Wednesday, 10 March 2010

have a look at how FANTASTIC god is! (religiomath)

the earth does not spin around its own axis,

it does not orbit around the sun..

the earth doesn't wobble on its axis every 27 thousand years or whatever the Mayans reckon - what do they know?!? They're dead!

the earth, is in fact fixed to the spot, not moving at all, so therefore the universe spins around us and the earth is held in place by its magnetic field, because if it didn't the earth would fall into the deeeeep chasm of space, and possibly land in some big vat of liquid nitrogen, or hydrogen or some some super conducting fluid thing

have a look outside, watch the sun and moon move in the sky, there's your proof, the earth doesn't move - every thing *else* moves!

and what's more believable?

the earth spins on its axis and orbits the sun, the so called "Heliocentric" model that "scientists" claim to be the truth, or)

the plain simple truth that the universe spins around the earth?

i think it's obvious, don't you?

let's do some math and have a look at how FANTASTIC god is shall we??

if we take the nearest galaxy similar to our own, the Andromeda galaxy at 2.5million light years away, it would have to go on a journey each day around the earth of about....

let's see 2*PI*2.5million is roughly 16million light years every day. (did u know you can put "2*PI*2.5million" into google and it frikking works it out for you!)

Let's see a single light year is 9,460,730,472,580km,

now times that by 16million and you get about 151,371,687,561,280,000,000km travelled in 24 hours...

so divide by 24hrs and that's 6,307,153,648,386,666,666km/hr, ( 666 *snickers* )

divide that again by 3600 seconds in the hour and u get about 1,751,987,124,551,851km/sec

now light travels at a measly 300,000km/sec so the Andromeda galaxy travels at about 5,839,957,081 (five thousand million or 5 billion for the USA-ites) times the speed of light to make its journey around planet earth!!

god is SOOOOOO awesome!! god can do *anything*!! (someone want to check my math? )

I mean some ppl have the audacity to think that god isn't doing anything now that he's made the universe and that he has been slacking off ever since, what a bunch of crap!

he's out there spinning the frikking universe around planet earth at speeds that could only be achieved by god!

which is why I don't believe in god or pray to it or even spell god with a capital "G" - because *I* don't want to be responsible for distracting god with some petty request, the universe could go flying off on a tangent having slipped out of god's grip and then astronomers would have nothing to do once the light show of billions of galaxies screaming by was over... maybe we'd go flying through other universes...

"oh look Helen.. was that a universe that just flew by outside the window?"

not to mention some galaxy might crash into us - the universe might be mostly empty, but there's an awful lot of it, something is very likely to hit us...


fucking dumbarse stupid fucking creationists ..

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