Friday, 30 November 2007

some perspective as to how big the universe is.... (astronomy, religiorant)

This should give some perspective about the hugeness of the universe and it should give you some idea about how big some stars can get. The sun is barely a pin prick of light compared to the largest stars...

So given the hugeness of the size of the universe - is it not arrogant to assume the universe was created *just* for us? did god wake up one morning and make a great big bubble 78billion light years across 6000 to 10000 years ago and make one planet alone out of potentially trillions *just* for us to live on?

This video demonstrates just how big the universe is and just how small our little bit of it is.

We live on a small planet - around a star that is a dwarf - yep, at 1.4million kms in diameter, our sun it's a dwarf, and in our solar system, the sun makes up 99% of the mass of our Solar System! We live in a very sparsely populated section of the Orion arm (named as such after the famous constellation) of the milky way galaxy, amongst a half a billion other stars, in a small local group of a few dozen galaxies, most of which are tiny dwarf galaxies with only two other galaxies similar in size to the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy M31 and the Triangulum galaxy M33. This local group is part of the Virgo cluster of galaxies, which is part of a super cluster of galaxies, which is just one sizable chunk of the universe... and that is *just* the local area of our universe, say within a range of a billion light years.

So who is the more arrogant, the atheist who simply believes that the universe just "is"? or is it somebody claiming that some magical figure blinked a bubble 78 billion light years across into existence one morning? why? because he was bored? it sounds like a lot of trouble to go to just for us, and if god was all powerful - as is claimed - he could see the future and how it would all turn out - so what was the point, what was the challenge, why did god make such a huge universe?

I'm seriously - if god only made this planet for us to live on - why did he bother making the rest of the universe?? - we aren't leaving this planet any time soon - let alone the galaxy! so why go to all that effort, is god a show off? did he just do too much too soon and now everyone expects him to continue his miracles?

no i don't think so ... a person thought up god because he couldn't explain why the sun rose everyday - instead of making observations and collecting empirical data - that person just dreamt up some mythical creature in the sky that made everything fall into place in just the right way.

According to the catholic church the earth only started to revolving around the sun a few hundred years ago, previous to that the sun revolved around the earth .. thanks for being such a pain in the arse Galileo.. oh and some of us weren't even sure that the world was round or flat until a few hundred years ago as well... thanks for screwing that up too Ferdinand Magellan, because i really wanted to see those dragons.. you know.. "beyond this place there be dragons..." ??

mostly written 30/11/07, mostly ....

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