Saturday, 17 September 2011

atheists focus on trivial religious things (religiorant)

i find it quite disappointing to see atheists continually focusing on the trivial things that make up religion.

sure religion is pathetic and it can be quite therapeutic at times to boost the self esteem of the non-believer to tear religion to shreds as often as is possible, but for myself, I have found that after a point, it has become rather petty to pick apart the bible, verse by verse when the whole thing can be summarily dismissed as a **story** book without bothering to go into the details of why it is totally crap.

stories like Adam and Eve and the tale of Noah's Ark for instance ... they are trivial and laughable *stories* and they are so full of technical holes that we know it's impossible for the stories to be true as they have been written down.

But atheists should forget all of those trivialities - because so fucking what if people believe in some totally outrageous story? ...

it's a *story* and people who believe in silly fairy tales, do not *care* if they believe in silly fairy tales!

people like their stories, no matter how stupid you may think they are.

As an example: at least one fanatic christian had the audacity to tell me that Star Wars is just a story, with the implication that they were trying to put forward being that Jesus is real, and Star Wars isn't ...

*facepalm* ...

So what if Star Wars isn't real? I like it, you can't change my mind, but now that I know that my liking Star Wars annoys you on some level, I'm going to be even more in your face about Star Wars now!

And that is exactly what happens when the atheist confronts the believer over some trivial aspect of their religion. The atheist ends up making the believer clutch even harder onto their religion.

When you attack christianty, it's like trying to take away a child's toy, so christianity is very much like the teddy bear of a child, a filthy teddy bear for the most part, but if you try to take the teddy bear aware from the child, the child is often compelled to give it even more attention. The child will clutch onto it even harder.. MINE!

So, "so what" if the 'teddy-bear' bible has talking donkeys and snakes? so what if we would all be inbred if we all came from two people? so what if the Noah's flood would have destroyed the entire food chain on the planet?

the majority of christians could not give a crap about all those stories, probably because they have not even read them, let alone understood them even if they *did* read them, so why would they care if you taunt them about their silly stories?

It's like some person making fun of Star Wars by pointing out the errors in Empire Strikes Back and therefore the whole Star Wars universe can be dismissed. Like the scene where Luke Skywalker says "That armour's too strong for blasters!" in reference to the AT-AT snow walkers, and then fifteen seconds later, they blow up the AT-AT, with blasters...

Now I might get fucked off at some person for pointing out that massive mistake in Empire, but once I get over the fact that this error is there, I don't care about it, it doesn't kill my liking of Star Wars, and that's the same with christianity, just because there is one stupid bit of it, urr.. just because there are heaps of stupid bits in the bible, it will not kill off people liking it, because christians know little to nothing about their religion anyway. It's just something they do.

The Star Wars movies can be dismissed from being taken seriously because they are stories, so even if there are little errors in it, the basic story remains intact. ie. They weren't meant to be "real" in the first place, and there is always the artistic license to consider, where the story-teller gets to tell it with whatever flare they want.

christianity can also be dismissed outright because it is a story. it is a story that is not real and i'm sure plenty of the bible had its two thousand year old special effects to add some flare of its own.

But stories can teach people lessons, regardless of whether they are full of shit or not, so it doesn't matter if it's crap or true or real, the underlying story can give people important lessons, providing that they understand the story and its metaphors, though, so even the crappiest of stories can make valid points.

So in terms of christianity, the things that may seem damn important to the atheists about why christianity is a stinking pile of shite, like how the bible condones all sorts of shit eg. slavery and rape and forced marriage and animal sacrifice blah blah blah, the believer is probably going to be way too uneducated about their religion to even know what you are talking about in the first place, and even if they did go and read the bible, i have found that people often read their bible wrong ... and sometimes even grossly wrong, basically because the language is sufficiently confusing enough, that the unskilled bible reader will misread the bible, taking something literally, when it was a metaphor or vice versa.

So what is important to the atheist, might just not be a concern for the believer, at all.

let's just imaginate that some atheist posts an article about how lame christianity is - it's a good article, the atheists love it - but then some christian goes and misinterprets that article and writes up their article that says that all atheists are even lamer - and the christians applaud it, and laugh and frolic and taunt and ridicule and probably worse ...

but what do you expect?

believers who flare up like this - are not true believers - pardon the tired old mantra, but this is true ...

any "christian" who can become extremely offended at some off-hand remark or even a well written and intended article and go ballistic with a torrent (or even a trickle for that matter) of abuse in some sort of "revenge" does not believe in Jesus Christ...

we all know this

without going into depth as to how this is idolatry in that if you say you follow Jesus, but then you don't follow his teachings, then this Jesus you purport to believe in, is one you have made up, it might be based on the Christ from the bible, but where does this Jesus of yours say that you get to believe in him without following his fucking teachings?

that precious book, called the bible, does not say anything about taking a day off from loving thy neighbour, it is a full time job.

So, I recommend an approach for atheists where they ignore the frivolous bad stuff from the bible that christians don't even care about and focus on calling out the believer over the good stuff that don't care about *either*.

according to the story book, Jesus said his followers are supposed to share their wealth with the needy like their precious Christ Messiah says to, so if they don't, then they are not christian - they are not going to heaven, they are not going to live forever because they have not "loved thy neighbour" seeing how there are so many christians in this world and yet so much poverty.

ps. And it is a skill to read the bible, I find it very confusing at times, I recommend the works of Matthew Henry, a biblical scholar from the 1700s ... here is one example, Google for other in-depth guides to the bible.

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