Monday, 19 April 2010

atheism is ONLY non-belief in god and religion ... THAT'S ALL IT IS (religiorant)

atheism + atheism == atheism

atheism + communism == communism

atheism + butterfly == butterfly

atheism + christianity == christianity

atheism + socialism == socialism

atheism + a good person == a good person

atheism + a fucktard == a fucktard

atheism + brutal dictatorship == brutal dictatorship

atheism + science == science

atheism + a single water molecule == a single water molecule

do we see a trend?

0 + 0 == 0

0 + 1 == 1

0 + 2 == 2

0 + n = n

do we see a trend?

atheism is the number "zero", it is the non-belief in something supernatural being responsible for this plain of existence, anything beyond atheism, even one little concept, shifts the view of the atheism, to something else beyond being "just" an atheist ...

non-belief expends *no* energy - it requires no participation at all, unless of course, the atheist is outspoken enough to attempt to counter the overpowering droning noise of people claiming to believe in god

technically speaking, there are no real atheists because no atheist can possibly get any concept of life from atheism ... apart from the statement that atheists don't believe in god, there is nothing else to atheism, because atheism is an empty shell.

how many times does this need to be said?

ps. and therefore, atheists get their morals from the environment they grow up in, you know, like everybody else does, christians and muslims included...

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