Monday, 2 August 2010

Assuming that people are not christian (christianity flaws #3)

This kind of fits in with the previous FLAW, imagine a scenario where person "A" walks up to person "B" in the street, in an effort to spread the "good news"...

A: You need Jesus Christ in your life!
B: Ohhhhhh.. Jeeesus... wow... thanks man! that's exactly what I wanted all my life. Sheeesh, Jesus! d'oh!!! I was just trying to think what this thing was that was missing in my life! Thanks! and it was oh sooo simple, I never would have guessed that I needed Jesus in my life. wow I didn't know what was missing, thanks dude! You really saved my life. Bless you, in the name of Jesus Christ, our LORD!

"B" shakes the hand of "A", and "B" walks away down the street... "A" is too stupid to realise that "B" has just 'had a go' at "A" in a light hearted punishment for being such an assuming bastard for not first checking if "B" was already a believer, but "B" didn't find it necessary to tell everybody about it by "spreading the word", he spread the word, by being *nice* to people...


And when I refer to "christians", like in the example above, I'm talking about the busy bodies, Jesus this, Jesus that, the "you're going to hell" mob, the god hates this-god hates that crowd, you need Jesus, the ten commandments this, the ten commandments that, god is all powerful, god is blah blah, god is great!


these are things that we are *told*, not discussed with, we are *told* these things.

It's not a dialogue about the teachings of Jesus, we are just told these little mantras. "Praise Jesus" "Trust in God" blah balh .. go read the bible ... blah blah blah .. you must believe in Jesus to read the bible ... blah lbah lbah lbah

We aren't told anything of benefit, we are commanded to follow *their* will, just because they say it, they are assuming that we will come to Jesus just by saying his name, because slapping on the "Jesus" label somehow validates that assumption for them, but doesn't make it so to us...

anyone that passionate about their Jesus should know what was most important, but no, they have obviously assumed quite a lot... perhaps they heard that Jesus loves everyone, and maybe in their tiny little world, they *are* everyone... but that's still an assumption that errs in the favour of the selfish christian, who was supposedly taught to be selfless.

and what's the point of that mantra thing anyway? you don't learn anything by repeating phrases, parrots repeat phrases too..

Just being told something and following it - well - that's called "Blind Faith"

All of these little mantras people come up with, they're basically assumptions.

They are assumptions, because at the base level, when people say these little mantras like Jesus is *LORD* (or Allah Ackbah, or any random religious phrase) they expect that other people will know what that phrase means

By assuming that other people already know what you are talking about, you are ignoring what you have supposedly learnt about Jesus, and instead you are just saying that you follow Jesus, and assuming somehow that the person you are trying to recruit already *knows* exactly what it is that you are trying to talk about!! ie. So somehow, the figure of Jesus is more important than what he taught, because if the teachings of Jesus were more important than praising him, you would *be* christ-like, instead of merely insisting to everyone that you are christian!!!

The loudest christians have totally lost the plot with their own religion, because to just say that you are christian, or just assume that other people will believe in what you say without demonstrating what it means to be christian, well that is *idolatry*, because you are holding up the *label* "christian" out in front of you as if it's supposed to mean something to everyone equally.


If you think it does, then think *again*...

Clearly, by the example set by so many people purporting to be "christian", that just being a christian means absolutely nothing to the non-believer, clearly even being "christian" can sometimes mean nothing to the person saying it.

In fact, by the example set by certain other "christians", just saying that you are christian is enough to be an insult to those who know about the history of christianity, ie. crusades, the inquisitions, the reformation, witch hunts, dark ages, blah blah blah, there is little to be proud of when it comes to the history of christianity. oh what's that? christianity has done some good things? *some* good things? come back and brag to me about how great christianity is when it has eliminated world povery, 'kay?

A truly "good" christian would acknowledge the religious bullshit of the past and would not gloss over it by disassociating with previous christian behaviour by saying that they are different to them, that they were not true christians, or that they where Catholics, or that wouldn't happen today, or that things were different back then, or blah blah blah...

how do we think all this christian religious "holier than thou" bullshit started in the first place?

because one lot of people made the assumption that they were better than the other lot.

they *assumed* that it was them that were the true believers, just like people do when they just assume other people are not christians, just like when christians assume they are better somehow than these christian people from the past.

By ignoring this, the christians are just setting themselves up for repeating history.

One dark ages was enough, thanks, and it's bad enough that we have to put up with the muslims and their dark ages today, don't bring back a christian one too.

Assuming someone is not a christian, is one of the biggest mistakes christians make when spreading the word, christians have already put me off ever being christian because they have cheapened the word so much with their assumptions that they have ruined it for everyone

and ya know, just because someone doesn't go around saying that they are christian, doesn't mean that they are not, in fact, a true christian would not feel compelled to announce their faith in the first place as they would be too busy doing good deeds to have time to sit around and make up assumptions about other people and be merely declaring that they are christian because it makes them feel all warm and fuzzy...

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