if you've read the bible? if you can't show what you've learned, then so fucking what if you read the bible? that's no different to someone bragging that they read the dictionary, so fucking what? do you remember the meaning of every word? I can read stuff about quantum mechanics, but it doesn't mean shit to my actually being able to understand it..

think of it this way, it's just as important to human life on this planet that we don't all stare into the sun, probably even more important to our survival than the whole "do unto others" thing! why? because there would not be a human race if we all stared into the sun upon the first chance we got.

but did you see any mother fucking idiots make a religion about not staring into the sun?

no, it's just something you do NOT do, you don't go making a big deal out of it by saying "HEY! I don't stare into the sun, are you a true i-don't-stare-into-the-sun believer as well?", do you?

is there a religion about taking a shit? we'd all die if we didn't shit! you didn't see any fucktard go make a religion about taking a dump..

hey let's make a religion out of BREATHING??

the golden rule, as taught by Jesus and all those others, is just supposed to be something you do, like breathing, you don't go and make a big deal out of it.

the whole point of the teachings of these various "prophets", which got turned into the various religions, was to keep it simple, and to keep it so simple, that even a moron could remember it.. but no....

this is where I find the greatest offence in all religion, because as far as I am concerned, Jesus, Buddha, and probably many others, they all probably had it right, at least in their day and age, and whether those characters existed or not is beside the point, it was what was taught by those characters that's important.

eg. the highest commandment of christianity, is "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" aka "love thy neighbour, as you would have them love you" .. that's all that you needed to know about chimptianity, because if we apply that rule to every thing in life, we can envision a much fairer society .... it's commonly called the "golden rule", but too many have got that totally wrong, there is too much selfishness, if *things* that pertain to your religion are more important to you than what you learnt from it, then you have missed the point of your religion.

the only way to be a true believer - is to *not* believe at all - because believing means nothing, doing is everything, because do you honestly believe in your fucked up little brain, that if god actually taught us all these things of doing unto others and all the shit like that, that it's *actually* important to god that you just *say* that you believe?

and if you don't *get* that, don't even expect a refund, even if you *do* have the receipt...

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