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why am I so mean to fundys? (religidiotism)

I wrote a blog similar to this recently but this blog was mostly written before that, 17th April 2009, mostly... but I feel it worthy to repeat, (not sure if i posted the original anyway) because there are just so many chrischuns I've seen in blogs and in the comments going off making threats at each other and name calling and threatening to sue each other in the last few months or so... but... it's all pathetic.. they insult you with "you're a poo poo head!" .. and well... I always read intent into what people are saying, it takes a while to gauge a person but... chrischuns jump straight in there and go beyond merely "gauging" some one and making bold faced assumptions... fuckers...

no seriously, I was called a poo poo head... by the "mighty" looney toon of all people, I wish i was slightly more vindictive so I would have screen shotted it.. What was he trying to insult me? or make me die of laughter?

LANGUAGE WARNING by the way... and no i don't recommend this tactic unless you're prepared to have one foot on the dark side at times.... but I've been there and come back a dozen times and got the t-shirt :-D


why am I so mean to fundys?

short answer:

it works, there is nothing like the ensuing silence from someone who insults you, whom you've just told to

"fuck off cunt!!!!"

I often am *left*alone* even though the blog i've commented on has turned into a war zone, with insults and what not flying left right and centre.. Chrischuns have no comeback to strong language and if they do it's always a lame "don't be so vulgar" .. that's when you swear again and say... "well if u didn't fucking insult me in the first fucking place i fucking wouldn't be fucking insulting you now! so.. again.. FUCK YOU!"

un-short answer:

could it be I don't get along with people who don't agree with my opinion about god?

well *that* would be hard, because my opinion is an un-opinion.. ask me on the spot what I think about the existence of god and I'll make up something... it's not something I contemplate seriously, but *un*seriously on the other hand.. If you think i take god seriously, you are sorely mistaken.

Why should I take god seriously? I can't speak for other religions, but it seems to me that the vast majority of chrischuns don't take god seriously either!

Thus it could be because their opinion is so full of utter godly shit and utter godly lies that a ten year old could dissect their story to bits! And have you noticed that regardless of what you say to them and how often you put these fundies back into their little corner, they keep going on with their bullshit?

This is the basis of knowledge and learning:

When someone points out a flaw in my logic or disagrees with something i have said, it's never rejected outright, *ever*. If it seems I do, then i've probably thought about the concept before, so I already had an answer, either that or i am fucking around with the person to amuse myself! LOL! nah, I don't do that... much.... but more likely I am reserving my opinion until I actually have a solid opinion (while in the meantime fucking around with them to stall)

But that's just it.. no-one can know anything about god what-so-ever. Whatever someone knows about god, it's an opinion... if someone knows something about god and you believe them, then you have been fooled.

"oh i was in a car accident and I nearly died so I called out to Jesus and I was saved!"

sure you can appeal to someone's emotions and convince them you had an "experience" with Jesus / god, but you are merely telling a story that may seem real to you, but we all have experienced dreams that seemed real, right?

so how do we know these people aren't having some panic induced hallucination as the fireman pulled them out of their burning car or whatever the experience is that they "claim" is what made them come to god / Jesus?

The point is, that I always take away what people say, and adjust my angle the next time around, possibly so the blow isn't as shocking to the person the next time around.

But some people don't deserve such respect, and pretty much every fundy, I will give a chance, even over really stupid things, I make up stupid things all the time, so I am over qualified to talk to them in that regard...

I do feel bad... sometimes...

i do honestly feel bad insulting people, for whatever reason, i sometimes feel bad for days after calling someone a "cunt" - honestly i do - i just don't like to be mean... but if it's deserved i'll have a go at them, and a lot of them *do* deserve it... and these aren't petty things that I get up people over..

* anyone attempting to goad people onto suicide

* anyone advocating violence towards some arbitrary group of people coz they are different

* anyone corrupting science with their unscientific *OPINIONS*

* anyone supporting these people and their positions, in spite of their actions

and frankly too many people around this myspaz world find it too easy to fall into each of those groups. I'm sure there are other things I can think up.

for example, if you think space is a fucking ocean of liquid hydrogen, then you better be ready to answer about a hundred thousand million questions about your "theory". Especially idiotic and *RETARDED* (no offence to anyone who actually is physically or mentally challenged) - especially retarded is when dumbarse sheeple applaud these stories and *agree* with some shit that was made up based on some story told to goat herders from 3000 years ago... in that regard, to sum up my attitude in one phrase...

the Dark Ages will not return, not on my watch.

think about it...

and while my patience has become shortened of late and i've been super mean...... I'm not any more mean to them than they are mean to me (us)... think about it...

Imagine somebody walks up to you and says "You need to believe in Jesus or else you're going to hell"... i'm sure that's happened a few times when I was younger (when I sort of was christian)

but let's just do the opposite thing from an sciency point of view, shall we?

"If you don't believe in scientific facts then when you die your soul will be suspended on the event horizon of a black-hole where you can get a bird's eye view of the awesomeness of nature as your soul is slowly torn apart by the singularity's gravitational tidal forces over a few million years as your soul slowly spirals into the black-hole along with all the other evil souls who REJECTED science and sensibility and reality, so here it is, the ultimate torture you can be given in this universe, you get to spend aeons on the event horizon of a black hole as punishment, and once you're inside the singularity, you will be crushed to death until that black hole burns itself out after a few trillion years.. no it's not quite the eternity christians lay claim to but you'll be able to see it from there as you stare into the abyss as it stares back at you for REJECTING SCIENCE"

It's a bit over worded but, I'll work on shortening it later. (yes I paraphrased Nietzsche)

so no, when somebody walks up to you and says or casually informs you on these social networks that you need to do this or such and such will happen, then that's a *threat*..

an empty threat at that if they are talking about religion....

and you know, it's kind of like when we were kids, say about eight or nine, when we'd say "my father will beat you up" as some sort of threat to deter our would-be beater-upperers from beating us up...

"oh yeah! my dad can beat your dad *any* day!!" ... "oh yeah!!! my dad killed twenty million Nazis" ... "ohhhh yeeeeah... there's only a billion chinese today instead of two billion because *my* dad killed the other billion..." ... (well, perhaps we were a little less, uhmm, genocidal, with our threats back then?)

"Jesus loves you!"
"sure, great!"
"but Jesus *does* love you!! why do you reject his love?!?" ..
"what? I don't reject Jesus! fuck you!!"
"but but why are you being so HOSTILE?!?!"
"because you NEVER fucking asked if believed in Jesus in the first place, you assuming piece of shit!! I'm CATHOLIC, NOW FUCK OFF BEFORE I GET VATICAN ON YOUR ARSE!!!!"
"oh!?! a Catholic!?! that explains it, Catholics aren't real christians"

actually no i wouldn't do that in real life, i'd be far more sarcastic.... but probably I'd be so lost in my own little world too much to let somebody annoy me.. actually I don't remember the last time someone shoved their religion in my face. I think logic ruled from a very young age.

"Hello Young Mister! Do you read the bible?"
"Yeah, I got up to that Noah bit with the ark... and uhmmm DANG! That Jesus came up with some tall tales!"
"No actually that was Moses, Moses wrote the story about Noah's Ark in the bible.."
"oh? then which bit of the bible did Jesus write?"
"Uhmm.. none of it actually, his disciples wrote what Jesus said for most of it.."
"most of it? how do you know it was the disciples who wrote the bible?"
"young man, you ask too many questions"

well ? .... doesn't it annoy you when somebody insists that you get a *new* mobile phone service, changing your network provider but you don't even have a mobile phone in the first place?

But *so*fucking*what* if Jesus loves me? if he needs me to believe in him or else i go to hell then fundys really have a FUCKED up idea of what constitutes "love" ...


If that's love - then keep your filthy bigoted Jesus who only loves people who just happened to be born in a christian dominated country...

Jesus loves everyone? what a joke.. the majority of christians are descended from people who were *forced* to "love" Jesus... in fact it's quite probable that 99% of christians didn't choose their religion at all, it just happened to be what was lying around when they were born....

There are at least four billion people who don't believe in Jesus as their saviour, I think I'll be taking my chances that this christian hateful god does not exist, seeing how the MAJORITY of people don't believe in it and ironically, the stupid thing is, the people who *do* believe, have got it soooo wrong...

because, you see, I've learnt something since being here in the fucking dark ages ressurection on myspaz with this new batch of religious morons (new from my point of view that is, as i thought religidiosity disappeared when people grew up and they outgrew religion, like Santa Clause et al)

the dark ages still linger, the majority of which seem to be mostly located in the USA.

But I will admit that the worst fundie I've encountered was Australian, but that was just one extreme nut case, who is probably in prison now, or dead, or worse. The USA has the numbers. in fact I think the USA has the largest non-catholic christian population. about 200 million non-catholic christians is a fair chunk of all the non-catholics, that's close to 20% of all non-catholic christians.

and what i've learnt being here on myspaz, is exactly what i used to make fun of and belittle back in the 80s, except the fun I poked was at stories of what the religidiots do and believe. I get to myspaz and those stories, are actually true. I've been pointing out the flaws in "belief" for decades, but only to myself before this myspaz tragedy...

People telling me I need to read the bible, are simply annoying....

you need to read the bible... here we go again, NO I WON'T - NOW FUCK OFF HOME

but people must think i'm really mean, with all the cunt this fuck that shit this... and I get that people might think i am mean...but ... but the thing is... I am deliberately mean to make a point, and I am just fine with that.

Many many things I say are simply to deceive people into saying the truth, or when they make assumptions, I run with their assumption, and at the last moment, make my point.... many conversations, just end like that... like a cat that finally gets bored of tormenting some poor little mouse and then puts it out of its misery... and then delivering it to their masters as some sort of "hey! u! u sez iz not du nuffin, wot dis be den?"

the suck-full thing is that on the internet, when you defeat someone categorically and embarrass them so badly that they delete their accounts and what not, (what a fucking boo hoo story i just thought of) they just come back a few months later.....

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