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clarify my position on god... (what do i believe? part 32b)

a lot of people seem to be confused over my position on god, so to clarify in one sentence:

nothing can be known about god, therefore it is impossible to have a position about god....

which is just fancy talk for "I don't know" and i truly don't care, but i do love making up stories about said being...

and while it may be a nice sentiment for someone to say that god "loves me", but that's all it is: a nice sentiment. furthermore, such a statement would have my contempt, even if I don't show it or say anything about it.

the fate of my immortal soul is pretty important stuff, if I had one, so if I am going to believe what some random person has to say about the fate of my soul, then i'm going to need some rather definitive specifics about this "afterlife" thing and this god thing that i'm apparently setting myself up for, and some random threat of me going to "hell" for all eternity because I don't believe in some dude called Jesus, can't do that...

"oh you just need to read the bible" doesn't cut it ... "oh you just need to believe in Jesus" ... nope, sorry! gotta do better than that ... "oh well, then, you're going to hell!" ... OK, nice sales pitch there, you should sell life insurance: "If you don't buy my life insurance I'll kill you, for all eternity!!" .. ahem... if there is a god, it's not yours, and if it does actually turn out that your god is *the* god, then I still won't being worshiping it, not if it turns me into a religious fuck-tard.

if god did make me, then it made me damn well smarter than to blindly believe some story from two thousand years ago. Especially when these people representing this "god", lie and cheat and do exactly what they tell us is "evil". And "yes", most religious people are good people, I suppose, but it's the out spoken nut cases that ruin it for all.

so don't be surprised and don't get offended, because i am just as likely to say "oh my god!!" or "fuck you god!" or "fuck god" or "there is no god" or "i believe in the *true* god" when it comes to my opinions about this god creature...

but before we continue... perhaps i should stop... and let you read something that helped erase that childhood "fear" of god... perhaps you may understand a little better ... and don't skimp on the lyrics either... and excuse me.. but this is just fucking awesome...


An unforeseen future nestled somewhere in time.
Unsuspecting victims no warnings, no signs.
Judgement day the second coming arrives.
Before you see the light you must die.

Forgotten children, conform a new faith,
Avidity and lust controlled by hate.
the never ending search for your shattered sanity,
Souls of damnation in their own reality.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.
Impulsive habitat.

Bastard sons begat your cunting daughters,
Promiscuous mothers with your incestuous fathers.
Ingrate souls condemned for [all] eternity,
Sustained by immoral observance a domineering deity.

Chaos rampant,
An age of distrust.
Impulsive sabbath.

On and on, south of heaven

The root of all evil is the heart of a black soul.
A force that has lived all eternity.
A never ending search for a truth never told
The loss of all hope and your dignity

Chaos rampant in an age of distrust
Confrontations, impulsive sabbath

On and on, south of heaven

i don't believe in god, regardless of its existence, i don't believe *in* it... read that carefully... that is to say that while I may just believe that there could be a god, what I am saying is that I wouldn't believe in it if there actually was a god that had revealed itself to the world!

every god that I've read a story about, well, the authors of said stories don't really sound like they thought the whole god thing through.

god made the universe in six days and then took a day off?

from a human perspective, that's pretty impressive, but a god? nope, sorry... god takes a week to make the universe? a *god*? wouldn't a *god* make the universe instantly? or do something far more impressive than that?


i mostly call my attitude towards god something like "who gives a fuckism" aka whateverism aka shrugism aka whocaresism

i don't care to have a position either way either...

i don't care what your position on god is either

i don't believe in god, but neither do I deny the utterly extremely remote inkling of a possibility that there could be a god

if i say "god does not exist" - I mean *your* christian/islamic/judaic/whatever-religious god does not exist, it doesn't mean that i do not deny the possibility of god, but thus far every story about god that i have ever heard just doesn't cut it. not even close.

you see, my question is this, how can you *know* anything about god?

"oh but the bible says..."

"The bible says a lot of things. And not very clearly."
--[Spanky Ham]

no god attached to a religion *can* be god

because as soon as you give your god a religion, the religious insistence of making that god their own downgrades this being they regard as infinitely all knowing and all encompassing, creator of *all* things, to a somewhat less than godly status, do they not?

for example: the christian god is only god to two billion or so people, the christian god doesn't account for everyone on earth, so it's not god. religion is an excuse to exclude other people that are different to you, you have no right to speak for god by making the assertion that your god is *the* god... talk about arrogance!

If your god is to be god, it must apply itself to every being in the universe that is able to grasp the concept of god, whether those beings know of a particular religion's god's existence or not, right?

according to a lot of christians, you need to give yourself to Jesus - by *name* - in order to be saved. But how can someone who didn't grow up in a christian society know anything about Jesus in the first place? Not everyone can, therefore christianity doesn't apply itself to everyone, therefore the christian god is not god. Same for any other religion that excludes people who don't follow that particular religion.

(oh and NEWSFLASH!! worshiping Jesus by name is utterly stupid because two thousand years ago, there was no person on this planet called "Jesus" and nor had there been and nor would there have been for another 1500 years as the letter "J" wasn't invented until the 1500s, look it up)

I believe in the possibility that there could be a god, but this god is the true god, whatever that is. It could be that a race of people from a trillion light years away is what we think of as god, and all these qu'rans and bibles and star wars trilogies are all just stories made up in the meantime to amuse ourselves as we find out more about the universe.

if there is a god being, it made gravity and the laws of the universe, and a great empty vacuum of space, and somehow that turned into what we see today, for my mind that is far more of an impressive idea about god than a god that didn't do anything for zillions of years then did something for six days then had a rest on the seventh, what sort of god needs to have a rest anyway?

mostly written on 15/07/09, mostly.....

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