Friday, 30 July 2010

Stop spreading the News (christianity flaws #2)

*Jesus* did not *insist* that you follow his way, he did not badger people into following him - and he certainly did not teach that his fellow christians annoyingly insist and harass others that the "good" news be spread!

remember that parable where the rich dude had to give up his money in order to get into heaven? (the one where he says it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter heaven, thankfully i don't know what that verse is by heart)

Did Jesus insist that the rich dude do that?

No, he did not, that rich dude had to come to that all by himself. Jesus *let*him*be* when he saw that the rich guy didn't like the sound of what Jesus was proposing.

If Jesus had of insisted right then and there that the rich guy follow his way, he most likely would have put him off following "the way" ("The Way" is apparently what Jesus' teachings were called before they were hi-jacked by "christianity", so I've heard/read)

Jesus was probably cluey enough to know that there was no point in insisting to the rich dude to follow his teachings, as Jesus probably knew that people would *only* live by his teachings if they came to that decision by themselves, because if they didn't come to it by themselves, then there would have been no point because only *you* can only change *your* beliefs

However, if someone *can* change your beliefs, it's because you are a *sheep* and you are following because you want to fit in and get this eternal life or whatever bullshit it is that you think Jesus has allegedly promised you and you do that without coming to an understanding the teachings by yourself. ie. you are only telling yourself that you believe, you are not *actually* believing in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

In other words....

you can not wander up to me in the street say a few words and have me believe

you can not force people to believe

you can not legislate that people believe

you can not threaten people with violence to make them believe.

you can not beat the shit out of people to make them believe

you can not even kill someone's family to make them believe

you can not send me a message on some social network and tell me that I need to believe, thereby making me believe

in short: you can not go around telling other people about your fantasy stories (thus relieving yourself of any responsibility of actually *following* what you have allegedly been taught because you're too fucking busy "spreading the word") and have others believe as well!!!

In fact, the more violence, insults, insistence and the more annoyance you perpetuate while trying to spread the "good news", the more likely you are to destroy any inkling of a chance that this person will have a gander at this "christianity" thing you keep blabbering about to see what it entails.

that means you, Mr and Mrs and Ms christian annoyists!! You are *putting* people off your religion!! Well done, keep up the good work.

And the fact of the matter is that pretty much everyone in a "western" society has heard of Jesus, so there should be no need to spread the word at all, so if you really *do* want to spread the "good news", then your first stop should be Mecca.

Muslims need the teachings of Jesus way more than any non-believer that I can think of does.

So stop spreading the word to us "Westerners" and get on your bike and get your butt to Saudi Arabia, and let's see how they like the "good news" ... go on... git goin' ...

I'm serious .. and I'm talking about the positive messages in the bible, none of the hatred filled stuff ... if you filter out the "do nots" and only follow the "do"s, you'll do much better.

but are people that dumb that they need to "spread the news" when it takes just as long for them to say "praaaaayyzzzz Jaaaayyyyyzuuuuusss" or try to preach at me in some way, as it does for them to calmly and actually say or actually "do unto others" ??

what's that about?

I *really* want to know how, in what must be millions of people, perhaps even hundreds of millions, *how* does that happen, is it a materials thing? ie. have we become so accustomed to the whole process of getting something; using it up; chucking it away; getting a new one; that this is how we "westerners" treat people and our beliefs?

It's for this exact reason that I can't call myself christian, because other people call themselves "christian" but then they do not follow it in the fucking least, and *then* they get offended at you for your calling them out on their idiocy.

I see that there is a very good reason for separation of church and state in *many* people online - the scary "laws" they want implemented from their precious bible, shit! they don't even know what they are asking for!! All these people who pine for the ten commandments as the "law of the land" are extremely fucked in the head. They should try living in Iran where you have to follow the morals laid down by some holy scripture.... let's see how much they don't like a theocracy after actually living in one.

It is soooo pointless arguing with mental nut-case religious fanatic christians (or muslims or blah blah blah), if you can't talk to them calmly then just forget about talking to them, I say it's a waste of time - and you're more likely to solidify their beliefs then to win them over...

It's almost as if some crazy christian people just can't be bothered to *not* be part of the christinsanity crowd as it would be too inconvenient to not be christian, so much so that some nutters need to insist that other people think the "same" way and join them on the nutter train to Timbuktu.

eg. for some people, the dream is to grow up, find someone you like, get married, and live happily ever after.. but if we expand on that, some people assume that they have to have a christian wedding, so to cater for this (usually) rare event in their lifetime, they call themselves christian just to have the convenience of living the dream as it applies to them for that one event, then they go back to not giving a flying fuck about being christian at all. Meaning to say that there are people who justify calling themselves christians because they did some alleged christian thing *once* in their life.

I bet most people only think of being religious, when there's a new addition to the family (baptism), getting married in a church, and then when somebody dies and they have to go to church. The only other time people are "christian" is when they fill out their census forms.

And yes I do appreciate that christians are few and far between that actually insist on talking about their beliefs in the context of trying to preach to me... but I guess I am lucky in that regard.

It's a shame people in general are so brutally quick to find offence when they are on the internet -- because given how badly these apparent christians attempt to "spread the news", uhmmm... well, it's pretty fucking funny or offensive given the context of the insult to humanity....

If you are a christian, and maybe I should have put this at the start of the blog, then you are *supposed* to spread the news by showing everybody the good deeds you do in your everyday life, and you are to do that without making a big deal out of it

Because, you see, when everybody treats everybody else like that, then that's when we'll have world peace.... has anyone actually thought about what "world peace" would be like?

perhaps they have and it's just too much effort to be nice to other people, or maybe it would be no fun if people were nice to everyone?

Frank Sinatra sang about spreading the news too, it was a much catchier tune as opposed to being told that I *had* to do something, just because some busy body wandered up to me or saw my heathen arse on the Internet and decided that I needed to be told about Jesus...

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