Wednesday, 7 September 2011

the concern i have with belief ... (religiorant)

the concern i have with belief is that most people just want to get along and live their lives as peacefully as possible, whether they believe in god or not. So if people are generally all the same, what's with all the people bragging that they "believe"?

What difference does that make? who cares if you believe? what's the point of believing?

People who insist on telling others that they are indeed, "believers", are the reason why atheists are so outspoken, ironically, it's those believers who go around telling everyone that they are believers that are the people that complain the most about atheists venting their views but if believers weren't so outspoken they wouldn't need to complain about the atheists being outspoken in the first place.

therein lies the problem I have with believers: they insist on being believers. If believers would keep their traps shut about being believers, then atheists would not have had an incentive to be outspoken.

What I mean is that at least the non-believers and people who keep their beliefs to themselves are not bragging about being "good" people, which is the underlying implication that i find in all the "christians" who insist that "believing" somehow makes them a "better" person..

i'm sorry but how much is there to the whole Jesus thing anyway?

he supposedly said you should love everyone ..

okay ... great idea ... got it ... now let's *see* people claiming to be christian, love everyone (or at least be nice to them), all the time...

because as far as I can tell, there would seem to be no distinction between how good people behave in general, whether they claim to believe or not, but the thing for believers is that if you're going to brag about being a good moral religious person, then you should at least fucking *be* a good moral religious person!!

if you're going to brag about anything, you have got to back-up your bragging with actions, so if you're bragging about being a good person, the only time you should have a chance to brag about being a good person is in between your deeds of kindness, except Jesus was very clear that bragging about doing good deeds is not a good thing, because then you are doing those good deeds, *because* you want people to praise you for doing them. Some christians even want to be praised merely for being a christian.... That is not how the universe works, you have got to be a good person *before* you go bragging that you are a christian, at least that's how the universe works in my book.

when i was growing up, you could tell if someone was christian by how frikking nice they were being.

i mean, it used to be a case of "oh no!! it's a Jesus freak! prepare to be bored to death about how to be nice to everyone by someone being overly nice" ...

now whenever i happen to see someone touting their "christian" beliefs, I just roll my eyes and switch off my brain because I feel compelled to tell them to shut the fuck up and stop ragging on everything that they don't agree with especially when those things that they are criticising are none of their fucking business.

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