Friday, 3 June 2011

more outspoken atheists are required ... (religiorant)

being an outspoken atheist isn't really even required in Australia, not really, at least, it hasn't been for as long as I can remember.

And that's probably because Australians often tell religious fruitcakes not to be dickheads to their faces, even the religious tell the religious fruitcakes to pull their heads in over here, in fact, the religious are often the ones who actually do something about the religious nutters over here.

in comparison to the USA, I can't think of a single incident where the moderately religious people in the USA did something about their religiotarded fellow believers

like with those rapture billboards .. i can only think of a handful of christians saying that Camping had it wrong.


where were the millions of US christians saying that predicting the rapture is not "appropriate"?

it's very apparent in the USA that people are more worried about Miley Cyrus giving young kids bad ideas by wearing skimpy outfits than they are worried about the unnecessary and biblical fear-mongering towards children... ie. in my mind there is no difference to kids being led astray by popular culture and kids being led to fear that the world is going to end as was predicted by those stupid billboards that Camping had put up...

but the whole thing is against what is taught in the bible because not even Jesus himself knows when the end is supposed to happen, so Camping was pretending to be *god* in that regard so where is the christian outrage at this blasphemy spouted by this old fart?

He's *pretending* to be god, there is NOTHING more idolatrous than that!

frankly, if I believed in the christian god, I would be afraid that he would smite the earth after seeing how apathetic we were towards this Camping-clown's false message of doom.

and kids *do* worry about that end-of-the-world and other sorts of god bullshit and there's a big difference to disciplining and guiding children into adulthood to be good people as compared to telling them, that no matter how good they are, god is going to destroy the world at any moment!!

no wonder the world is supposedly going to shit in an ocean of apathy; these christian scaremongers keep ramming down our throats this bullshit of theirs that says that no matter what we do, we're fucked any way.. if anything, those christian billboards should be sending positive messages, like "be nice to each other!" or better still, that money should be directly spent on the needy, like that Jesus guy that these people allegedly follow, said to do..

and the USA does have a big influence on the rest of the world too, so it's not like others around the world are not going to get stupid ideas from this rapture nonsense that goes on every now and then thanks to the Internet....

so not only do atheists need to "come out" in the USA, and good leaders will inspire that, but the USA needs the sensible religious people (and they should be in the majority) on board as well to tell their fellow believers, who go too far with their beliefs to cut out their fricking bullshit, and seeing how the USA has such a big influence, it is the duty of all people, not just the atheists, to stamp out the religious idiocy, in fact, if anything, it should be the direct responsibility of "real" religious people to put a stop to all the religious arse-hattery that is out there.

That's right, christians deal with their fundamentalist fucktards; muslims should deal with their terrorist buddies etc etc and those religious types should leave everyone else alone, you know, until they get their religions of peace to be actually peaceful, they should not bother with anybody else.

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