Monday, 13 September 2010

god still could have made the universe Mr Hawking! (religion v science)

recently Stephen Hawking has made the announcement that god did not make the universe, which many of us suspected all along, like "DERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!", but of course this has sparked an outrage from the god-did-itters, again, so once again we see the "faithful" showing their extreme lack of faith, that their faith in god is "unshakeable"!!!

bahahahha! dickheads!

Or perhaps it would be more correct to say that this adverse reaction to what Hawking has said, is because people are demonstrating their complete lack of *imagination* in this 'being', they describe as god

However you want to look at it, the people upset at Mr Hawking, have imagined a god that has somehow been "defeated" by Mr Hawking. And if his words have somehow offended or otherwise upset the believer, then those people getting upset clearly have a limited idea of god, because how else can a single personal human opinion about god, upset so many faithsketeers?

If somebody's idea of god can be "defeated" then that is proof that their "god" is limited, and the only limit imposed on god, is the limit of a person's imagination.

And *any* god that can be defeated, defies the very concept of god, therefore their idea of god can not possibly be about a "real" god, so that limited idea of god that people have in their heads, *must* be *completely* in the mind of its believer.

In other words, many people do not think big enough about their god, because 5000yrs ago, god had made the earth and everything on it, and had made two bright lights in the sky, and lots of other little lights in the sky... that's a lot of stuff, and while that was *everything* back then, it didn't quite convey the appropriate impression of the sheer size of the universe that we know about today.

ie. we estimate that there are a hundred thousand million galaxies, at least, each containing something like a thousand million stars, *each*

point is, the universe went from being about one light day across 5000yrs ago, to the estimated size today of being some 78 billion light years across or whatever size it is that just doesn't make sense if you think about it, but the whole time, what god had apparently made during the past 5000yrs, actually turned out to be bigger and bigger and bigger as our science of the universe improved.. this perfect god was time and time again shown to have been an under estimate on the part of its believers.

this is proof of idolatry, isn't it?

god made the earth, oh and god made the sun and moon... oh and the planets .. and all their moons.. and the asteroids... oh and the other stars .. and the nebula... and the galaxies ... and the galaxy clusters ... and the black holes.. and the super-massive black-holes .. oh and god made the universe ... clearly the concept of what god has done has expanded over the last few thousand years, much to the reluctance of believers at times.

when your idea of something turns out to be different to how that something is in reality, that's idolatry, that's being a fanatic, that's hero worship, whatever the fuck you want to call it, you are bullshitting yourself about god, because the "real" god, if there actually is one, could NOT possibly by defeated by Mr Hawking, or any OTHER human for that matter.

So, if your god can be displaced by some human notion, then your GOD was just not big enough to begin with, therefore, your god wasn't the "real" god, and the first (christian) commandment is basically: "thou shalt not worship any god other than the real god"... so anyone getting upset about their god being displaced, is going to HELL for worshipping the WRONG god.

Real world example: how often has some person that you have idolised, turned out to be a total jerk in reality? maybe the pop star you grew up loving in the 80s, turned out to be a paedophile? or how about the sports-person you thought was brilliant at their game, who turned out to be some steroid popping, bigoted homophobic, wife beating, arrogant racist? or the scientist whose work is still used in everyday science, still thought that god made the universe in six days?

The idea, or the concept, you had of this person turned out to be wrong.

This is the same effect with god, but in this case, the god idea changes gradually over many years, co-incidentally, as our science improves.

This is proof that people's idea of god, is often not big enough, because they need to keep moving the goal posts, very reluctantly at times, because science has yet again, explained something that was traditionally explained by the believer as being done by god, because only a god could explain this fantastically fantastical fantastic thing, right?

well, that was WRONG!!

This means that the believer was so small minded about their god, that when another human concept came along, it was ABLE TO DISPLACE the believer's notion of god.

In fact, the whole reason for the dark ages, was because the church wanted what we knew of the universe to actually stay as "god did it", eg. they wanted it to stay in line with what was written a thousand years before.

Anyone still trying to get science out of the bible, is deliberately trying to perpetuate the dark ages. Using things written a thousand years ago by people who knew little to nothing of how science works, is *not* science, because eventually old ideas are completely thrown away, and quite frankly, the bible was not much of a starting point in terms of "science", and to clutch onto a symbol of a previous time as being some sort of thing that it isn't, well that's idolatry too, isn't it?

god is god, there is nothing that could "defeat" it, and yet, we still have people getting upset when told that god didn't do this, and that god didn't do that, and that god doesn't exist .. boo frikking hooo ..

how is that possible? the only way god can be defeated, is if this god in your mind is a shoddy pathetic example of "god", because if your god can be defeated, then your god was never big enough to be worthy of being called god in the first place.. this is proof of idolatry, as your idea of god, was too small, and how can god be too small unless *you* were worshipping the *WRONG* god?

if your idea of god is too small, then you're idea of god is not the same as the "real" god, because the "real" god could *never* be defeated by the opinion of some scientist guy.

this is why supernatural beliefs are supposed to be personal things, because you should expect them to be challenged for being too small if you must insist on stating those beliefs in public.

someone who truly believed in the awesome nature of god, would realise that "making the universe", would be a small and petty task for a god anyway, so one should not be disappointed when told that their god didn't make the universe, as it was a trivial task for a "god" in the first place.

how about god made existence itself? that's a metaphorically vague task for god to have done that can't be defeated by science, or how about god made "the nothing" that became the something that we are familiar with if you want to be "specific"?

any true believer in god, would not even have thought up the concept of a being called "god" in the first place, god would then just be part of what *is*, and you would not think about it at all.... like gravity, you don't believe in gravity, do you?? does believing in gravity make it work, does it? you would just accept it as being there as part of what *is*, if nobody mentioned "gravity" you most likely would never have thought to identify this downward motion gravity thing *as* a downward motion, because it would be normal, it would be all that you knew, it would be part of your very existence, so much so it wouldn't even have a name, at least until someone taught you about it

god should be the same, you should just believe in god, and leave it at that, giving it any quality, is bound to wrong, so is therefore likely to be idolatry, and for people so fracking worried about going to hell, you probably want to stop committing idolatry every day.

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