Sunday, 8 August 2010

the god v satan thing .... why now? (religiorant)

i've probably said similar before but, the question i have with all this god v satan thing is ....

why now?

god has been around for an eternity - supposedly - and Satan presumably nearly as long - but if we remember our story books, Satan is kicked out of heaven at some stage, or rather, forbidden from entering any more, the bible isn't very clear on when this happened exactly ..

but ..

Satan actually made a visit to heaven in the book of Job, in fact, Satan tricks god into allowing him to punish Job .. furthermore, the *only* people who are actually killed by Satan in ALL of the bible, are killed in the book of Job..

point being, Satan was in heaven apparently for a visit, which he apparently did quite often, so this makes me think the book of Job was from the time when Satan was still our "guardian" because at one stage god sent Satan (Lucifer) to watch over us with a third of angels of heaven

rumours are that god sent Lucifer to earth because he was jealous of him... Lucifer's superior charm and wit, one would assume, was cramping god's style...

but let me ask you this, if you created a life, as god supposedly did with Lucifer/Satan and all the other angels, would you not want your creation to be able to grow up and beyond your capabilities? why would god not be the same?

how often is a parent jealous of their children doing better than they ever did? I've no idea, but that happens right?

so what changed after all this time? what would make Satan suddenly at some point after the Book of Job, rise up and try to attack heaven?


imagine if you had been sent to a planet by some authority and you spent a few thousand years watching over this planet of people, making sure... hmm... of what i don't know, maybe another god coming along and kicking over god's sand castle? hmmm....

but, regardless, imagine you've been watching this planet, then this authority figure that sent you to watch over them in the first place, suddenly decided to kill everyone on this planet you were looking after, what would you think of that?

i think i'd be rather annoyed and saddened, if someone came along and killed all the people I'd been assigned to look after, in fact, I think this is the *whole* dispute between god and satan.

so Lucifer/Satan's god given assignment was to look out for us, but maybe it was decided that these angels who went to earth with Satan who "mated" with the local population had tainted the blood line and were assumed to be the cause of all the evil in the world..

after all that's why the flood was sent, to rid the world of evil, right? that's why god killed everyone, to wipe the blood line clean.... right?

but the thing is - god sent the flood, to clear out the blood line created by these "wicked" angels - so Satan, thought he would trust god, after all, god knows best.

So Lucifer/Satan went with the judgement of wiping out everyone on earth to be sure that a pure "human" race was created, done so as to prevent evil from returning, after all that's why god sent the flood, to clear the world of evil.... (The serpent in the Garden, was rumoured to be a "wicked" angel called "Gadriel" and not Lucifer/Satan )

but god made a mistake, because after the flood evil persisted *anyway*, because even with a pure human blood line, humans were capable of evil..

oh and Adam and Eve were just a statistical anomaly in their turning bad ... and Cain killing his brother was just a fluke (and why did Cain need to wear that mark to warn other people if he was one the first people to exist?)

so Satan/Lucifer eventually came to the conclusion that god's reasoning for wiping out the people of earth was baseless, so Satan suddenly rose up and attacked heaven with his angels??

i doubt it was quite that simple

i think god was going to wipe us all out again for being corrupt

but Satan saw it coming this time, and this time Satan wasn't going to let us humans be wiped out again and he rose up with his angels and did his job as assigned by god...

apparently that first battle between god and Satan was a draw

the natural assumption for me at this point, is that Lucifer has exceeded the capabilities of god, and finds it beneath him to put up with his cranky old-man.

this perfect god has become senile, cranky and deranged and has become sadistic in its love of inflicting deliberate pain upon us and Satan made god back off.

at this point Satan is bored of his old man and his bullshit, maybe Satan killed god, he's been awful quiet of late, after all...

maybe Satan said to god, fuck you, I can do better than you can and then showed up as Jesus, to teach us compassion

but god didn't like how this was turning out better than he could do, so god then sent his loyal angel Gabriel to reinstate the original eye for an eye sadistic bullshit with Islame by goading Muhammad into spreading the religion of hate.

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