Tuesday, 15 February 2011

god is dead, and we really did kill him... (religiorant)

"god is dead, and we killed him"

Nietzsche said this about christianity, but not so much in the context that he meant it out of spite or out of disrespect for Jesus Christ.

Far from it.

Nietzsche said this because he was referring to how people don't actually follow what Jesus taught.

let's play a game, shall we?

Challenge 1) "if you are really a true Christian, in the true context of what Jesus Christ taught, then put your hand up if you are a Christian and you truly believe in Jesus Christ and what he taught"

Did you put your hand up? you've failed already...

you can't just put your hand up and say, "I'm a Christian", what's that about?

If I went around saying I was "Christ-Like" or some other out-there thing, like "I'm an astronaut", I would *expect* people to challenge me and ask me to prove it, you have to *prove* that you are a Christian before we will believe you...

So why do believers merely think that I am going to take their word for it when they merely say that they are christian?

Get fucked man, just saying you're a christian is merely some *thing* that you've said, and it means *nothing* to me if you don't have the actions to back up your claims, so admitting that you are christian in the first place sees you #FAIL the "true" christian test, and if you feel it necessary to say that you are a christian, before I've had to chance to decide for myself that you are worthy of such a title, then it will take you years to unwind the distrust you've created with your self declared affirmation that you are "Christ-Like".

You *did* read the bible, right? You read the bit where Jesus says to not brag about praying and that you shouldn't brag about the 'good' things that you do, right? Shit guys, if you can't brag about those important things, then merely saying you are christian is a far worse form of bragging because you haven't even done anything whatsoever to back up your claim.

the whole 'label' christianity, Jesus, Christ etc.. it all means nothing, "The Way" has never been about believing in a person / character / myth / historical / existent / non-existent entity called "Jesus", the whole "believing in Jesus" was meant to be an affirmation that you "Believe in not harming anyone, at any cost, ever" .. it was *never* meant to be about the person "Jesus" himself.

that's what the whole dying on the cross thing was about - Jesus died at the hands of his captors when he could have struck them down with his godly powers, but Jesus only used his power for good - see the superhero connection with Jesus there? ...

just saying that you "believe in Jesus" or that you are a christian, is beside the point, because actions are what really count, words don't matter shit if you don't back them up with those actions.

Challenge 2) I won't bother, seeing how I doubt you even passed the first test....

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