Friday, 8 October 2010

the word faith has been overused ... (mincing words)

the word "faith" has been overused, it pretty much means nothing to be a person of "faith" these days

"oh what's that? you're a person of 'faith'? well whooop dee frigging doo dah mate, you want fries with that? a Mickey Mouse badge, perhaps?"

if a non-believer does have any "faith", then it is faith in common sense and reason, therefore, those that do not exhibit common sense and reason, commit blasphemy against the "faith" of the non-believer... well, why not... quid pro quo, Clarice

and the word miracle - has been obliterated - a plane crashes - 200 people die, but a dog survives, and that's a miracle - no, you stupid fuck tards - a miracle would have been 200 people surviving as well as the dog surviving!

so believe in miracles as much as you want, because the word "miracle" is worn out any way...

it's a miracle gravity made something form out of nothing,
it's a miracle the big bang happened,
it's a miracle evolution happened,
it's a miracle we came down from the trees,
it's a miracle we can dream up such elaborate fairy tales like "god"

so believe in god, the word is worn out any way, make up your own god... Pez dispensor ... electricity ... ice cream ... these things have more credibility than the "being" people think of as "god", these things are "realer" than your belief in whatever it is you think you believe in... hell, Luke Skywalker is "realer" than god will ever be

2010-10-08 16:30

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