Saturday, 14 January 2012

"why doesn't god help the needy?" is a flawed argument (atheiorant)

i find the whole "why doesn't god help the hungry" argument to be a flawed argument on the part of the atheist, especially when dealing with Jesus fans because Jesus actually taught that it was his followers that are supposed to help those in need.

Jesus never taught that he would fix things by coming down and/or fix things from remote - according to the story, this Jesus Christ god person is not *ever* going to come down and help the needy, or anybody else for that matter, because it is up to followers of Christ to get in there and do just that - and helping the needy is, after all, what the christians need to do to get into heaven..

Timmy Tebow and his John 3:16 verse may seem to imply that you merely just need to believe, but the other three gospels say that you have to actually *do* something. ie. the other three gospels say that you get into heaven by giving your money to those who need it

think of how that Good Samaritan helped the guy he saw laying on the side of the road, it was a situation of opportunity, the Samaritan saw the guy in need, so he helped him out, no-one else did, but given the good nature of the helpful Samaritan, I would assume that he thought that he was the first person to come along and see the guy laying at the side of the road.

Now we've all known since the 80s, thanks to TV, that people are starving all across the world, so given that the knowledge of people in need is so widespread - why haven't the christians done what their Jesus commanded them to do?

Seems to me that christians don't actually want to get into heaven?

this is why the argument about god not helping the needy is flawed, it was never up to god to make things good, it was up to the believers in god to spread their wealth around until everyone stopped being in need, so there's your proof that the Jesus from the bible doesn't exist, there's your proof that god is dead and that we've killed it because no-one is following Jesus, they are merely saying that they are "christians" because if richest 1% of the two billion or so christians actually gave a mere 10% of their earnings to the needy - i can't see how needy people could still exist in such vast numbers if christians were actually following their Messiah.

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