Wednesday, 1 December 2010

scientists are the true prophets of god... (religion v science)

i love it when fundies say

"pffft!! the universe can't have come from *nothing*!! what blasphemy do you speak!!!" ...

AHEM!!! that's exactly what believers say that their god supposedly did, except *god* did it with *magic*.. wait hang on! isn't MAGIC supposed to be EVIL? thou shalt not suffer a witch to live? ooooohhhh? it's okay because it's *god* - god is allowed to do magic! fucking hypocrites!

but is that the source of the feelings of aversion to science from the religiously paralysed?

does science, somehow ultimately displace their precious god?

do natural explanations for everything in the universe just frack with their heads so much they go into shock upon thinking of the enormity of the universe? that all of "This" is possible without the need for some dude who is going to give you eternal life? that if science is *true*, does that mean that there is no god, and that there is *NO* life after this one?

is that why science is such a threat to "god"??

hello to all you small minded creatures out there, you lot out there, yeah you, talking to you, *especially* you in the "I love Jesus" tee-shirt, yeah I'm talking to you, you are committing the ultimate sin in doubting your god!

just because the universe came about naturally, it does not mean that your god doesn't exist...

did you not consider that your precious god made all the empty space the universe is expanding into? that it made gravity "work"? that it made our whole entire dimension? that it made existence itself, such that the literal nothing of space then went on to spawn the universe, *naturally* because *GOD* made it that way?!?!??

did it not occur to you to think big enough to realise that this god of yours made the natural laws of the universe, and from those natural "laws", the universe spawned itself from *nothing* because *that* is just how *clever* your god is??

"Check out the big brain on Brett! You're a smart motherfucker!"
--[Pulp Fiction]

if fundies took the time to actually understand this crazy notion of "science", they might begin to understand just how petty and insignificant they make their god out to be... god made the universe you say? what a PETTY and IRRELEVANT task for a GOD!

If anything, making the universe would have been such trivial a task for a god, that it probably would have outsourced the whole operation, which would explain all the flaws in creation.

but if your god *does* exist and it did have a hand in directly creating the universe, well it also just happened to make a fuck load of stuff that is beyond your limited scope and field of vision

Horatio: Oh day and night, but this is wondrous strange!

Hamlet: And therefore as a stranger give it welcome.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

--[Shakespeare, "Hamlet" Act 1. Scene V]

but here's the thing....

seeing how this god supposedly made the universe, aren't we scientists the true disciples of god? the true *prophets* telling "stories" about what we think is happening in the universe, and if the universe is the will of god, then isn't the scientist a holy priest in being able to understand the nature of god's creation?

oh *what* blasphemy, indeed!

the ancient prophets theorised about the will and nature of god, right? *they* were the thinkers of the day back then, *they* were the ones who were able to first try to describe the nature and will of the gods... they made up these prophecies from visions, observations, and alleged voices speaking to them, right?

look at astrology - was this not a "science" in it's heyday?

if god made the universe, then the scientists of *today* are prophets theorising about the will and nature of god from visions (theories, computer simulations etc), empirical scientific observations, and the voices in their heads, you know, the same voices we *all* have in our heads, the *same* voices in the heads of the ancient prophets that no matter what they came up with, was the "science" of the day, at least these days, popular opinion isn't the driving force behind science *these* days...

BUT! Not only that, these prophets in this day and age, aka scientists, are also able to deliver the *salvations* needed to save our worthless butts, instead of just useless tales of vagueness and pointlessness that are subject to wild interpretations, stories that are only useful for people who want to argue those interpretations...

there would be no progress if not for science, we'd still be swinging through the trees, religion has RETARDED our progress just recently...

if not for science, plagues would kill us all, even the common cold could result in death, if not for medicines.. shit, you could kick your toe or break a nail and it could get infected and you'd have to have your arm or leg cut off if not for medicine... shit, even having your arm cut off with a saw could count as "medical science", if that's all that was available to save your life!

the *real* blasphemy in this day and age, is the ignorance shown towards science.

and *not* knowing something is cool too, ya know??

xtian: how did the universe start?
me: shit man! i dunno!
xtian: what about god?
me: pffft!!! whatever floats your boat man!

using "god" as an answer for something is like skipping over to the cartoons when something too complicated to understand is on the Science Channel.... if you'd stick around and pay attention for just a little while, you might just end up being shown a way to help make you understand, and you know, if you still don't understand.........don't worry about it!!........

it can take *years* for even the smartest people to grasp concepts, that in retrospect, seem elementary.

seriously, as an example of a modern day scientific prophet, think of Einstein, he would be a prophet of science, right? a lot of his theories were totally useless to us in a practical sense until just recently... so in his day, a lot of people would have said "yeah sure buddy!" ... same with a lot of the sciences we discover... we find one little thing, and then that leads to the next and yadda yadda yadda but often nothing useful can be done with these discoveries for a *long* time.

scientists often dedicate their whole lives to their chosen field of science, and science is often a thankless task, with the results of their work, often not realised in their time.

is this not altruism? selflessness? to work toward a goal that you may not even see in your lifetime?

is that not what your precious Jesus taught you? to be selfless? to put your heart and soul towards the bettering of humanity?

*that* is what science is about

what are *you* doing to spread the gospel that is science? what are you doing to improve your knowledge of this creation of god?

and the universe is pretty fucking big, do you honestly think that humans can possibly even come close to knowing all that god has placed before us?

maybe god set us this task to become smart enough to get off this rock before some asteroid comes along and wipes us out?

maybe the *dinosaurs* had every chance to become a loving and peaceful society, but instead chose to be a savage bunch of animals thinking only of themselves in a blood lust of eating raw flesh? were they a species that *deserved* to be made extinct?

it's entirely possible that dinosaurs were just a low level species of limited sentience that just never bothered to evolve to be better "people", and if they had evolved into a more tolerant society, then they would regard the dinosaurs that we know of today, in the same regard that we hold Neanderthals...

so is the story of Noah's ark, just a convoluted explanatory metaphor of how the dinosaurs were wiped out, with the "ark" being those species that were resilient enough to adapt to the new conditions, that they were able to do unto others as they would want others to do unto them in a spirit of co-operation that enabled them to move forward as a species and prosper????

hmmm... is the whole reason why we are here, because our ancient mammalian ancestors were able to band together to fight off the hostiles, even as the species we were a 100million years ago? is that where our built-in need to be together stems from?

and has our evolution, in our coming together, was that just a practical way to keep warm?

did our species develop compassion because of an inbuilt need to share heat in times of glacial dominance?

so *how* fracking small is your god if you don't "believe in" science and all the possibilities it can give us? how offensive do you think it is to your god that *you* think *humans* can come anywhere near to the glory of infinite knowledge and power that is god via the means of science?

sheesh! every step we take, reveals that we need to take more steps, to get to the next steps.

so how dare you commit such blasphemy and deny the embrace of science, when science describes the nature and will of god by studying the only evidence there is of god, the universe itself.

don't believe in science? then you are a SINNER!


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