Saturday, 2 July 2011

good without god? .... (religiorant)

i have often seen the phrase fly around that you can't be good without god and the same people who say that sort of thing, also go on about creationism, miracles, Jesus on a bit of toast, gays, abortions, and all that other business they go on about, like "read the bible", "you need to believe" blah blah blah

hmmmm... is that right?

of all the christianity i have been exposed to in the past five years on the net, at least 99% of it had nothing to do with its central message of "love thy neighbour". the entire point of christianity is that it supposedly teaches you to be a good person, right?

well, let's just imagine for a second that that notion is true

so what does creationism (and 99.9% of everything else the religious go on about) have to do with being a good person?

are you against abortions? you are not getting one, seeing how you are against them, so what does that have to do with *you* being a good person?

do you disapprove of homosexuality? you aren't gay, otherwise you would not disapprove, so again, what does that have to do with *you* being a good person?

do you go around telling people about "the word" of Jesus Christ? ahem... what does telling people about Jesus have to do with *you* being a good person?

you might think that spreading "the word" is a good thing, but you are supposed to spread "the word" by *doing* good deeds, not telling people that they should do good things; not by believing that god made the universe; not by any *thing* ...

A true christian would help people without even mentioning their faith, because having faith is beside the point, doing what your faith has taught you is the thing that supposedly gets these christians into heaven.

So when somebody goes on about creationism, it's just the thing people say they believe in to say that they are good people.. people are conditioned to think that anything that is associated with christianity means that that makes them a good person.

but that wasn't the point of what their Jesus supposedly taught, was it?

he taught that christians were to be good people by *doing* good things and not pretend to be good people by "spreading the word", "just believing in Jesus", "just reading the bible", or believing creationism or la la la

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