Sunday, 19 July 2009

do we need to believe in god?

when i say "god" in this context, i mean like a religious god like Admiral "Allah" Ackbar, Jewhova or Cheezuz...

but are we finally leaving these traditions of the anachronistic and outdated biblical past, *in* the past and moving forward? or will we perpetually have progress retarded by religious morons forever?

These basic traditions of right and wrong were laid down centuries, even millennia ago, when things were more easily defined as black or white, right or wrong, and i'm not saying abandon those teachings completely, but we're a lot smarter than that these days, thanks to technology and understanding, we *can* safely change the course of our lives and extend them or make them tolerable and in some cases fix our problems completely.

but why is it that people need to believe in god, is it to make sure that the sun rises each day? because that's pretty much one of the few things that is ultimately out of our control, at least for the moment.

is it really that thing called "gravity" keeping you in place on the surface of the earth? instead of being flung off into oblivion even though we are hurtling through space at thousands of kilometers an hour?

is gravity the believers' reward for being a good person? meaning to say that if we sin too much, will god disable gravity and fling us off into space?

maybe the idea of god looking over most people's shoulders at all times is the only thing keeping the religidiots from being the brutal savages they too often accuse non-believers of being?

mostly written 27/feb/07, mostly...

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