Wednesday, 20 April 2011

it's not the non-believers that need proof of god.. (religiorant)

non-believers often ask that the believer present proof of their imaginary friend

why? it's the believers that need the proof of god way more than the non-believer...

just by even mentioning god, the believer is trying to put forward some idea about their god...

listen to them go about:

  • the multitude of miracles
  • the praying
  • the many disasters
  • their churches
  • the Jesus faces they see everywhere
  • how they say that Jesus died for their sins!
  • and how you must believe in Jesus or you're going to hell!
  • and how often do they Praise Jesus!
  • and the many many times Jesus-will-return declarations aka the Rapture aka the end of the world
  • saying that gays being an "abomination"
  • having the gall to say that atheists are beings spawned of the devil
  • saying god hates fags
  • no atheists in foxholes
  • the bible is the inerrant word of god
  • the tide goes in, the tide goes out
  • creationism
  • "intelligent" design
  • and many many many others
do you see all of these things?

they are *things* to help "prove" or lend credence to the "fact" that their god exists, these are *things* to help make their god *real*

if something is *real*, even if it's an idea, then it's of *this* world/universe/dimension ...

in other words, those things listed above, are not "godly" ..

even ideas about god, are still human ideas

if you need a thing to help make your god "real", you are breaking the first commandment, "love thy god before all others"...

and from what I've understood of religion, that's the WORST "sin" there is!!

your faith in god should stand by itself, because if you need a *thing* to help define your faith in god, aka your *love* of god, then you are placing that thing before your god, because *you* need proof, and by needing that proof, you commit idolatry, not to mention that you don't have total faith in your deity...

and the only need for proof of god in this world, is to distract you from the fact that this god of yours, has been totally made up by *you* ... non-believers do not hold a candle to believers in terms of needing proof of god....

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