Monday, 6 July 2009

US christians: if gays are an abomination then so is your national symbol...

US christians: if gays are an abomination then so is your national symbol...

if gays are an abomination, as some christians so loudly and so proudly and so frequently claim, then using the same book from the bible where they get that gay idea in the first place, isn't the USA itself an abomination for having an Eagle as it's national symbol?

So if gays are some sort of abomination:

Leviticus 18:22 Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it [is] abomination.

Then the eagle is also an abomination.

Which thing is more in the faces of US christians than the other? Their "National Symbol", or gays "being gay"?

In my entire life, I once saw two guys kissing, that was slightly disturbing, but it was the *only* time someone being gay was in my face with their gayness. So it would be fair to say that gays being in my face with their gayness isn't a problem for me where I live, however I've often seen images from proud Americans displaying their national pride by displaying a Bald Eagle often draped in the USA flag on myspaz.

And yet, the christian complaint about gays, that I've often heard, head over to myspaz and ask them if you need convincing, is that christians don't want to see "it", with "it" being gay people being gay, because according to the bible, it's an abomination to some dude called god...

oh what's that i hear? but *eating* eagles is the actual abomination not the *eagles* themselves?

so given that there is some leeway in this liberal biblical interpretation, should that not mean that gays aren't the abomination either, but rather it's the act of gay sex that's the abomination, right, and not gays themselves, right?? well?

According to the Book of Leviticus: If gays are an abomination for having gay abomination sex, as clearly demonstrated as being the belief of many christians on many occasions over on myspaz, then the USA must also be an abomination for openly and willingly choosing an abomination, the eagle, as it's national icon. I mean what good bible following christian would think otherwise?

so any US christian bitching about something that is supposedly in their faces all the time, surely doesn't know that their internationally recognised national symbol is also an abomination, as I seriously doubt that gays are in your face more than the Bald Eagle of your national emblem is in your face. So why make a big deal of gays defiling the sanctity of your precious bible when the exact same thing should be regarded towards the USA's national symbol?

and no doubt that no matter how many reasons bigoted people are shown that gays are human beings, those people will still think gays are an abomination, well then I say to them "so frakking what anyway?"

we heard you the first MILLION times, by the way, so put a sock in it already, if it's a sin, OK, that's nice mr and mrs christian, but, it's *your* sin, if you don't like it, then don't do it, don't look at it, don't speculate that some effeminate looking man is a homo, don't speculate that some butch looking woman is a dyke, just get the frack over it and mind your Sweet Jesus lovin' business..

if it's really a sin and you really are correct in your beliefs, and gays and non-believers really are going to hell, then that's between us heathens and this Jesus/god you keep going on about who supposedly loves us all, so it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS *anyway* regardless of how you've twisted your religion to justify your hatred and bigotry ...

oh what's that i hear? You don't want the gays to go to hell, meaning to say they should stop being gay, right? We non-believers heard you, the gays heard you too, we're all going to burn in hell for eternity, so why do you make everyone elses lives hell in *this* life as well by constantly damning non-believers to hell and excluding non-believers from the human race?

See, that's the offensive thing, we non-believers, gay or not, see christians damning gays and non-believers arbitrarily to hell as offensive, not because your religion says so, the problem we have is that it is *YOU* that is not being a part of the human race for damning us to hell, *YOU* do not want to get along with everyone else, *YOU* are being rude and that has nothing at all to do with your fucked up religion from our point of view anyway.. but if that's what your religion says, then keep it to yourself, cunt face....

Just because you invoke the name Jesus, it doesn't give you the right to be a fucking arsehole, regardless of whether you are right or not

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