Sunday, 13 November 2011

the missing mass of the universe? (weird science)

i am no physics major by any stretch of the imagination so excuse me if this is just total crap... but ...

i've noticed that gyroscopes are devices that tend to want to stay where they are, and that they achieve this by having some mass, that is part of its structure, in constant motion..

so on an atomic scale, with electrons in their "orbits" around their various neutrons and protons, as small as the mass of an electron is, does this electron motion around an atom, provide that same sort of gyroscopic stabilising effect?

making all atoms tend to want to stay in their current location because of this nearly massless electron orbiting about it?

could this be the apparently missing mass that is attributed to the theoretical Higgs boson - the "god" particle, if you will - that scientists are looking so hard to find in the LHC and at other particle physics laboratories??

ps. looks like they found the Higgs Boson .. guess my theory here is losing its merit.

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